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Big O's new ASF's V4.2 (Vanilla) (4.2) - File Description  
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Big O's new ASF's V4.2 (Vanilla) (4.2) - Screenshots  
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Big O's new ASF's V4.2 (Vanilla) (4.2) - File Download Options  
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Big O's new ASF's V4.2 (Vanilla) (4.2) - Readme  
Readme File:
## BIGO's New ASF MOD ##


ALL ASFs have Afterburners, Missiles and Rapid Fire Weapons. Smart Behavior code for T1 AND T3 Interceptors. Nicer Weapon Explosions. Stronger flying experimentals to balance out the ASF's.

Hey guys. Ive been playing Supreme Commander for a while and it always bugged me that the Air Superiority fighters werent really that superior in their killing potential. The fact that they always over flew their targets becuase they were going to fast also bugged me.

So this mod tries to remedy some of that. Hopefully now the dogfights are more like what you would see in a movie like Top Gun.


----->> NOTE: DONT FORGET TO DELETE PREVIOUS versions of the MOD <<------

Depending on how you extracted the BigO_ASFv4_2.zip file, you should check to make sure that after opening the BigO_newASF folder you should see the folders "hook" and "proj.

After extraction, put the Bigo_NewASF folder in your /mods folder where you installed Supreme Commander.

Usually the folder is located at: (either will work)

C:Program FilesTHQGas Powered GamesSupreme Commandermods


C:Documents and SettingsOscarMy DocumentsMy Gamesgas powered gamessupremecommandermods

Then when you're in the game, you can select it from the mods menu.

----->> NOTE: DONT FORGET TO DELETE PREVIOUS versions of the MOD <<------


Just delete the BigO_NewASF folder.

Main Features

Main Features:
(1) New Weapons (Missiles and Machine guns)
(2) Smarter Behavior
(3) AfterBurners
(4) Fiery Death trail when falling from the Sky
(5) Strong Air Experimentals


(1) New Weapons


(a) Heat seeking missiles
Yea yea fancy name. They dont really track heat, but they do track their targets pretty good. The UEF ASF launches 2 missiles every 15 seconds that tracks its target doing a lot of damage. THey arent guarenteed to hit, but when they do, its devastaing. I used the missile model from the UEF t3 samsite.

(b) Heavy machine gun
Jets usually have a machine gun to fire for close combat, so i included one. FOr the projectile I used the mechmarines bullet. The ASF fires off 6 of those in a rapid burst. Looks like tracer fire you'd see like in Top Gun. I also used the sound effect from the UEF T2 missile defense (you kno that giant machine gun)


(a) Single Missile
Yup it just fires one at a time, but its fast and its more powerful than a single UEF missile. It also lasts longer in the air too, so if it misses once, watch out, it might loop back to come get you.

(b) Burst Fire energy weapon
Fitting for the aliens to use energy weapons. The Aeon ASF now shoots three High Velocity plasma bolts. Used the sound fx from AEON t3 Siege bot (it sounds meaner). Used original impact gfx though from before cuz it looked so cool.


(a) Swarm Missiles
The cybran like the "shotgun" approach. They launch 4 missiles at once, but each one only does a small amount of damage. The blast radius, however, is impressive =). Because the missiles are so small, they dont carry alot of fuel, thats why their projectile lifetime isnt as high.

(b) Dual Laser Beams
The Cybran like their lasers. Using the same laser weapon from the Cybran t2 Heavy Tank, the ASF now starts firing, then sweeps the beam until it hits its target. Not very powerful, but it fires extremely fast.


(2) Smarter Behavior

The ASF now adjusts its speed to linger behind its target, trying to match its speed instead of always flying past their targets doing minimal damage. However it will only go as slow as it's minimum speed allows, so it wont hover around if the target is going super slow. GO ahead and spawn 30 bombers and see now that the ASF will make mince meat out of them. This makes haveing your own air superiority very important. Some of the orignal ideas for this new asf ai came from working with DeadMG on his own interceptor speed mod. Big thanks to him!

UPDATE: ADDED this code to ALL T1 interceptors as well!


(3) AfterBurners

Jets should be able to do bursts of speed to escape danger, at the expense of higher fuel costs. So if the ASF is in danger, it will fire off a sudden burst of speed (3 times faster), but it will burn fuel 3 times faster during that time. It will also let of a exhaust effect to let you kno (in case u cant tell its goign faster...and it looks cool too =) )


(4) Fiery Death Trail

Tired of seeing your ASF die in only a white unspectacular flash? sure they do a cool spinning descent to the ground, but its largerly unexciting. BEHOLD! The ASF, upon being dealt its killing blow, will spew a fiery trail while falling to the ground.


(5) Stronger Air Experimentals

Because the new ASF's are so powerful, the air experimentals needed ot have an increaes in HP.

The Aeon Czar has 10000 hp and a 5k shield now. It sucks up 400 energy tho.
The Cybran Soul Ripper has 75% more health.


Change Log
* Compatible with newest SupCom Patch (v3251) =D

* Made cybran missiles a little more powerful

* Decreased Soul Ripper Health Boost (used to be +75%, now its only +50%)

* Fixed several bugs that cropped up from the new patch. (thx to yacoub for helping me out)


*Fixed a bug where Aeon t1 Interceptor wouldnt fire. They fire now =)


*Cybran ASF missile effects made 2.5x times larger to better represent Area of Effect damage

*UEF ASF missile impact gfx updated. Bigger and Sexier.

*Increased Soul Ripper health by 75% (from 18000 --> 31500)

*Increased Czar health by 200% (from 5000 --> 10000)

*Added 5000hp Shield to Czar (uses 400 energy)

*Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the smart behavior mod to override the afterburner speed code.

*Fixed a bug that sometimes made t1 and t3 fighters go at full speed even though they ran out of fuel


*Fixed a major bug where missiles would "slip and slide" off aeon ASF so it wouldnt get hit.


*fixed a critical error that caused Aeon ASF not to load properly

*Fixed Aeon Bug where Aeon ASF would not Afterburn when shields were on

*Added Flashier Green Explosion effect for Aeon T3 Missile

*Added Flashier purple Explosion effects for Cybran T3 Missile


*Fixed bug where Landed planes would not disappear after being destroyed.

*MUCH improved Afterburner AI for all ASF!

*Added improved AEON ASF

* Replaced 100hp with a Shield

* Fast Firing Weapon
*Weapon replaced with High Velocity plamsa (blue) shot (same one from original UEF ASF)
*Used AEON T3 Siege bot laser sound fx (it sounds meaner)

* Missile Weapon
*Missile flies like aeon T3 sam-site missile, but i used the cruise missile mesh (it looks cooler). Has a green laser trail.
*Fast. Makes wide turns, likely to miss, but since its so fast its ok.
*Long life time (compared to uef and cybran)
*Small blast radius

*Added improved CYBRAN ASF

*Fast Firing Weapon
*DUAL High rate of fire Laser. Kinda like MOnkeylord in the sky.
*Low damage

*Missile Weapon
*Same kind of swarm missiles as before, but it only shoots 4 at a time now.
*Low damage
*Shoots more frequently in comparsion to other racess' ASF's

* Gave T1 interceptors of ALL races the Smarter Behavior code.


*Added Machine guns and Missiles to UEF ASF
*Afterburner added
*Fiery Death Trail added
*Smarter behavior

Big O's new ASF's V4.2 (Vanilla) (4.2) - User Comments  
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