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GTA IV - Simple Native Trainer v3.9
Filename: trainerv39.rar

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Average User Rating: 7
Number of Votes: 129
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GTA IV - Simple Native Trainer v3.9 - File Description  

Quality: 9
Creativity: 9

Overall Rating: 9

Here is trainer for GTA IV that includes a lot of functions within the game itself. The menu will load up during the gameplay and show up as a menu where you can choose the functions. This trainer includes the normal usual ones such as the Infinite health, ammo, and no wanted levels as well as much more. There are also options to change the cars colours, as well as spawning bodyguards and spawning random car drivers (that will drive with you in the car if you are driving at the time!!). There are a lot of functions included within this trainer, and most of these are included in the readme below. This is probably one of best trainers currently avaliable.

Required Files


GTA IV - Simple Native Trainer v3.9 - Screenshots  
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GTA IV - Simple Native Trainer v3.9 - File Download Options  

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GTA IV - Simple Native Trainer v3.9 - Readme  
Readme File:
Changes from version 2.99:

Support for
Synchronize time to system time, this will sync the ingame time to the computer local time, you can enable it either via the time menu or by using RAlt+Num 0

Real time duration, this option doesn't sync the in game time to local computer time, but it will make one minute in game the same as one real minute. This option is available on the time menu.

Default Radio station, you can now enable this feature and set the station (using the car menu, 2nd page, last option) when enabled this will make sure that the radio is changed in each vehicle that you enter to the station that you have selected.
By default this option is disabled, apart from enabling/change it in-game, you can also use trainer.ini to set the values:

DefaultRadioEnable=0 //Enable Default Radio
DefaultStation=18 //Default Radio Station

To enable set the value of the first setting to 1, to change the station, change the second setting, the list of radio stations is further down the file, this is independant from the change radio station key.

Teleport to Waypoint, either using the first page of the teleporting menu, or using O+num0, you can finally teleport to waypoint.

Changes from Version 3.0

Changed the CTRL+F8 key to CTRL+Q due to reported problems with F8 being stuck (seems to be a patch 3 problem)
if you have version 3.0 you can also fix this by changing trainer.ini, change ChangeModel2Key2=119 to ChangeModel2Key2=81

Added seatbelts, enable using car options menu or pressing M+num0, this way you don't have to enable car god mode, but still you won't fly through the windscreen.

Changes from Version 3.1:

Options Menu 1:

Set/Freeze Wanted Level, use to set and then freeze the wanted level, press num 5 again to disable

Enter/Disable Phone Sleep Mode, use to enable phone sleep mode, if enabled the phone cannot be brought up with the up arrow, just use the function again to be able to use the phone, you can also use the key NUM -.

Enable/Disable Pickups/Pigeons on Map, if enabled the locations of the pigeons, weapons, and health pickups will be shown on the map and radar.

Car Options Menu 2:

Set Car Livery, use this to display different grafitty or decals on certain cars, I have tried the Pony. I'm not sure what the range of values are, so have limit it from 0 to 10 for now.

Bodyguard/Ped Spawn Menu:

Ability to enable/disable the drive by weapon that is given to bodyguards. Also configurable in the bodyguards section of trainer.ini

Ability to set health to bodyguards and peds that are spawned, this can also be set in trainer.ini, default is 200 (full health), I have allowed values from 0 to 10.000.

Spawn Random Bodyguard, spawns a random bodyguard, regardless of the model you have selected. (this applies to all random spawns). You can also use L+ num 3

Spawn attacking ped, this one will attack the player. Be aware that if you set health to high, it will take a long time before you'll get rid of it (unless you use all bodyguards/peds leave option. You can also use L + num 1

Set Driving style, you can set the driving style of the random driver here, values are from 0 to 10. Also configurable in the bodyguards section of trainer.ini

Spawn random driver, spawn a random driver, that will drive you around the city, at the style selected with the previous option. If you are in a car and choose this option, you will be warped to the next available seat, so that the driver can take the wheel. If you are not in a car, the trainer will find one for you, warp you in and the driver will then jack the car and drive off. You can also use NUM +.

Spawn two random combat peds, use this to spawn two peds, that will attack each other (and possibly other people who interfere, set the health on the high side for maximum effect.

Spawn random ped, this will spawn a random ped that just walks, be aware that health and weapons are applied to this ped as well. You can also use L+ num 4

Spawn Ped, the same as above, but now here you can set which model you want spawned.

Time Menu:

Freeze Time

Weather Menu:

Freeze Weather.

Two changed keycombinations, Num + is now spawn random driver, the old function binded to that key (Unlock map) is now changed to L+ num 2, Num - is now for the sleep mode, the old function (Open various doors) is now binded to L + num 0.

Also you can now disable the trainer on game start by setting EnabledOnStartup=0, you can enable the trainer at any time by pressing RCTRL+RALT+E

Changes from version 3.2:

-Random driver can be told to drive to waypoint (bodyguard/ped menu)
-Added episodic weapons to the bodyguards, now you can supply peds/bodyguards with episodic weapons (still need to set Episodic to 1 in trainer.ini and have these in weaponsinfo.xml).
-L+Num 5 will now spawn a ped.
-Attacking ped will now have a blip.
-Changed spawn random driver a bit, the driver will spawn only when player is in the car and the car is not full, or when a nearby car can be found.
-Seatbelts can be enabled using the defaults section of trainer.ini
-Phone sleepmode can be enabled using the defaults section of trainer.ini
-Display coordinates on screen (options menu page 1)
-L+num 6 to hide hud and radar, this can also be set in the defaults section of trainer.ini
-Ability to set specific hour and minute in the time menu
-Ability to change the day in the time menu
-Display of health and weapons pickups and location of the pigeons can now be enabled separately on options menu page 1, so you can display health/weapons pickups separate from the pigeons, or display them both.
-New submenu on the first teleport menu page, that will let you teleport to the locations of the 200 pigeons, the 30 cars that Stevie wants you to steal, Stevie's garage and the location of the 50 stunt jumps.
-New clothes sub menu, (on first model menu page, last option) which will let you change clothes of the models that support this.
-fixed flip car.
-Ability to spawn objects by their decimal model hash, the model hashes can be found at http://www.gtamodding.com/index.php?title=...ic_Model_Hashes So you just enter the decimal model hash and press enter and the relevant object will be spawned. This option is on the object spawn menu, last option.

-New Mission Help Menu with the following options:
-Teleport to first valid destination marker, not only used to skip the driving to it, but for instance also to keep up with enemies that you might have to follow, as they have blips attached.
-Teleport to first valid objection marker, I have yet to find a use for this option, but I have to assume that they are used somewhere in the game
-Blow up cop car/chopper when you have a wanted level, works pretty much in the same way, once you are wanted, blips appear on the map, you can use this option to blow them up (or the cars and choppers that are attached to the blips).
-Kill ped attached to valid destination marker, instead of just keeping up with them, you can use this option to kill an enemy that is attached to a marker, I have been able to pass missions just by using this option.

Changes from version 3.3:

-Fixed Teleport to first valid destination marker, you can now win a race by just holding num 5 when selecting the option from the menu, you will be teleported to all markers including the finish.
-Fixed bug with kill ped attached to valid destination marker
-Stunt Jump 23 was wrong, this is now corrected.
-Sabre 2 car spawn option was incorrectly spawning the normal sabre, this is now fixed.
-Display digits for speedometer can be switched off in trainer.ini
-Fast Run (key -) now is a toggle option, when enabled fast run is on, no need to hold the key, you can also use the old function, this can be set in trainer.ini
-Special godmode, will set the health to 1200 and whenever it goes below 1000, it will be reset to 1200, this way you won't die in explosions, but still will have the ragdoll effects, you will die when falling from big heights. Replaces the normal god mode (CTRL+F1)
-Attacking ped will keep attacking you, altough he might or might not follow you, when you meet him again, he will fight.
-Spawn attacking driver + one additional attacking ped, both in the car, they will follow you in the car
-Pageup can be used to spawn the attacking driver/ped, save coords to trainer.ini has been changed to RCTRL+A
-Blips can be enabled for all peds/bodyguards that are spawned, both in the ini and in-game using the ped/bodyguard spawn menu.
-Radio on foot, also able to lock to the default station, N to skip to next song, change channels using L+ num 8 for up and L+ num 9 for down, L+ num 7 to enable/disable, can also be set in the trainer.ini so that it starts on startup, also the num * works on mobile radio.
-Text message is displayed whenever you change radio station both in the car and using the mobile radio (unless station is locked).
-You can now spawn a specific driver in addition to the random driver.
-Superjump, enable using RCTRL+C, use with spacebar, forward and up speed can be set in trainer.ini (defaults) and on the options menu page one.
-Added hotkeys for Teleport to valid destination marker (RCTRL+D) and Kill Ped attached to valid destination marker (RCTRL+E)

Changes from version 3.4:

-fixed bodyguard menu problem
-fixed no melee when special godmode is enabled, health is now set to 500, and when it drops below 400 it's set to 500 again, melee is fully possible.
-added don't fly through windscreen, can't be dragged out of the vehicle, or dragged from bike to special god mode.
-added clean player clothes option to options menu and using RCTRL+G.
-The attacking driver/ped can now also be made unarmed, by selected unarmed, and disabling the drive by weapon.
-Ability to freeze the weather at startup, and the specific weather type in the defaults section of trainer.ini
-ability to enable real time duration and the specific time in trainer.ini
-Added teleport to random characters
-Added teleport to Miscellaneous locations
-Added teleport to Mission, Location and other blips, you can teleport to all mission start markers, markes for Carwash, Pay and Spray, Internet, Bars, restaurants, basically all blips available in the game, providing they are currently displayed on the map.
-Moved the MPH speedometer a bit higher, also have changed the text size for both speedometers, and the health display to match the size of the clock.
-Added abiliy to disable text for certain functions by setting DisplayMessages to 0, only a few functions are currently supported (fix car, clean car, speedup, instant brake).
-Changed the menu back function, to get back to last option highlighted in main menu.
-You can now spawn a specific car for the attacking driver/ped both in the bodyguards section of trainer.ini and in game. Including the DLC bikes, (if enabled).
-You can also set the color for the attacking driver car.
-the spawn ped and random ped functions have been changed, you can now give them a specific tasks, both in the bodyguards section of trainer.ini and in game.
The task that can be assigned are: Combat (the ped will combat anyone near), Die, Drive, Hands Up, Look at Player, Stand Still, Use Mobile Phone and stand still (they will talk), Use Mobile Phone and Walk and finally you can make the ped Walk.
-After you used the drive to waypoint task, you can also give the driver the task to drive randomly.
-You can set whether a dead Ped drops his/her weapon, both in trainer.ini and in game.
-New function to kill enemy peds in addition to any ped, from the mission menu, or RCTRL+H, this can also be used on the cops.
-Change the keycombination for Kill ped attached to destination marker from RCTRL+E to RCTRL+I.
-You can set the money for game spawned peds on the options menu (page 2) and for bodyguards/peds on the bodyguard/ped spawn menu.
-You can now position the last spawned object, Num 3/Num 1 for Up/Down, Num 4/Num 6 for left/right, Num 8/Num 2 for forward/backward and Num 9/Num 7 for rotation.
-Added ammo to display pickups on map.
-Added helper blips for stunt jumps, when you teleport to a stuntjump, the following blips are displayed: Red (Minimum start), Green (Maximum Start), Blue (Minimum Landing), Grey (Maximum Landing).
each time you teleport to another stunt jump, previous blips will be deleted, and blips relevant to the teleported stuntjump will appear, to delete the last blips, choose the option in the teleport menu.
-you can now enable the driver to automatically drive to any new waypoint you set.
-You can now change the color of the menu text and the highlighted menu text in the defaults section of trainer.ini, for more information refer to the readme.
-Special Car God Mode, you can set each individual option in a menu off the car options menu, page 2: Damage, Visual Damage, Tyre Damage, Player can fly through the windscreen, Player can be dragged out, Player can be shot whilst in vehice,
Car fire proof, bullet proof, explosion proof, collision proof, melee proof. Last option is to enable/disable the special car god mode.
You can change any option at any time, but need to be in a car for it to register.
-Ability to freeze the time at game start.
-Ability to specify if the sit down function should only sit down on valid objects by setting SitOnlyOnObjects=0 to 1.

Changes from version 3.5:

-Added Gravity gun, enable using the menu or RCTRL+J, use with Pistol or Desert Eagle, right mouse button to target, up or down to move away or closer, left mouse button to fire.
Defaults for the gravity gun can be set for target (all, just cars or just peds) X,Y,Z force,and radius both in trainer.ini and in game.
-Ability to set the object moving speed, either using the menu or at the defaults section of trainer.ini
-Ability to spawn many more objects from the menu, all CJ objects are included (1332) and are sorted by starting letter, ie. a-b-c, d-e-f.
-New Task, stand still and freeze for the ped and random ped, the ped will not move, even if you shoot it, if you choose the all bodyguards leave option, the peds will become unfreezed.
-All Peds and bodyguards will have godmode if enabled, you can still kill them by using the kill ped attached to valid destination marker.
-Option to teleport bodyguards to the player (RCTRL+K, or using the bodyguard menu).
-Window Washing Platform teleport locations have been moved from miscellaneous to their own submenu.
-Changed Miscellaneous Locations into Liberty City Landmarks and added more locations, (total 100), Thanks to outoftimer, who provided all the locations.
-New car color section in trainer.ini will let you set colors for the keycombinations RCTRL+num 4 /RCTRL+num 9. You can set your own color combination, and apply in game by pressing the relevant keycombination.
These colors can also be saved in game, from the car color menu.
-All shortcuts used are displayed in submenu off the options menu page 2, total three pages.
-Added ability to modify the car color upper limit (133) in trainer.ini.
-You can now change the menu text color and highlight color in game, you can choose from a total of 455 colors, the trainer will preview the selected color, once you press num 5 it is set, and also written back
to trainer.ini, so that when you restart the game, the color you select is used.
-Ability to add a blip for spawned cars, in order to make this usefull, the auto deletion of cars is disabled when you enable this option, it might lead to performance issues, if you spawn many cars, this can be enabled
both in trainer.ini and in-game. You can however mark cars for deletion, in the same way as the bodyguards/ped leave option.
-Changed teleport to valid objective marker to teleport to Spawned Cars. You can now Teleport to the three cars you spawned first, also added a keycombination RCTRL+L.
-Blip for cars will display the model name, blip for specific peds will display both the model name and the type, random ped blips will display the type.
-Added clothes menu for the last spawned bodyguard/ped, so you can change clothes and other related things for the last spawned bodyguard/ped.
-New Menu hide key (F4), this will hide the menu, when you press F4 again to unhide the menu, you will return at the same position as when you pressed F4 to hide the menu.
-Added Neon lights under the car, you can set the colors both in trainer.ini or much more easier, in game, using the same RGB colors as the menu colors.
To enable or change the colors, go to Car Options menu page 1. This can be used on both the current car and the saved car.
RCTL+A changed to RCTRL+O, RCTL+D changed to RCTRL+M
-Ability to save characters clothing options in the clothes menu, 5 slots to save.

Changes from version 3.6:

-Added ability to change textures, both for player and peds clothes menus, also the save and load function is supporting textures.
-Added Give and remove helmet to both clothing menus.
-RCTRL+R to load first clothes slot.
-Ability to switch off police helicopters when wanted, options menu second page.
-Add blip for current car, by saving the car (K+Num 1).
-Ability to give negative X,Y,Z values for gravity gun.
-Fixed Teleport to car, to take into consideration occupied seats.
-Roman's Sorrow Reverse, this "fixes" the garage and roman's apartment, re-enables the taxi service, and will let you save at the apartment (though you will not be able to start the game there).
-You can now also change object rotation speed, both in trainer.ini and in game.
-Possiblity to make objects dynamic, so you can run over them, so they are not locked in place.
-Possibility to safe the last spawned object to trainer.ini (5 slots), of course with 5 matching load options.
-Better Object rotation, you can now rotate over X,Y,Z and all three axes.
-Now keeping track of 500 objects instead of 200.
-Clone Object function, that will clone the object in the same place as the original object.
-Ability to change the object move and rotation speed right in the object move menu (while you are moving an object).
-Ability to delete the last 5 to 1 spawned objects,
-RCTRL+T enable/disable dynamic objects.
-RCTRL+U Delete last spawned object
-RCTRL+X Last Object invisible/visible
-RCTRL+Y All Ojects invisible/visible
-Ability to set the distance behind player for attacking driver/ped.
-Fixed bug in car color menu (and bodyguard car color menu), causing it to crash if you had more then 134 colors.
-Added apply force to player, inlcuding ragdoll. You can set the paramters of the force, both in trainer.ini and in game.
-Add Explosion around Player, RCTRL+Z, including applying a force, that uses the same paramters as the apply force to player function, work also in the car.
-Ability to delete all blips for cars.
-Made small changes to peds, so that they stay focused on the task more.
-RCTRL+G (Clean Clothes) changed to RCTRL+V.
-Grabfunction, hold on to cars, currently very rough, needs some tweaking,
but have included it anyways, best way to do it, is spawn a car, a driver and then get out
and press g. Or simply walk up to a car and press g. You can use the car speedup key (]}) whilst grabbing a car.

Changes from version 3.7:

-Make car dirty.
-Explode Saved Car.
-Warp into nearest car as passenger, only if car has valid driver.
-Fixed clone object so that object rotation is taken into consideration
-Added Ped move menu, similar to the object move menu.
-Added Model Voice menu, where you can select the voice to be used for the playermodel.
-Added Bodyguard/ped Voice menu, where you can select the voice to be used for the last spawned bodyguard/ped.
-Added Model Speech menu, where you can select from a range of speeches and have the model say it.
-Added Bodyguard/ped Speech menu, same as above but now for the last bodyguard/ped that you spawned.
-Added Model Walk Style menu, where you can select the walking style for the playermodel.
-Added Bodyguard/ped Walk Style menu, same as above but now for the last spawned bodyguard/ped.
-Internet can be started from the options menu. Or using LAlt+I. Can be used everywhere.
-Added Hats, Glasses and wrist to both model and bodyguard/ped clothes menu.
-Added Animation Menu where you can select 6373 animations for the playermodel.
-Added Animation Menu for the last spawned bodyguard/ped, with 6373 animations to choose from.
-Fixed special godmode, you don't die when falling from big heights.
-Changed the key for grab from G to .> the function that used to be on that key (Freeze Nearest Car) now uses LALT+J.
-Gravity gun and grab function are both visible to other players in MP
-Under car neons are visible to other players in MP, only one color is now supported, in SP the full 455 colors are available.

Changes from version 3.8:

-Removed Niko from MP
-SkipBomb setting in trainer.ini for people who have crashes with the bomb model that is used for set bomb.
-LALT+K for warp into nearest car as passenger
-Added Unlimited Ammo, with reload.
-Enable/Disable Planes (at the Airport).
-Fixed tab so it doesn't bring up second save screen when pressed multiple times.
-Added Save and Load car, you can save up to 5 cars, and load them again, with same colors, components and position.
-you can now attach the last spawned object either to the player (14 positions) or the car you are in, or the saved car.
-changed task drive to waypoint and the normal drive task, you can now set the speed in game and in the ini,
-Changed special god mode, so that you can customise it the following way:
Special godmode Can be switched on by default, using SpecialGodMode=1 in defaults section of trainer.ini
three more properties can be set, CarSeatbelt=0, BikeSeatbelt=0 and Dragged=1.
-added 5 save and load slots for bodyguard clothes, in bodyguard clothes menu.
-Gravity gun now supports objects, for now only objects you spawned are picked up, you need to set the target to objects only in-game.
-Cleanup menu that will clean up the area, cars, peds, objects or cops, does not work on objects you spawned yourself (use delete object for those),
also not on peds that you spawned yourself (unless you use all bodygards/ped leave function), and cars that you spawned yourself if car blips are enabled
use mark all spawned cars for deletion, and the clear menu will work on spawned cars.
-Ability to set the object spawn distance between -25 and 25, behind/in front of the player.

GTA IV - Simple Native Trainer v3.9 - User Comments  
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Total comments: 6 | Last comment: 08-29-2014 at 12:43

 #1 - nice w - 08-20-2009 at 02:26
Joined: August 20th, 2009
Posts: 1
verry good

 #2 - 09-10-2009 at 15:15
Joined: September 10th, 2009
Posts: 1
dis game is awsome

 #3 - what the game? - 07-28-2011 at 02:32
Joined: July 28th, 2011
Posts: 1
ooo yeah man ─▒ts olright!

 #4 - kewl - 08-09-2011 at 05:20
From: (Perth)
Joined: August 9th, 2011
Posts: 1
yeah havent tried it yet but should be good

 #5 - http://www.kingacre.co.uk/lacoste-usa-sale/lacoste-62uv.html - 07-28-2014 at 17:07
From: (tokia)
Joined: August 13th, 2006
Posts: 20
bags creators unite!
lacoste http://www.kingacre.co.uk/lacoste-usa-sale/lacoste-62uv.html

 #6 - AWESOME - 08-29-2014 at 12:43
Joined: August 29th, 2014
Posts: 1
You sir are FREAKING AWESOME. I used this trainer to get passed the last brucie mission because my game is modded and freezes everytime I try to do that mission.

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