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GTA Rumble - Multiplayer (V0.1c)
Filename: gtarumble1c.rar

Date Added:
Type / Category:
3.28 MB

Average User Rating: 7.4
Number of Votes: 608
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GTA Rumble - Multiplayer (V0.1c) - File Description  

Tech: 8
Quality: 8
FunFactor: 8
Creativity: 8
Item Placement: 8
Installation Instructions: 9

Overall Rating: 8.2

Here is GTA Rumble, a multiplayer modification for GTA San Andreas.This has several features that are listed in the Readme, include the ability to host a server and to join one, the weather / time when you join the game, as well as weapons pickups, death messages that are similar to that of Counter Strike Source in that they show who killed them and what weapon was used. Other Features include chat commands (such as quit , kill (suicide), etc), the use of vehicles within the game, and various other things that have been listed within the Readme below.

Please note that since this is a beta version it is highly possible that there will be bugs in this game. It is highly recommended that you back up your Main.Scm file as the version within this file will overwrite it, and if you lose the original you may have to reinstall your GTA San Andreas just to play your saved games again. This modification is highly recommended.

NOTE: Please note for Technical Issues with this modification please direct them towards the forums, as these will be answered more quickly there, thank you.

GTA Rumble - Multiplayer (V0.1c) - Screenshots  
Click to enlarge

GTA Rumble - Multiplayer (V0.1c) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download GTA Rumble - Multiplayer!

GTA Rumble - Multiplayer (V0.1c) - Readme  
Readme File:
GTA:RUMBLE - v0.1c


Replacing the MAIN.SCM will mess up single player (even crash if try loading a saved game),
you'll need to make a backup and replace each time you play.

MAIN.SCM --> San Andreas/Data/Script/
SCRIPT.IMG --> San Andreas/Data/Script/
d3d9.dll --> San Andreas/
d3dx9_27.dll --> WINDOWS/System32/
Launcher --> Anywhere
SA Path: (example: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas -- Don't include "gta-sa.exe")

PlayerList/ScoreBoard (IDs, Names, Scores, Pings)
Weather/Time on join
Weapon Pickups
Death messages (Killers name and Weapon used)
Disabled Cheatcodes
Chat Commands (/quit, /kill, /reconnect, /disconnect, /me)
Spawned Vehicles
Use of vehicles spawned by the game
Disabled train-traffic
Disabled SAM-sites
Connection failed/banned messages
Parachutes (player only)
Supports 40 players
Ingame Admin (/kick, /getip, /ban, /addban, /removeban, /burn, /slap, /murder, /explode, /jail, /unjail)
Screenshot key (F12)
Chat toggle key (f9)

Run State (Jogging/Running)
Weapon Switch
Head Movement (Looks at where their camera is facing)
Entering/Exiting Cars

Landing Gear
Extras (Eg: forklift forks)
Respawning once blown
Back-wheel angle
Car Colours/paintjobs

F9 = ChatToggle
F11 = PlayerList
F12 = Screenshot
G = Passenger


The server gets the Name, Port, MaxPlayers, Password, ASE Enabled, Weather, Time and Admin's Name or IP from the Ini (RumbleServer.ini),
which MUST be in the same directory as the Serverm, eg:

Name=GTA:Rumble Server

There can only be 2 admins, if someone joins with the AdminName or AdminIP as their name or IP,
they will be able to use any of the following commands:
/kick, /getip, /ban, /addban, /removeban, /burn, /slap, /murder, /explode, /jail, /unjail

The bans are saved in Bans.lst, to add/remove one, simply add/remove it from that list.

The server reports all the info to ASE (if enabled in the ini), but i still havn't got the file i need for the proper filters,
so it will report to the SDK Test, which anyone can add to see the servers (there most likely will be other random test servers there too),
by Tools->Options->Games->Not Installed->SDK Test->Visible in filter list.

-*-*-*-*Verson Changes-*-*-*-*-

Various crashes: on spawn, server assert
Various fixes: extra-parts angle, timeouts, jacking, carID getting, messy server IDs, death messages
Pausing (stops vehicles/actors)
Back-wheel angle
Full weapon/car skills
Reduced bandwidth
Join-fail messages on server

Disabled train-traffic
Disabled SAM-sites
Various Fixes: Server max-players, Firing/falling, Throwable weapons, Chat size/position (few resolutions),
...Flashing cars, Packet reliabilty (packetloss/lag issue), Nade glitch, Death not showing, Actor not being killed,
...Timeouts, Locked cars, Multiple car explosions, Keyhook, Actor cleanup on leave, Actor flickering in water,
...Car-spawn far from player, Car respawns in wrong place.
Various Crashes: Respawning a used car
Connection failed/banned messages
Server stores all game info
Parachutes (player only)
Car Colours/paintjobs
Supports 40 players
Ingame Admin (/kick, /getip, /ban, /addban, /removeban, /burn, /slap, /murder, /explode, /jail, /unjail)
Screenshot key (F12)
Chat off key (f9)

Mod: Jax aka [UVA]_ZzZ
DirectX Hook: hammer
SCM Hook: spookie
Site/Forum/Testing: Brophy & Panther
Testing and Help: XcR, J-Fox, MadHacker, Sc00bY, Mr, Oli, DomSpy, Kevuwk, Biggs, Bullit, Endlezz,
Tj, UFFE, SGlow, Fusion
And anyone i forgot :P

GTA Rumble - Multiplayer (V0.1c) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Grand Theft Auto Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 37 | Last comment: 04-17-2009 at 03:17

 #1 - 12-13-2005 at 08:23
Joined: February 23rd, 2005
Posts: 404
is there a server finder?

 #2 - how do we use it ???????????? - 12-17-2005 at 02:38
Joined: November 15th, 2004
Posts: 18
how do we use this

 #3 - 12-17-2005 at 08:25
Joined: October 6th, 2005
Posts: 231
kl, somthing 2 do while we're w8in 4 mta

 #4 - 12-18-2005 at 15:20
Joined: July 1st, 2005
Posts: 996
Lol i like the screen shot they had a mass disconnect

 #5 - 12-25-2005 at 08:26
From: (Suwanee)
Joined: May 27th, 2004
Posts: 165
To find servers, get The All Seeing Eye.

 #6 - 12-26-2005 at 14:32
From: (Suwanee)
Joined: May 27th, 2004
Posts: 165
You should make the damage rates on the guns better, so you can have a deathmath thing going. And make it so you can put ur own maps in there for a great DM or TDMRock
Just my 2 cents

Gr8 work btw

 #7 - 12-27-2005 at 14:29
Joined: December 27th, 2005
Posts: 1
I cant get this Workin.
i tried to create a server. and i did that, but my friend could not join..?!?!?
Any one?

 #8 - 01-02-2006 at 15:32
From: (Skåne)
Joined: January 2nd, 2005
Posts: 433 is your local loopback adress

 #9 - 01-18-2006 at 11:55
Joined: November 12th, 2004
Posts: 40
how do you find GTARumble servers with the all seeing eye?

 #10 - 01-20-2006 at 02:24
From: (Belgrade)
Joined: January 20th, 2006
Posts: 140
jea it is cool and all but I dont know where should I put that file I got.
Can enybody help me please I want to play with my friend but I dont know how.frownCry

 #11 - followed all instuctions and it says failed TO START CLIENT - 03-11-2006 at 15:55
From: (Hastings)
Joined: March 11th, 2006
Posts: 1
I WASNT SURE WHERE TO PUT THE LAST FILE IF ANYONE COULD hd any light on this problem it would be greatly apretiated as i am lookin forward to playing this game.

 #12 - 03-26-2006 at 03:30
From: (Belgrade)
Joined: January 20th, 2006
Posts: 140
I dont know where to find any servers???????

 #13 - 04-02-2006 at 10:56
From: (Dundee)
Joined: April 13th, 2005
Posts: 175
can u play online without that modconfusedconfusedconfused

 #14 - 06-05-2006 at 13:13
From: (marietta,GA)
Joined: July 20th, 2004
Posts: 121
No you fruit thats why they made this mod!

 #15 - HELP TO ALL YOU LOSERS - 06-05-2006 at 13:43
From: (marietta,GA)
Joined: July 20th, 2004
Posts: 121
OMMFG you people must be stupid, on every mod website people will try to put a damn zip(or rar) into the game dir... *estupida puta*

1.did you extract the .rar file? if so goto 2, if not then dl winrar
2. open the readme and >>>READ<<< the readme
3. you *should* be bright enough to understand the basic words sa: INSTALL THIS FILE TO
4. follow their directions
5. back up your main.scm & script.img PLEASE for your own good
6. give yourself a big pat on the back
7. tell all your friends that you actually installed a file thst required an external program to view

 #16 - What do i do on ase??? - 06-12-2006 at 01:18
Joined: June 12th, 2006
Posts: 2
i downloaded it n all but i cant seem to find anything!!

pleaz help guys!!!;'(

 #17 - 06-12-2006 at 16:37
Joined: June 12th, 2006
Posts: 1
ok, so ive done all that installin' in the right places an i got the game runnin (i'm spawnin in the airfield with all the vehicles) but i'm gettin a "failed to start client" message... HELP!!

 #18 - hey guys!! PLEAZ HELP - 06-12-2006 at 21:32
Joined: June 12th, 2006
Posts: 2
ive got the server lists now cauz i did it under sdk test and the servers show up n all but when i join i end up on the airfield with a helmet on and 4 stars n cops try assasinate me!!! why is this?

but i can not see no one else.( i joined a server wit 3 people )


 #19 - WTF? NO SERVERS? - 07-05-2006 at 08:11
From: (frederikssund)
Joined: May 19th, 2006
Posts: 8
MAN THIS MOD LOOKS AWSOME!... but.. HOW THE F... DO I JOIN A SERVER? i did everything right.. (yes i did use winrar).. so now what? i can host but not join.. someone tell me how to join other servers.. Cya all. cool

 #20 - 07-27-2006 at 07:43
From: (Praha)
Joined: February 1st, 2006
Posts: 2

 #21 - 07-27-2006 at 07:44
From: (Praha)
Joined: February 1st, 2006
Posts: 2
good server on sa-mp is [CZ]Tournament

 #22 - cool - 10-01-2006 at 06:20
From: (HJO)
Joined: July 1st, 2006
Posts: 88
any1 got a server to join so i can test it out?

 #23 - 11-01-2006 at 11:57
From: (Sakiai)
Joined: October 29th, 2006
Posts: 3
EDIT: There is absolutely no need for that kind of language here. Consider this your first and final warning. ~ Gavin1701

 #24 - 11-01-2006 at 12:00
From: (Sakiai)
Joined: October 29th, 2006
Posts: 3
EDIT: See the above comment.~ Gavin1701

 #25 - 11-01-2006 at 12:03
From: (Sakiai)
Joined: October 29th, 2006
Posts: 3
Damm! Ryder was my homie and I killed him...

 #26 - help - 01-27-2007 at 10:33
From: (Norrtälje)
Joined: January 27th, 2007
Posts: 5
I can't get it work! I have the 1st edition of san andreas but it don't workfrown

 #27 - 03-06-2007 at 06:03
From: (Slatina)
Joined: February 28th, 2007
Posts: 5
i m install but next confusedconfusedconfused

 #28 - "Installation instructions: 9"? Impossible! - 04-01-2007 at 04:17
From: (Stjørdal, Nord-Trøndelag)
Joined: January 19th, 2007
Posts: 77
How can this program get '9' in 'install instruct.'? I did read it all, but I can get this crap working! This 'eye' you talking about: WHERE DO I FIND IT?! I'm so tired of bad ReadMes... This was the worst ReadMe ever! Make a new.

 #29 - the client has failed - 06-03-2007 at 17:05
Joined: June 3rd, 2007
Posts: 1
i cant play someone help me

 #30 - 06-28-2007 at 07:04
From: (Cornwall)
Joined: June 3rd, 2007
Posts: 510
This doesn't work for me i'm always alone and the features like how to talk don't work either can somone tell me what to do so ii can play with others for once?confused

 #31 - mm... - 09-05-2007 at 08:54
Joined: September 5th, 2007
Posts: 5
well i installed it and tested hosting my own server, the game loads, but all that happens is i get chased by police.

non of the commands work like talking or anything.
How can i find a list of other servers to join??? this mod looks good, buts its not very user friendly yet!

 #32 - oh and yea - 09-05-2007 at 08:56
Joined: September 5th, 2007
Posts: 5
whats this serverm thing that it says a file has to be by, i cant find it anywhere!!

 #33 - 09-26-2007 at 23:10
From: (groningen)
Joined: September 26th, 2007
Posts: 1
wats is name
wats isserver ip

 #34 - 09-18-2008 at 06:31
From: (adridod)
Joined: September 18th, 2008
Posts: 2
................................................ Rock

 #35 - How do u play? - 11-07-2008 at 00:40
From: (Queensland)
Joined: November 7th, 2008
Posts: 1
I dont n how to log in to play confused

 #36 - No problemos yet - 04-16-2009 at 04:04
Joined: April 16th, 2009
Posts: 2
I had no problems on installing or hosting and i have not yet tested it online or anything but i was just wondering that it would be so cool if there would be some pedestrians walking down the street and you could do everything in the multiplayer that you can do in the singleplayer, hijack vehicles from pedestrians, buy tattoos and weapons and clothes and food etc wink I know that it would a bit hard to mod that in the game because every1 who play it would need to load the same pedestrians and vehicles that the others have example: at the other side of the SA and it would require so much from your computer frown
If some1 knows anything about of that kind of mod what i was talking about please share your knowledge with us.
This is still a great mod! Two Thumbs Up!

 #37 - 04-17-2009 at 03:17
Joined: April 16th, 2009
Posts: 2
Tested this mod on LAN and it worked with no problems smile
And still I'm missing those pedestrians frown
Is there some way to get pedestrians in it?

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