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Filename: viper187_insanendreas.rar

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Average User Rating: 6.3
Number of Votes: 7
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Insanendreas - File Description  

Tech: 7
Quality: 8
FunFactor: 7
Creativity: 7
Item Placement: 7
Installation Instructions: 7

Overall Rating: 7.2

Here is an interesting modification simply called Insanendreas, this modification will add several things to the game including: a green sabre that will spawn when you complete the game (i.e. 100%), the garage in San Fierro now allows you to deliver cars (though only after finishing Puncture Wounds). CJ is now invulnerable and has infinite ammo, although you will still need to reload. This modification also has a weapon select, car select and even control any car by remote!! amongst other items included in the readme.

This modification is recommended for those that have already completed the game as this is almost the same as using cheat codes. Please note that since this modification will overwrite several important files within the San Andreas directory it is highly recommended that you back these up to save you from having to reinstall the game from scratch which can be painful at the best of times.

Insanendreas - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
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Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Insanendreas!

Insanendreas - Readme  
Readme File:
Insanendreas v1.0 *BETA*
by Viper187

Install info:
BACKUP files before overwriting!
copy carcols.dat to \data\ in the GTA:SA directory.
copy the main.scm and script.img to \data\scripts\
-note: If you have other thing modified in carcols.dat, you can add this line to your copy instead:
34,139,34 # 127 green sabre green

Updated in 1.1:

*Pilot school golds thing fixed, some other missions timers, out-of-vehicle, etc. done. (Valet, Courier, etc)
*You can press Skit Trip on the trucking mission to reattach the trailer too. :)
*Remote moe keys slightly changed. Skip Trip and No conflict with each other for some reason.
*Note that 1.0 saves ARE compatible with 1.1. I didn't change anything in the SCM this time that would screw that up.

Mod features:

*The Green Sabre spawns at CJ's house after getting 100%
*The garage in SF allows you to deliver cars for chopping after finishing Puncture Wounds.
*CJ is invulnerable with Infinite Ammo (you still have to reload)
*Cars have Immunities, NOS, locked doors, and other little things (See button info below)
*Weapon Select
*Car Select
*Control any vehicle by remote
*Vehicle sub-missions don't end when you exit cars, press a button for more time on them.
*School missions have a cheater's button for automatic gold.
*When your car is on it's roof and stopped, it'll flip back to it's wheel's
*When you drop into the water in a car, it'll will change to a Vortex.
*Each vehicle type has its own NOS var, but they're all set with the same buttons. Whatever vehicle you're in, you'll adjust the NOS for that vehicle type by pressing the buttons listed below.
*ALL choppers will have magnets.
*Probably other nifty things I forgot to mention.

Special buttons:

On Foot:
Jump + Group Back = spawn car (last spawned or default) and put player in it
Action + Previous Weapon = Quick Car Spawn Slot 1
Action + Next Weapon = Quick Car Spawn Slot 2
Action + Group Back = Quick Car Spawn Slot 3
Action + Group Forward = Quick Car Spawn Slot 4
Aim + Jump + Prev/Next Weapon = spawn weapon
Action + Crouch = toggle coords display on/off
Look Behind + Crouch = Vigilante Missions
Look Behind + Sub-Mission = All Oysters, Horseshoes, and Photos.
Hold Look behind and use Look Left/Right to scroll stats by ID number.

All Vehicles:
Gas + Brake/Reverse + Look Left = Previous Vehicle
Gas + Brake/Reverse + Look Right = Next Vehicle
Weapon 2 + Handbrake + Look Left = Set Car as Quick Spawn Slot 1
Weapon 2 + Handbrake + Look Right = Set Car as Quick Spawn Slot 2
Weapon 2 + Handbrake + Previous Radio = Set Car as Quick Spawn Slot 3
Weapon 2 + Handbrake + Next Radio = Set Car as Quick Spawn Slot 4
Handbrake + Shoot + Weapon 2 = rise up
Handbrake + Brake/reverse = Air Brakes
Handbrake + Brake/reverse + Shoot = Emergency/Air Brakes
Horn + Look Left/Right = NOS adjustment
Look Left + Look Right + Weapon 2 = Add Nitro 2x to car
Look Left + Look Right + Prev Radio = Add Nitro 5x to car
Look Left + Look Right + Next Radio = Add Nitro 10x to car
Weapon 2 + Horn = toggle coords display on/off
Sub-Mission + Horn = Vigilante Missions
Handbrake + Brake/Reverse + Look Left = rotate left
Handbrake + Brake/Reverse + Look Right = rotate right
Hold Handbrake to unlock doors

Gas + Shoot (without looking left/right) = NOS
Brake/Reverse + Fire = reverse (not on bikes)

Gas + Handbrake = NOS
Brake/Reverse + Fire = reverse

Skip Trip + Camera = Remote mode (control your current car by remote)
Convo No = Blow up remote car
Horn + Convo No = Blow up remote car & put character at that location
Horn + Exit Vehicle = End remote mode and put player where car is.
Exit Vehicle = End remote mode

During Vehicle missions:
Skip Trip/Yes = more/infinite time. works on Vigilante, Taxi, Fire, Paramedic, Pimp, Burglary, and Train missions so far.
Hold Sub-Mission button before a school mission ends to get a gold on that mission.
Skip Trip = reattach trailer during trucking missions

Insanendreas - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Grand Theft Auto Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 1 | Last comment: 02-18-2006 at 02:40

 #1 - Cool - 02-18-2006 at 02:40
From: (Kent)
Joined: August 29th, 2005
Posts: 16
Its good I like it especially the control cars with remote and the sabre

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