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cjFedvsEmpMod (Final) - File Description  
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cjFedvsEmpMod (Final) - Screenshots  
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cjFedvsEmpMod (Final) - File Download Options  
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cjFedvsEmpMod (Final) - Readme  
Readme File:
cjFedvsEmpMod - Federation vs. Empire Mod

Features all the necessary ships and personnel in one download for a
variety of battles or war between the Klingon Empire and Federation for
Operation Flashpoint.

First, it features weapon changes, allowing the Klingons to use the non-
projectile weapons and disruptors that are balanced like the new weapons.
This gives ships like the D10, Koloth, and L-24 balanced advantages and
increases their strength to out do the K'tinga and D7 like they should
have been.

Second, there are many final or final style revisions to my exsisting or
new addons featured in the mod including the XI ships having an accurate
appearance and better flight, it also has fixed engine glows that look
100 percent better on the naceeles of the TOS style that don't create lag.
There are also various appearance fixes and improvements to ships and

Third, improved appearance final Endeavour (Q5ST) addon, new Constitution
ship class and varient subtypes as well as proper pilot style exteriors
(Q3CNT) this is a new addon and final as well. Also the weapon/texture
file is a Beta version 2 with some upgrades and all ships included are
final (The final varient will feature a few various weapon types, but
mainly just the needed TNG textures to finish them).

Fourth, I have also included a few quick setup missions, but they will
require you to download and use my Starpack7B droids and the Akira Class
as well if you would like to use them.

Please note that the future versions of the weapon addon will be compatible
with the older versions of it (exp. as saved in a mission pre-final variant)
as well as work with other addons I have built previously using it. There
is also a brief description of the anti air beam weapons included in the
readme, so you can use them if you like on my other addons or on any unit
you would like to add it to (A detailed wepons stat for this file will come
with the later final version).


It may be a while before I have the Final ready due to the other addons I
am working on as well.

Project update on WWI to WWII battleships pack - I need to finish texture
conversion currently at 25% (I hope to have done by end of January 2010)


THIS IS A FULLY FUNCTIONAL BETA version with final addons as well
It has been only tested on 1.96, but should be fully compatible with 1.20
and will very soon be tested on 1.20 by me (no real conflicting type
changes made)
The weapon and texture file with three ships requiring only default crew
to pilot.
There is also another addon featuring two other ships
All ships have a bridge - New detailed animations are on these
Features large bording radius to simulate transporters
The ship units can heal and have a various weapon arcs
Ships are animated--
Engine Glow, Exterior Lights, Interior Displays
All shutoff and turn on appropriately
Weapons Fire and Damage displays on all bridges
All ships have a bridge (various designs, some are similar)

all require
cj_ftex - (uprated) main texture file

cj_fctex - (beta version 2) requires cj_ftex, main texture addon
(west side) (default crew for pilot)

Q5ST - TOS-TMP-TNG (elder type) era ships -requires cj_ftex and cj_fctex
(west side) (default crew for pilot)

f_excel - TMP-TNG era cruisers requires cj_ftex, main texture addon
(west side) (default crew for pilot)

D7KLI - TOS,TMP,TNG era Klingon ships -requires D8trup only to begin with
crew onboard at game start
(East side) (D8trup are default crew for pilot)

F11STXI - XI era cruisers requires cj_ftex, main texture addon
(west side) also T4fed (TOS personnel to pilot by default)


Q3CNT - TOS-TMP era Constitution Class cruisers
requires cj_ftex, and cj_fctex
(west side) also T3fed and T4fed
(TOS and TMP personnel to pilot by default)

THIS ADDON'S UNITS are found under Support (because they are auxilaries)

Also has T3fed, T4fed, and D8trup (both 1.20 and 1.75)
personnel West and East under men

readme containing information on the files.

error and effect document- Description of problems and fixes
The error file lists some bugs like waypoints and projectile weapon crashes
(that I found occur on some variants of Flashpoint).

weapon stats 1-3 documents- Detailed listing of all the units I
have exports and there weapons.

Accurate Weapons and strength
Various Weapons and types per ship type and role (balanced type-no lag)
Accurate ship strength and scan range, Hero's are stronger and faster
Massive Improved Flight, Can now pull out of DIVES as well as the
reduced collisions, the Avionics are armored better and can sweep
Also target optic view for driver to see what gunner sees (Fed only)
These are FINAL versions


Required version ofp 1.20
Tested on 1.96
This is a new pack
All ships have a bridge, transport 24-60 personnel, and have transport like boarding
or large boarding radius, also all can heal, have running lights, tracers (like beam),
and lighted hulls depending on design
IMPORTANT XI and KLINGON weapons now function like Weapon File weapons
though classified by the same names
AI handles them very well too
Ai men are also really good in aerial combat, they use the weapons very well
All ship classes and heros have their own registry number.

Not actual scale, due to flight problems when enlarged
Recommended Maximum flyinheight 125 depending on map for waypoint
Recommended Minimum flyinheight 70 depending on map for waypoint

Hull and Registry Textures
Many with vastly improved flight from memory file modifications
Improved and different bridge styles
Improved and unique bridge animations on some
More accurate exterior appearance on some
Some designs allow some bridge personnel the possibility of dying
in in-air combat (but no primary positions ie... driver or gunner)
The Excelsior has new photon "excelphota" that allows it a stonger all
range assault capability and for the versions that crash with projectiles
the projectile is still available in the addon but not loaded by default.
XI Constitution's have canon sounding and different color weapons
than the Kelvin and Saladin XI now

USS Republic (cj_fctex)
UNITS from (Q3CNT)
Sol Subtype, Essex II subtype, USS Enterprise II, USS Constitution,
Constitution II Class, Vega subtype, Asia Class originally created by
Bernd Schneider, USS Yorktown and more...
(USS Excelsior has the ST III accurate bridge)


the weapons are and proceed in alphabetical order like the example below
cjfcphas, cjfcphasa, cjfcphasb ...etc..etc..

weapon type and era
cjfcphas through cjfcphasl - long range non-continuous nx to tng eras
(example cjfcphas is an nx and cjfphasl is a tng phaser)

cjfcphasm through cjfcphass - short range continuous phasers (burst)

cjfcphast through cjfphasz - medium range torpedoes (beam type)

A detailed weapon stats on these will be included later

cj_fctex - Detroyat Class, USS Essex, Coronado Class
(Heavy Destroyer) (Hero Ship) (Through Deck Cruiser)

Q5ST - Endeavour Class, USS Niantic, Cortez Subtype
(Heavy Cruiser) (Hero Ship) (Light Cruiser)

F11STXI - Saladin Class XI, Constitution Class XI, USS Eagle, USS Enterprise XI
(Heavy Cruisers and a Light Destroyer)

cj_fctex - Excelsior Class, USS Excelsior
(Heavy Cruiser) (Hero Ship)

I released this project first because it will take longer than I expected to
get the ship pack done, I have worked extensively on it and will definately
have it ready by March 2010 (barring no disasters), but I'm actually shooting
for the end of January 2010 to the beginning of Febuary 2010.
The two reasons are, One it takes alot of work to convert each of the ships to
a new texture file, and Two I had to do a few improvements especially adding
the wooden decks their known to have.
My intent and most likely next release will be the final version of these ships
I originally built five years ago and inavertantly choose a not so good name for
their texture file. It is a pre WW1 to mid WW2 warship pack that I have never
released but soon will. I'm still currently converting the textures to an addon
that doesn't have the same name as any I know of and making some external model
additions (I built before I downloaded this addon causing BIG CONFLICT) which is
why the adaptation is necessary and I had hoped to have it released before the
end of this year. NOTE it features ships like the USS Ward
DD-139, USS Arizona BB-39, USS Olympia, Gneisenau (1906), Charles Martel (1893),
Cristobal Colon (1896), and Gromoboi (1899). There texture details are not high
level but they have preformed well on all versions of ofp and they are to scale.

Made by CJ, please feel free to edit or do whatever you want with them, have fun!
These addons go well with the other space addons already out there.

Again To BIS and Codemasters for designing a great game
To The Whole Ofp Community for keeping the game alive and creating great addons
and mods
To Acacyn and Phil Commando for their star wars addons and other works
To those who distrube material and maintain the ofp sites
And To Burner for his spacemod as well
And To BIS and Codemasters for the textures and game as well

I Will do more work on my other addons for ofp, and try to complete them
by late fall, and still intend to do them for AA and OFP2, again
time pending.

BIS, Nor Codemasters, Nor myself are responsible for any problems with these addons
or If your PC goes beserk.

Star Trek is a registered Trademark of Paramount.

Thanks again,

cjFedvsEmpMod (Final) - User Comments  
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