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  FileFront Network Insider #158 - Network News
  Posted by: Danny on 08-23-2010 @ 09:45
This News Item has been viewed 103,853 times
Welcome to all, for the 158th version of the Filefront Network Insider, there have been a lot of new files this week for more of the network sites including the usual maps, a few modifications (including the Star Wars mod for Call of Duty) and lots of news from the Network Sites as well as from Gaming Today. There has been news including a possible new PSP (PSP2), a trailer for Crysis 2, as well as a Filefront Exclusive Alliance of Valiant Arms Trailer and more news that can be found Here

So as normal for the Network Insider we have listed all the major gaming happenings, the biggest modifications and files within the last week for you below. Remember; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the insider then simply drop us an E-Mail at The Insider, or email it to me at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Insider" as the subject though smile ).

If you like the Network insider please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further)

Available Staff Positions at Various Sites

There are still various positions available for staff at several of the Filefront Network sites, including Starcraft 2, Dawn of War Files, Flight Simulator Files, Half Life 2 Files, Team Fortress 2 Files, and a few of the other sites. You can apply to these sites simply visiting the link below. So if anyone is interested in joining some of these sites please have a look at the below or even post in the comments smile

So Who Wants a Job

Gaming News
| Modifications | Mini-Mods | Maps | Skins / Models | Demos | Patches | Trailers


Filefront Gaming Today News: 8 Most Annoying Types of Video Game Levels

From “water” levels, to “moving” levels, the list of annoying and stereotypical video game level types is pretty long. The fine folks at Ranker.com have documented 8 strong examples of anger-inducing levels from your childhood. Enjoy.

Read: 8 Most Annoying Types of Video Game Levels
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Don’t Expect Respawn Entertainment’s First Game Soon, EA Says

So Eurogamer asked EA about what their new studio, Respawn Entertainment (formed by all those yokels who left Infinity Ward earlier this year), is up to these days, and they said Respawn is still in the early stages of putting a new company together, and what their new project is has yet to be determined.

“This is two guys who really know what they’re doing having to go find a place for the team, buy chairs and desks and furniture, find new technology from the ground up and pull a team together. I need to get HR people and contracts. There are all kinds of things and administration that need to take place.

Read: Don’t Expect Respawn Entertainment’s First Game Soon, EA Says
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Eclipse Wireless Litetouch Keyboard Review

You might feel that the monitor or CPU are the most critical piece of hardware on your computer, but as someone who does a lot of typing and plays a lot of PC games, I’ll go with the keyboard every time.

Over the years, I’ve gone from someone who buys $10 budget keyboards to $120 keyboards with integrated LCD screens. The importance of keyboard touch, response and durability are not to be ignored. MadCatz has a line of high-end PC peripherals that evolved from its Saitek purchase a few years back called the Eclipse.

The company recently sent us an Eclipse Wireless Litetouch Keyboard and we’ve put it through its paces for gaming and typing. In fact, I imagine I’ll be putting it through those same paces for a long time to come.

Read: Eclipse Wireless Litetouch Keyboard Review
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Exclusive Alliance of Valiant Arms Trailer Shows New Game Mode

The folks over at ijji.com are releasing a brand new game mode for their online shooter, Alliance of Valiant Arms. Called AI – Annihilation, it’s just like Annihilation mode except that the room you’re in will auto-fill with AI soldiers.

Now, at first I thought this sounded just like a bot game, but in reality, it’s a way to quickly start playing. As more human players join the room, the AI players will stop spawning. You can also expect to see boss mobs spawning in this mode as well, and they’ll drop rare and unique weapons for you to try.

We’ve got the exclusive trailer showing off this new game mode embedded below, or you can download it in QuickTime or Windows Media Player formats from our fast, free download servers.


Read: Exclusive Alliance of Valiant Arms Trailer Shows New Game Mode
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Lord of the Rings Online Developer Talks “Ride of the Grey Company” Quests

Lord of the Rings Online is about to go “Free to play” in a few weeks, but long time players have more to look forward to than losing their mandatory subscription fees — there are story updates on the horizon.

Jeff “MadeOfLions” Libby details many of the upcoming story changes and talks about the implementation of quest triggers to represent advancement through the story. Thanks to new quest states, players can interact with the Grey Company setting characters and even notice when they leave Rivendell.

Read: Lord of the Rings Online Developer Talks “Ride of the Grey Company” Quests
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Lord of the Rings Online Goes Free To Play In September

Good news for fans of Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online.

The conversion from subscription service to free-to-play game is coming September 10th.

Like Dungeons & Dragons Online, LOTRO will allow players to play completely for free, but also offers micro-transactions to purchase new character types and expansions to the game. Players can still sign up for a subscription service that grants them more character slots per server and a stipend of points for use in the Turbine Store each month.

Founders and Lifetime Subscription holders get a few more bonuses but are still guaranteed they will not have to spend any additional money to play the game. You can read all about the conversion process in Ron’s Behind-the-scenes feature from E3.

Read: Lord of the Rings Online Goes Free To Play In September
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Modder Upgrades Laptop Graphics Card Externally

There are some amazing tricks people pull off with hardware modifications, but one I didn’t expect to see was anyone adding an external PCI-e Video Card to their Laptop.

Board member Cyclone, over at [H]ard|Forum (The community part of [H]ard|OCP) developed a way to add an external ATI 5850 to his aging Lenovo T410 Thinkpad using some inexpensive parts. The video card connects to the system using a PCIe bridge card, an external PCI slot, external monitor and power supply.

Using the PE4H he was able to get the laptop to recognize the external solution and push the image to a connected external monitor. Cyclone mentions that the solution itself is not portable due to the need for an external power supply and inability to drive the signal to the laptop’s on-board LCD.

Read: Modder Upgrades Laptop Graphics Card Externally
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: New Crysis 2 Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer

The folks at Crytek are showing off a bit more footage from Crysis 2 at Gamescom. Today, it’s nearly four minutes of in-game multiplayer action.

Earlier this week, we got wind of the new release date for the game, and back in June at E3, we got our first look at gameplay footage.

This trailer reveals some of the details of the multiplayer as well. You can expect 6 different modes, 12 locations in New York City, 80 ranks to earn, and 60 nanosuit upgrades when Crysis 2 hits stores March 22 of next year.


Read: New Crysis 2 Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Portal’s Still Alive, Slowly

Earlier this week, somebody thought it would be awesome to slow down a s**t Bieber song down by eight times. The results really were, in fact, awesome. Like it was shocking just how awesome it turned out.

Because the internet is what it is, some idiot nerd decided to steal that idea and apply it to something else. In this case the something else is Still Alive from Portal, and since it’s video game stuff I’m obligated to pass it along.

Read: Portal’s Still Alive, Slowly
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: PSP2 Is Still Its Own Thing, Is Being Shown to Publishers

So that alleged Playstation phone that might be out this year? Not the PSP2, if Eurogamer’s report is to be believed. Their stool pigeons are telling them that Sony is showing off a version of the next PSP to publishers and that it’s got a big ole awesome screen and that the unit is overall the same size at the PSP-3000 and that it’ll probably utilize flash memory and that — TWIST! — the controls are on the back of the thing.

No joke. The stoolies say there is a “touch-sensitive area” on the thing’s ass, which Eurogamer amusingly calls “the reverse of the unit.” You Europeans are awesome at words.

Read: PSP2 Is Still Its Own Thing, Is Being Shown to Publishers
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Rock Band Getting More Disturbed

A few things are certain, right? One of those things so far has been that the PlayStation 3 doesn’t get hacked. Well, at least not yet.

Am Australian website, OzModChips.com is claiming to have finally cracked the PS3′s protections. Using a USB dongle (that for all the world looks like a flash drive from Wal-Mart), they claim to be able to backup PS3 games to the hard drive for play.

There are a few videos on YouTube of this in action, but nothing really conclusive. Joystiq points out that,

“The OzModchips video appears to use a debug PS3 system, which has the capability to run unsigned code (including code from a USB drive) and load games from the hard drive without the use of any USB dongle. This doesn’t mean that the claims of PSJailbreak’s effectiveness are untrue, but it certainly calls them into question. Why use a debug system to prove functionality that already exists in a debug system?”

Read: PS3 Modchip Claims to Allow Game Backups
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Rock Band Getting More Disturbed

Next week’s new Rock Band DLC will make Disturbed fans and American Idol watchers happy.

First up, there are three new tracks from Disturbed, all from their upcoming album, Asylum. The new album is due out on August 31, but you can be playing these tracks next Tuesday, August 24th. If you’re thinking about picking up the new album, you should note that you’ll get a copy of the Decade of Disturbed documentary with every copy of the new album.

The other three songs are from three new bands: We Are The Fallen (made up of former Evanescence members and American Idol finalist Carly Smithson), Crash Kings, and The Veer Union.

Read: Rock Band Getting More Disturbed
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Street Fighter vs. Tekken Gameplay Video

It looks IGN snagged a cam video of some Street Fighter vs. Tekken gameplay action. In the video Ryu and Kazuya face off and kick the crap out of each other.

The graphics and gameplay look very much like Street Fighter IV, which one exception: it looks like there are tag-team style ultra combos. You’ll notice that Ryu tags in Chun-Li, and the two team up to deliver a combined ultra combo.

Read: Street Fighter vs. Tekken Gameplay Video
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Valve Wants to Give European Steam Users Some Free Portal

The best way to sell folks on your new sequel is to have them play the awesome title that spawned it. Earlier this summer, Valve gave away copies to literally anyone on Earth who had an internet connection and could sign up for a Steam account.

Now, Steam has added Paysafecard as a payment option on Steam in many European countries, and if you spend at least 20 Euro or pounds on Steam using a Paysafecard before August 25, which is next Wednesday, you get free Portal. Simple.

Read: Valve Wants to Give European Steam Users Some Free Portal
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Wow; A Modern Warfare-Based Doom Mod

It’s Friday kids. Need something to do this weekend? Time to cancel whatever plans you’ve made because someone made a Doom mod that mimics Modern Warefare. No, seriously.

Awesome. Now here’s the trailer:

It’s weird looking at this. Doom is really, really jarring to look at. Video game graphics have come a LOOONG way since the 90s. But forcing a modern game into it is an awesome idea. It makes me wish for more backwards-conversions.

Read: Wow; A Modern Warfare-Based Doom Mod
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today


Battlefield 2142: First Strike 1.5 Release Date Revealed!
Greetings Troopers!

It is with great pleasure that I can reveal to you all the release date of what we hope will prove to be the second coming of First Strike. With new vehicles, new maps, new game modes, new features, and extensive tweaks across the mod, I think you'll find First Strike 1.5 to be quite the different animal when compared with the current version of the mod. We're sure you'll find that all the changes will do a lot to improve your enjoyment of the mod, and you'll find that there is so much more going on here than just two new maps.

So when can you expect to have all of this in your grubby little mitts? When is the golden date?

Saturday 28th of August!

Read: First Strike 1.5 Release Date Revealed!
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Editions Overview
Treyarch has announced the Hardened and Prestige editions for Black Ops and before I go into anymore detail here is a quick teaser trailer of what you can do in game if you buy on of these:

Here is a quick overview of what you will be able to get by purchasing either the Hardened or Prestige edition of the game:

Hardened Edition:

- Call of Duty: Black Ops game, - Premium, special-edition SteelBook™ case, - Limited edition Black Ops collector’s medal, - 4 additional co-op maps not included in the standard edition of the game, - Special Black Ops Xbox Live or PlayStation Home avatar outfit

Prestige Edition:

- Video & audio sent wirelessly to remote transmitter (200 ft. range), - 2” backlit TFT 220 x176 color screen built into RC controller, - Digital proportional steering and throttle, - Independent suspension, - High and low speed settings, - Custom pistol grip style RC controller, - Display stand

Read: Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Editions Overview
More Call of Duty News: FileFront's Call of Duty Files

Call of Duty: Black Ops Collectors Editions to have WaW Maps
As the title says Josh Olin has tweeted out that the Zombie maps in CoD WaW will be included in the Hardened and Prestige edition of Blak Ops as co-op levels, we'll have to wait and see what happens for the PC series, we all hope that they will make a return there too.

All 4 existing #CoDWaW Zombies maps will be included in Hardened & Prestige editions of #CODBlackOps as callback co-op levels! - JD_2020
Read: Black Ops Collectors Editions to have WaW Maps
More Call of Duty News: FileFront's Call of Duty Files

Crysis: Crysis 2 - Limited & Nano Edition Revealed
Following the announcement of Crysis 2 being pushed back to March of 2011, Electronic Arts announced two special versions of the game that will ship on release date. The $60 Limited Edition comes with four special items such as a Scar Hologram Decoy that projects a hologram of the player, and an in-game Platinum Dog Tag. The $150 Nano Edition includes everything from the Limited Edition, all packed inside of a steel case, accompanied by a statuette of the main character, as well as an art book and fully functioning Nanosuit backpack. The Nano Edition will not be available in stores, and will be very limited in stock.

Limited Edition Items:
Bonus XP – Players will jump into multiplayer battles with an edge by starting with enough experience points to gain early access to all 5 preset class load-outs.
SCAR Hologram Decoy – This special attachment to the SCAR will project a hologram image of the player, allowing them to confuse their opponents with the decoy.
SCAR Weapon Skin – This digital camouflage skin will allow players to add a personalized touch to one of the more popular assault rifles in the game.
Platinum Dog Tag – This special one-of-a-kind dog tag is one of over 250 that will be collectible in Crysis 2 multiplayer, helping to separate you from the rest of the field

Read: Crysis 2 - Limited & Nano Edition Revealed
More Crysis News: FileFront's Crysis Files

Empire at War: Mostly Harmless & Au Revoir
Friends, Rebels, Imperials, Lend me your Lightsabers...

Today is my last day as your Site Manager. From tomorrow a new day shall dawn on EAWfiles with a new Site Manager for you to deal with.

He's been, in effect, running the site for quite a while unofficially in my absence due to commitments I have at university and in life. I am of course leaving you in the quite capable hands of Codeuser and the rest of the Empire at War Files Team.

Thanks for the great times, thanks for the memories. I hope you all enjoy waiting patiently for the mods currently in development and all strive to make mods in the future as the community continues to prosper. Good Luck everyone in life and with modding the games you love. If you want to follow me on Twitter and see what I do next - http://www.twitter.com/ChrisPMelvin

Au Revoir

Chris Melvin / Foshjedi2004
EAWfiles Staff 2005-2010, EAWfiles Site Manager 2006-2010

Read: Mostly Harmless & Au Revoir
More Empire at War News: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Half-Life 2: Teaser #1 released and Demo Announced for Wilson Chronicles!
The path of waiting may end now! The Demo version of Wilson Chronicles will ready in August. This is only a matter of days now. Here is the first teaser from the demo version of the mod:

You can download the High Resolution version on ModDB here =>

The development Team welcome the new modelers (Xavier and Laurent) of the mod for an indeterminate period. They are actually working on the last models for the maps of the demo version.

  • The team is looking for:
    - 3D Artists : Able to create new models (weapons and NPC's, etc..)
    - 2D Artists : Able to create environments maps textures
    - Animators : Able to animate NPC's (weapons and NPC's, etc...)
    - Programmers : Able to write the last lines of code
    Read: Teaser #1 released and Demo Announced for Wilson Chronicles!
    More Half-Life 2 News: FileFront's Half-Life 2 Files

    Jedi Knight II: Further update on Site Bugs!
    Hey everyone, as you will have noticed, I am sure, only our File of the Week section seems to be working currently, which means the files I added for the featured slots last week did not show up on the main page, due to the bugs we are still having after the recent hardware transfer. In order to be fair to those files and their authors I will post them down below, so you can see what they were!

    Featured Map
    Yavin Retreat V2

    Featured Hilt
    Clone Galen Marek's Lightsaber (Fixed)

    Featured Skin
    Crade Elcin/Darth Destructus

    So there we are, last weeks featured files! I have not bothered adding any for this week, since they wouldn't show up anyway, so its probably better to wait until the bug is fixed. Lets hope that is soon! You may also have noticed that the top 20 downloads and the weekly poll are also broken, again apologies for any inconvenience these bugs have been causing. They our out of our hands unfortunately. Thanks again for your patience everyone and sorry again!

    Read: Further update on Site Bugs!
    More Jedi Knight II News: FileFront's Jedi Knight II Files

    Left 4 Dead 2: Official Blog Update
    Week 17: Iron Man, Diagnosing Mutations, Bill?

    Iron Man - No respawns, no restarts, no ammo, all tension! Did you vote the Mutations are too easy? Try this one on Expert. Realism rules are in effect. There are no respawns in the map. There is no ammo. If your team wipes, you need to restart the whole campaign.

    Diagnosing the Mutations - If you don’t play a mutation why?
    The numbers by platform:
    27% None Of these , 22% Lack of Interest, 22% Enjoy Traditional, 10% Too Gimmicky, 10% Too Easy, 9% Too Hard

    Xbox 360
    41% None of These, 21% Enjoy Traditional, 17% Lack of Interest, 8% Too Easy, 7% Too Hard, 6% Too Gimmicky

    It was nice to see people trying Gib Fest last week. It not only had a high rate of people trying it, it kept a steady 20% of the player minutes for the week.
    Read: Official Blog Update
    More Left 4 Dead 2 News: FileFront's Left 4 Dead 2 Files

    Left 4 Dead 2: Why did Bill die ?
    If you played The Passing, you know that Bill dies. If you didn’t play The Passing, sorry for the spoiler. We will be explaining Bill’s death in an upcoming comic and DLC but what are your guesses to how he died?
    1) Killed by a Tank
    2) Killed by a Witch
    3) Overrun by Zombies
    4) Friendly Fire
    5) Old Age

    This is posted on the official L4D2 blog but why did he die and what version is the DLC for ? Surely it will be for L4D 1 as a fitting tribute to the L4D 1and Bill After all that was the game that sparked the what is one of the greatest and most versitile Zombie games series out there. We will have to be patient and wait and see. Lets hope the DLC is not to far away.

    Read: Why did Bill die ?
    More Left 4 Dead 2 News: FileFront's Left 4 Dead 2 Files

    Stalker: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Weekend Special Bundle (good thru Aug. 23) - 75% off on STEAM
    Over at STEAM you can get a bundle of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat for 75% off!!! It'll cost you $9.99 for both of these games, that's $29.99 savings!!

    Grab them at the link below!

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Weekend Special Bundle (good thru Aug. 23)
    Read: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Weekend Special Bundle (good thru Aug. 23) - 75% off on STEAM
    More Stalker News: FileFront's Stalker Files

    StarCraft II: Starcraft 2 Files is hiring!
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Currently we are looking for dedicated staff to help out at our Starcraft 2 Files site.

    Positions Available

    -Vice admin x1
    -File Poster x2
    -News Poster x2

    To apply complete this form and email it to network@filefront.com
    Note if you are successful you will need to supply certain information like your address. If you are not prepared to do that then do not apply. Sensitive information like that is only made available to the FileFront Manager (n0e) and above. It is not available to the NA's or anyone else who is not in paid employment by Break.com

    Read: Starcraft 2 Files is hiring!
    More StarCraft II News: FileFront's StarCraft II Files

    World of Warcraft: New Cataclysm Zone Q&A: Darkshore
    A new Q&A about a new zone in Cataclysm has taken place, the zone is called Darkshore, here a few questions that were asked and in turn their answers:

    Q. What was the original concept for the zone?
    A. Darkshore was one of the areas hit hardest by the Cataclysm, so the main idea was to present a zone that had literally been shattered by those events. That was the approach we took for the revamp in terms of lore and aesthetics. In terms of gameplay, our goal was to take advantage of the changes to the environment and use them to help address previous issues with quest flow. It was an opportunity to streamline progression within Darkshore so that the overall experience for players would be much smoother and require less running back and forth.

    Q. Who will be using this zone (what levels/factions)?
    A. Darkshore is designed for Alliance players, primarily night elves and worgen, from level 11 through 20.

    Q. What is changing about the zone?
    A. Auberdine has been destroyed; entire species of creatures have been wiped out, and the land has been torn wide open in multiple places.

    Read: New Cataclysm Zone Q&A: Darkshore
    More World of Warcraft News: FileFront's World of Warcraft Files

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: New interview with Bethesda's Todd Howard
    During the recent Quakecon Convention, 'Eurogamer' spoke with Todd Howard in an interview. Among other news involving Fallout, Todd revealed that Bethesda has been working on a game for two years now, and has now begun pre-production for the game after it. Todd said he had 'a sense' of when they might announce the former, but he refuses so say when because 'it might change. I don't want to disappoint people.' He did say that when they do announce it 'from when you first hear about it to when it's out will be the shortest it's been for us. It's pretty far along.' When they do show it, they 'want to show a lot, because there's a lot of game there to play right now.' He also discussed some other details; about the engine they're using, ways they can improve their games, and other questions involving the company. You can find the full interview at


    Read: New interview with Bethesda's Todd Howard
    More The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion News: FileFront's The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Files

    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collectors Edition Revealed
    Blizzard have revealed all the information about what's going to be inside their Collectors Edition for their upcoming expansion pack to the World of Warcraft series.

    The expansion pack will include:

    • Cataclusm exclusive behind the scenes DVD
    • Collectors edition soundtrack
    • Cataclysm art of never seen before images of the game
    • Trading card game starter pack
    • Exclusive mouse Pad
    • Exclusive in game pet
    • And of course the game itself

    Read: Cataclysm Collectors Edition Revealed
    More World of Warcraft News: FileFront's World of Warcraft Files

    M O D I F I C A T I O N S

    Armada 2: Sigma
    We received this a couple of weeks ago, but due to a few issues with the backend system (such as the server transfer being done when I did the first upload and then the new CMS eating this 800MB file. Twice!) it's taken a little while to get this on the site. Sorry for the delay.

    In the meantime i've had. um, a little time to play with this myself seeing as I downloaded it myself before trying to approve this a couple of weeks ago. In short, you want this. You really want this. When you've been playing with the first beta release of a major total conversion for a fair time and the biggest issue you can find is that some of the ships don't have enough lighting (they can be difficult to see with the low ambient lighting) then you know your looking at something pretty extraordinary.

    Download: Sigma
    More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

    Call of Duty 2: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
    Here is Call of Duty 2 - Turkish War of Independence (1918 - 1923) Language of the pack is Turkish. Main music is: America is Murderer (In Turkish: Amerika Katil)

    Sides of War: Revolutionaries: Turkish Regular Army, Turk Red Regiment, Kuvva-i Milliye(Turkish Guerillas)

    Imperialists: French army, Armenian racists(Tasnaks), Greek Army

    You will live the history while you're playing this.

    Download: Turkish National Liberation War (KUTULUS SAVASI) (v1.0)
    More Call of Duty 2: FileFront's Call of Duty 2 Files

    Call of Duty 4: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
    Firstly I (Digz) apologize for not adding this file sooner, I have been having problems uploading this file to the server and have asked Goody to do it for me and he has done so, so a big thank you to him for uploading this file for me.


    Dear friends of Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare,

    Finally eight months of more modding, mapping, and scripting are basically done since the first release of Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare. Today we are happy to present our version 0.8b which is still beta because of some things which we think are necessary to call the project “final”. The mod is a non-profit project operated by fans. Star Wars, its characters, locations, weapons and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm. ©2009 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™ All rights reserved. The new version contains the three new maps (“Bespin”, “Bestine” and “Not A Cave”), a revised “Mos Eisly”, new weapons and also a new game type called Very Important Droid (VID). We hope you will enjoy playing!

    Download: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
    More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

    Company of Heroes: Road To Victory
    About the File
    This is a multiplayer mod that emphasizes team play, rebalancing the armies as well as making the game more ToV-like in its commander structure, in that it uses a similar system to the reward vehicles of that game. As it does emphasize team play, it's difficult to play in skirmish mode, as the computer seems to have a habit of perpetually picking the wrong class...

    Staff Impressions
    This is something we haven't seen in a while here, if at all. Most mods can be played singleplayer as well as multi, but this one is difficult to do that with because of the alterations. What makes this mod interesting, though, is the way it ignores historical realism/adding lots of units (staples of mods in these parts) in favour of actual gameplay changes, and especially in how players work with each other to win. In addition, it's difficult to win with massed formations of one type of unit, which makes a nice change. Variety makes everything more interesting, especially war.

    Download: Road To Victory
    More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

    Doom III: Perfected Doom 3
    This is the latest upgrade to my Perfected Doom 3 Modification. It includes even better graphics, balanced enemy difficulty, better effects, and much much more. I also fixed several problems that were reported to me by other users. I hope you all enjoy it.

    Download: Perfected Doom 3
    More Doom III: FileFront's Doom III Files

    Empire at War: Kosta87 Realistic Enhancements 2.0
    I'm going to be honest here: this is still a good mod, but my favorite part of it (the completed Death Star) has been reverted to it's old (uncompleted) self. Not that I'm going to stay away, and I'm probably the only one who likes the Death Star with the completed look. Check out the changelog for all the other modifications.

    Download: Kosta87 Realistic Enhancements 2.0
    More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

    Quake 4: Q43A 1.1.15 WIN32/LINUX

    Q43A mod is to make q4 gameplay darker, tougher, and more tactical and realistic single player mode and more like Q3 with greater balance and action in multi player mode, works best as an unofficial patch to make q4 work, playable and good for the next few years of quake 1,2,3 or 4 action

    all downloadable and existing q4 maps are playable as the normal game, after loading the mod just press "start new game" to play the whole of the singleplayer mode, you will need to add "last man standing" and "invisibility" to any dm maps mapdef file to be able to play them in either new gametype, militia is 99% code, no changes are needed to any map for all the changelog to be active in sp or mp gameplay.

    Download: Q43A 1.1.15 WIN32/LINUX
    More Quake 4: FileFront's Quake 4 Files

    Stalker: AtmosFear 2 for CoP
    New, improved instalment of AtmosFear, the most popular weather mod for Call Of Pripyat. 120+ new photorealistic textures. New environment sounds from Ambient Audio Overhaul. Completely reworked blowout sequence.

    * 7 dynamic weather cycles
    * Full weather cycle for Jupiter Underground
    * Increased vision distances
    * Altered weather behaviour
    * Different weather balance graphs for each area
    * 120+ new photorealistic sky textures
    * AtmosFear: Blowout (optional), Reworked blowout sequence
    * AtmosFear 2: Fallout (optional)
    * Dynamic depth of field (DOF)
    * Optional high-resolution and ultra-resolution texture packs
    * Included option pack with various tonal range, night brightness, weather periods length and balance settings
    * Optional Ambient Audio Overhaul Core by imperialreign

    3 additional dynamic weather cycles has been added to 4 existing in vanilla version. Also a full weather cycle has been created for Jupiter Underground. The vision distances for some weather cycles has been increased (and reduced for other) so on a clear day you can now see almost across the whole area. The weather behaviour has been altered. There are now 2 main weathers cycles, good and bad. They change in 2h - 8h periods depending on the area. The weather still changes from hour to hour within each period. Different weather balance graphs for each area have been implemented. Zaton is often foggy as it is a swamp like area. Jupiter is mostly clear with more storms. Pripyat is rainy and stormy so don't expect much sun there. Over 120 new photorealistic sky textures has been rendered for that mod.

    Download: AtmosFear 2 for CoP
    More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

    Stalker: P.R.I.P.Y.A.T.A.N.
    This mod contains a lot of changes to the game. New weapons, textures, HUD, weather and more. See the readme for full details!

    Download: P.R.I.P.Y.A.T.A.N.
    More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

    M I N I M O D S

    Armada 2: 4 high resolution planet textures
    This is a pack of textures for planets. There are replacements for the Class M, D H & L planetoids, and as the title says they are high resolution. In this case, that means 1700x1700 size textures, of which there are two for each planet. That equates to 9.4MB of memory on your graphics card for each texture, meaning that displaying a single planet with this installed is going to take up 18.8MB of your graphics cards memory.

    This is probably acceptable these days, and it probably won't kill your PC unless you have several planets onscreen at the same time as well as a small fleet of ships with high quality textures. These do look gorgeous, however personally I have to question the benefit of using a texture map larger than the maximum screen size of the stock game. Even if your running at 1600x1200 (which I don't beleive many people are) in tactical mode with the planet centered at point blank range you still wouldn't be seeing 100% detail. It's worth noting that the screenshots are 1024x768, which means that the planet is being viewed at under half it's possible resolution.

    Download: 4 high resolution planet textures
    More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

    Bridge Commander: Slipstream for Galaxy Charts
    This is a plugin for the existing mod "Galaxy Charts v2.0", by USS Frontier. It adds Slipstream travel (based on the Slipstream Framework mod by USS Sovereign) into Galaxy Charts. Obviously, both mods are prerequisites for the plugin.

    With this mod, Galaxy Charts will automatically allow Slipstream as a travel method for any ship equipped with at least one Slipstream Drive. Ships designed to use the Slipstream Framework will also be able to use Slipstream via Galaxy Charts with no additional modification. Slipstream travel has only one speed factor, 1.0, and that is around 22x faster than Warp 9.99.

    Download: Slipstream for Galaxy Charts
    More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

    Bridge Commander: Karronades Accelerated Intercept
    Here is an unofficial re-work of Redge Dwellers manual intercept modification. There are some problems however with this modification, for example a ship can't dock normally any more it will now have to manually dock with the starbase. No one can ever find the right speed when in a battle because there are only two possibilities: Too slow or too fast.... With this modification you have plenty of choice!

    Now you have the right impulse speed for battle and when you give Kiska the order to intercept a target, you can now experience an even higher top speed and also with this mod you can reach points on the map that you never ever had the possibility to do before!

    Download: Karronades Accelerated Intercept
    More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

    Bridge Commander: Wraith Hive Ship Mvam Darts
    I noticed that the Hive ship wasnt able to launch darts so i made this file a while back. you must have the models for the wraith hive ship: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Wraith_Hive_Ship;91759 and wraith dart: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Stargate_Atlantis_Wraith_Dart;58944 for this mod to work as well a Mvam: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/MVAM_Infinite;26555

    you will be able to launch 12 darts for each hive ship on the field, once launched, you cannot launch again until the current wave is completely destroyed.

    Download: Wraith Hive Ship Mvam Darts
    More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

    Jedi Knight III: EA Jedi Skinpack 2010
    And with a mighty thunder there came from the heavens, a skinpack whose creator was Elek Andor.

    So, what do we got here? Four classic cinematic icons...Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ewan Mcgregor, and Hayden Crystonson. Good stuff, good stuff. So, let's look 'em over in the order they were introduced, shall we?

    Liam, aka Qui Gon Jinn, was based off the Quinlan Vos model, probably the only sensible choice given the model selection in this game. The general tunic and visible attire looks good, and what piques my interest was the face. Did you photosource that or was that original creation? I really can't tell this time around. Regardless, it looks pretty good. Photosource or not, it really does look like the character it's meant to portray. The robed version, however, does carry the classic Quinlan robe curse, where the interior of the robe does not draw itself without proper shading. Otherwise, very nice skin.

    Download: EA Jedi Skinpack 2010
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Knights of the Old Republic: Carth's Flight Jackets
    "I thought we were suppose to 'keep a low profile'. How are we going to do that when you look like a construction cone?"

    If there's one thing I've heard a lot of people complain about, it's Carth's clothes, so here are some new choices to help change that little complaint. First off we have a toned down, more worn looking version of his original jacket that he'll be wearing at the beginning of the game. Once on Taris, you can go to Kebla's Shop and purchase one of the other four color varieties including: Brick Red Leather, Dark Brown Leather, Blue Denim, and Consular Green. (The Consular Green was made to match the Consular Robes for female PCs... I don't know what I was thinking... If you don't believe me, check out the preview picture above!)

    Download: Carth's Flight Jackets
    More Knights of the Old Republic: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic Files

    Stalker: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Loading Screens
    This mod it changes loading screens in game for all locations: Cordon, Garbage, Agroprom, Dark Valley, Bar, Rostok, Military, Yantar, Red Forest, Pripyat, Chernobyl NPP,Chernobyl NPP 2 ,X16, X18, X19, Agroprom Underground, Control Monolith and Sarcophagus.

    Download: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Loading Screens
    More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

    Stalker: Sniper Rifle Mod (V1.0a)
    Simple little mod that tweaks sniper rifles to make them more useful as a weapon rather than medium ranged pea shooters. You can reach out and touch someone with a harder hitting weapon. This is NOT a realism mod nor does it make the sniper rifle a god weapon, it is for fun and sniper fans.

    Download: Sniper Rifle Mod (V1.0a)
    More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

    Stalker: TGZ HUD
    This HUD compacts the data into a smaller form-factor while retaining the information I need. It's not meant to be a realistic HUD or a hardcore HUD and it doesn't remove information that a vanilla player would want to keep. It just moves them, shrinks them and has a bit of a different color and feel. Two versions are included in this download - a widescreen version and a standard screen version.

    Download: TGZ HUD
    More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Asteroid Pack (1.0)
    Here is a modfication that will add more larger asteroids as well as more different coloured asteroids including grey, gold and brown. This will raise the stakes with more asteroids to dodge. This will also make battles more interesting and probably more fun at the same time where battles will probably take a little longer with maps using these asteroids as well as making them slightly more challenging at the same item . Now you can diversify your maps with some larger asteroids as well as some golden / brown asteroids.

    Download: Asteroid Pack (1.0)
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Dominion War refits
    SowI ta'! The Klingon fleet has its new look, to match its appearances in DS9 during the Dominion war. Your TNG fleet will now have a greener cast, without being obnoxious. Various panels gain red paint too. Glows are more uniform crimson. This adds an additional set of ships that will not overwrite your existing ships or textures. Also, these ships have enhanced weapons recharging times, and accurate chunks.

    This modification also includes several variants for the TNG Dominion War Era, including the Brel, Raptor, K18, K32, Kvort (with wings down), Death Rite, Ktinga, Vorcha and the Negh'var. All of these do look well brilliant in the game, and some even look as good as the shows themselves. Although considering the shows were the late 1990s and CGI has moved on since then these still look as good as the show and in some cases better.

    Download: Dominion War refits
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Moon pack (1.0)
    Here is a modifcation that will add all the moons from both Jupiter and Saturn to the map editor, although these won't be to scale when compared to the size of the gas giants. This is a simple rescale and rename that will add moon sized planetary bodies to your map editor. It will overwrite your "edit_moons.odf" so if you have non-stock moons in there you may wish to back it up.

    Download: Moon pack (1.0)
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Phaser textures 4a (4a)
    Here are some new phaser textures for the TNG era federation ships, these textures look fairly close to that of the show. (when I say show I mean more like the Deep Space Nine / Voyager effects rather than the TNG ones) These have been very well made and it does show in the screenshots below.

    Download: Phaser textures 4a (4a)
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    Star Wars Battlefront 2: Helkaan's new clones skinpack
    Helkaan returns today with his New Clones Skinpack. This is a pack of about 16 skins for the clones, based off of Icemember's White Clones skinpack. These represent a large improvement in the author's skinning ability and are in general pretty good skins. If you're looking for a bunch of skins for your clones to make them seem a little less similar, then this is the pack for you.

    Please note that this file is only useful to modders and should only be downloaded if you know what you're doing with it.

    Download: Helkaan's new clones skinpack
    More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

    The Elder Scrolls III: Wright Manor (1.0)
    Ever desired a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of those big cities like Balmora or Vivec? Ever wanted a small manor house out in the sparsely-populated wilderness? Does comfort and wealthy living suit your style? If any of this strikes your fancy, or at least your curiosity, then the Wright Manor is your destination!

    South of Vos, Wright Manor is the perfect place for those who are tired of being cramped amongst the majority of Vvardenfell's population, but without having to live in a dingy tent, dank cave, or in a Telvanni tower. The manor in total consists of two buildings: the Manor House and the Guest House.

    The guest house is beautifully built in the Nordic-style, but with all the Imperial touches of living. Finely furnished, even for a guest house, it alone would make a suitable home for the average character. The resident of the guest house, a female Bosmer assassin, is very friendly and willing to teach you the tricks of her trade. For a price, of course.

    Download: Wright Manor (1.0)
    More The Elder Scrolls III: FileFront's The Elder Scrolls III Files

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: Bobot complet solution
    Bobot complet solution version 5.01. contains :

    Selfextractor bobot : Select your enemy territory folder, it will install the bobot folder file into. bobot version 5.01 with skins bobot axis commandos, bobot allies commandos
    Selfextractor bobot zombies mod : Select your enemy territory folder, it will install the bobot-zm folder file into. bobot zombies mod version 5.01

    windows and linux libraries for bobot and bobot zombies
    Special thanks to RTCW for skins,mds,md3 and other md... and open source. To MDS convertor. To Q3model.

    Download: Bobot complet solution (5.01)
    More Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: FileFront's Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Files

    M A P S

    Age of Empires 3: Capture the Flag
    This is a large rural map of rolling hills and mountains with two rivers running through it. Germany and the United States are the teams. There are two large uncapturable bases which contain large airfields. In the center atop a mountain is a church, "Bloody Chapel", the only capturable point. Each side has a good variety of ground and air units at their disposal. Taking the church spawns the only heavy tanks in the game and also two howitzer batteries near the church. Each team also has an APC that soldiers can spawn from. The APC's do not explode if abandoned, so they can be moved anywhere without fear of them exploding just because you hopped out.

    Ok, if you've ever played capture the flag it should be pretty simple. I've also made objectives in game to help explain it to new players.

    Both players start out with a flag bearer. To take the enemy's flag you must walk your flag bearer over to the enemy's base and over their flag. Then you have to bring your flag bearer back to your base and walk him over your own flag to capture the enemy's flag and earn a point. The enemy can stop you by killing your flag bearer. If this happens, the enemy's flag will be returned to their base and your flag bearer will respawn in your base. You can kill the enemy flag bearer to stop them from taking your own flag as well. This eventually leads to epic battles between the two players, while simultaneously trying to sneak your flag bearer over to the enemy's flag. I find it quite nerve-racking and exciting to try and protect your little flag bearer as he slowly treks across the map.

    Download: Capture the Flag
    More Age of Empires 3: FileFront's Age of Empires 3 Files

    Battlefield 1942: Bloody Chapel
    This is a large rural map of rolling hills and mountains with two rivers running through it. Germany and the United States are the teams. There are two large uncapturable bases which contain large airfields. In the center atop a mountain is a church, "Bloody Chapel", the only capturable point. Each side has a good variety of ground and air units at their disposal. Taking the church spawns the only heavy tanks in the game and also two howitzer batteries near the church. Each team also has an APC that soldiers can spawn from. The APC's do not explode if abandoned, so they can be moved anywhere without fear of them exploding just because you hopped out.

    Download: Bloody Chapel
    More Battlefield 1942: FileFront's Battlefield 1942 Files

    Call of Duty 4: mp_dusty
    This map was created for competitive play for cod4, supports SD/TDM/FFA and can also be used for pub/fun playsmile. Please give feed back on glitches or ideas on what could be changed. Thank you to every body who helped with input from mp_reach_final (positive + negative) to make this map better.


    Download: mp_dusty
    More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

    Company of Heroes: Beverloo

    About the File
    This is a 3v3 map set in the outskirts of a small town called Beverloo in Holland. It primarily features tank warfare, with large amounts of open space to maneuver. Entrenchment occasionally comes into play, however, especially near the player bases, where there are chokepoints to block enemy advances with.

    Staff Impressions
    Not bad, for a first effort. While the idea is good, and the map plays well as a tank map, the graphical execution isn't great. The lack of variety in the textures is somewhat evident in the open fields, but the placement of objects around the map is a good step in the direction of variation. What it needs now is some actual farm fields, or some roads or something, to break up the monotonous grass.

    Download: Beverloo
    More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

    Company of Heroes: Conde-Sur-Noireau

    About the File
    This is a 2v2 map representing a small town between Caen and Falaise called Conde-Sur-Noireau. It contains numerous bridges, as well as both urban and rural combat. As a result, players will have to vary their strategies as they advance through the map, as tanks will be near-useless in battles for the town but will come into their own on the other side of the river. Likewise, the opposite will be true for infantry.

    Staff Impressions
    This is a nicely done map indeed. While not quite symmetrical, it's close enough to keep the game balanced and fair for all four players. It's also accessible to all types of players, from turtlers to rushers. Variable terrains, and the imperative to pass through them, mean that a player must vary his strategy from place to place if he hopes to advance across the map and win.

    Download: Conde-Sur-Noireau
    More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

    Empire at War: Battle For Kashyyyk (1)
    So this map reminds me of the Kashyyyk level from Battlefront 2. It's a good thing. NOTE: The dynamics of this map change significantly without Clone Wars Mod 3.0. And without it, you see Wookies fighting alongside Imperials, and that's just wrong.

    The land masses look good, the prop placement is good, but the water is terrible. It's just a flat blue. It really detracts from the map as a whole. I changed the water properties in my map editor and it made a world of difference. Sorry, I got a little off track there...

    Download: Battle For Kashyyyk (1)
    More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

    Empire at War: Kuat: Imperial Base
    First off, I've missed you Corusca_Fire. Especially after playing this map. I really like the idea of this map in GC. I think most of the GC maps don't offer enough entrenchment for the defending team. But this makes a great skirmish map in it's present form. Well balanced, many tactical options, and some good original ideas.

    River down the middle-ish, two crossings connect through a long island. A rebel base is in the northeast, and a well-defended imperial position is sort of in the southwest. There are two mining facilities in opposite corners, and a number of mining pads scattered across the map.

    Download: Kuat: Imperial Base
    More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

    Empire at War: Rurality (1.0)
    There have been some submissions in the past that have tweaked the lighting to create a dawn/dusk/night effect. Of most, I have fond memories. This is AGuyWithQuestions' second map submission, and it is no different. A good use of props and height. The overall design with the map is also done well with a river, lake and mountains. The passability brush needs to be applied to the water areas because currently there are infantry walking underwater and it's a little strange. Otherwise this is another great map.

    Download: Rurality (1.0)
    More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

    Empire at War: Tatooine: Sacred Oasis
    It just makes me want to go swimming. And kill, kill, kill. But the serene beauty of this oasis is captured very well by Corusca_Fire. I very quickly read the description and looked at the pictures for v1 of this map, and this appears to be a complete overhaul. This looks and feels like Tatooine, from the Tusken encampment to the Hutt structure overlooking the city.

    From a battle perspective, there's the short way between the bases that is home to a couple resource and turret pads. But to spend all your time attacking and defending there would be a waste. The oasis houses several resource pads in and around it, that is the key to victory. This map precludes a short battle and time is needed to make all the preparations ready for annihilation of the enemy.

    Download: Tatooine: Sacred Oasis
    More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

    Half life 2: DM KaPoozleSnap
    This is not a very big map but it could still be fun to play on. It has a good variety of weapons and areas to take cover or take you fast to the other side. the author will have A LOT better designed maps coming soon.

    Download: DM KaPoozleSnap
    More Half Life 2: FileFront's Half Life 2 Files

    Half life 2: DM Leadworks
    Based on a Aliens Versus Predator 2 multiplayer map also called "Leadworks" by Bill Vandervoort, which is based on the movie ALIEN 3.

    Download: DM Leadworks
    More Half Life 2: FileFront's Half Life 2 Files

    Halo: Combat Evolved: Elite Multiplayer Map Pack 1
    b40-arena-v2 is a close quarters combat map, specifically redesigned for frequent encounters with the enemy. It does NOT have any turrets, vehicles or heavy weapons - besides the Flamethrower (heavy weapon gametypes excepted).

    There is a single choke point where most conflicts will occur, and that is the elevator shaft. The previous version had an elevator that could ferry troops, but this did NOT sync properly, due to this the elevator has been shut down and placed a teleport at the bottom of the shaft instead. Nonetheless, the shaft is STILL a choke point, and players would do well in keeping a Shotgun or other CQB weapon on hand at all times.

    Download: Elite Multiplayer Map Pack 1
    More Halo: Combat Evolved: FileFront's Halo: Combat Evolved Files

    Halo: Combat Evolved: Elite Multiplayer Map Pack 1
    Here is the elite multiplayer map pack modifcation that will allow you to as an elite in half of the maps that were released with the original Halo on the PC including Beavercreek, Boarding Action, Derelict, Wizard, Damnation, Dangercanyon, Chillout, Deathisland, and Hang em High. This is a fairly simple modification that works fairly well and no doubt will add a lot more to the game itself. (and make some maps more playable for a little while longer at least

    Download: Elite Multiplayer Map Pack 1
    More Halo: Combat Evolved: FileFront's Halo: Combat Evolved Files

    Halo: Combat Evolved: Outpost
    Here is a map for Halo 1 (PC Version obviously!) which is based upon a modified version of the danger canyon map and completely changes the way that you play. Outpost includes several different modications that will improve the gameplay including Banshee's, Semi-automatic sniper rifle, Water and lots of Turrets. This looks like a fairly good map and has several different areas where you could probably ambush the other team. Overall however this is a very well made map and does look good in the game itself.

    Download: Outpost
    More Halo: Combat Evolved: FileFront's Halo: Combat Evolved Files

    Jedi Knight III: Death Star Hangar Duel JKA
    SO, Deathly duel map for peoples, yah?

    'kay, so Death Star hangar. It's a pretty basic big ol' room with shiny black floor, hangar with energy field shrouding it, a catwalk lining 3/4'ths of the hangar wall, and a door. Nothing too ornate, but it's actually pretty nice lookin.

    Methinks a service lift woulda helped this place look a little more authentic, and that missing JK2 texture coulda been thrown in as well. Otherwise, not a bad product.

    Download: Death Star Hangar Duel JKA
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Jedi Knight III: Kyle Wan Episodes - Duel Pyramid
    Now fear, as we dive deep down into a custom creation by ol' JG. This particular one is rather symmetrical(to a point,) and features something I like to call a "shaved ziggurat." Essentially it's supposed to be a pyramid, but it just doesn't look like one. There are two MASSIVE staircases that lead to the summit, where there are four armories, one in each of the top structures. In the center is what I suppose is either an antenna or a beam shooting up into the skybox.

    Well, there's only two main things that hurt this map:

    1.) There's JK2 textures in here that aren't included.
    2.) No rain ambient noise.

    Download: Kyle Wan Episodes - Duel Pyramid
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Jedi Knight III: Kotor II - Malachor IV Trayus Core Duel
    So, KOTOR2, never played it, so I don't know what the significance of this place is. However, you do, so LOOK, ITS TRAYUS CORE DUEL!

    Anywho, Ol' JG is on another spree, and he's recreated this locale. Now I've seen an MB2 version, so I know how it's generally supposed to look. This isn't bad; it doesn't have a sky, so to speak, as the other one did, but it has the basic arena and it has two bridges extending out into the blackness. Not much in the way of sourced lighting, but it's a decent map. Not much in the way of bugs so it can be considered stable as well. That being said, go butcher people.

    Download: Kotor II - Malachor IV Trayus Core Duel
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Jedi Knight III: The Duel Arena's
    Here are three different small maps mainly for duelling, two of the included maps are only for the duel gametype while there is one that can be used for FFA as well. For the most part the two duel maps are very similar although one of which is set in a fairly large city while the other is set in more of a desert type environment, however that being said both maps are for the most part identical with the exception of different textures. The third map which is a FFA map is a lot bigger in size but also includes at least 5 different duelling areas on three different levels which are fighter landing pads (I.e. for the Z95 or what ever fighters you have installed).

    The FFA map does have a lot of playability where you can use it for almost everything (well except for Capture the flag) including Fighters, Dueling or simple free for all so, many possibilities there although you will need to spawn the fighters onto the launch pads however (yes there are fighters in the hanger, it would probably be a lot easier to spawn them directly). Although it should be mentioned that this map does have one fairly large flaw where there is a band around the whole map which does affect the scenery of the sand a little bit really.

    Download: The Duel Arena's
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Operation Flashpoint: SARM Coop Map
    You will be dropped from a helo at 15:15 hours. The weather is forcasted as clear. The main objective is to remove the two enemy SAM launchers that occupy the south stretch of coast in Skirinka. Aswell as destroying the two SAM's the Radar site is also of key importance to our later actions within Skira. After all key targets have been removed you will be airlifted home by a transport helo. Good luck.

    Enjoy the map!! If you have any issues feel free to email me with what happend!

    Download: SARM Coop Map
    More Operation Flashpoint: FileFront's Operation Flashpoint Files

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Project-X Demo (demo)

    1) Specify a game folder Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
    2) Start Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Project-X Demo from the shortcut

    Story: You have landed near to Alexandria. On our military information it is known that nearby from here there is an entrance in pyramidal tunnels the occupied North African branch of paranormal division SS. Also on a military information it is known that through pyramidal tunnels it is possible to get in X-Laboratory and church.

    Download: Project-X Demo (demo)
    More Return to Castle Wolfenstein: FileFront's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Files

    StarCraft II: The Space Bandido's Hideout
    This is an epic 4 person ffa map. To get to your opponent's base you must navigate through a maze. In the maze there are teleports that can send you to the top of the walls to gain the high ground advantage. There are also items in the maze that provide a quick economic boost. The cash is minerals and the barrels are vespene gas. The walls can not be flown over so remember to set way points using the "shift" click command. Tip - have your flying units auto follow a ground unit through the maze.

    This map is also on battle net you can search for it under the name "The Space Bandido's Hideout".

    Download: The Space Bandido's Hideout
    More StarCraft II: FileFront's StarCraft II Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Madios
    Here is a map for Legacy, This map has four players, its very colourful and has fairly good lighting all over the map, although it may be a little resource heavy on some of the older computers. However to see it at its best you would probably need a graphics card that has shaders 2.0 and at full resolution. Since it has a lot of nebulas

    this will make any battles very interesting where you can do hide and seek or even the usual hit and run type attacks.

    Download: Madios
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    Star Wars Battlefront 2: Naboo: Plains
    This is one more in the list of old maps republished by Marvel4; Naboo: Plains. It's not much of a map to speak of as far as the map design itself goes - it's easily the weakest of the SWBF1 maps, since it's so open with the CPs spread so far apart. Never have been a huge fan of it.

    This version is a fine redo, although it's missing localization for the Gungans, and some of their sound VOs are taken from Tusken Raiders (some units will refer to them as such). Download if you like.

    Download: Naboo: Plains
    More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

    Star Wars Battlefront 2: Tatooine: Dune Sea
    Another map in the growing list of old maps republished by Marvel4. This is Tatooine: Dune Sea, which has seen at least two other versions in the past month. This version is another addition, not any better or any worse, since of course they are all the same thing, really. Of note are some small errors - the moisture farm CP can be captured from the outside, and the hero Luke has an awards weapons bug with his pistol. Give the map a try if you don't have one of the other versions or the Conversion Pack.

    Download: Tatooine: Dune Sea
    More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

    Team Fortress 2: Arena Shockwave (Beta 2)
    This is a small arena map I've been working on recently. It has a pit of death with an elevator that falls in and explodes. That's pretty cool.

    The map has been recently re-themed. I've tried to make something kind of unique. but ended up making an alpine map with different textures The map is sized for 6v6 to 8v8 play. It might be a bit crowded at 12v12.

    Download: Arena Shockwave (Beta 2)
    More Team Fortress 2: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

    Team Fortress 2: CTF Jagged
    This map is using a modded game mode.

    # The Objective
    The maps game mode is a simple combination of Capture the Flag and Push Capture Point. The goal is to bring the neutral Intelligence to both of the enemies Control Points and stopping the enemy from capturing your own.

    # Some Important Features
    The Control Point can not be captured while a team member is nearby. When a point is captured the Intelligence will return 10 seconds later. Once a control point is captured, it can not be taken back.

    Download: CTF Jagged
    More Team Fortress 2: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

    Team Fortress 2: KotH Inverted
    Team Red and Blu found an old Computer-Base and are both trying to get control, over the whole base. But they need to capture the Base-Control first, before they can exterminate the other Team.

    The Map has only 1 entry to the computer room, many well sentry spots and many places to hide.

    Download: KotH Inverted
    More Team Fortress 2: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

    Team Fortress 2: PL Redship (RC1
    2209 - Planet Earth is now the host of well over 100 billion human beings. She is suffocating. 75 years after the creation of the first permanent spaceship, we are still looking for another home... not made of aluminum, titanium and australium. While some spaceships are populated by people happy to be living away from planet Earth, most of the ships are used for alternative resources or inhabitable planet search missions. Scientists, environmentalists, politicians and even law enforcement agencies have their own ship and work together towards the same goal: finding Earth 2.0.

    The Biosphere Legislation Unit (BLU) have been monitoring the activities of environmentalists for the last 25 years. By respecting their cause and making sure nothing is done to harm the very planets activists protect and by supporting them on the political front, they've assured a climate of cooperation and respect between both parties for the well being of rare or near-instinct resources found on some potentially inhabitable planets. Recently, a group of suspicious activists calling themselves the Recycling-Environment-Development group (RED) have been reported to be secretly harvesting rare ressources found on those planets, and this, under false pretences.

    Download: PL Redship (RC1)
    More Team Fortress 2: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

    Warcraft III : Warlords Empire - Second Stage [AI]
    In this game any killer unit has the chance of evolute into another more stronger unit. Each unit have an upgrading way, where the final unit is hero type and rank is Warlord. When a unit kills another unit (non friendly / non allied) a counter is revealed over himself. the first number is the currently amount of kills for that unit, the second number reveals the number of kills required for evolute to the next grade.

    When a unit becomes to the new grade the first counter is reset to zero and start again for the next rank. the maximun grade for each unit is warlord. The requirements are diferent for each unit type, because some unit can kill more easily than others, then this diferent amount helps to game balance.

    When a unit have 3 or more killed, an passive ability is added, the "killer brand" skill gives to the killer unit a little bonus of attack speed and movement speed. this skill can be upgrade after 12/36/80 kills.

    Download: Warlords Empire - Second Stage [AI]
    More Warcraft III : FileFront's Warcraft III Files

    S K I N S / M O D E L S

    Bridge Commander: NX pack
    In the 2140's Earth science began fielding NX Prototype ships. These ships were able to reach speeds exceeding Warp 1 but not reaching or exceeding Warp 2. By 2144 the project had come to a halt until the NX Beta was successful in reaching Warp 2 and the NX Project continued. The NX Project Construction Dock was soon the hub of the Project and the NX01 was begun and eventually launched in 2151, this dock began work on other ships of the NX class and the beginnings of a Starfleet was begun.

    The NX 01 was a fledgling Starfleet's prize vessel, capable of warp 5 and designed as the first human built exploration vessel. During its first few years of service the NX01 Enterprise was put through many tests. Surviving those tests proved its design but many in Starfleet including the crew of the ship found many limitations.

    Download: NX pack
    More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

    Call of Duty 4: Falshirmjager None Winter
    First off I would like to say thanks to 2K for making the falshirmjager mod without it I could not of made these skins. What I've done here is get rid of the winter falshirmjager skin and ive made them more fitting to the game in hi-res.

    Download: falshirmjager none winter
    More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

    Call of Duty 4: Winter Vehicles
    Winter vehicles - All i did was find the lost winter skins in the games iwd files and change the name of the skins so they replaced the original skins. I call the skins the lost winter skins because it looks like Treyarch was planning to do some sort of winter Campaign because there are fallschirmjager winter skins as well as many other things that are not in the game but can be found in the iwd files.

    Download: Winter Vehicles
    More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

    Grand Theft Auto IV: Ducati 999r (Uka)
    Here is the Ducati 999R, a highly detailed and very well made superbike often seen in the Superbike World Championship. The Ducati will replace the NRG 900 or anything similar in GTA IV. This motorbike includes a custom handling as well as a choice of several colours and detailed wheels. The Ducati is fairly accurate when compared to the real life version of the bike and does look fairly good in the game itself.

    Download: Ducati 999r (Uka)
    More Grand Theft Auto IV: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto IV Files

    Grand Theft Auto IV: Yamaha R1 RN12 (1.0)
    Here is the Yamaha R1 RN12, a highly detailed and well made motorcycle that will replace the PCJ 600 or any other motorcycle of your choice within GTA IV. This bike also includes a custom handling, as well as a choice of several different colours that can be spawned or found in game as well as much more. The bike itself is very accurate when compared to the real life version of the motorcycle, infact it almost looks realistic in the game although the German numberplate may look a little out of place in San Andreas however (even then that looks brilliant as well)

    Download: GTA IV : Yamaha R1 RN12 (1.0)
    More Grand Theft Auto IV: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto IV Files

    Jedi Knight III: Boss Nass
    Look what we have here, a completly new model that will surely be a nice addition to our large database. Today I present Boss Nass, also known as Rugor Nass. Just as his name would suggest, he's the "boss" of gungans. We could see his debut back when Episode I The Phantom Menace was released.

    Now onto the model itself. The model is well made and resembles the character almost perfectly. All the most important details were nicely carved onto the mesh, including straps on the coat aswell as spikes on the eyebrows. Face looks spot on, although he has this "angry" look to him, maybe it should have been more neutral? My only real complaint lies with the fact he's not as... chubby as he's supposed to be aswell as a few clipping issues here and there but I guess that can't be helped considering the engine limitations.

    Download: Boss Nass
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Jedi Knight III: Desann's Saber Hilt
    Yep, the old fashioned Desann saber, and Darth Mak has converted it for single player selection. Fear =_=

    I guess the only reservation I have about this file is that it's saber entry is just called "Desann," but honestly, that's just nitpicking. One thing I would have suggested, since this is only for single player, is that you have tweaked the saber size so that it's Desann's preferred length, or include an alternate saber option to suffice. Otherwise, a nice clean conversion.

    Download: Desann's Saber Hilt
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Jedi Knight III: Zuckuss

    There's only one model I've wanted for so long other than IG-88. This, is it. Zuckuss of the Gands, one of my favoritist bounty hunters ever.

    Now I haven't read much Star Wars literature, but I did read "Tales of the Bounty Hunters," and I found that I enjoyed: "Of Possible Futures: The Tale of Zuckuss and 4-LOM," quite intensely. I found the character of Zuckuss to be quite an entertaining and awesome entity. Zuckuss, for those unaware, is a Gand, an insectoid species that lives on the ammonia shrouded planet of Gand. Two species exist: those with lungs, and those without. If you've looked at the screenshots by now, you can probably guess Zuckuss is the former, and he is doubly unfortunate, as a problematic bounty hunt resulted in him being exposed to oxygen, and his lungs were damaged by the toxic mixture. He also has a very amusing split personality disorder. I'm actually very tempted to re-read Tales of the Bounty Hunters just to celebrate this release.

    So, with that aside, BEHOLD the Zuckuss model, and let me say, the accuracy is nearly astounding. Notice I said nearly, as there is one major accuracy issue. All Gands, lungless or not, have only three fingers on each hand, where as this one has a standard human hand.

    Download: Zuckuss
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Jedi Knight III: Ultimate Baseball Bat
    The baseball bat. A sportsman's tool key to baseball, and a favored weapon by civilian and Mafioso alike, and quite a brutal weapon to think about...but this one doesn't strike me too well.

    It's a shame, too, because this bat has a pretty decent model. It's not too showy, with the only fleck of color other than the wood grain being a small strip tied around the midsection. There's four colors, being red, blue, black, and a strange spiral pattern one. The model itself isn't bad at all, it's the sounds that kinda put me off. They're rather...cartoony, in a bad way. The turn on and off sounds is some guy yelling "GEETTT UP!," or "WHAAAAT?!" respectively. The swing sound literally sounds like some guy making the sound with his mouth, and the hit sounds are stock punch impact noises.

    Download: Ultimate Baseball Bat
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Knights of the Old Republic: Camouflage Armor
    This is my first mod ever, it is a reskin of the mandalorian heavy armor. The new appearance is a green digital camo for the armor plating and black cloth for the under armor and red cloth for the neck and gloves. I am open to any suggestions or criticism anyone may have. Enjoy!

    Download: Camouflage Armor
    More Knights of the Old Republic: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic Files

    Knights of the Old Republic: Jedi Revan Robes
    This reskins Revan in "light side" Jedi robes, inspired by the appearance of Jedi revan in the TOR timeline of the Jedi Civil War. (Reference picture: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100612173123/starwars/images/2/2d/Jedi_Revan.jpg) To be compatible with SithSpectre's Revans Flowing Cape modification, I have included a PMBJ01 file, simple drop this along with N_DarthRevan01.tga in your Overidde.

    Download: Jedi Revan Robes
    More Knights of the Old Republic: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Luna Class (4.0)
    Here is an updated version of the Luna class, more specifically an upgrade of TipTop's Luna Class. This version for the most part adds new textures to the ship which makes the ship look more modern and upto date when compared to the other newer ships that are avaliable on the site. This modification also adds smoothing and details to the model as well as logos. While at the same time this improves the textures and adds bump maps and new spec maps.

    Download: Luna Class (4.0)
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Vesta Class
    In 2380, Starfleet launched its first slipstream capable multi-mission tactical explorer. When thrown into the massive borg invasion of the Alpha Quadrant, these vessels were born and prooven. The most famous vessel, U.S.S. Aventine, commanded by Ezri Dax would mark the Vesta class as the first of a new generation of top secret technologies and renewed enthusiasm as the Federation pushes out into the final frontier once again.

    Take the helm of one of ten Vesta class starships, each armed with a new plasma torpedo and capable of retina detaching slipstream velocities. As an entry for the scratch built Starship contest, I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making the newest ship of the line. Special thanks to the design's author, Mark Rademaker, for creating an amazing new vessel and for helping to make this project possible. Thanks also to MarkyNCC for beta testing and support.

    Download: Vesta Class
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    Team Fortress 2: Wrinkle (1.0)
    This is a replacement for the TF2 unlockable weapon "Homewrecker", using a model of the weapon "Wrinkle" from the webcomic "Homestuck", found on http://www.mspaintadventures.com

    Download: Wrinkle (1.0)
    More Team Fortress 2: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

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    Awesome! There's loads of stuff that I hadn't seen, like the Crysis 2 video... Can't believe I missed that, especially because I've been following all Crysis 2 news since the day it was announced. Well done <3

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    Great post.-Richard Mille watches for wife Your blog is really excellent. Thanks for your share, I like it very much! I quite like your blog from which I learn a lot on this area!

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    The Zhejiang-based car maker earned 804 million yuan (US$119 million) during January to June this year, up from 595 million yuan a year ago, Geely said in a statement to the Hong Kong stock exchange yesterday. Its turnover soared 55 percent from a year earlier to 9.23 billion yuan.

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    Before 2006, nearly 85 percent of his Wing Chun students were from Australia, Europe and North America, plus a few East Asian countries. It's different today - two thirds of his 100 students are Chinese and a quarter of all students are women.

     #5 - http://www.acbcv.org/back.php?ugg/ - 11-10-2014 at 12:07
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    The municipal bus company has ordered natural gas pipelines, electric circuits and gasoline pipelines in all gas-fired buses in Beijing to be checked.

     #6 - http://www.innovativecasualdesign.com/conn.php?ugg/ - 11-15-2014 at 23:10
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    The Chinese government started setting up Confucius Institutes abroad in 2004 to promote Chinese language and culture. A female professor's book of reflections on the classic Confucian text "Analects" became a massive hit.

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