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  FileFront Network Insider #166 - Network News
  Posted by: Danny on 10-18-2010 @ 11:47
This News Item has been viewed 49,944 times
Welcome to all, for the 166th version of the Filefront Network Insider, there have been a lot of new files this week for more of the network sites including the usual maps, a few modifications, lots of maps and of course lots of news from the Network Sites as well as from Gaming Today. This week there has been a fair few files added to the network sites, including a lots of maps, mini mods and more. The news from Gaming today includes more news about new games, trailers, reviews, lots of news from Medal of Honor and the now delayed Gran Turismo 5 (who didn't see that one coming...) as well as more which can be found Here

We also have another compeition for filefront, although you will only have until the end of Tuesday (PST) to have a go, and also a small bit of news for all you railworks fans (if there are any stick out tongue), today you'll get a free upgrade to Railworks 2. While technically its just an update but it does improve a fair bit of the features, I was one of the lucky ones to have a go before it was released and the new GUI does make it more realistic in my opinion! (and finally working level crossings!)

So as normal for the Network Insider we have listed all the major gaming happenings, the biggest modifications and files within the last week for you below. Remember; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the insider then simply drop us an E-Mail at The Insider, or email it to me at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Insider" as the subject though smile ).

If you like the Network insider please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, support or even death threats stick out tongue (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further)

Filefront Competition - Psyko 5.1 Headset Giveaway

Ends 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, October 19, so get busy posting!

Since we’re giving away a headset, we wanted to make sure you know that communication is key to multiplayer gaming. Well, to stress-free multiplayer gaming, anyway. See, not everyone understands this. For those of use that do, it can lead to some really funny videos of gamers losing their minds during games.

This is what we want you to provide us. In celebration of technology like the Psyko 5.1 that helps you have more fun gaming, we want to highlight gamers who are not having any fun at all. So, post a link to the best video you can find of a gamer absolutely going berserk over a game. You should also make sure you include a valid email address in the designated field, as that’s how we will contact the winner.

Whoever submits the best video will find themselves the proud owner of the Pskyo 5.1 Headset pictured above. You’ve only got until 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, October 19, so get busy posting!

Please note to enter you must go via this filefront page)not this insider)

Gaming News
| Modifications | Mini-Mods | Maps | Skins / Models | Demos | Patches | Trailers


Filefront Gaming Today News: Alan Wake: The Writer DLC Review

The Writer is out October 12, 2010, exclusively on Xbox Live and costs 560 MP ($7)

Writers have a phrase, “murder your darlings,” a warning against overly-clever prose. There comes a time when the writer has to stop trying so hard, and just go with it. That’s where Alan’s head is at in The Writer, the third and final DLC pack for Alan Wake.

He has momentum. He’s been locked in a mysterious nightmare since May, separated from his wife and stalked by shadowy beings called The Taken. All things considered, he’s handled it pretty well.

As he’s deduced snippets of terrifying truth about his situation, he’s somehow achieved a firmer grasp on reality. He even has something approximating a sense of humor in this final (demented) act.

Full review - Alan Wake: The Writer DLC Review

Read: Alan Wake: The Writer DLC Review
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Filefront Gaming Today News: A Spiffy New Vehicle Mod For Killing Floor

Killing Floor started life in 2005 as an acclaimed, zombie based full conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004. Loads of accolades led to the creators’, particularly lead developer Alex Quick, promotion from the minors, as numerous companies attempted to take the game full retail. Tripwire eventually did the honors and the full retail version was relased in May of 09. We all know what this means: The mod that went legit now has a ton of mods of its own, and the latest is a just-released vehicle pack that adds quite a few new ways to kill zeds deader than Britpop as quickly as possible. Let’s give a big round of applause for Killing Floor Vehicle Mod.

Corner Market (Map Preview and Test) video - Killing Floor Vehicle Mod Mod for Killing Floor - Mod DB

Read: A Spiffy New Vehicle Mod For Killing Floor
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Death Of EA Predicted After Medal Of Honor Recieves Good Reviews

Medal of Honor’s presales have been absurdly high, and the game’s October 12 release was accompanied by a string reviews that, while not glowing, were certainly on the high positive side of the critical spectrum. All things considered, it’s likely the rebooted war shooter will be a solid earner for EA and spawn many sequels.

Or so you would assume if you simply paid attention to the facts at hand. Not so Cowen and Company, who as reported by Gamesindustry.biz are saying that MOH’s reviews gave EA a “black eye”, and that this caused their shares to drop precipitously:

“EA’s share price fell by 6 per cent last night, apparently following the release of and critical reception to rebooted shooter Medal of Honour.

Read: Death Of EA Predicted After Medal Of Honor Recieves Good Reviews
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Duke Nukem Forever Demo Isn’t Just For Borderlands GOTY Buyers

Oh, hey, October 12! Today is the day Borderlands GOTY comes out, and odds are most of the people who buy it will do so because they want a f**king taste of the deliciousness that is Duke Nukem Forever. But maybe you should pause for a second. Just, like, a second.

The demo is going to go out to everybody, yeah. When we put Borderlands out this wasn’t even possible to do or contemplate. So that’s kind of difficult, but yeah, the demo is coming out for everybody.

That’s Gearbox’s VP of something or other* Steve Gibson speaking with Digital Spy, so it’s real and not made up by somebody’s wishful thinking. However, he does not say when that’ll happen, but it’ll undoubtedly be after people in the “First Access Club” get it.

Read: Duke Nukem Forever Demo Isn’t Just For Borderlands GOTY Buyers
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Grab the World of Warcraft 4.0 Patch Right Here

Blizzard has released the final client patch for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. As with previous expansions, the last patch contains all of the updates to prepare for the new expansion.

Speaking of the new expansions, we now know that Cataclysm will launch on December 7. That means you now have less that two months to get yourself ready for the return of Deathwing to Azeroth.

If you can’t stand waiting for the Blizzard downloader to finish the patch, you should grab it from us instead. After all, it’s 4.71 GB!

Read: Grab the World of Warcraft 4.0 Patch Right Here
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Halo: Reach Has Sold 3.3 Million Copies in One Country in September

$200 million was spent all over the world on Halo: Reach on its first day on store shelves, and if you assume every copy was the regular edition, which would be a bad assumption to make, that would be about 3.3 million copies sold. Funny story; this evening, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg this evening tweeted that in the U.S. alone, 3.3 million copies of Halo: Reach were sold in the month of September. Kabam.

That’s a large number right there. Roll Tide, Bungie.

Read: Halo: Reach Has Sold 3.3 Million Copies in One Country in September
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Halo: Reach Map Pack Coming in November

Halo: Reach has been just as huge as we all knew it would, and Bungie isn’t letting up. Reach players will be excited to learn that next month, Bungie will be releasing three new maps for their online pleasure.

It’s called the Noble Map Pack, and it will hit XBox Live on November 30th, and will run you 800 Microsoft Points ($10). You may think that’s expensive, but just think how much better this feels than paying $15 for a Modern Warfare 2 map pack!

Here’s the official descriptions of the three maps included in the pack:
# Tempest: “Though we may never fully understand these devices, it is not our nature to leave ancient stones unturned.” This abandoned shoreline facility bends both sea and sky to an unnatural purpose, but the ground itself has quickly become another all too familiar battlefield. Though the two opposing symmetrical bases may never reveal their ancient purpose, both now offer makeshift shelter and access to strategic routes perfectly suited for small and large scale skirmishes alike. Tempest supports 8 – 16 players and offers a variety of modes including Free for All, Team Slayer, Team Objective and Big Team Battle. Tempest also provides players with a huge Forge palette, allowing them to create new custom map variants that can be shared with the community-at-large.

Read: Halo: Reach Map Pack Coming in November
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Filefront Gaming Today News: How to Clean an Xbox 360

Game consoles are notorious for their hardware failures. They are computer devices and like PCs they need a lot of air to keep them running cool. Over time the Xbox 360 not only draws in a lot of cooler air, but also accumulates the dust and dirt from the air on its internal fans and optical drive. This dirt accumulation leads to overheating and disk read errors if you’re not vigilant. This how to will show you how to clean an Xbox 360 in a way that won’t violate your warranty

Difficulty: Basic


* Xbox 360
* Microfiber cloth (found in camera care kits)
* Vacuum Cleaner w/ small hose attachment for detail work

Time to Execute: 15-30 minutes
Read: How to Clean an Xbox 360
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Filefront Gaming Today News: If Game Marketing Used Negative Review Quotes

What if a big game publisher had in its marketing department a real drunky, like that guy in the picture? Well, OK, all game publishers have a guy like that in their marketing departments. But I’m talking about a real drunky, the kind who, when tasked with obtaining pullquotes from positive reviews of their games for the promo art, seems to find only the negative in even the most gushingly positive critique, even if he has to pull a phrase out of context to do so. I guess I am that guy, then, because that’s absolutely what I did last night after I went drinking. Here are the fruits of my labor. Note: Ron helped me.

(Have a look at the full article on Filefront News - There are too many pictures wink - Danny)

Read: If Game Marketing Used Negative Review Quotes
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Medal of Honor Limited Edition Review

Medal of Honor has a storied past with gamers. The original console version still stands up as one of the best WWII shooters and the PC multiplayer was long a staple of LAN party play. The last few years however have not been kind to this series. When created by EA in the 1990′s, the key selling point was a recreation of the story behind some remarkable men who earned the highest military honor the United States of America offers.

Medal of Honor breaks with this formula. Following the lead of Activision’s Call of Duty series (which was itself a clone of the Medal of Honor formula at first), MoH moves into modern warfare, specifically the Taliban conflict in present day Afghanistan. Rather than focusing on the major Army units, the player assumes special status as a group of soldiers known as Tier 1 operators. These covert elites infiltrate, extract and play forward observer for the better known Army Spec Ops teams, often off the books and without direct Army oversight.

The single-player campaign revolves around this team of operators and the covert actions of hunting down Taliban forces through informants, local friendlies and sneaky night operations. While the arid setting of Afghanistan is visually and tactically much more difficult than the fertile crescent of Iraq, it ended up feeling a lot like more of the same to me.

Read: Medal of Honor Limited Edition Review
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Medal of Honor Frontline Teaser Trailer

If you’ve got Medal of Honor on PlayStation 3, you also got your hands on Medal of Honor: Frontline. Originally released on PlayStation 2 way back in 2002, Frontline puts you in the shoes of OSS Lt. Jimmy Patterson as he fights across Europe into Nazi Germany during World War II.

Now EA has rolled out a teaser trailer from Frontline, comparing the newest Medal of Honor title with the 2002 classic.


Read: Medal of Honor Frontline Teaser Trailer
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Medal of Honor Multiplayer Weapons

Medal of Honor’s multiplayer modes are based around the use of three different classes: Rifleman, Special Ops, and Sniper. These classes have different strengths and weakness, and your prowess with them will unlock different items that you can use to customize your loadout.

Whether you prefer Sniper or Rifleman, Coalition or OPFOR, knowing the available upgrades will be key to prolonged success in the dog-eat-dog world of online multiplayer. Below, we’ve tabulated the various weapons and accessories that become available as you move up through the ranks.

Read: Medal of Honor Multiplayer Weapons
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Medal of Honor PS3 Requires Latest Firmware

You a fan of PSJailbreak? Or, perhaps, have you not updated your PS3′s firmware in a while because you aren’t a fan of the updates for whatever reason? Tough s**t, because if you want to play Medal of Honor, you’ll have to update to firmware 3.50, the most recent version. The game helpfully comes with the firmware update on-disc for those not connected to the onlines.

This is all about piracy. The newest firmware includes decryptions keys and whatever that software exploits like PSJailbreak can’t read, and while there are legitimate and legally acceptable reasons for using them, they do enable piracy too. Please don’t go comparing this to draconian DRM, because that’s just stupid.

Read: Medal of Honor PS3 Requires Latest Firmware
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Mods to Watch: Fallout 3 – Project Brazil

Fallout 3 mod that adds an entirely new campaign to the already gigantic post-nuclear RPG. No, not as in the beautiful South American nation full of insanely attractive women and delicious food, but as in the classic Terry Gilliam film. And no, it’s not an adaptaion: Project Brazil is mera working title intended to get across the tone of the mod, which we take to mean labrynthine corporate bureacracy, status obsession-induced conformity and gradual crushing of the human spirit. But in a good way.

Better still for those of us living in Pacific time, it’s set in LA, and features a lot of our local consumerist prisons paradises buried deep under radioactive rubble. Take that, 3rd street promenade. Promised features include:

An Alternate Start
A new Childhood Story
The Los Angeles coastline in ruins (particularly Santa Monica!)
A Crowded Merchant Quarter full of shops and bazaars
A Middle Class Apartment Complex with diner and pool
A Crowded Prison and Reeducation Camp
A Nuclear Reactor Area
Pirate Radio
Time Travel

Read: Mods to Watch: Fallout 3 – Project Brazil
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Filefront Gaming Today News: NBA Jam Review

NBA Jam is one of those games that knows how to grab anyone. You don’t need to be a basketball fan, you don’t need to know who the players on the court are or even if they’re expertly simulated. This is a gamer’s game; a sports game so approachable that anyone can pick up a controller and play. The history of the series began with Midway’s arcade game.

NBA Jam the arcade game was a frantic, fun four player arcade game with over-the-top presentation, boisterous sound and vibrant visuals. Hours and hours of fun to be had here as players mixed and matched their on-screen ballers in a head-on two-man team dunk and slam fest. Trash talking, ball-stealing competition set Jam apart from other casual arcade sports titles of the arcade era.

Read: NBA Jam Review
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Newest Game Informer Reveals Resistance 3 Details

The new Game Informer magazine has a bunch of details on Resistance 3. If you’ve seen the screenshots that leaked recently, you won’t be surprised that Capelli, who has recently started a family with Nathan Hale’s stepsister Susan, plays the lead role in the game.

Here’s a rundown of some of the things you can expect from Insomniac’s upcoming sequel.

* Weapon Wheel returns.
* Capelli has started a family with Susan.
* Co-op confirmed, but there’ll be no alternate story co-op as in Resistance 2.
* African Prison is one of the included maps.
* The world is changing in R3; Chimeran plant life explodes when shot.
* AI will be smarter.
* Capelli can climb over walls and through windows.
* Longs Legs will be jumping from roof to roof trying to shoot you down.
* A new weapon called the Mutator shoots biological mists, causing boils and other injuries to enemies, which makes them explode causing splash damage.
* Bullseye, Magnum, Shotgun, Auger and Carbine are all coming back.
* Weapons can be upgraded, and will become better the more you use them.
* Grenades are shaped like food cans and are full of nails.
* Vaccine might be able to cure the Chimeran virus.
* Humans have turned to cannibalism due to lack of food.

Read: Newest Game Informer Reveals Resistance 3 Details
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Of F**king Course Gran Turismo 5 Gets Delayed Three Weeks From Release

Raise your hand if you really thought Gran Turismo 5 would come out on November 2. When the announcement was made at E3, I think I didn’t believe it, particularly since in May they started adding Move support and 3D and crap. But when Yamauchi-san was like “We’re really close to finishing, guys,” I think I started to believe. And then when October arrived, I believed even more.

But we should have known better. Here’s what the US Playstation blog had to say today:

We can confirm that Gran Turismo 5 will not be available this November 2nd, but the game’s release will be coming this holiday season.

We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.

We’ll have more information for you in the near future.

Should’ve seen that coming. Now we can take bets on if it will actually come out before the end of the year or instead get pushed back to “winter.” It’s a coin flip at this point.

Read: Of F**king Course Gran Turismo 5 Gets Delayed Three Weeks From Release
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Filefront Gaming Today News: People Who Own Borderlands on Steam Already Have a Duke Nukem Forever First Access Key

Funny story. There’s this thing called the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club, and being in the club will someday earn you the Duke Nukem Forever demo before before it goes public. So far the only way we knew of getting into it was to use an access code that comes with Borderlands GOTY Edition.

Well that’s not the only way to get into the club no mo’, because folks who own Borderlands: Regular-Ass Edition on Steam discovered, to their great pleasure, probably, that they have First Access Club codes. So if you bought Borderlands on Steam before Tuesday, you should probably check on this. You’ll need to look up Borderlands in your games list and click on “CD Key” in the game pane. And then go here and enter the code, and someday you’ll get the DNF demo. If you bought the non-GOTY edition after Tuesday, though, you’re SOL.

Win! Win! Win!
Read: People Who Own Borderlands on Steam Already Have a Duke Nukem Forever First Access Key
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned Cancelled

I don’t know how much you know about Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned. What we’ve seen of it so far were some impressive customization features for your pirate and his ship, graphics that reminded us of the Fable series, and of course, the Pirates of the Caribbean license.

Unfortunately, that’s all we’re going to see of it, as Disney has confirmed the cancellation of the upcoming action-RPG. In a statement, Disney said,

Disney Interactive Studios confirms the cancellation of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned video game which was scheduled to be released in 2011. As a result of this decision, Disney Interactive Studios completed a restructuring of Propaganda Games, its Vancouver, BC internal studio, affecting one of the studio’s two development teams. The studio is still in active production of TRON: Evolution, the video game, which will be released on December 7, 2010 with additional DLC (downloadable content) support following the game’s release.

Read: Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned Cancelled
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Filefront Gaming Today News: PS3 Netflix Goes Disk Free and High Def Next Week

Today, Sony and Netflix revealed that the days of being tied to a DVD to watch Netflix streaming content on the PS3 is over. Beginning next week an update will install the new NEtflix software into the PS3 XMB and users will be able to stream directly. Also content that supports 1080i video and 5.2 surround sound will become an option on the system.

Along with the insstallation Netflix and Sony redesigned the software to enable faster browsing and search away from the frustrating embedded player interface the system had been using.

Win! Win! Win!
Read: PS3 Netflix Goes Disk Free and High Def Next Week
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Square-Enix Extends Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Time

I’m not a fan of Square-Enix’s latest Final Fantasy MMO. It’s pretty much the most frustrating game I think I’ve ever reviewed (including Superman Returns on the 360 and Vampire Rain). It seems that the minds behind the title realize that it is not doing so well in the public eye and have extended the 30-day free period for current owners as a mitigation for a very unsatisfying game.

“Considering the nature of much of the feedback we received … and the current state of the game, we have decided to extend the free trial period for all users,” the publisher said in a public statement today. “We would like to assure players that the world of Final Fantasy XIV is constantly growing and evolving, and the voices of the community are essential to that process.”

Read: Square-Enix Extends Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Time
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Starcraft II Patch 1.1.2

Here we have a patch that will update your Starcraft II to version 1.1.2 (DOWNLOAD IT HERE), and it’s a good one because it’s all about game balance. There are some other changes and bug fixes, too, of course. The rundown:


• Players will no longer receive achievement toasts while their status is set to “Busy.”
• The messaging when attempting to load a saved game or replay from a previous version has been clarified.
• Adjusted the amount of points earned and lost by random team participants to properly reflect the strength of a player’s teammates.

Read: Starcraft II Patch 1.1.2
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Temple of Elemental Evil is Latest GoG.com D&D Game

Temple of Elemental Evil is a last in many categories for D&D RPGs. It was the final retail fantasy game released by Troika Studios and it was the final D&D Turn-Based RPG/Dungeon Crawler. Built around the setting of one of D&D’s most revered mega adventures (aside from maybe the Tomb of Horrors), players build a team of heores and venture to the villiage of Homlett to seek out clues to an assasination.

Temple of Elemental Evil is a fundimentally broken game out of the box, but thanks to a large supportive community the version you get from GoG.com should work far better once you’ve applied the Cirlce of Eight fixes. It’s also a very difficult game, so be prepared for more than a little challenge as you delve into the hidden depths of the temple itself.

Read: Temple of Elemental Evil is Latest GoG.com D&D Game
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Filefront Gaming Today News: These Are Some Amusing Video Game Deaths

Everyone dies while playing video games. Sometimes people around you in the game die. In many cases, these deaths are (intentionally or not) freaking hilarious.

Our friends over at Ranker.com have a list of the 13 video games deaths that they found the funniest. It’s totally worth a read, so head on over and check it out.

13 - Red Dead Redemption - The Miracle of Flight
12 - Leisure Suit Larry - "It appears the hooker gave you..."
11 - Dragon's Lair
10 - When Teabaggers Get Killed While Teabagging
09 - Earthworm Jim - The Princess
08 - Resident Evil 4 - Small Water Fish
07 - Resident Evil 2 - Death of Albert Wesker
06 - Sega Rally Championship Game Over Yeah!
05 - Mortal Kombat III - Rain's Brutal Animality
04 - Space Quest 1 - Pretty Much Every Death
03 - Gears of War - It Keeps Jayuhmming! * Cry *
02 - Killer Instinct - B00bz
01 - Spider-Man 3 Game - Fire Escape

Read the 13 Funniest Video Game Deaths of All Time here!

Win! Win! Win!
Read: These Are Some Amusing Video Game Deaths
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Filefront Gaming Today News: The Move is Really Moving in Europe

The Move is really moving in Europe, SCEE honcho Andrew house told Bloomberg, citing “very significant sales in the first month since launch, somewhere in the region of 1.5 million units for the new controller across just Europe.” Bro was really excited about this, and he went on to say this: “The initial sales response has been so far in excess of our initial plan that we’ll probably be looking at accelerating production.”

Wowee, guys. I don’t know exactly how many PS3 have been sold in Europe, but since there are 38 million out there and you’ve got to think most of those are here in the US and in Japan, I’d guess 1.5 million makes a pretty good percentage of European PS3 owners who have taken the plunge on the Move. Good times for Sony, I suppose.

Read: The Move is Really Moving in Europe
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Undead Nightmare Coming On a Standalone Disc Too

Today, Rockstar announced what we already knew, that Red Dead’s Undead Nightmare DLC (trailer!) will be coming to Xbox Live and the Playstation Network on October 26 for $10. But they also announced that, “soon,” Undead Nightmare will head to stores on a standalone disc that will also include the Outlaws to the End Co-op Pack, the Liars and Cheats pack, the Legends and Killers pack and online free roam. That’ll run you $30 if you choose to buy, and you won’t need Red Dead Redemption itself to make use of all that. Again, that’s “coming soon,” so no date yet.

Oh, and we also got a more detailed description of Undead Nightmare itself. Here you go.

Undead Nightmare introduces hours of a new single-player storyline and brand new multiplayer content. Seemingly overnight, a zombie plague ravages the once bountiful frontier, decimating the landscape and reawakening the dead. In towns, settlements and outposts throughout the world, the uninfected citizens are left to fight for survival against waves of the undead. John Marston must ride out into the vast and terrifying world and survive long enough to find a cure.

Read: Undead Nightmare Coming On a Standalone Disc Too
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Valve Announces DotA 2

We’ve been waiting for this for a while, ever since Valve filed the trademark for Defense of the Ancients. Now, we finally have official confirmation of the game, via a Valve press release.

According to the release,

Coming to the PC & Mac in 2011, Dota 2 promises to take the unique blend of online RTS and RPG action that has made Dota popular with tens of millions of gamers and expand upon it in every way.

Yeah, that’s a release window as well. As is typical for Valve, it’s sometime next year, or more likely, “when it’s ready.”

The folks over at Game Informer have already gotten their hands on the game, played it, and they have a ton of info. Chief among their observations is how Valve is leaving the gameplay essentially exactly as it is. Valve is also bringing in the full roster from DotA Allstars – over 100 heroes.

Full review - Alan Wake: The Writer DLC Review

Read: Valve Announces DotA 2
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Valve Sorta Calls BS on on that BS Steam Trade-In Thing

So the other day, Michael Pachter got drunk* and talked to NowGamer about Steam offering trade-in credits for downloaded games, which nobody should have believed anyway because that’s a completely moronic idea. Then, the next day, Pachter started telling everybody he didn’t remember saying that.

Now, Valve’s Doug Lombardi tells Eurogamer it’s all “untrue,” because they never talked to Pachter about anything. ”We’ve never had a meeting with Mr Pachter. I’m not sure what else there is to say.”

Yeah, that’s not even close to a specific denial of the whole trade-in thing, so, hey, maybe it totally is happening. Maybe.

Read: Valve Sorta Calls BS on on that BS Steam Trade-In Thing
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Vague Press Release Says Medal of Honor is Selling Well

I get a ton of press releases every day, and most of them contain some sort of concreted information about something. For example, every Tuesday I get a bunch that tell me that games have been released. That’s actual, solid data right there. You can buy a game now! WOOOO!

And, sometimes, I get press releases like the one I got from EA today about Medal of Honor. It has a headline that reads, “EA’S MEDAL OF HONOR SCORES AT RETAIL.” That’s interesting enough. Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced great Medal of Honor™ day one sales and that the game is well in position for an outstanding holiday. Co-developed by EA’s Danger Close™ Studio in Los Angeles and DICE in Stockholm, Medal of Honor launched yesterday with strong momentum and early internal indicators show that the game is off to a great commercial start. In the U.S., retail response has been overwhelmingly positive with midnight launch events at nearly all Gamestop locations nationwide and with major mass merchandising retail chains already exceeding their Day 1 forecasts.

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Filefront Gaming Today News: Xbox Live Expanding to Nine New Countries

Those of us who have been using Xbox Live for the better part of a decade have come to take the service for granted, and it’s easy for us to forget that Xbox Live doesn’t exist in many places, as only 26 countries currently have access to the service.

But the people of nine new countries will finally be able to make use of the totally awesome ability to fill their hard drives with game trailers. Those countries are: Russia, Poland, South Africa, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile. November 10 is the day you folks will want to remember. I trust you’ll all, on that day, download piles of Mass Effect 2 DLC.

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Battlefield 1942: Battlegroup42 1.7: RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED!
Hello and welcome to the next Battlegroup42 news release this is the one you have all been waiting for - but your patience was worth it, we can promise you that. Yes, finally the release date for Battlegroup42 version 1.7 is set: Wednesday October 20th at 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1 Without exaggerating we can tell you that the version we're releasing will be the biggest and best Battlegroup42 yet. For a more comfortable download the client has been split into 5 parts.

Although we were convinced that version 1.6 couldn't be topped regarding new content and quality, our modellers and mappers have proved otherwise: More than 30 new ships, vehicles, planes, weapons and cannons are in this version, along with over 20 new maps and many "under the hood" improvements including new sounds and effects; and a completely overhauled physics system for planes. All these changes and additions can be found in the changelog, as usual. Many of the new maps and models have already been previewed in earlier news but there are still some left which we want to show you in the next news.

Let's start with the new member of our Tiger family: The Tiger E (late version) is a joint venture from Postman (model) , Wasper (skin) and SargeSurfat (winter skin) and replaces the early Tiger E on all maps from midst of 1944 on. Of course you all know the Tiger from our previous versions, this heavy tank first appeared in 1942 and stuck terror in the opposing Allied forces who had very little that could match it.

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Battlefield 2: Bad Company 2: Vietnam Classes
Gametrailers has released a couple videos showcasing the classes in the upcoming Vietnam expansion pack. Enjoy smile

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Dawn of War: Soulstorm: ULTRAMARINES Movie - Release Announced
Codex Pictures announces that ULTRAMARINES: A WARHAMMER 40,000 MOVIE will be available as a Special Edition Collector’s Edition for a limited period only exclusively from the official website, at http://ultramarinesthemovie.com/shop. Pre-orders start today, for worldwide release November 29 2010. This unique edition comprises the DVD with bonus features, in a SteelBook™ case and a specially commissioned graphic novel.

Paul Lyons, Games Workshop’s Head of Licensing, says, ‘We are extremely pleased with the movie that Codex have produced, and excited at the prospect of Warhammer 40,000 fans being able to see the universe in a 75 minute animated film for the first time. One of our criteria in granting a license for a film based on our long-standing property was that it should appeal very directly to the fanbase. We have been approached many times by studios over the years but in Codex found a partner who for the first time we felt could be entrusted with bringing the Warhammer 40,000 universe to life in a motion picture’.

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Elite Force: Captain Proton Mod Coming Soon
Laz Rojas brings us exciting CAPTAIN PROTON news!

Just wanted to update people on the progress of my Captain Proton mod for EF 1. The project has been delayed for a year now due to real-life concerns, and I've been holding back its release until I finish working on the final mission that was going to be included with it. This mission revolves around the Queen Arachnia character and I really wanted to include it in the mod's mission line-up, but at this point I can't say for certain when that mission will be completed. So I've decided to release the mod with the five missions that are already finished, and perhaps release the Arachnia mission at some point later on as an add-on.

The mod in its current form will be released within the next month or so. In the meantime, you can read about it and see screenshots here:

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Empire at War: Thrawn's Revenge: Patch 1.1 General Outline
It's been just about over month since the first release of the mod, but we're not done yet. We said we'd release it at the end of the summer, and we did, but there's still more we want to do before we can call the project finished. My main modding computer went down about 3 days after release, and many of us have been settling into University so we haven't had much time so far, but things have been getting done.



First, I'll address the major issues people have reported. These aren't the general bugs, which we fix as they get reported; these are the experience-changing kinds of issues that make people not want to play a mod:

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Flight Simulator X: Review: FS-Airlines
We were really impressed with FS-Airlines, it was easy to set up and easy to get running with the aid of their FAQ on their website wiki.

Things we liked...
Cost - A standard account on FS-Airlines won't set you back a penny! A standard account allows you to use their software fly for a virtual airline and gives you access to their support ticket system should you encounter any issues. They also offer two other paid packages Gold membership and Platinum membership. Only platinum membership allows users to start and run an airline on FS-Airlines but in our oppinion it is a small price to pay for the quality of the hosting and support Virtual Airlines recieve. Pilots can also purchase the Gold and Platinum membership packages which gives them access to extra features like allowing them to buy their own aircraft and virtual belongings to bling up their profile. We thought that this was a nice step away from sites offering similar services who merely ask for donations. Of course we all uderstand that it is not cheap to keep services like this hosted, but we liked that contributers and supporters got a little something to show off for their money.

We Reccomend FS-Airlines to Pilots and Virtual Airlines alike! 9.1/10
Read: Review: FS-Airlines
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Halo 2: First batch of Reach DLC - Noble Mappack
The first DLC/mappack for Halo Reach has been announced.

The new pack will consist of 3 new maps:
Anchor 9

With this new mappack comes an extra 250 points worth of achievements (just incase the "Monument To All Your Sins" wasn't hard enough for you, lol).

It is expected to hit the marketplace on November 30th.

Hit the link above for the first few screenshots.

Now, you have a reason to spend those spare 800 MS points, lol.

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Left 4 Dead: FeedBack Required
Megadude has posted a beta 3 set of campaign maps (5 of 7) and requires feedback from us all.

If you have L4D 1 then get this file and leave him your opinion on it.
I know L4DMaps is good but we have been doing this sort of thing for years on other games and we trust our visitors to give a honest opinion in a respectful way.
The developers who post here know that too and expect to be given a honest opinion.

So download and play it for a while and come back and post.

In the mean time I will see about getting us a server to play beta maps on so we can have a laugh while "testing" them in the future smile
Read: FeedBack Required
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Star Trek: Legacy: Changes to the Site and Upcoming Items
Good Evening everyone.

As Im sure many of you have gathered by now, bug fixes have allowed new content and changes to be made to the site.

So what's new?

First of all many of you have probably noticed on the left menu that there is a new item. The Picture of The Day League, this is designed to encourage not just new PoTD submissions, but also for you all to be inventive with said submissions to gain the highest score possible.

How does this work?

Everything is explained on the League page. But the Idea is, you score a certain amount of points based on the rating of your PoTD, the ratings are broken down into the following sections

  • Above 9 - 25 points

  • 8-9 - 18 Points

  • 7-8 - 15 Points

  • 6-7 - 12 Points

    At the end of each month a winner will be determined by the amount of points that they have accumulated, and be put in the bullet board of fame below the table, and the points will be reset for the next month.

    There is also an all time points column, so at the end of the year, in this case November 2011, there will be a prize of bragging rights, of who has accumulated the most points in the league.

    Amagosa987 and the Legacy Files Team
    Read: Changes to the Site and Upcoming Items
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    M O D I F I C A T I O N S

    Age of Empires III: Age of Empires The Forgotten Empires Demo
    The Forgotten Empires is the only Age III Mod which allows players to choose all known nations and the new ones with a full working homecity. This means no savegame cities like other mods deal with.
    Its is for players who love the good old age and it is for players that need something new.

    - 8 new and 14 old nations included in 6 leagues:
    The Northern Contract, Southern Confederation, Eurasian Union,
    Commonwealth, Global Defense League, Asian Pact
    - all 22 nations are playable, - new textures for units, buildings, projectiles and landscape, - 4 new useful natives, - fixed all known bugs of the orignial game, - new GNRC nation choosing system, - hundreds of new technologies, buildings and icons, - new politicians, sounds and units, - new formations and strategies, - new possibilities with the GNRC Rule Unit, - 18 new maps, - new interface with more new tactical information, - complete new homecitycards for every new nation, - extraordinary new unit and nation abilities

    Download: Age of Empires The Forgotten Empires Demo
    More Age of Empires III: FileFront's Age of Empires III Files

    Battlefield 1942: Battlegroup42 1.61 Patch
    The Battlegroup42 team says hello and is back with another news which you have all been waiting for. Today we are releasing the latest patch for Battlegroup42, 1.61. It fixes some bugs in the full release of version 1.6 and incorporates the community feedback we have received since the release of 1.6. We even managed to include a small surprise !

    In addition to the maps shown in the previous update we have intentionally included a bug in this patch, not one that will annoy you but on the contrary, one that will give you a lot of fun. This time you can take "bug" literally - bug as in "beetle": in version 1.61 the Volkswagen Type 87 appears on Battlegroup42´s battlefields. Known as the "Käfer" (beetle in english) it wrote automotive history. The German Wehrmacht used this car during WWII with great success as staff and commando car as well as an ambulance and other tasks. The Käfer proved its worth in the deserts of Northern Africa as well as in Russia. Our model was made by Wyvern and primarily was meant for the abandoned German Front mod. The textures were made by Tha Godfather.

    And now we wish you a lot of fun with this new version of Battlegroup42. There are some download links for you available (see end of this news). This time we will not give you a direct download link from our website at once - last time the traffic was so intense that the server nearly broke down and it cost a LOT of money. We want to avoid this problem this time - after all Battlegroup42 is not a commercial product.
    Download: Battlegroup42 1.61 Patch
    More Battlefield 1942: FileFront's Battlefield 1942 Files

    Halo: Combat Evolved: Halo ODST: Operation Keys V0.6
    In this version of Operation keys the changes are more to the AI and damage. After watching Halo Legends I realised how unrealistic the game was. My goal in this version was to make a more realistic game while retaining the fun elements. The mod is not totally realistic but feels less arcadish. Sure you can charge up and jump around but you won't last long. A few bullets on grunts and jackals and they're dead, this is the same for you and your team. The AI is more agressive, they will charge and seek you out, damage levels are higher for all weapons, covenant and human. I also added a USP pistol to replace the ordinary one. I also actually made extensive changes to the Halo 1 and Halo 3 Assualt Rifles:

    Halo 1 Assualt Rifle - Shoots fast, low accuracy, no scope, 60 round clip, low damage
    Halo 3 Assualt Rifle - Shoots Slow, High accuracy, snoped, 32 round clip, high damage
    (Only your ODST buddies use Halo 1 Assualt Rifles, you can take them after they die though)
    Pelicans are now destructible and you get more rienforcements from them, covenant dropships are also destructible so feel free to shoot them. The game is a lot harder and will require skill, I recommend playing on Normal of average players, Easy for Noobs, and Legendary for Pros. You have been warned!

    Download: Halo ODST: Operation Keys V0.6
    More Halo: Combat Evolved: FileFront's Halo: Combat Evolved Files

    M I N I M O D S

    Call of Duty 4: Tool|Mods
    This is a mod for CoD4 that adds a clan menu, in addition to editing some maps to put them in the middle of the night. Certain weapons have also had lasers added to them, perhaps to aid in sighting in the darkness.

    This isn't badly done, and the night maps represent something that was originally lacking in CoD4. This mod also has a server (details are in the readme), so you can play on it with your friends (or your enemies, or whoever you please).

    Certainly a nice addition, although be warned: it's written in Polish. If you don't speak (or at least read) Polish, you might want to be careful, lest you accidentally cause yourself some problems.

    Download: Tool|Mods
    More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

    Jedi Knight III: RGB Sabers for Single Player
    If your one of the people who would prefer to have more colour choices for your lightsaber blade in Singleplayer (like me) then rejoice! Zlyden has now brought his previous Multiplayer RGB saber colour mod (which used coding from the OJP mod) over to Singleplayer. This means you can now choose whatever colour you want for your saber blade ingame, whether that be lime green or a deep turquoise or anything in between.

    Personally I think this is a great little mod, and I think I might just use it myself next time I play JKA SP! If you like the look of it too, then be sure to give it a download!

    Download: RGB Sabers for Single Player
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Jedi Knight III: Sith-J-Cull HD pre launch Coruscant Video
    Well, SJC plot'th. He plot'th to release unto us the most malevolent and undeniably astounding representation of Coruscant that the Jedi Knight series has ever run into. This video? A prelude, to what is to come. Fear it, and fear it well.

    I feel there's not much to say at this given juncture, as there's simply no need to. Sith-J-Cull will be unleashing yet another monumental piece of mapwork that will make everyone explode into a fury of "OMG AWESOME," and there's nothing we can do about it. Basically, download this video and stay tuned. The screenshots simply are not proof enough of how impressive this map is going to be. The video is far superior in showcasing the more delectable elements of the map. There's also somewhat of a hidden "easter egg" at the end, so what wait you for?

    Download: Sith-J-Cull HD pre launch Coruscant Video
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Knights of the Old Republic II: TSL Bandon As PC_v3.0 (improved face)
    Makes Darth Bandon Selectable as the Exile
    It fixes the pale issue. Darth Bandon has sith eyes and also has sith tattoos in his darkside transition. It also works well with http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Darth_Bandon_and_Sith_Master_Robe;78278

    Download: TSL Bandon As PC_v3.0 (improved face)
    More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

    Knights of the Old Republic II: TSL Tutorial 3C-FD dialogue expansion/fix
    TSL Tutorial 3C-FD dialogue expansion/fix v1.0

    Some time ago a file on Team Gizka's site was released, that gave access to some extra XBox Live dialogue paths between T3-M4 and 3C-FD in the KotOR 2 tutorial. The problem problem was, that the file contained a bug, that allowed T3-M4 to repair 3C-FD over and over again as long the former had the parts to do so and did not have the latter join the team. This exploit, aside from giving T3-M4 the opportunity to gain some extra XP points, allowed the player to use up all the parts that he found on Ebon Hawk, thus making it impossible to finish the tutorial, since at least 5 parts were needed to fix the Hyperdrive.

    Download: TSL Tutorial 3C-FD dialogue expansion/fix
    More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

    Knights of the Old Republic II: K2TR Renaissance of the Consulars
    This is simply a small addition to my Tactical Rebalance mod for Kotor 2 meant to give Jedi Consulars relying on Force powers in battle a slightly easier time in the game. There are two new implants which can be created at any workbench. One can be used by any Jedi Consular who has the Master Force Focus feat, and the other, more powerful one, is reserved for the PC (assuming the PC is a Consular and the prestige class is either Jedi Master or Sith Lord, and has 16 base Constitution) only. They grant bonuses to Wisdom and Charisma, while also fulfilling the function of a Retinal Combat Implant and granting immunity to critical hits, but they incurr a penalty to Strength. They cannot be used by anyone else but Jedi Consulars.

    Download: K2TR Renaissance of the Consulars
    More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

    Medal of Honor: MoH:AA Sound Enhancement
    Here's yet another revamped version of my soundpack for MoH. In this one you will notice right off the increased volume of the bullets flying past you and the new ricochet and impact sounds. And if your are at all familiar with Airborne, you will notice that some of the sounds from that game such as the weapon sounds, explosions, footsteps, and many more have been used. Also included are explosion effects for Allied Assault and Spearhead (two separate pk3 files).

    Download: MoH:AA Sound Enhancement
    More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

    Operation Flashpoint: Resistance: OPERATION CODEBLUE FINAL EDIT
    included is operation codeblue the campaign and links to all necessary files to operate it. ive redone most of the briefings to make them more in tune with what you see so the briefing characters have acu and marpat now. This is all leading up to something bigger for the code blue team of course. In the future we will be updating our units and including some new ones, not to mention, maybe, another campaign so this is just to get your attention that we're still at work. all instructions are in readme.

    More Operation Flashpoint: Resistance: FileFront's Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Legacy Files PotD Pack 2009/10
    Hey there everyone. This weekend is a time where we are updating the content of the site, and trying to get the momentum going again, with some stunning new files and more people joining it seemed prudent to clear out some of the old content and get some new stuff in.

    Here is a POTD pack, since there hasn't been one for many months it seemed prudent to show the efforts of others that might not have made it to the POTD, this pack contains images sent in from april 2009, up till april 2010, so the range is quite diverse.

    However since this pack contains pictures from so far back I would like to ask that you guys and gals keep submitting your fantastic shots, its nice to see what your imagination contains. I would like to thank the following for their contributions to the queue, long may it continue to lengthen and long may your inspirations continue to be shown off here!

    Download: Legacy Files PotD Pack 2009/10
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Star Trek Legacy (Fan Patch) 1.3 October update - 3rd Issue
    Here is Zube1337's October legacy patch. focusing on graphical optimisation of the game.

    Here he attempted to fix glow and texture issues encountered with the original models, textures and sprites. install at your discretion, backup original files if necessary.

    Few of the TNG-TOS late era ships to appeared during the TOS era, which is not supposed to be, although, this may appear randomly and I intent to get it fix. Furthermore, the TNG-TOS late era ships does not appear before 2340, because of the 'Revelations' mission.

    This patch mainly focuses on graphic problems.

    -Fix almost Starfleet’s glow texture fix
    (Fix one smaller resolution textures, such as less than 512x512 pixels)
    -Correct light colour for weapons
    (When you fire, you will sometimes get yellow, instead of orange, now it is fixed. This includes the photon, phasers and pulse weapons and all races)
    -Fix TMP-TNG refit ships
    (Crash the game)
    -Borg ships are weaken
    (Too powerful for All Era races, excluding the Borg, to destroy them)
    -All ENT-TOS-TMP phaser have 80 degree arc
    (All of them have the same arc)
    -Proxima Fix
    (Bump and Spec for Texture A)
    -Federation glow fix
    (The only race seem to have glow problem)
    -New Fleet construction year
    (ENT 2100-2161, TOS 2200-2339 and TNG 2340-2400)

    Download: Star Trek Legacy (Fan Patch) 1.3 October update - 3rd Issue
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    M A P S

    Age of Empires III: The Netherlands map
    *This is my first scenario map, so there might be a few stupid things or bugs.*

    This is a map of the Netherlands, You re playing the netherlands en
    must defeat the Germans, British and some Pirates.
    Pretty simple.

    Download: The Netherlands map
    More Age of Empires III: FileFront's Age of Empires III Files

    Aliens vs Predator 2: The sUk Pack
    Contained herein is a slightly updated version of the good old sUk-Stronghold 1 (with evac), the completely new sUk-Stronghold 2 and sUk-HadleysHope; a no where near finished map included as a request.

    Many many thanks goto the [F4] clan for beta testing all of the above maps to a very professional level. Mr.Flex and meatball take a bow. wink

    Many things can be interacted with, destroyed or repaired (like the power generator and airstrike)

    Check out the tutorial video and gameflow first to prevent wtfdoido

    Download: The sUk Pack
    More Aliens vs Predator 2: FileFront's Aliens vs Predator 2 Files

    Battle for Middle Earth 2: ROTWK: Ghosts of Arnor v0.3
    A RotWK mod that adds Arnor, splits Gondor and Rohan, improves the Inn/CaH system, and adds heroes like Beregond and Damrod.

    Download: Ghosts of Arnor v0.3
    More Battle for Middle Earth 2: ROTWK: FileFront's Battle for Middle Earth 2: ROTWK Files

    Call of Duty 2: Labyrinth (2.0)
    This is my second version of Labyrinth. I messed around with the textures a bit and also added ctf and sd. Add the iwd to the main folder to play this map.

    Download: Labyrinth (2.0)
    More Call of Duty 2: FileFront's Call of Duty 2 Files

    Empire at War: Asteroid Field
    here is xX_Felix_Xx again.
    This is my second map and I hope you like it. Yesterday evening was it boring and then I made this map ^^.
    Im open for critic. Please leave feedback for me. Maybe I can create better maps.

    Download: Asteroid Field
    More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

    Empire at War: Eiswueste
    I'm not sure what an "Eiswueste" is. But this is a nice map for a first submission. It's very linear, but a couple of obstacles (natives, wampas) between points help to mix it up a bit. The giant building/facility in the northwestern corner is a nice touch, and out of the way as not to detract from the map. Unfortunately, the prisons are neutral and take some tack and trickery to destroy, which in the end proves not to be worth it. Check this out and give the author some feedback so we can get some more good maps out there.

    Download: Eiswueste
    More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

    Empire at War: The Dead Planet
    Were you like me earlier this week, saying to youself: " Boy, Burntstrobes Space Nebula Tutorial has some sweet nebulae! I wish I had some of those make my EaW experience better"? Well, while you and I were sitting in our comfy desk chairs wishing, Geroenimo was sitting in this overlord throne making our wishes into reality. Thank you Oh Gracious One for shining thy countenance upon us. And the map is good too. Check out the history of this planet.

    This is my map of a rather icy planet. Arcus III hasn´t seen battle in hundreds of years, now with the recent discovery of precious metals in the planets natural crust the fighting begins. The map is large and has plenty of money and defences. Not much to say exept that the ships are not in the map, they are from my mod old republic at war. The credits: The map and nebula are mine, starfields belong to DR_McCoy credit goes to him. A thanks on my part to burnstrobe for his nebula tutorial, which I used to make the nebula.

    Download: The Dead Planet
    More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

    FEAR: F.E.A.R. Resurrection_PatchRus v1.1
    This patch version 1.1 fixes many bugs, as well as corrected the balance. I hope this time you will enjoy the game.

    Note you require this file http://fear.filefront.com/file/FEAR_Resurrection;111977 and this patch.
    NOTE. This for the RUSSIAN version of the game.

    Download: obj_bombing_village
    More FEAR: FileFront's FEAR Files

    Halo: Combat Evolved: Halo: Mythic - Battle Creek 2010
    This is the release of Halo: Mythic's Battle Creek. The map has been given a swampy, overgrown theme. The bases are flooded, rusted, and have plants sprouting out of some of the walls. The whole area has an eery green fog and the map has very rainy weather. Like Blood Gulch before it, there are other options for the Spartan's model. These can be changed in Eschaton or HHT. These maps are 100% compatible with any online server.

    Most of the changes to Battle Creek, being cosmetic, are good. The new atmospheric textures felt less "swampy" and more "lime green" to me. The updated weapons felt heavier, which is amazing seeing as this a video game, lol. stick out tongue Let me put it to you this way: The sniper rilfe, with it's new sound effects, now feels more like Ash Williams's boomstick from "Army Of Darkness" (AKA Evil Dead 3: Army Of Darkness), in that with it's new loud blast, there is now no need to shout "boom, HEADSHOT" as i'm sure any Elite on a Covenant ship in orbit would now be able to hear it! big grin

    Download: Halo: Mythic - Battle Creek 2010
    More Halo: Combat Evolved: FileFront's Halo: Combat Evolved Files

    Medal of Honor: obj_bombing_village
    Hello my name is Rob Hamel. I am now in a different clan. the name is = | TDC | = so you'll now in my folders see = | TDC | = Red-Bull. I have a OBJ folder is created. He takes place at sunset. I have worked on a very long time. This is one of the most beautiful folders that I created together with {FAF} Big folder. There are problems or errors in the folder then you can email me via the but address. then I can immediately to work.

    Download: obj_bombing_village
    More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

    Star Wars Battlefront 2: Amador: Deep Forest
    "Amador: Deep Forest," by yodakid, is a pretty straightforwar
    d forest map. It's got a number of command posts spread out over a forest bisected by a river. There's a reasonable amount of cover, which is good.

    The author has done a pretty nice job setting up the environment - the sky is nice - with a few hitches. The terrain texture is way over-tiled, and it's very apparent at far distances. It looks nice up close, but any time you're not looking at your feet it looks a bit odd. There's also some strange, ill-fitting foliage used to fill out the forest. I'm all for mixing the trees up, but there's not a lot of consistency in the plant design (some of these would fit better in a more exotic environment).

    Download: Amador: Deep Forest
    More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

    Star Wars Battlefront 2: Death Star: Prison Break
    "Death Star: Prison Break," by Jaspo, despite sharing a name with the stock campaign level, is a relatively fresh take on the Death Star design.

    It uses, as can be expected, heaps of stock props, but it also has plenty of new models that fit in relatively well with the map. The map itself is, of course, a pretty standard Death-Star-type (Ep IV) map. It's probably larger than the stock map; if you're familiar with the author's Star Destroyer map, this is basically a refinement of that design.

    I liked some elements of the map, notably the stacked-floors-bottomless-pit room. There were times where the stock textures were used pretty well on custom models, and I think it's a big improvement over the abovementioned Star Destroyer map. Not everything is perfect, of course - there are a couple times where the textures look a little odd.

    Download: Death Star: Prison Break
    More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

    Star Wars Battlefront 2: Republic Commando: Extraction
    Today AQT brings us a fairly unique map, based on a simple concept: a group of Republic Commandos must defend a single central command post (the "Extraction Point") on Geonosis while under heavy fire from all sides until they either destroy all attacking CIS troops or are defeated.

    While the concept is simple its been pulled off very well, and its FUN (although it gets a bit repetitive). You (can only play as republic Commandos) have to fight off hordes of battledroids and geonosians - a combination of plenty of shooting with some strategy (eg building barricades, blowing up scattered fuel barrels in the canyons to slow the CIS down, placing turrets and mines). The sides are very nicely put together and well polished, and have some impressive features (1st person shows the Commando's helmet as well as arms, for example).

    There are three modes, Easy, Medium and Hard, with the difference between each one being the number of regular Clone Troopers assisting you. I didn't even try Hard (got overwhelmed on medium several times in a row), and the author suggests it should be played online to make it win-able (hint hint).

    Download: Republic Commando: Extraction
    More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

    Star Wars Battlefront 2: Ryloth: Nabat
    THEWULFMAN is back today with this update to his previously released beta map, Ryloth: Nabat. This version removes the beta label and makes a number of changes to the map.

    First off, the general layout and look of the map is largely the same. Some of the colors look a little different and it seems that there was a slight graphical update to make the map look a bit more appealing. Some objects have been grounded, others have been relocalized correctly, and some new objects are present as well. There is also a more firey feel to the map, with the addition of some embers floating around and some piles of flaming refuse scattered around the buildings.

    In the sides department, there have been a lot of changes. All the clone models have been changed up a bit to be more like the animated series, and there are a lot of new weapons and animations for those weapons. There are also some new vehicles added for you to fly around the map in. Most of the units have been reskinned and in general they have a completely different appearance than they did before. There were also a lot of droids running around the map, which was a nice touch- it added a lot of atmosphere.

    Download: Ryloth: Nabat
    More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

    S K I N S / M O D E L S

    Aliens vs Predator 2: Ionic Praetorian
    A member of my forum, Icepick, gave me a skin idea of a praetorian with a blue base, and with blue streaks over it. Later he said he suggested some white on it as well. So I decided to make the skin with a white and variation of blue pattern. The pattern I used reminded me of an ion cannon/blast, in which it starts off blue and gets brighter as it is charged more. So the prae appears ionized. The ion pattern also camoflauges well in darker areas as the blue turns into violet purple.

    I also added little blue cracks into both the teeth and the claws, as if the ion charges are coming out from within the prae. Aside from the actual skin, I added new attack, scream, death, idle, pain, and taunt sounds. Since the praetorian looks like it is at unstable state, the new sounds are focused on making the prae sound a bit mutated, unstable, and really angry.

    Download: Ionic Praetorian
    More Aliens vs Predator 2: FileFront's Aliens vs Predator 2 Files

    Armada 2: Strider Class Assault
    Thank you for downloading the Strider Class Assault cruiser. It was originally designed for Star Trek Legacy as an Enterprise era scout. I felt from the beginning that was all wrong. I have also from the beginning wanted to bring her to Armada 2. Now that I have a few models under my belt I felt it was time. Knowing full well that the era was all wrong for her, I decided to build her as a TMP era assault cruiser. I took away her tractors and gave her torps but, everything else is still the same as the original assault ship.

    Background Info: Built at the Utopia Shipyards from 2283 to 2338, The Strider Class was designed with a multitude of roles in mind. Primarily used for fleet support and small resupply missions, it was not intended for deep space missions without an accompanying cruiser. In times of conflict, the Strider was also used to ferry Marines to planets needing their services. The Marines were also used to board and subdue (if possible) or destroy (if necessary) enemy vessels.

    Download: Strider Class Assault
    More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

    Bridge Commander: Baz JJ era TMPrefit
    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 refit re-imagined V2.0

    During the latter half of the 23rd century the United Federation of Planet's Starfleet went through a stage of refitting. This refit began with the Constitution Class starships and when the success of the refit was proven, it was expanded fleet wide. During this time other ships were also constructed using the new technology designed for the refit.

    The new technology is an amalgamation of the advanced technology developed after the Kelvin Incident, and new developments designed after the loss of Vulcan and simultaneous destruction of the rescue fleet that was sent to help the doomed planet, excluding U.S.S. Enterprise. Later, U.S.S. Enterprise played a critical role as it successfully prevented Romulan mining vessel "Narada" from destroying Earth with "red matter" as it did to Vulcan.

    Download: Baz JJ era TMPrefit
    More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

    Bridge Commander: S.S. Bonaventure
    S.S. Bonaventure from the Star Trek Animated series Episode "The Time Trap"

    Pre-Federation galactic survey starship, Bonaventure-class, registry number NCC-10281, the first starship equipped with warp drive. The ship was launched in 2115, and on its third voyage, the S.S. Bonaventure became lost in the region of space known as the Delta Triangle, a location where a large number of mysterious disappearances of starships had been recorded since ancient times by different civilizations all over the galaxy.

    On stardate 5267.3, the Bonaventure was discovered in the alternate universe of Elysia along with all of the other starships lost in the Delta Triangle region over the centuries. Bonaventure-class vessels were smaller than Constitution-class ships like the Enterprise, and had bulkier, less efficient warp nacelles.

    Download: S.S. Bonaventure
    More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

    Call of Duty 2: New Weapons Mod
    Hi all this is new mod by me mitka. all copy the files to main. folder can not be anything but XP : folder can not be anything but iw_00/iw_15 + localized_english_iw00/localized_english_iw11 classically found in C: Program Files Activision Call of Duty 2 main

    Win7: C: Users name AppData Local VirtualStore Program Files Activision Call of Duty 2 after the folder as you earn absolutely everything except what ingredients are in the main. Turn on the game and I have funsmilemitka

    Download: New Weapons Mod
    More Call of Duty 2: FileFront's Call of Duty 2 Files

    Call of Duty 4: Camouflage Helicopters
    This reskin alters the helicopters to make them more realistic by painting them in camouflage colours. It's very nicely done, with high-quality camo patterns that match their respective nations' actual patterning. Certainly something nice to spice up your boring old Hinds and Cobras with.

    Download: Camouflage Helicopters
    More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

    Call of Duty 4: Metal RPG & Neon Green Rocket
    This skin replaces the default rpg with an entirely metal version, that means its wood is completely removed. additionally it adds a nice neon green colour to the rocket.

    Download: Metal RPG & Neon Green Rocket
    More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

    Call of Duty 6: War_Crimes Panzergrenadier Skins
    First of all I would like to say thanks to MasterJames for making the Panzergrenadier mod without it i couldn't of made these skin's work. What I've done here is a re-skin of the Panzergrenadier that looked like the Camouflage Smock had beed made using vanderlee Camouflage filter in photoshop and replaced it with a Fall pattern ss Camouflage. I've also skinned the German gear and Wehrmacht so they are Waffen SS to.

    Download: War_Crimes Panzergrenadier Skins
    More Call of Duty 6: FileFront's Call of Duty 6 Files

    Flight Simulator X: Boeing 737-700 Project OpenSky KLM
    Project Open Sky Boeing 737-700 with KLM textures.
    Download: Boeing 737-700 Project OpenSky KLM
    More Flight Simulator X: FileFront's Flight Simulator X Files

    Flight Simulator X: LFOO Les Sables d'Olonne Talmont, France
    FSX LFOO Les Sables d'Olonne Talmont, France. In Vendée. West of France, on the Ocean Atlantic side, a rather charming location and one of the French favorites for summer time vacation. The airfield is well located and equiped with grass and alsphalt runways and hosts parachuting events.

    Review Note : Scenery works well in high resolution and doesn't seem to affect frames per second too much, very nice on the eyes!
    Download: LFOO Les Sables d'Olonne Talmont, France
    More Flight Simulator X: FileFront's Flight Simulator X Files

    Halo: Combat Evolved: crazy stuff (halo full)
    During my time with the Halo franchise, I have heard a few people say that a lot of the textures on some of the objects in the the first game were bland and dull (which makes no sense considering that in a war, you wouldn't want a brightly colored vehicle to make you stand out when it is meant to have some aspect of camouflage, lol big grin ).

    Anyway, paganwannabe has remedied this with a few of his own skins that he has had 'lying around' for some time now. Only a few scattared texxture updates here and there. He has pretty much installed the skins for you. All you need to do is replace the bitmap.map file (keep the original somewhere safe incase you change your mind), and you're done.

    This won't appeal to everyone, but at least give it a chance. Temporary link to evade the glitch troll. That troll is a tricky little blighter, lol

    Download: crazy stuff (halo full)
    More Halo: Combat Evolved: FileFront's Halo: Combat Evolved Files

    Jedi Knight III: The Force Unleashed 2 Starkiller Pack
    Success. I was hoping to take a hold of DarthPhae's work one of these days. Just a shame the topic had to be The Force Unleashed frown ...2.

    However, with DarthPhae, I at least can take solace in that any work that he sends in is simply spectacular. 5 regular, 2 team skins, and all of them up to DarthPhae's usual standard of work, which is in itself, quite impressive. I still use his DF2 Yun to this day, just because of how excellent it is. He really can turn the jedi_HM model into something potent.

    So, speaking of, this is yet another Jedi_HM reskin pack, and as I said before, a very potent one. Wielding his mighty digital artistic tools, DP has turned Jaden into Galen Merak in his own unique manner, sketching up 4 of the outfits that you apparently see him in the upcoming TFU2. These are, from what I'm guessing: A kamino clone outfit, a utilitarian suit, a ripped jacketed suit, and a jedi-ish robe of sorts. But wait, what's the 5th? Apparently, a mutated/incomplete clone will be featured as an enemy in TFU2, and has been skinned into such. It looks quite malevolent, and thankfully, he doesn't have red eyes! WOOOT.

    Download: The Force Unleashed 2 Starkiller Pack
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Jedi Knight III: The Sith
    Hey, you! Wondering why the server list won't work? Please check out this thingy here - it should explain a bit. Basically, I'm working on getting an answer & going as fast as various companies' customer support will let me. Right, so, today brings us a new skin - this time, it's a Sith, complete with red eyes. This is, essentially, a recolor of the new Reborn. Amusing fact of the day: I just typed "a recolor of a newborn" for some reason. All your newborns are belong to us.

    And, for the record, this doesn't overwrite the old New Reborn (see what I did there?), it's a complete new skin. Now, the skinning quality itself isn't bad at all, I dare say I've seen far worse. The only real problem I see here is it being a recolor of the new reborn, but hey, that's just me. I did notice one bug - the flap behind the face mask bandanna banana thing. When I tested it, it disappeared whenever you looked at it from the front (whilst still being visible from the back). I think this is a shader issue (or lack thereof, judging by the contents of the pk3), but I honestly wouldn't be able to say for sure.

    Still, you know what to do if you want to run around as newborn or new Reborn.

    Download: The Sith
    More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

    Knights of the Old Republic II: 3 Mandalorian Armors
    This mod allows you to have 3 mandalorian armors,blue,red and yellow to get the armor in the game you you will have to talk to kex at the mandalorian camp in dxun and look at his stock to buy them or you can use cheats to get them

    Download: 3 Mandalorian Armors
    More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

    Knights of the Old Republic II: Clone Wars Armor Pack
    The mod adds several Clone Trooper armors, two DC-15 rifles, reskin of first male asian pc to resemble Jango Fett/Clone, and replaces all male Republic Soldiers with Clones.

    Created by Don Kain & Darth DeadMan

    Download: Clone Wars Armor Pack
    More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

    Knights of the Old Republic II: Golden HK47
    My little mod here makes HK47 Golden with blue eyes! This isn't just a shade of pure yellow, this is Gold, with shades of red and orange. I also included a cool desktop background for you. Enjoy!

    Download: Golden HK47
    More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

    Stalker: Golden AK 74
    This mod reskins the AK-74 to look like it's made of gold. Reminds me of those pictures of that rich drug lord that was raided and had gold weapons.

    Download: Golden AK 74
    More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

    Stalker: XRAY Vesper 2400 PDA
    This mod retextures the PDA for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl. It is purely a graphical
    mod and merely changes the look of the PDA, not how it works.

    Download: XRAY Vesper 2400 PDA
    More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Early Romulan Bird of Prey
    Introducing the Early Romulan Bird of Prey. What we have here is a quality textured, nicely modelled vessel from blaxxer and yopyop. As the description below says this vessel was encountered by the federation in 2266, and from where Im sitting I can't see why they didn't stop and hail the Romulans commenting on how beautiful the paintwork is.

    In battle you will find this vessel, on its own... to be rather useless against anything much larger than itself, while it is quick, and can run circles round much larger ships with ease, it has limited range when it comes to using the weapons, so be prepared for a close quarters battle.

    If you do chose this vessel as your instrument of destruction of behalf of the empire, it is highly recommended you form a squadron of these, and upgrade weapons and sheilds, or you will be the subject of a klingon opera. A great little mod by yopyop, blaxxer and the NG team.

    Download: Early Romulan Bird of Prey
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Gagarin Class
    If the Federation wanted to regurgitate the connie, I think they may have done it in a similar way to this. NG mods presents the Gagarin Class Cruiser.

    At first I thought it was going to be a weedy version of the Ambassador class, but it seems as though NG weren't joking when they said it has excellent firing coverage. In battle you will find that this vessel copes well against a comparable foe such as the Vor'cha Class Cruiser, as a matter of fact the Gagarin will not even break a sweat in brushing those pesky klingons aside. The ship has a nice, robust yet sleek silhouette but some areas could perhaps do with a little chamfering to make them less sharp.

    Manoeuvrability wise you won't be breaking any impulse or warp speed records, in fact, in comparison to other TNG cruisers the Gagarin could be called slow. But given the armaments and defences. This is not much of a problem.
    The Gagarin Class features a good load-out of photon torpedoes and phaser arrays with good firing arcs, this is most notable when you are broadsiding with a vessel of equal or greater size. Another nice mod from NG, definitely something to think about when in fleet selection as you get more for your money here.

    Download: Gagarin Class
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

    Star Trek: Legacy: Venture Class
    Zube comes to the community with his first custom built model. In a cartoon style this venture class is his first self built vessel. Constructive criticism wherever needed for him would be appreciated. First model developed by me, took me two weeks to complete it. All of the sections were rushed were textured like Legacy's type, mirror image. There are three variants of this ship: Prototype, Production, Prototype Refit.

    NX-80002, USS Venture
    NCC-80245, USS Potemkin
    NCC-80389, USS Zhukov
    NCC-80479, USS Miranda
    NCC-80569, USS Yorktown

    Apparently, I still haven't figure the logo yet. Anyway this Venture was a concept, for the Aftermath 'Univ-travel episodes', so since I manage to grasp simple modelling skills, I model it up. This is supposed to represent a Galaxy-class, however, there are many inconsistencies but I somewhat represent an Ambassador-class. Speaking of Ambassador, I hope you figure which Venture variant represents what Ambassador variant. If you are wondering why it is just shaded of greys with blue and red, I wanted this ship to be like a cartoon ship, so I was just with the help of bump and spec and glow textures.

    Download: Venture Class
    More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

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    That Steam trade-in thing has left me confuddled :<

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    Damn! Now I wish I had KOTOR! Those clone trooper skins are pretty awsome, and the new MoH looks pretty fun.

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