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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 06 (week 50, 2010) - Files - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 12-13-2010 @ 18:12
This News Item has been viewed 39,629 times

Welcome to all for the sixth version of the Gamefront Network Update - Files Section the second part of the weekly news post. The Files part of the Weekly update includes the latest Files that has been posted on the Network Sites over the past week including many different Modifications, Mini Mods, Skins, Vehicles, Starships or even swedish furnature stores and more. This weeks big mods include Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising, a sound pack for Quake 4 as well as Phase II White Republic Side Mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2 and two mods for Stalker.

Just like the former Insider we would still like your suggestions Remember; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]alienworlds[dot]net (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ). If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, support or even death threats stick out tongue (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).

Modifications | Mini-Mods | Maps | Skins / Models | Demos | Patches | Trailers


Dawn of War: Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising - Reincarnate - Version 4.0
Strongly recommend going to my homepage for more details and updates. Welcome to Dawn of war 2 Chaos rising - Reincarnate 4.0 You can get the new version here : http://www.filefront.com/17608478/Da...arnate 4.0.rar This new version is about 105Mb, yeah I know quite a jump from the 8.5Mb one stick out tongue I would read the rest of this page however as the mod has changes quite a bit.

Overview -
The aim of this mod is to create a Dawn of War 2 game which reflects the fluff of the Warhammer universe a little better, whilst delivering a rich and engaging game experience. Each army now feels more personal, having their own way of playing.The choices you make in the game are now more difficult as a vast number of things have been updated and changed.

New Gameplay

- A more expensive tech tree, meaning low tier units will last longer in the game and managing your troops becomes much more important when saving up for the next tech level.
- Only Tier 1 units and capture points, this massively increases their usefulness later on in the game and prevents the spamming of the more powerful units.
- Vehicle cap introduced, no more spamming vehicles.
- New upgrades
- New units with new models, thanks to Shuma( refer to credits)
- The whole new "Commander unique" system which will be explained below.
- Races now feel more personal, meaning you must know the race well to get the most out of them.
- Fall back ranged damage increased, you better take better care of your troops.
- Hundreds of new badges and colours schemes thanks to Hangar-8 and Mirage Knight (refer to credits)

Download: Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising - Reincarnate - Version 4.0
More Dawn of War: FileFront's Dawn of War Files

Quake 4: Quake 2 super pack sounds
This is a pack of sounds of Quake 2 created by Benjamin Pulido and DarkendShadow.

Monster sounds:
Berserker, Gladiator, Gunner, Iron Maiden, Lt tank and strogg marine by DarkendShadow.
Grunt (infantry sounds), Sentry (floater sounds) by Benjamin Pulido.

Weapons sounds:
Grenade Launcher, Hyperblaster and Railgun by DarkendShadow.
Blaster (Q2), Shotgun (Super shotgun sounds), Machinegun (Q2), RocketLauncher (Q2), Nailgun (Q2 Chaingun), Lightning gun (Q3A), Darkmatter (Q2 BFG Sounds) by Benjamin Pulido.

Download: Quake 2 super pack sounds
More Quake 4: FileFront's Quake 4 Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Phase II White Republic Side Mod
This side mod is another online-compatible "visual replacement" mod. In this version (as you may guess from the title), all the Republic troopers now have white(-ish) skins. I would've like to see the retextures all be actually white rather than (in some cases) simply reduced in saturation (for example, the sniper retains his blue markings, although they are now grey). In addition to the white retextures, many of the weapons have updated weapons models, a la the 1.2/1.3 patch. Since these are all cosmetic changes, the mod is online-compatible.

Before using this mod, please remember to back up your original files.

Download: Phase II White Republic Side Mod
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Stalker: Absolute Nature Texture Pack for SCoP
This texture pack update includes new tree and bush textures.
It also contains new grass textures (released previously in update 1.2), sligtly different for each level to add some variety. There are 3 different texture resolution options:

* default - the same resolution as vanilla
* high - tree and bush textures are 1024x1024 and grass texture resolution is doubled
* ultra - tree and bush textures are 2048x2048 and grass texture resolution is doubled

There are 3 seasonal options to install: early spring, summer, autumn.

Download: Absolute Nature Texture Pack for SCoP
More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Supreme Commander: SupremeCommander2: Scale Mod and FA Economy
This mod is for Supreme Commander 2, there is currently no submission option for supcom2.

This mod, having been in development since release aims to bring back the epic feel and look of its predecessor- Forged Alliance. By scaling down most units and tweaking others, the overall look becomes much more impressive and realistic. Its not a walk down the street to the enemy's base anymore, but a marathon. This mod also brings back the drain-system of economy that Forged Alliance had to make the game much more strategic and fun.

Download: SupremeCommander2: Scale Mod and FA Economy
More Supreme Commander: FileFront's Supreme Commander Files


Armada 2: Buildable Warp-Ins for Fleet-Ops (1.1)
This is an update to Buildable Warp-Ins 1.0. A fleet-cap was requested for the Steamrunner and Descent class starships and it was requested that some ships be moved up on the techtree. This update limits the number of Descents you can build to five and the number of Steamrunners you can build is also five.

The Galaxy Class starship will require Level 2 Chassis to be researched. It previously needed Level 1 Chassis. Buildable Warp-Ins 1.1 does not need Buildable Warp-Ins 1.0 to operate. It will not run on stock Armada 2 and has not been tested on any previous versions of Fleet-Operations.

Download: Buildable Warp-Ins for Fleet-Ops (1.1)
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Armada 2: Temporal Starbase
The Temporal Starbase uses the basic odf file of the Temporal research facility. The size is much bigger (than even a starbase) Has 16 weapons systems, Has cloak, Has ENGINES, And best of all still has the TEMPORAL STASIS FIELD In all honesty this is my first mod, so I hope you all enjoy it. It is a bit over powered for standard game play but it does make things a bit funner.

Download: Temporal Starbase
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Battle for Middle Earth: War Heroes
This mod adds heroes like sauron and elrond makes all things cheaper and build faster, I recommend you make a backup of the ini file. Hero infantry added to each race(uber strong infantry that can solo a hero!):

Rohan:elven warriors
Mordor:soldiers of rhun
Isengard berserkers(the cost a lot but extremely powerful)

Download: War Heroes
More Battle for Middle Earth: FileFront's Battle for Middle Earth Files

Bridge Commander: SFRD Engineering Kit

SFRD have produced a pack of files to add to your Bridge Commander install which will provide you with the SCRIPTS, SFX, PROJECTILES and TEXTURES for all our future releases. This pack is set up to be copied and pasted into your BC main folder, just click “yes to all” when it asks as this will not over-write any existing files. The “SFRD ENGINEERING KIT” consists of 316 files, each has the “SFRD_” tag to differentiate the file from any other.

The reasons for this kit is to allow all users of our MODS to use them without needing to download such large MODS as the KM1.0 or others. So in short those of you who want to use our ships all you need is this kit along with the ship of your choice. Just download this file and copy the folders “DATA” “SCRIPTS” and “SFX” into your BC main directory. Here they can sit, safe and sound ready for when you need them. It is free to use by any modder, just make sure you specify it as a requirement.

Download: SFRD Engineering Kit
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Halcyon Island
Halcyon Island - The MORE Challenge Mod- by exilehunter

-Description - Abandoned by some mysterious castaways and refound with a map along the shores of Anvil, The Halcyon Island is an island paradise, sanctuary from the world of Tamriel.

The last inhabitants of the island left the following behind:
-An island house, furnished with bamboo furniture
-A model ship, perhaps the model of one found shipwrecked....
-An exquisite mirror
-A working clock (wonder what it runs on?)
-A mysterious vase of elusive Mana Blooms

Download: Halcyon Island
More The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: FileFront's The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Files

Elite Force 2: Voyager Phaser
Now if you are in the apparently small camp of people who liked the look of the Voyager type II phasers from EF2's opening mission, you can download this mod and have developer Tomtyka provide you with that trusty old EF1 weapon (it is supposedly the same model) for the whole of the sequel. Fancy that!

Download: Voyager Phaser
More Elite Force 2: FileFront's Elite Force 2 Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Opposing Force Mod
Here is a modification that will replace two gangs within GTA San Andreas with those of soldiers from the Game Half-Life Opposing Force. The mod will replaces the Grove Street Gang with the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (a Urban combat uniform) while the Ballas Gang is replaced by the Black Ops - a black combat uniform and more. This will also change CJs clothes so that he will be wearing the same uniform as his own gang. This mod has been very well made, these do look very good in the game itself and is perfect for those of you that want to see more military reskins in San Andreas.

Download: Opposing Force Mod
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Jedi Knight III: JKA Character Reskin Mod
It's like a law of physics: every science fiction series must have atleast one race of blue, usually weird-looking aliens. What this means in combination with rule 34 I don't want to know, but then, perhaps I'm just a pervert. Ahem. Star Wars' blue aliens are the Chiss, obviously. To quote Jedi_hm2: "This mod just magically turns people into Chiss, and the Chiss is now a human."

That means all of them. Literally every human being has been turned into a Chiss, and the only Chiss in the game - which I just lost again - has gone human. Before moving on, I'd just like to say that:
1) You're crazy, Jedi_hm2.
2) I'm not sure I want to know just how much of a grind it was replacing every single human with a Chiss.

Now, there's obviously gone a fair bit of effort into this, so your first points are in. Additionally, it's a step away from greyscaling everything you can lay your hands on, so it's probably justifiable to say you're improving

Download: JKA Character Reskin Mod
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: JKA Character Reskin Mod

Today, we have a pack of reskins, which seems to be CommanderPeral's first release. I like some of them better than others, but all in all I think it's definitely not a bad first release. In no particular order:

Boba Fett - I can't help but notice that the Boba Fett reskin doesn't look anything like the screenshots. In short: ?!?!
Kindly do no make my brain leak like that, as I'm rather attached to my brain.
What actually happened to Boba Fett is his armour became slightly more polished, clean and shiny-looking (or is that my imagination?).

Gonk - As seen on screenshot #1, Gonk goes green (and I don't mean to say the Gonk turns into an environmental activist). This one was actually one of my favorites in the pack, taking the place of the ordinary Gonk. It looks better than the old one in my opinion. smile

Human Merc - The human mercenary's clothes have been turned into a dark shade of grey ("It's dark grey I tell you, not black!") - Not a personal favorite, but it works & there's nothing wrong with it from a technical point of view.

Download: JKA Character Reskin Mod
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Knights of the Old Republic: Entire Party Fix Mod
modder9920 makes their KotORFiles debut today, with a character mod for KotOR. In a nutshell, what this mod does is to make all the non-droid party members into powerful Jedi, and gives them a lot of Force Powers and Feats. Depending on your preference, there are "Dark Side" and "Light Side" versions of the mod - with different alignments. T3 and HK don't go unedited, though. HK-47 now comes equipped with lightsabers, and with a huge number of weapon feats, and now has a neutral alignment. T3 now comes with an insta-kill pistol, an inventory stocked with Jedi items, and now has 99 in Computer Use, Demolitions, Awareness, Repair, and Security. The mod does not use the TSLPatcher, so incompatibilities are likely.

As a first mod, there's very little that's actually wrong with it, which is always encouraging, but the author might like to know for future reference that droid models do not have the animations for using melee weapons, so HK's use of lightsabers (as in this mod) is a little bugged. The companions are also on the whole very overpowered in this mod, and the reduced challenge to the player is, as a result, likely to get dull for the player after a while. Nevertheless, this is a well-made first mod, and if you've ever wanted to play with all your party members as Jedi, or just feel they need beefing up, this is one to check out.

Download: Entire Party Fix Mod
More Knights of the Old Republic: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Orbital Strike Beacon
This version of the SWBF1 orbital strike weapon is really just that - another plug-and-play asset to insert into a mod. This does use a clever version of a remote droid to launch the strike, which can be seen in the video below: Remember, though - you will need to be familiar with setting up a side mod to use this asset.

Download: Orbital Strike Beacon
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: THEWULFMAN's First HD Skinpack
This texture pack is a set of "high-res" skins by THEWULFMAN. As mentioned below in the readme, they contain a smattering of droid and clone skins (as well assorted others). None of these retextures are exactly new, and they're not high-res so much as they are simply doubled-in-size, but they are decent retextures if nothing else. If you like what you see in the pictures, give them a try. Please remember that you will need to be aware of how to create a side mod to use these.

Download: THEWULFMAN's First HD Skinpack
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

S K I N S / M O D E L S
Bridge Commander: Aurora Trek - S.S. Aurora
After the bloodshed of the Romulan Earth War three Monitor Class Gunships were mothballed at Deneva Colony due to the extreme difficulty in refitting them for duties within the United Federation Of Planets. Regarded as unfit for Federation duties the three ships were stripped of major components and had their weapons systems removed, then mothballed in a Shipyard. For some 100 years the three Monitor Class hulls languished until a former Federation citizen by the name of Kara Carpenter came across the hulls. The young Kara Carpenter having spent the majority of her life in and around space saw great potential in such a heavily armoured hull. Having lived at Deneva Station with her Aunt for many years during her schooling, she began trading her labour and repair skills for the useless hull of U.S.S. Monitor XGS-01 as well as spare parts. Over several years she worked on her ship in her spare time, adding new components, replacing old and outdated systems, re-building the ship from scratch.

Download: Aurora Trek - S.S. Aurora
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Esso Gasoline
Here is an Esso Gas / Petrol station for GTA San Andreas, this will replace the Gas station in El Quebrados. The gas station doesn't really add anything other than a new texture to look at in the game but it does look brilliant in the game itself and does make the game slightly more realistic even though the sign is actually based on the version from Finland (well according to the translation of the signs) which means that the money values will be in Euros but that is only minor as this is a brilliant modification for the game and very welcome.

Download: Esso Gasoline
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Grand Theft Auto IV: Gold Desert Eagle
Here is a very well made Gold Version of the Desert Eagle which will replace the stock version of the Desert eagle within GTA IV. This is only a retexture meaning that the weapon will be exactly the same as the normal weapon. It does look fairly good in the game and definately adds something different to the game especially if you like the gold colour!

Download: Gold Desert Eagle
More Grand Theft Auto IV: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto IV Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: IKEA Factory (1.1)
Here is an interesting building modification for GTA San Andreas, a Swedish Furniture store which I'm sure most people have heard of - IKEA. This will replace one of the factories within the San Fierro of San Andreas. This modification is fairly realistic, and looks fairly good in the game itself. While the factory setting doesn't really work that well with IKEA as such it still looks good even though personally it would look better as either a warehouse or a shop / store.

Download: IKEA Factory (1.1)
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Jedi Knight III: Dee Hilts
O__O NEW HILTS. Damn shame these didn't make it into the contest, 'cause I think these coulda had some serious competitive edge.

So, whadda we got? Well, enclosed are 5 single-handed hilts, each with its own distinctive flare. While I see a lot of character hilt influences in these creations, it's safe to say that each hilt is indeed unique in its own right. Y'mighta noticed that Galant, the first saber from the left, is quite shorter than its peers. This is probably a saber best used in the off-hand, given it looks slightly dorky to swing it by default. This one seemed like it could've at least used a custom idle stance. The other hilts? Nah, they're fine.

So, I'm sure if you've looked down at the shot and are somehow still reading, you can see these things are pretty neatly detailed. I'm particularly fond of the variation of the ignition triggers between the hilts. I can tell a lot of planning and thought when into these, and for a customly created hilt, that counts for a lot. So, what's the Averus's favorite hilt? Regrettably, Tyrant, the fifth one.. What can I say, I like the grip on the handle ¬_¬ feels more ergonomically pleasing.

Download: Dee Hilts
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: Elite Stormtrooper
As many of you will know, in Star Wars the most elite Stormtroopers are part of the Imperial 501st Legion and like that famous legion, which was featured in Episode III this Elite Stormtrooper also has blue armour markings. Unlike the distinctive markings on 501st armour though, the markings on this stormie look sort of like the armour was originally painted blue, but has worn away showing the white underneath. However I am not fond of this look personally, because the blue is more of a baby blue tone, and that’s not something you would find an elite Stormtrooper wearing. stick out tongue

Personally I think if you want to use that kind of effect on the armour, you really need a royal or navy blue, since the shade of blue used now isn’t very tough looking. The team skins however are a different story and I think they look great! While they may in essence only be slightly recoloured versions of the base Stormtrooper team skins, the way that certain parts of the armour have been desaturated, whilst still leaving a few coloured patches, I think, looks much better than the way too bright and slightly garish base Stormtrooper team skins. It gives the armour an overall more worn and more realistic look.

Download: Elite Stormtrooper
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Raith Redstar's Lightsaber
Qui-Don Jorn returns to us at KotOR Files with an update to a previous modification of his which fixes several bugs which were found in the modifications originally release, which caused users wanting to use the mod to have to delete several of the files. This is ostensibly an extra lightsaber with a higher poly count hilt to go in the game, it has a few bonus stats which go with the lightsaber and is available in the game. The modder has also now used TSLpatcher which makes installing he game easier. So if you fancied a new lightsaber be sure to check out the screenshots of this mod to see if it is the one for you.

Download: Raith Redstar's Lightsaber
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Medal of Honor: Nick's Pacific Assault M1911Colt .45
Hi, it's my new Colt .45 skin. Now it's MoHPA model (thanks to Acme for converting) with my metal parts recolour, new grip texture (same as my earlier Colt skin), and East's sounds (same as in Acme's mod). What else... In SP I gave Colt more damage - .45 rounds are very powerful (in MP it's not changed for balance reasons). Download, rate, comment and enjoy!

Download: Nick's Pacific Assault M1911Colt .45
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Adder Class
Acidfluxxbass & Yopyop combine forces to bring the Adder Class from Bridge Commander into Legacy. The Adder-class starship is a heavily armored Starfleet vessel developed at the Antares Fleet Yards. The project was officially begun in 2375 by Starfleet's Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB). Adder-class vessels are constructed of standard tritanium and duranium alloys and composites. The bridge has been submerged within Deck 2 than was envisioned for the pathfinder vehicle. The warp nacelles have been brought inboard on rounded to a minimum safe distance for field EM.

All protected internal systems that require access to the vessel exterior are equipped with articulated or jettisonable hull plates, so that most of the familiar structures are hidden from view, including docking ports, impulse vents, and consumables resupply connectors. An integral set of ventral docking clamps and landing pads had been designed into Adder for possible ditching operations as well as for recoverable planetary landings. No practical demonstration has been attempted, though simulations indicate that if the impulse and reaction control thrusters are fully operational, a successful liftoff to orbital velocity is likely.

Download: Adder Class
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Trek: Legacy: TOS Defiant Class
This is the Defiant Class, only not as we know it. This is Acidfluxxbass' port of GMunoz' creation. The port comes with everything standard in ships, damage meshes, registries, lights, specs bumps and so on. Download and see what you think of the ship!

The following is the developer's own take on the ship, and is not that of the designers: The TOS Defiant is an early model of the TNG Defiant. The predecessor did not have all the hallmarks of its younger brother. The ship was not the testbed of experimentation and new technology. She was a small patrol vessel designed to operate in packs and were meant to be quite common ships. They were cheap and resourceful. The latter escort Defiant Class in comparison was far more capable in a fight unaided.

Video Preview:

Download: TOS Defiant Class
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files


Battlefield 1942: Championship Aberdeen (1.0)
This map is basically for championship, where they beat who remain for longer periods of time dominated the territory. Based on the Battle of Aberdeen, the game was adapted to only direct confrontation between armored, giving no strategic choice to stay in the area of the flag, making camping. Wins the best strategy in a limited terrain.

Download: Championship Aberdeen (1.0)
More Battlefield 1942: FileFront's Battlefield 1942 Files

Call of Duty 2: Carentan (Rain Edition)
My first attempt to modify a map of CoD2. The work I have done is very simple: I just added to the original map the rain. In my opinion, the map looks really good, also because it is able to give some new effect to the original map. In any case I hope the whole community of CoDFiles like it, in the same way that they liked my previous works

Download: Carentan (Rain Edition)
More Call of Duty 2: FileFront's Call of Duty 2 Files

Call of Duty World at War: Kokoda Track (Final)
My first attempt to modify a map of CoD2. The work I have done is very simple: I just added to the original map the rain. In my opinion, the map looks really good, also because it is able to give some new effect to the original map. In any case I hope the whole community of CoDFiles like it, in the same way that they liked my previous works

Download: Kokoda Track (Final)
More Call of Duty World at War: FileFront's Call of Duty World at War Files

Lyes Krovy is a 4 player map, with pretty spare resources. This promotes skirmishing with infantry instead of bunkering down and holding out for tanks. In describing the map I can do no better than to quote the author "The map consists of dense forests, creating natural chokepoints which tend to widen during intense fighting as trees are blown to pieces. Rural homes are scattered throughout the map. A small town is located on the central island surrounded by a river delta. A rail depot sits at the edge of the map. An island beneath the main bridge features an abandoned power station. "

Personally, I feel that this map needs a few more routes opening. It's incredibly easy to block routes off in CoH and the centre bridge is so important that it's all but inevitable that the bridge will end up so heavily fortified that it's impossible to pass without a heavy preparatory bombardment. Given the level of resources, it's unlikely that either side would be able to afford this. With humans, this map wouldn't be a huge amount of fun as it would end up being very static, until the VP timer very slowly ticked out.

More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Company of Heroes: Hurtgen Forest
This is a fictional skirmish set during the Battle of Hurtgen Forest that occurred during November and December 1944. Although this is a small map, it is so highly detailed and carefully crafted that I believe it comparable to Relic's own professionally-made maps. I started building the map more than three years ago, inspired by the Operation Market Garden map "Best".

Hurtgen Forest has 11 capturable territory sectors with 5 being munitions and 2 fuel. The limited fuel makes the map mostly geared toward infantry combat. A stream divides the map in half forming a natural defensive line for each player. However, a single road that runs the length of the map does cross the stream, and the stream is passable at every point. Each territory sector (except the roads) has some existing defensive structures: a church, bunkers, trenches, or mere sandbags. There are a lot of trees on this map--it is a forest after-all.

Download: Hurtgen Forest
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Company of Heroes: Slaughter Field v2.0
This is a revised version of the map in the recent Major Camo's mappack. The author has taken the advice given in the comments of that file, and fixed all the problems mentioned. Getting PAK's, Nebelwerfers and the tiger stuck in their bunker is no longer a issue. It's worth downloading this for some different gameplay.

Download: Slaughter Field v2.0
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Empire at War: Imperial Space Station
Red leader to Storm unit. We have neutralized the threats. Jump in and proceed with your boarding. Roger Red leader. We're already on our way in.

At least that's how I imagine it took place. I think this is more of as a construction yard and less as a base. You've got the an Eclipse class being assembled and platforms connected all around that. There are some other ships being assembled around and some looks of a space battle happening around that. The map is very well done, and has a distinctly Imperial feel to it. Although the Eclipse feels small compared to units and buildings, it's something that can be overlooked.

Download: Imperial Space Station
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Far Cry 2: Hydrag0d ft. FirePhoenix Super Jump Map Pack
Ages ago people thought we couldn't fly. In this age some people still think we human can't super jump. The people who think this way got it all WRONG!!! Hydragod and FirePhoenix stood up and proved that we can fly, with Far Cry 2 and the SJ (Super Jump) maps you can jump from-to different platforms. You just simply enter the map, spot a platform, and jump to it, find the next platform and jump to it. Some platforms which are hard to find will be showed by the arrow signs. Find some servers that run these maps or run these SJ maps on your own server and invite your friends and others. Have fun and jump around!

Download: Hydrag0d ft. FirePhoenix Super Jump Map Pack
More Far Cry 2: FileFront's Far Cry 2 Files

Jedi Knight II: Deathrun
Competing in the same spirit as Race for Death, ArgentinoJK2 has created a FFA map for JK2 where players must avoid deadly traps and obstacles and take their revenge against the dungeon master controlling the traps, and take his place. There are 6 rules that have been suggested, though I sense some of them aren't entirely necessary.

With all that in mind, what's the map look like? Pretty boxy and plain, actually. A large oblong box sits in the midst of a much larger box, with a spiraling path leading up to the top of the box, where one enters the box's interior. From there, you can see a perfect 360 degree view of the entire arena, but they can't see you. Use the consoles to activate all the traps that the map possesses, and watch the chaos ensue.

I'd say this is a pretty good idea. Not only will the players be fighting against each other, they'll be fighting against you in a struggle to avoid the traps. If people get ahead of the pack, the boxmaster will have a hell of a time trying to choose whether to slay the pack or the lead. After all, the pathway isn't exactly the most sturdy....

Download: Deathrun
More Jedi Knight II: FileFront's Jedi Knight II Files

Halo: Elite Campaign Silent Cartographer 2.7
Iceelite returns with another version of his Elite Campaign Silent Cartographer level. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I like the Elite Campaign missions, and this is no exception. "BlueBoy" is back and again, you are taking on the combined forces of the UNSC military. This time round, a lot of the bugs have been "squished". Now you can have more than 3 Elite's in the Spectre at a time instead of hanging around and waiting for a 4th Elite to even notice the Spectre.

"Yay, we can haz Eleete armz, lol" We now have Elite arms during the first person mode. There are still one or two nagging animation glitches but it doesn't stop the gameplay at all. It is a bit tricky to get into the dropship at the end of the level, especially if new players to Halo Combat Evolved don't know the "jump to the next highest point" process. You may lose a couple of Elites when you are first departing from the dropship at the beginning of the mission. They seem to not be aware of how to exit one.

Download: Elite Campaign Silent Cartographer 2.7
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Normandy
This work is a version modified of a map found in the addon Operation Trondheim-Iron Cross by Henry Sheppard and Vladimir Vovstein. Added new weapons models by Alexandre.

Download: Normandy
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Byblos Harbour
The map was created with only one thing in mind, having fun. No historical accuracy was taken into consideration. The Afrika Korps did not reach to Byblos during the second world war. The harbour of Byblos is much more detailed than the engine limitations allow. Mission: You must attack a fishermen harbour and clean it from the Germans, collect some maps, and you could destroy weapons if you like (optional). This is not an easy map but you can make it.

Download: Byblos Harbour
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Soldier of Fortune 2: Christmas Mappack
This is a cool little Christmas mappack I put together for our {Vv} clan server. I took maps with a Christmas or Snow theme and complied them into a simple to use mappack. Pack includes.

BBC_vs_Gwfc, BBC_Xmaitaly, mp_crazyxmas, NSDQ_Kamxmas, tri_lands, UK_xmas, vvxmas, winter_prague, xmas_highwire, xmas_alley and Xmaslor_final

All credit is given to there original developers.

Download: Christmas Mappack
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: All Battle Crisis/ Designated Days
Designated Days/All Battle Crisis by icemember is an impressive juxtaposition best summed up as: Tech - amazing. Gameplay - terrible.

The good first..... The map is a huge republic landing, reminiscent of a 2nd world war/d-day themed landing (complete with barrage baloons and landing craft). Sides are Republic and some sort of local Militia/Independence group. Map design is excellent - lots of custom models, good atmosphere, overall very good environment. Theres still a few minor problems with the map design however - on the gameplay side the spiked fences can be walked through, and a few models have dodgy collision, on a canonical side the Republic landing ships have huge imperial insignias on their sides (oops) and some of the floating bodies seem to have missing textures. The most impressive aspect, tech wise, however, is the vehicles. There's a fully drivable Republic Juggernaut and a few smaller new Republic vehicles. very impressive.

Now onto the bad. There's two problems with gameplay. Firstly, the size vs unit count. The map is huge, but there are only the stock number of units. A map this big could really benefit from either an uber/XL mode or just more units in conquest, I captured a few CPs completely unopposed in GCW era. The first problem pales into insignificance compared to the second, however. In CW era (the one with all the custom units + vehicles) balance is practically non-existant. The Militia side battling the Republic are assisted by dozens of autoturrets. Dozens of horrendously overpowered autoturrets with shots that are very fast, very hard to see and kill you almost instantly. Oh and the turrets can fire near straight down and up, even though their barrels can't turn that far. The big turrets on the cliffs seem pretty overpowered too - they cut down a juggernaut in literally seconds.

Download: All Battle Crisis/ Designated Days
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Star Wars Battlefront: Cloud City: Twilight
A reskinned version of Cloud City. Online Compatible. 2 versions included with CP and NO cp. The mission removes height limit and enables Thunder, birds, and other cool stuff.

As you can see in the pictures, this is a reskin of the stock Bespin Cloud City level. Like the author's previous version, this is online-compatible, meaning there has been no functional change to the map. However, aside from the interiors (which still look a little goofy with the bright hues), this one looks a lot better outside, in my opinion. The colors work much better, and the greater amount of work the author put in definitely shows here. As mentioned in the readme, please be sure to back-up your original .lvl files before replacing them with this version.

Download: Cloud City: Twilight
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Dueling FFA Map
This version of Demon_of_Razgriz's dueling map is a notable update from his first version. In addition to changing the overall visual appearance of the map, there have been a few new structures added as well as some changed units.

Functionally, the map is very similar. The overall layout of the first map is preserved - for better or worse - in that it is still pretty much an open plain with a few Tatooine hangars scattered around. There has also been some terrain modification and some added Tatooine buildings in the distance, but these are relatively far-removed from the area in which play will occur. There are two new units added to the "Villains" side, neither of which is, in my opinion, a great addition. One is an unlocalized version of Boba Fett with lightsabers that can't block and a modified MagnaGuard RLR (and its jetpack is gone!). The other is an incredibly over-powered sniper unit, with a gun that has effectively unlimited ammo and fire rate. It really throws the unit balance out-of-whack.

Download: Dueling FFA Map
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Jabiim: Great Storm
"Jabiim: Great Storm" is another pseudo-urban map along the lines of the author's last couple of maps. This time, the map is set in a rainy, swampy-type environment. First of all, I think it's a great concept. I like the thought put in to creating a setting that is pretty well fleshed-out, like this one is. By the same token, however, I think that this could use a bit of work for it to really be good.

The biggest issue I see here is the local team. It's almost identical to the local team from his past two maps (they're all Naboo guards - those guys really get around, apparently), and it shares the same set of problems as both of those sets of local teams: they spawn all over the place and make the map crowded. It's also made very difficult to capture some CPs due to locals spawning in the middle of the battle. To see a good way to use locals, look at a map like SWBF1's Dune Sea - locals spawn in very specific places that are relatively out-of-the-way. In this map, these guys spawn all over the place. It's silly to put the enemy in front of you and then suddenly be shot in the back by a fresh-spawned local spawning in the middle of a path.

Download: Jabiim: Great Storm
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Warcraft III: Middle Earth Risk
Middle Earth Risk is placed in Middle Earth during the War of the Ring. At the beginning each player gets random “towns” and tries to take as many countries as it’s possible. Each country in each turn brings new soldiers and gold. In Middle Earth Risk you concentrate on strategy and tactic – you don’t build any buildings but capture them from enemies.
One of differences between Middle Earth Risk and classic Warcraft is a high number of units (excluding beginning) which makes you have to be a general and a good tactician.
In the second hand the only way of growing is taking lands of enemies – but there are too many players to kill them in one frontal attack so the game is a high level strategy.

A game mode (Free for All, No Pacts, Ally, Alliance of 2, Teams of 2/3/4) determines if you play alone, with allies or with one or more teammates. Current version of Middle Earth Risk offers submodes which allow to set on fog of war, set rules or change a period of turn or beginning resources.

Download: Middle Earth Risk
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