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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 10 (week 01, 2011) - Files - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 01-11-2011 @ 17:08
This News Item has been viewed 33,784 times
Welcome to all for the tenth version of the Gamefront Network Update - Files Section the second part of the weekly news post. The Files part of the Weekly update includes the latest Files that has been posted on the Network Sites over the past week including many different Modifications, Mini Mods, Skins, Vehicles, Starships and much more. Only one bigish mod this week for Elder Scrolls IV but a lot of smaller mods including lots of maps and Starships for Armada, Bridge Commander and ST Legacy!

Just like the former Insider we would still like your suggestions Remember; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ). If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, support or even death threats stick out tongue (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).

Modifications | Mini-Mods | Maps | Skins / Models | Demos | Patches | Trailers

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: The Falmer
This mod adds the Falmer race to the game, a race which appears Elder Scrolls lore. The Falmer, like many elves, were proud people with an unusually high skill at magic. They had a strong resistance to frost as their skin was coated with a thin layer of blue-white ice. The type of dwellings they lived in is unknown.

Download: The Falmer
More The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: FileFront's The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Files

Armada 2: Fleet Ops menu style for stock Armada II
This is the Fleet Operations menu style for the Armada II stock game. I just mod these images and add some new elements, where it was needed, to make it useable for the stock game. The pack is complete with buttons, animations and sound effects. Please check if i forgot anything and report.

Download: Fleet Ops menu style for stock Armada II
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Bridge Commander: mp_beach_war beta 1

Here is an update to the Galor Refit released in the Cardassian Crew total conversion. This is a modification of the Cardassian LCARS to give them a canon look as seen in the DS9 series. Also, the Red alert textures were altered from the original light green to red. There is also a mod included that I didn't finish. The Helm/Conn panels have been made for the shield degradation mod. For anyone willing to script it. Over all you will need the Cardassian Crew w/ Galor Bridge Refit mod for this to work. The new LCARS color scheme will give one the feeling of immersion.

Check it Out...

Download: mp_beach_war beta 1
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Call of Duty 2: wcp2.91,fuelled_by_back2fronts,merciless2_and_more.
Hey guys!

I have released a new version of the WCP Mod for CoD2 Singleplayer.
I have created a personal page on Moddb.com and have upload the mod and its additional files onto the website there.
This due to a larger upload limit,as the mod is over 900 mb.
I have inserted a read me and screenshots in this zip file for you to post,all you have to do is grab the file(s) from moddb.com and post it at codfiles.
Please,as this has always been the homebase of the mod.
Here are the links:




Thank you in advance,I think many people from the cod community will be very happy to see this mod reappear.
A good start for 2011 @ Codfiles,I`d say,happy new year!

Download: wcp2.91,fuelled_by_back2fronts,merciless2_and_more.
More Call of Duty 2: FileFront's Call of Duty 2 Files

Empire at War: Infantry Enhancment Mod
As best I can tell, this gave me improved troopers, but it seemed to upset the balance ever so slightly. Although I do agree that the rate of fire for troopers in EaW is a bit too slow, beefing everything else about them does change the strategy of the game. Maybe I'm being a bit overcritical, and maybe I'm not being critical enough. I'd like to hear how the rest of the community feels about it.

Download: Infantry Enhancment Mod
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Empire at War: star wars return of the clones addons
First off, you need Return of the Clones 5.2. Second, I currently don't have a steady internet connection while I'm on vacation, so I can't download RotC 5.2. Since the xml files look fine, I'm going to upload this because it's been in the queue for a while. So I'm going to guess that this works. I'm going to guess that it does what it says. And I'm going to guess you'll comment on it if you download it.
i have tried to make it happen but it didn't work quite well and i tried everything to fix it but it still don't work well maybe someone can fix it

Download: star wars return of the clones addons
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan V.1.0
Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan V.1.0 (24.12.2010)


Dies ist die erste Version von Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan. Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan ist eine Modifikation (total Konversation) von Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Dabei werden die Charaktere, Umgebung und Autos, sowie andere Dinge ausgetauscht. Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan existiert schon seit Mitte 2009.


This is the first Version of Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan. Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan is a modification (total conversation) of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The character, the scenery, the cars, and other things are changed. Grand Theft Auto Manhattan has existed since the middle of 2009. Although this looks like a work in progress modification but nether the less it does look like a good idea to have the center of New York in San Andreas.

Download: Grand Theft Auto: Manhattan V.1.0
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Jedi Knight III: Alternate Title Menu Video
I think its a shame we don’t see more of these menu video mods around, as that constantly looping video of the Jedi Academy shuttle approaching Yavin IV has gotten a bit boring after all these years.

What MagSul's mod does is replace the old video that appears in the center of the main menu for both singleplayer and multiplayer, with a brand spanking new one featuring Kel Dor Jaden battling a Rodian Jaden (paradox anyone?) using the animations from the Jaden Vs Alora final battle on Taspir III. Not only that but it removes the pesky grid over the video so now you can see it better too.

Personally I think that fight sequence at the end of the Taspir level is one of the best looking and best animated in Jedi Academy, and its great to see a little snippet of it displayed on the main menu. The only complaint I have is that the video is quite pixellated, however I don’t know what kind of limitations there were on video size and quality, so it may be that this is the best that can be used in the main menu area.

Nevertheless, this is a very cool little mod, be sure to give it a download if you like the look of it! big grin

Download: Alternate Title Menu Video
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Dak's Armored Robes 2.0
Dak_Drexl returns to us at KotOR Files with an update for his "Republic Armored Robes" mod for Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. Essentially this modification adds new armours to the game, by combining the Jedi Robe cape with the various armours found in game, the results of course are impressive, and needless to say doing this complicated procedure involves a considerable amount of technical skill. There are several new skins in this pack which are called the "Jedi General Robe", a "Armored Republic Robe and the "Sith Marauder Robe". The robes are integrated into the game so you will be able to acquire them on your journey through the Star Wars universe in The Sith Lords, be sure to check the readme if you want to know where!

A complaint some had with the original version was the lack of female alternative armours, in this version Dak_Drexl has fixed this by also making female variation of the armours available. Unfortunately due to complications in the process the author feels that the female variants are not as good as the male ones, however there isn't much more he can do. As with any aesthetic a review of the screenshots would be most beneficial in ascertaining if these excellent armored robes are the type of thing you would like to see in your game.

Download: Dak's Armored Robes 2.0
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Dak's Big Skin Pack
Dak is back! With another modification for Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords, this mod, does exactly what it says in the title, it obviously a large skin pack! Dak has fundamentally changed various characters appearance, each of the Jedi Masters getting their own robes, from Vrook sporting the red Jedi robe he was wearing in the first Knights of the Old Republic game, to Master Kavar wearing a robe inspired by the Jedi Armour as worn by the Jedi seen in the first trailer for the upcoming "The Old Republic" MMO.

Suffice to say that the work is upto Daks usual high standards and there is a great variety to be found in this skin pack, so if you have become bored with the default appearance of different characters this modification my well be for you. As with all aesthetic modifications which skin either characters or scenery a review of the screenshots is always the best method to deciding if a graphical modification is a change you would like to see in your game.

Download: Dak's Big Skin Pack
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Medal of Honor: Christmas Mod 2010
Thanks to all who helped out!! Gold, Kruger, Klug. Sor, Storm, Elgan, Viper and Cubus. Hope I didnt forget anyone.

Christmas mod includes:
-Stock textures replaced with snow.
-Cubus santa, sleigh, reindeer, balloon reindeer, santa skins, tree used in several ways
-snowguns replacing the bazooka
-nintendo duck hunt gun replacing the colt45
-Blunderbuss shotgun reskinned for xmas
-bulb ornament nades
-throwing candy canes
-xmas stocking and candles for mines
-holiday bells health packs
-christmas tree with oranments
-steal the presents game type (edited Vipers steal the beer)
-flying sleighs from lasts years xmas mod Klug made
-added snow to more stock maps and few customs.
I think that sums it up..Merry Christmas to all!

Download: Christmas Mod 2010
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

S K I N S / M O D E L S
Armada 2: Proteus Class
Coming straight from the early 25th century, the U.S.S. Proteus is the first of its' kind equipped with newly aquired and highly experimental quantum slipstream technology in addition to its' conventional warp drive. Like most new Federation ships built in this point in time the Proteus has the latest in Starfleet weaponry and shield geometry. Because this ship has the ability to cover large area of space in such a short period of time she is specificaly designed for multipurpose roles ranging from patroling the outer reaches of Federation space to long range tactical missions.

Download: Proteus Class
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Armada 2: stargate Vanir
The Vanir are basically Asgard but separated 10,000 years ago due to their experimentation on humans. The Vanir slowed down their genetic cloning degradation by experimenting with humans in the Pegasus galaxy, while the lanteans were fighting the wraith. They appeared on stargate Atlantis on the episode "The lost Tribe"

Download: stargate Vanir
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Armada 2: Terran Nebula variants package
I didn't make the model but mod the Textures from Terran Nebula variants package. It work well, these ship are a bit unstop because of the special weapons!! There should be more the the Terran Empire/mirror universe ship because the Federation looks weak!! This will replace your Incursion which is a dumb but now it is a battle ship, not a destroy ship.7 ships not enough for Terran Empire, but count!!

Download: Terran Nebula variants package
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Armada 2: Yonkman TLE-era Re-texture
This is an alternate texture set for Fireball's recently released Yonkman Class starship. One of his initial design motives for the ship was to create a post-TMP era vessel, hence we have the period elements and the lot. This re-texture represents a later technological refit for the ship, let's say around the 2320's. I brightened the hull colors, added a modern phaser strip and added some additional glows to the nacelles, making her more in-line with the Ambassador Class era. I actually have gained a certain liking for this ship, it makes for a nifty alternative destroyer.

Download: Yonkman TLE-era Re-texture
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Far Cry: Nomad's AG36 and ACU Humvee
This pack have two .pak archives which replace your current texture of neither or both AG36 Assault Rifle and the Humvee depending on the installation.

Download: Nomad's AG36 and ACU Humvee
More Far Cry: FileFront's Far Cry Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Airbus 340-200 FSX
Here is the an Airbus 340-200 FSX a fairly detailed and very well made aircraft that will replace the at 400 or any other aircraft of your choice withn GTA San Andreas. This aircraft doesn't come with any custom handling or any other choice of colours and does look fairly accurate when compared to the real life version (well pictures off the internet). This does make a welcome addition to GTA San Andreas for those that are from Bolivia

Download: Airbus 340-200 FSX
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Empire at War: Galaxy Deestroyer
"With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy (class destroyer)". Although I'm Fairly certain that wasn't what Vader was talking about, we'll just pretend for this instance. The Galaxy class Destroyer is a heavy carrier during the New Jedi Order era. It is mentioned in the novels but has no canon image. This model is based on concept art by Drone04 ( http://drone04.page.tl/Hi_rez.htm ). The model comes complete with code and icon. Some additional coding is required to get it ingame

Download: Galaxy Deestroyer
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Jedi Knight III: Darth Meran's Gold Master Hilt
“Have you just come into a substantial about of money? Are your impressive force powers no longer sufficient to show off? Well, look no further than this fine gold and jewel encrusted lightsaber hilt!” Or so an advertising campaign for this hilt might go. wink

At first when I saw the words 'gold hilt' I wasn’t sure what to expect, but upon inspecting this hilt I was very pleasantly surprised. The modelling work on this hilt is fantastic! The twisted gold grip and even small details like the rubies and diamonds are modelled in superb high poly detail. The textures are good too, the detail on the jewels looking crisp and colourful. The hilt also has a new 'hum' sound, however I wasn’t too fond of this myself as it sounded a little rough compared to the nice smooth hum of your average saber blade.

Apart from maybe changing that one sound, perhaps the only other thing I could suggest would be to add a slight glow shader to your env texture, so that the shine has a slight glow as it moves across the hilt. All in all though a very well made hilt here! I definitely look forward to seeing more of your modelling skills Darth Meran!

Download: Darth Meran's Gold Master Hilt
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: Db's Mandalorian Commando
Hey Jaden! Maybe you can use your lightsaber to cut that tree down and make a bridge! Unless you have the memory of the average Caelum, you'll remember Darth Bothersome's Mandalorian Commando - the black and gold reskin of Boba Fett. Today, he brings us a new version. This is mostly the same as the first version, but I fixed the bugs related to the messed up team skins. I also included a jetpack version, bots, and some still-buggy NPCs. Awesomeness, right? Additionally, the issue that caused the skin's chest piece to show up untextured has been resolved - the entire skin is now textured wink

There is still one issue: one of the two npcs (the one with the jetpack) doesn't work. I took the liberty of poking it though, and ended up (very easily) fixing it for future versions.
Darth Bothersome: click me. Other than that, everything seems to work just fine - go get it if you want it. Personally, I like it.

Download: Db's Mandalorian Commando
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: Mandalorian Soldier
Bald... Sorry, that was just the first thing that came to mind when I saw this thing. XD Let's back up a bit, here....m'kay. Now uh ¬_¬ Darth Monkeyman, if y'read anything involving his JK4 Kyle mod, is out to make a Total Conversion to bring the old "LETS HAVE A JK SEQUEL" idea to fruition. Evidently, we're getting Mandalorians in the picture. Woot? I reckon so, since DM's so excited, he's releasing teaser products, E.G. this skin.

This ol' Boba Fett reskin looks pretty nice from the front. It's not very fancy, being a simple grayscale color range toning of the armor. It's just that the top of head is so bland and white, and from the back, it's really noticeable. Couple that with the lack of antenna on the helmet, and you've got...bald. I also noticed that when you surfed the braided rope off the model, the results revealed a hole in the model. Now I'm no photoshop expert, never said I was, but I know you can fix that somehow. I believe this pack is a testament to that:

Download: Mandalorian Soldier
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Medal of Honor: Predator Skin
This is a skin for mohaa. It is server and client side. WHich means you need the file on the server for the game to function correctly. Without the mod on the server. Due to animation edits. People will appear to be sharking.

-Predator Skin
-Predator Shoulder Cannon. Usable with server.
-Predator Wrist Blades. Usable with server.
-Predator Mask. Usable with server.
-Predator Cloak. Usable with server.
-Predator Hanging. Usable with server.
-Predator Climbing. Usable with server.
-Predator Sounds & Taunts.

Download: Predator Skin
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

Medal of Honor: Silent Hill Skins 2
I made these skins to go along with Krugers Silent Hill map. Includes both allied/axis version of Pyramid and the Silent Hill Nurses. Enjoy!! Rip

Download: Silent Hill Skins 2
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

Medal of Honor: xmas skins 2010
These are the skins I made for the christmas mod. Includes allied/axis santa girls, snowman skin, and buddy the elf skins. A little late i know, forgot to post on here.
any questions visit http://www.therogsquad.com

Download: xmas skins 2010
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: Blue and Red Skins

Is wolfenstein too dull?
Then try using some brightly coloured blue and red clothing,
blue = allies
red = axis

Have fun

Download: Blue and Red Skins
More Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: FileFront's Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Bajoran Solar Sail
This is no novelty ship ladies and gents, this is a genuine Bajoran Lightship, seen in the DS9 Episode, "Explorers". The ship was known for traversing the Denorious belt and entering Cardassian space, A trip recreated by Ben and Jake Sisko. This is a great little addition to legacy, but as STLegacy says, it has no weapons or shields, and further more, don't expect to be breaking any speed records in it. Its great to see this come to legacy.

Here's the Bajoran Solar Sail, as seen in the DS9 episode "Explorers". Like in the episode, the ship has no weapons or shields, so you can't fight any battles with it. It's mainly eye-candy, or just an addition to your canon Star Trek collection. Perhaps mission scripters can use it to script a mission about the ship!

Download: Bajoran Solar Sail
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Escort Class
Here we have the Escort Class from _dEjavU_ , this is an interesting little vessel which resembles another defiant progenitor we have seen recently. First impressions of the ship are that it is a nice ship to fly, however aesthetically she needs some work on both modelling and texturing areas. It is humorous to think however of there being a ENT version of Lt Worf commanding this ship shouting "Perhaps today is a good day to die!"

A nice little addition to Legacy for you all! Put into service sometime around the end of the ENT era as a response to the growing threat of the Romulan Star Empire. At the time this was the most maneuverable and most agile vessel of all of Starfleets' arsenal. Incorperating a newly designed tactical system that partialy scatters targeting sensors making it almost impossible to target specific systems, coupled with it's unique engine design for rapid velocity and early hull armor technology makes this ship very difficult to destroy.

Download: Escort Class
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Trek: Legacy: K-2 / Promellian battlecruiser pack
They say good things come in small packages, well move out the way everyone because Kophjaeger is barging through with the Promellian Battlecruiser, and its Klingon Variant, otherwise known as the K-2! Few words can describe this mod other than brilliant, tasteful and supremely well done. Lets start from the beginning. First off the modelling is superb, instead of trying to normal map details in, Kophjaeger has spared no expense and has modelled nearly every nook and cranny on the ship, aside from the hull plating of course. The detail is fantastic, and is akin to what you see in the TNG Episode "Boobytrap".

Weapons wise for a 1000 year old battlecruiser (in TNG timeline of course) the promellian vessel is surprisingly well armed, taking care of most more modern vessels without breaking a sweat, but to be honest, regardless of whether you think it is well balanced or not. It would be such a shame to see a wonderful ship like this go under so quickly. However to quote Picard, They built this craft for generations, and it worked. The pulse weapons and torpedoes compliment the vessel very well... So no complaints from me. The K-2 is also very impressive, the hardpoints are pretty much perfect, main disruptors are great and make a satisfying thud when you hit another ship.

Download: K-2 / Promellian battlecruiser pack
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Rudianos's Klingon D'Vorta Class Scout
Rudianos continues his run of cool and unique ships to legacy by bringing the D'Vorta Class Scout, and it must be said, he's captured the glow nicely. Don't expect to be making much glory for the empire in this vessel, however it is a great little addition for the original series fans, and to all those who like recreating episodes smile Thanks for downloading the D'Vorta class scout. This Klingon vessel was briefly seen in the TOS episode Friday's Child. It was called a scout vessel. What can be seen is that it was a crude looking vessel with a lot of glowing. In the remastered TOS version it was replaced with a D7. Now she will live on in Legacy in her original form. Enjoy and happy New Year!

Download: Rudianos's Klingon D'Vorta Class Scout
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files


Call of Duty: DOB_KillZone
I made this map for some fast action kinda like the Crymore map by Nightmare with a few more thing added to make this a interesting and fun map to play. I've made some interesting places for spawns that I think you will like..

Download: DOB_KillZone
More Call of Duty: FileFront's Call of Duty Files

Company of Heroes: 2p Valley of Death
Valley of Death is an extremely small two player map. The bases are to small, only allowing you to get a couple of buildings up, and there are a few bits showing that should really be removed or be invisible. From the Author:- Hi, thanks for looking at my map. I recommend you play against other human players as unfortunately I haven't had the time to get the AI perfect, so occasionally they may tend to stay in one place and spam troops wink I've put in a bit of detail, and the map runs great and works well. have fun smile

The AI struggles, as it can't build a base to tech up, and humans will just likely just mass mortars. A mortar at the HQ can drop mortar bombs on the middle of the map, and obviously that holds true for the reverse. Holding the middle with a MG and then bringing up a few mortars ends this incredibly quickly, and both mortars and MG's are available from supply drops in your the base and top corner.

Download: 2p Valley of Death
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Company of Heroes: Island
This is the 4th map I've had a go at creating with WorldBuilder and I thought I would submit it to filefront to get some feedback on my work. The map has a total of 8 sectors divided into 3 ManPower, 3 Fuel and 2 Munitions sectors as you can see by one of the screenshots. It also includes a small town with a few scattered Flak38's around the town plus some on the cliff to the south of the town. "Off Map Reinforcements" spawn to the right of the town in between the two munitions sectors to make it feel as if they were infact, coming from the "citizens" of the town.

As you can see from the screenshots, Island is a small map with 3 +5 fuel points, and 2 +5 munitions points. Due to the fact there is only one way in or out of a base and only one line of attack, it's easy to slap down an MG bunker in an area that makes advancing impossible. As there is less munitions than fuel, you can forget any off map artillery to clear points, or flame throwers etc to clear bunkers. As noted by the author, the off map reinforcements spawn more of less in the middle of the map, however there are 2 flak38's sitting on the spawn point as well as 3 buildings convenient for sticking MG's in. Whomever gets to the point first and takes a flak38 can mow down any infrantry the opposition attempts to bring in. Additionally, considering this is a map where infantry combat should dominate it's almost completely open with no cover.

Download: Island
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Dawn of War Dark Crusade: Thur'Abis Entrance
This is a defense and offense multi-player scenario, designed for 3 vs 5 computer matches ( especially versus Necron bots ). The map consists of desert region and the catacomb area. Can be played with Take and Hold for defense or just with the basic destruction rules for offense. There are 6 entrances to catacombs, some of which are large enough for even bigger vehicles (dreadnoughts and predators for example). The map has 3 relics those are inside the catacombs, which might make the creating of relic units hard. There are 3 critical locations outside the catacombs. The 2 slag deposits are also inside the catacombs. You all have 3 strategic points, use them wisely.

Download: Thur'Abis Entrance
More Dawn of War Dark Crusade: FileFront's Dawn of War Dark Crusade Files

Dawn of War Dark Crusade: Twer's Backwoods
Map is basically a valley that has lots of ridges with trees and ponds with growth. Space to build is plentiful and tactical cover sufficient. Start areas are quite different with all players geographically, but all the strategic positions are in same positions for each player. Each player has 3 strategic locations within their perimeter. Between each opponent pair is 1 critical location and between them are 2 relics. There are also 2 slag deposits.

Download: Twer's Backwoods
More Dawn of War Dark Crusade: FileFront's Dawn of War Dark Crusade Files

Empire at War: survival mappack

When I first opened this map I said to myself "Another uncompleted map with missing AI teams". Then, after reading the readme, I realized what was going on and realized that this is a new and unique take on skirmish (At least I haven't seen it done before). It's a never ending battle that you can't win. There are 3 maps, one for each faction. So if you start out as the empire, you get a base and some ships in the appearant vastness of space. After a short while (depending on difficulty) enemy craft begin to appear, but where are they coming from and who is sending them? I won't ruin the surprise for you, but you can figure it out in the map editor if you really want to (I know you can scroll to the edge of the map and see some things).

I recommend playing this on at least medium difficulty, but hard is really the way to go. On easy (and medium depending on some other factors) you can fight off enemy reinforcements forever. Hard will eventually overwhelm you, so the challenge is to see how long you can last. Also, make sure you have two enemy factions, otherwise you can probably hold off forever even on hard.

Download: survival mappack
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Far Cry: D-day
Well what can say more than that is a D-Day map.
Map for 6 to 14 people i think.
Based off a real location.

Download: D-day
More Far Cry: FileFront's Far Cry Files

Far Cry 2: Lost Temple Of Nzulu
Developer Name: REAL METAL BEAST / DarkIncLegion

Beta 1.0 Release! - I have spent MANY hours designing and building this MP map from litterlary hundreds of (conctrete) objects and combining them to create the "core structure" of the temple. DM Only, the strongest will survive. 2-16 Players.

Download: Lost Temple Of Nzulu
More Far Cry 2: FileFront's Far Cry 2 Files

Far Cry 2: Pain Lands Reduxe
Developer Name: REAL METAL BEAST / DarkIncLegion

Updated Release! - I have updated my first MP Map, fixed some "Floating" objects + added new/more objects. (The Light objects i added are demanding, so if you dont have a powerful computer play at medium or low GFX setting!)DM, TDM and CTD, the strongest will survive. 2-16 Players

Download: Pain Lands Reduxe
More Far Cry 2: FileFront's Far Cry 2 Files

Half-Life 2: DM Rebels 2

Map: DM Rebels 2
Game: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Mode: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch
Players: 2-32


Alliance reconnaissance probe found the Rebel base on storage areas. Alliance troops began to fight.

Download: DM Rebels 2
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Half-Life 2: Facility

A short intense combat based Half-life 2 episode 2 map. Fight your way through this facility once occupied by the human rebels in order to find the last survivors. Expect fierce firefights in interesting arenas will test your skills to the utmost.

Download: Facility
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Half-Life 2: Hl2 Puzzel Maps

you have downloaded our puzzelmaps.

step one

1.copy all the maps, and nav files - go to the harddrive where steam is installed
2. open steam, then open steamapps, your account name, half life 2, hl2, and last, open maps...
3. past your copied puzzel maps,(and nav,s) in here
4. launch hl 2
5. open console with ` if does not come up look in your keyboard opties if dev is enable
6. typ in console : map puzzelmap_01 - it starts the map thats it, triggers will do the rest.

Download: Hl2 Puzzel Maps
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Half-Life 2: zm_forestbarn

This is the first beta-version of my upcoming survival-map for Zombiemaster V1.2.1, it isn't the final version of my map, that's why it only shows the first and the second area. It plays in midst of barns, forests and factories. The survivors will have to activate switches, kill zombies and find things!

Download: zm_forestbarn
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Jedi Knight III: Sith Cave
When I saw the word cave, I was just like...=_,= because nobody appreciates a good cave like Averus. Unfortunately, I was looking for a natural cavern without lava n' what not, and this is not what this cave is. frown So, I guess by the word Sith and my intro, you probably guessed this is a duel map in a lava cave. First thing I noticed was the hammed up Battle of the Heroes anthem ringing in my head @_@; something a little more dark and foreboding mighta worked better. Then came the actual map itself; it had two "areas" in a manner of speaking, connected through an archway. The bigger area is a large bridge suspended ...either in or over the lava at a very low altitude, don't know what the author preferred to think was going on. The smaller was a small circular battle platform intended for more close quarters dueling, I presume.

There's not much to speak on the smaller dueling area from a technical standpoint. Everything seems okay, save for maybe the repetitive texturing. It's the larger area that I was more disappointed in, actually. Rule of thumb, LDC: Don't assume we won't go there. There was very little effort applied in the lava. I understand, you're probably a bit fresh in mapping and it can get tedious, but shortcutting like this will affect your overall work in the long run. The first thing I always test with lava, acid, or water: Does it kill you the way MP/FFA5's lava does? Some people take the effort, others don't. This was sort of below average, because basically only a thin layer of lava stands between you and safety. Yep, below that, you can walk around with impunity, and enjoy the warmth. It gets worse: The waterfalls don't even have the proper triggers to burn you up. It looks like there was an attempt, but I guess the lava monsters packed up and went home, leaving the elderly behind. Should a player force jump to the lavafalls, he can effectively sneak under the map proper and basically lurk under there for a while. Along with that, there's a couple holes in the map under there, and I could even see one above the lavafall.

Download: Sith Cave
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Hoth: Infiltration
Jendo7's map Hoth: Infiltration is, in its most basic form, a porting of the Hoth map from the original Star Wars Battlefront. It features a few new custom modes and vehicles, a Clone Wars era, and support for the Dark Times era to be played upon it. It also has Battlefront Extreme support. Since this is a shipped map, I can't really comment on the map itself because it wasn't made by the author. I will say, however, that this is a pretty good conversion and has been executed well. It has a few different skydomes for you to play under, all of which look good on the snow planet. Things are pretty much as they are in the stock map, which is good. There isn't a whole lot to say besides that about the map itself.

The sides appear to have had some slight changes made to them, featuring new looks and some new weapon models. All of these are nicely done and not overblown changes, so they add to the map's aesthetics. There are some vehicles present in this conversion that were not in the stock map, and they all look all right. There are probe droid and wampa natives running around the map for you to encounter, so do keep a lookout for them as you go around.

Download: Hoth: Infiltration
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Team Fortress 2: Trade Post
This is the Trading Post, a museum-style trading map.

It was originally created for my trading server, but since people who have played it have said that it's better and less messy than the other trading maps they've seen, I'm releasing it publicly too.

This map no longer requires the use of a plugin that restricts everyone to the same team, strips weapons, or otherwise punishes players for killing each other. Simply disable autobalance (mp_autoteambalance 0) to let everyone join the blue team.

Download: Trade Post
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Unreal Tournament 3: DM-Megastucture
DM-Megastructure - by ID0 - This is my first UT3 map, based on manga of Tsutomu Nihey "Blame". Enjoy! smile

Download: DM-Megastucture
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Unreal Tournament 3: DM-Warehouse
Abandon long ago, this warehouse was used by Zero Point Corporation,one of Liandri's rival companies, as a secret site used to prototype a better and more efficient power core meant to out-perform the Liandri's. When Liandri discovered their rivals intent they quickly and quietly shut down the operation with lethal force. Years later Liandri gained the opportunity to buy the land where the abandoned warehouse stood and turned it into a new tournament death match arena, the prototype power core still active and pulsing.

Time Taken: Approx. 3-5 Weeks

This level was created on my own and was really “half finished” until much later when it was dug up and I decided to finish it. I had to fix bugs, add blocking volumes and all the extra details. This was one of my first ever levels and my first ever finished level for UT3 and although it still has layout problems I really like it as I see where I started from and where I can better myself.

Download: DM-Warehouse
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Unreal Tournament 3: VCTF-TranquilityChasm
WARNING: This is not a true VCTF level and no flags will be present. It is to show off a racing map created in my advanced level design class.

VCTF-Tranquility Chasm
Version: 1.0
Author: Greg "Ghost142" Mladucky
Players: 2-6
Overview: VCTF-Tranquility Chasm is a racing map that was created as an assignment for my advanced level design class. The map contains no flags and thus has no captures or end game, only racing. The map and layout were specifically designed with the Scorpion in mind, thus the main challenge is to utilize the boost wisely and make the quick turns around the course. Miss calculate the timing and you might end up running straight into a wall or two.

Download: VCTF-TranquilityChasm
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Warcraft III: Zombie Infection Virus
Genre: Survival/ Tag
Number of Players: 6-12

Quick Description:
The humans have to find a good place and make a big base.The zombies are very hungry and nobody will stop them to eat your brain!The humans have to work as team,if they want to save their brains.

About map:
This is team game, all players must work together if they wont to win!

Victory Zombie - Kill all humans (if zombie kill human he also become zombie)
Victory Humans - Survive few minutes (player 1 can chose how much: 15,20,25,30 min)

The map contains: 9 classes of humans,7 classes of zombie with custom skills,32 custom items, 11 recipes (only for zombies), custom sound effects, all new models and skins,new chat system...

Download: Zombie Infection Virus
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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: mp_beach_war beta 1

warning this map is for adult 18+ only

is map beach modify extreme
whit new place and new sound and colors and hot picture

Download: mp_beach_war beta 1
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Some good files. The Falmer mod for Oblivion looks a bit risque.

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