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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 19 (week 10, 2011) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 03-13-2011 @ 12:59
This News Item has been viewed 117,511 times

Here it is the nineteenth version of the Weekly Gamefront Network News Update, the news part of the update covers the news side of the Network and the Gamefront Main site over the past week. There has been a fair bit of news from the Main site including a lot of trailers, reviews, previews and a lot more - some of this has been included below including lots of trailers and videos from GDC 11. Also of course there is the news from the Network Sites not as much as the main site but still just as important!

Lots more news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ).

Also If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).


Gamefront News: AMD Rolls Out All Twelve Inches of the Radeon HD 6990

If you’re a PC gamer, you’re well aware of the continued warfare between AMD and NVIDIA for video card supremacy. The most recent salvo has just been launched by AMD.

They’ve just revealed their newest high-end card, the Radeon HD 6990, and it is a BEAST. Measuring nearly a foot long, it’s the largest card known to man. Don’t believe me? Here’s what it’s got under the hood:

2 AMD 6970 GPUS on a single card
4GB of GDDR5 RAM (2GB per GPU)
The ability to push five displays simultaneously
An ‘overclocking switch’

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, and you’ll have two biggies to cover if you want to load your rig up with a HD 6990. First is power. This card draws 375 watts of power, or 450 if you flip the included ‘overclock’ switch.

The second is the bigger hurdle: price. This monster will be hitting retail at $699.99, or roughly what you can build a mid-range gaming system for. Still, if you’re willing to pay top dollar, it’s top dog among single-card graphics solutions. For now. You know that NVIDIA won’t be far behind in announcing their own wallet-slaying behemoth.

Read: AMD Rolls Out All Twelve Inches of the Radeon HD 6990

Gamefront News: Angry Birds Is A Cash Cow

Sooooo, you may have heard about a little game called Angry Birds that has apparently replaced food, wine and religion in the minds of humankind of late. It’s been a cross-platform smash hit and we’ve all assumed it’s a fountain of gold for Finnish creators Rovio. Now, we have proof in the form of two tidbits of Angry Birds news to make you wish you’d majored in something other than Lit.

First up, it’s news that Angry Birds is among the most profitable games, like, ever. Computer and Video Games is reporting that it’s made ‘more than 500 times what it cost to make’. For the record, that’s a worldwide gross of approx. 70 Million dollars, which might sound like chump change compared to the vast fortunes produced by games like GTA, but Angry Birds cost $140,000 to develop. Zounds!

But it gets better. Over at Gigaom, we learn that Rovio just recieved a massive infusion of moolah to the tune of 42 Million, via some serious Series A funding from Accel Partners and Atomico (they people behind Skype.) That’s more than half of what they’ve already earned in little more than a year. Clearly, you people have been playing a heck of a lot of this game, and it seems, proving that when it comes to gaming, the Scandanavians know what the heck they’re doing.

Read: Angry Birds Is A Cash Cow

Gamefront News: Batman: Arkham City Swings Into Stores October 18

Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of our favorite games of 2009, and our preview shows we’re just as excited about the sequel.

Warner Brothers is feeding our excitement, as they’ve just announced a release date for Batman: Arkham City. You can suit up as Batman patrolling Arkham City on Tuesday, October 18 using your PC, PlayStation 3 or XBox 360. In addition to this announcement, we also got a couple of new screenshots for you.

Read: Batman: Arkham City Swings Into Stores October 18

Gamefront News: Battlefield 3 Capable of Supporting 256 Players on PC, But DICE Ain’t Goin’ There

I feel compelled to share whenever I read a story about developers who don’t deliver exactly what fans may want in favor of making what they feel is a better game. In this case, I’m referring to DICE CEO Patrick Söderlund telling Atomic MPC that they could deliver 256-player online games in Battlefield 3, but that they’re putting the limit at 64 (on PC; console limit is 24) because it stops being fun after that.

Technically, we can go to 256, we’ve tried it. We play tested with 128. You’ve got to make a game that’s fun to play. And, arguably, we think that the most fun you can have is when it’s between 32 and 40 players. And we’ve done substantial research into this and tested 128 and that it’s not fun. Maybe we haven’t done our design work good enough, but we just feel like there’s no point in going higher than 64.

Preach it.

Read: Battlefield 3 Capable of Supporting 256 Players on PC, But DICE Ain’t Goin’ There

Gamefront News: Blade Symphony — Half Life 2 Mod

Puny Human, the development team behind the popular cyberpunk Dystopia mod, has been hard at work on what is shaping up to be an impressive display of what the Half Life 2 Source Engine is capable of. Blade Symphony is a multiplayer mod that features sword duels in an alternate universe filled with ancient monasteries and temples. Select between a variety of sword models, earn experience points and rise in ranks as you defeat opponents in vicious sword fights.

Character selection includes the cyber-ninja Hokuten Assassins, the fabled Black Rose knights, and the shinobi and ronin Vagrants–which probably don’t mean much to you until you see them in action, but rest assured that the art team has crafted some fantastic character concepts and rendered them into highly-detailed models.

A recent update added a new game mode called Freelance, which is a hybrid between free-for-all and duels. All players can attack each other as in a regular free-for-all, but a player may use an in-game function to challenge another player to a private duel, in which the two dueling players can only damage each other.

Read: Blade Symphony — Half Life 2 Mod

Gamefront News: 11 Games With Hilariously Stupid Names (DEEP ANALYSIS)

There’s an art to naming things, and for the most part developers and publishers do a pretty good job. The key is less about coming up with a great name than it is about not coming up with a bad one. Names can be bad for many very different reasons, and this list will cover a few of them.

Note: No Rooms: The Main Building here, since I already covered that one.

1. Enchanted Arms
2. Knights Contract
3. Split/Second
4. Infinite Undiscovery
5. Hannah Montana: The Movie/Bratz: The Movie/Spider-Man: The Movie
6. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
7. Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman
8. Canada Hunt
9. Marines: Modern Urban Combat
10: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Read: 11 Games With Hilariously Stupid Names (DEEP ANALYSIS)

Gamefront News: Dragon Age 2 Companions

There are eight companions you can add to your party in Dragon Age II, but not all of them just walk up and say, “Hello, Hawke, I’d like to kill monsters with you.” A few take a little finesse, or at least some attention. So we’ve compiled a list of all eight companion characters and the pertinent information about tracking them down and convincing them to join the team. WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

Recruited: Bethany and Carver are Hawke’s siblings and are with you from the beginning. At the end of the prologue, you’ll lose one of them. The other leaves your group at the end of Act 1.

Personality Conflicts: Carver - Conflicts with Anders and Merrill on Mage quests. Bethany – Conflicts with Fenris on Mage quests.

Major Quests: “Birthright.”

Armor Upgrades: Carver – Fereldan Girded Plating (received in “Birthright”). Bethany – Heirloom Amell Protective Sigils (received in “Birthright”).

Gifts: Carver - Tobrius Documents. Bethany – Portrait of your mother. Both received in “Birthright.”

Read: Dragon Age 2 Companions

Gamefront News: Dragon Age 2 Item Duplication and Free Gold Code

Need more gold or potions? Check out this glitch/cheat that will allow you to pull a fast one on Dragon Age II’s merchants and duplicate your stackable items, as well as make as much money as you might need.

Read: Dragon Age 2 Item Duplication and Free Gold Code

Gamefront News: Dragon Age II Review

BY THE WAY: check out the Dragon Age 2 unlimited gold/XP glitch video we put together.

If you only want to know our opinion of Dragon Age so you can decide whether or not to buy it, here goes:

1) Hot Diggity Damn.
2) It’s better than the original, by leaps and bounds
3) It is totally worth your time and money.
4) Word.

There, now you can stop reading right now and go pick up it up. Dragon Age II is incredible. Epic in scope, packed with activity, and yet intimate in scale, it expands on the universe introduced in Dragon Age: Origins, builds on that story and still manages, via minor tweaks and dramatic changes, to improve the series without diminishing what made Origins an instant classic.

What’s It All About?
By far, the biggest change between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II is in the story.

Dragon Age: Origins was a richly developed universe, but it served as the backdrop for a story about England Ferelden‘s war against the Darkspawn destroying the country. While you witnessed racism, religious intolerance, greed, all the things that make people so wonderful, going from newbie to hero (and possibly, co-monarch) in the process, emphasis was on power-politics, war, and how your character affected and was affected by them.

Dragon Age II veers dramatically from that. The focus this time is the story of Hawke, member of a family of Fereldean refugees we first meet in the middle of the aforementioned war. The destruction of their home (and loss of a beloved sibling), drives them to neighboring Scotland’s The Free Marshes’ city of Kirkwall. Here, they seek refuge with a relative and try to make a new llife.

For more Click below

Read: Dragon Age II Review

Gamefront News: Dutch Judge Orders PS3 Seizures – Including Those in Homes

LG and Sony have been fighting a little legal war over the Blu-Ray technology in the PlayStation 3. Last week, LG won a skirmish in that war when customs officers were ordered to seize thousands of consoles. Yesterday, they ratcheted things up a notch, according to a report in The Guardian.

LG has now won a court order that will allow it to seize PS3s anywhere in the Netherlands, even those already in homes. Wait, what now? Can you imagine how that would go over? Someone shows up at your door and wants to take your PS3 because Sony and LG are in a patent pissing contest. The rage on the web would be epic.

Sony’s taking the whole thing in stride, saying only,

Sony was notified at the end of February by customs authorities in the Netherlands that an inspection would be made into imports of [PlayStation 3s]. We believe this is due to a petition made by LG Electronics, alleging that Sony may be infringing LG patents related to Blu-ray technologies.

Read: Dutch Judge Orders PS3 Seizures – Including Those in Homes

Gamefront News: GDC 11 – 3DS Hands-on

The Nintendo booth was packed with people throughout GDC, all of them eager to try the Japanese company’s revolutionary handheld, the 3DS. About the size of two packs of cards laid side-by-side, the 3DS packs four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, a D-pad, and an interesting little joystick that seems to slide about the surface of the device like a hockey puck on ice. The distinctive upper and lower screens of the regular DS have returned, along with the stylus.

On the back of the device, in keeping with my report from the Nintendo keynote, are two camera lenses, whose powers will combine in order to take 3D-ready images, both still and video. Quite how this works is beyond my technical acumen, but work it did, much to the delight of the people demoing the hardware.

The big question on everyone’s minds is, of course, the 3D graphics. Easily turned off and on by a sliding switch on the upper part of the device, the glasses-free 3D is a technological marvel that approaches the uncanny, delivering on practically every promise made by Nintendo. You’ll have to hold the screen fairly steady, at a relatively short distance from your face, to take advantage of it, but as long as you can fulfill these conditions, the results are truly striking.

More below

Read: GDC 11 – 3DS Hands-on

Gamefront News: GDC 11 – Interview With WoW’s Tom Chilton

Few game designers deal with the kind of responsibility laden on Tom Chilton. As the lead designer for the wildly popular World of Warcraft, he wields unspeakable power over the lives of some 12 million subscribers, and faces their wrath if he screws anything up. Thankfully for him, and all the denizens of Azeroth, he rarely does.

I first encountered Chilton at GDC while attending his panel, entitled “Remaking the World of Warcraft Through Cataclysm.” The hour-long talk proved to be a thoughtful and informative description of the design process that went into the gargantuan MMO’s latest expansion pack. Having created two brand-new continents — Outland and Northrend — in previous expansions, Chilton and his team at Blizzard decided to spend their third expansion reworking the content housed by the game’s original two continents.

There were many reasons for doing this, but the first was centered around efficiency. According to Blizzard’s analysis, leveling content affects and benefits the highest proportion of players, regardless of their play patterns. Due to two factors — the need to get the game out the door at launch, and the constant need to satiate the game’s inexhaustible subscribers with new content (“It’s part of a process we call ‘feeding the beast,’” Chilton wrly remarked) many of the game’s low-level areas were in dire need of a tune-up.

At their core, these were the zones that made the game what it is today. “The ‘World’ part of the World of Warcraft is its strongest aspect,” Chilton opined confidently. “That’s what helped it go beyond being an ordinary game to being a huge success.” Despite these strengths, the designers considered many of these early zones fatally flawed. “Our original content had very poor flow. We sent people from one place to another for no reason,” Chilton admitted. The quest design was also lacking. “Pretty much all the content in the game originally was kill, collect and fed-ex quests.”

Click Link below for more!

Read: GDC 11 – Interview With WoW’s Tom Chilton

Gamefront News: GDC11: Jurassic Park: The Game Hands-On

I dropped by the Telltale Games booth at GDC last week, and while I didn’t have the time to wait in line and inquire about just what it takes to become a game scenario writer (not that I’m looking for another job or anything — it’d just be cool to know), I did get to grab a gamepad and run the demo for Telltale’s upcoming Jurassic Park adventure game.

It wasn’t 100-percent clear exactly where in the story the game picked up. I was introduced to Dr. Gerry Harding, one of Jurassic Park’s resident veterinarians. You might remember him from the sick triceratops scenes in the film.

The demo available at the booth was played on a gamepad despite being the PC version, so the controls were probably pretty far off from what players with a mouse and keyboard are going to experience come April. But for the most part, I got a pretty decent sampling of what Jurassic Park will be like — a combination of adventure game mainstays that we’re used to from Telltale, like what’s seen in Back to the Future, coupled with a bunch of quicktime events to simulate fighting and escaping dinosaurs.

The demo I saw started, it seemed, somewhere in the middle. Harding was driving in one of those Jurassic Park Jeeps with his teenager daughter, Jess, and an unnamed injured and unconscious woman. The implication is that Harding doesn’t know who the woman is or where she came from — from the plot synopses I’ve read, I’d bet she was the mercenary sent by Dodgson (the dude who met with Dennis Nedry in San Jose — “What’s with the hat? What’re you trying to look like, a secret agent?”) to retrieve Nedry’s can of embryos.

More below

Read: GDC11: Jurassic Park: The Game Hands-On

Gamefront News: GDC 11 – The Secret World Demo Impressions

“Everything Is True.” This motto was omnipresent at FunCom’s GDC 2011 presentation (it was even the wireless password!), and it acts as a concise summation of The Secret World, the studio’s forthcoming MMORPG. Though many games — indeed, many MMO’s — have tackled the supernatural and fantastic, The Secret World is the first game to take these two themes and bring them directly into the real world, filling familiar, formerly mundane surroundings with ghosts, zombies, demons, conspiracies, myths, urban legends and more. “Everything,” really means, well, everything — lead designer Ragnar Tørnquist isn’t ruling anything out. Every bit of religious ephemera, every X-Files re-run, every forgotten Stephen King novel, and every old wives’ tale has been made fodder for the big Norwegian’s quest designers as they populate our workaday world with sinister magic.

Players will choose between three factions, each with an urban headquarters and a distinguished pedigree. The Illuminati, based in New York, promote the survival of the fittest. The militaristic Templars, based in London, seek to stamp out malevolent magic, no matter the cost or the collateral damage. The Dragons, based in Seoul, play both sides against the middle. Characters are tied to particular factions, and each faction can take advantage of exclusive gear and abilities, but there isn’t open war between them — more of an uneasy detente.

Traveling between the three widely disparate cities is simple, thanks to one of the game’s most ingenious features. Among the legends the game tosses into its supernatural gumbo is that of Agartha, a giant city located within the earth’s supposedly hollow center. In The Secret World, Agartha is both the central area for socialization and also an extensive transportation network, enabling players to pop up aboveground wherever they might want to be.


Click Link below for more!

Read: GDC 11 – The Secret World Demo Impressions

Gamefront News: GDC 11 – War in the North Hands-on

Action RPG’s on consoles have a checkered past, but there have been a few unequivocal success. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance was one of these, and its developers Snowblind Studios are at it again with Lord of the Rings: War in the North. We sat down during the frenzy of GDC 11 to talk Tolkien and play a very early build.

War in the North is set far from the main events of the Lord of the Rings saga, deep in snow-covered mountains, where a second front has developed, pitting the forces of good against the tides of evil emanating from Mordor. Thanks to Warner Brothers, their powerful patron, Snowblind was able to secure the license to the wildly popular films, which drives the game’s recognizable design sensibilities, and also to the books, which provided inspiration and source material. Thanks to the richness of Tolkein’s universe, the developers were able to take brief, throwaway lines and expand them into story and gameplay elements. The Fellowship of the Ring makes brief reference to the Nazgul passing a place called Sarn Ford on their way to the Shire — Sarn Ford appears in the game as a key area. Even more importantly, the game’s entire concept is derived from a speech of Gandalf’s, in which he points out that the efforts of the Fellowship on the war’s southern front would be fruitless if not for the contributions of “a few heroes in the North.”

For more click below

Read: GDC 11 – War in the North Hands-on

Gamefront News: Homefront Launch Trailer

Here it is everyone, the final launch trailer for the John Milius’ and THQ’s paranoid Invasion: America(!) shooter. From the look of things, it seems we’re in for a game that stretches the definition of ‘cold war’ to infnity. Enjoy!


Read: Homefront Launch Trailer

Gamefront News: In Defense of the Videogame Cutscene

Recently, THQ’s Danny Bilson criticized videogame cutscenes in no uncertain terms, implying — with very little room for interpretation — that developers who fall back on them simply aren’t talented enough to tell a videogame story in an interactive way.

“Doing a cinematic is the failure state, that is the last resort of game storytelling,” said the Core Games VP. “Someone at EA once said to me: ‘I want to watch a movie while I’m playing a game about as much as I want to play a game while I’m watching a movie.’ It’s really not what the artform is about. As soon as you put a controller in someone’s hand they want to interact.”

Harsh words indeed for what has become an industry staple since videogames were able to display graphics with more than one color. In fact, Danny’s own stable of games — including the critically acclaimed Saints Row and Darksiders — have made heavy use of cutscenes, and will likely continue to do so. Nevertheless, what Danny says is not a new concept. Quantic Dream’s David Cage openly mocks cutscenes (while pretending that Heavy Rain isn’t full of them) and even film director Steven Spielberg has written them off as intrusive and damaging to a story’s flow. Developers and critics alike look to Half-Life as the ultimate example of what videogames need to be doing — using scripted sequences within the game itself to keep players immersed while telling a story.

Click Link below for more!

Read: In Defense of the Videogame Cutscene

Gamefront News: Kinect Is Fastest-Selling Electronics Device Ever, Says Guinness

According to the famous record-checking company, the eight million Kinects sold in its first 60 days on the market is the highest sales total of any consumer electronics device in that time period. Hooray for gimmicks, I guess.

That’s kind of a crazy idea, but most important for Microsoft is that it represents a victory of Apple; the Guinness press release doesn’t have any sort of ranked list so we can properly put this number in context, but it does point out that this is more than any Apple device has ever sold in an equivalent period. That’s definitely worth celebrating with some Dance Central and Guinness. It’s worth Microsoft celebrating, I mean. I’m not going to celebrate because I don’t care.

Read: Kinect Is Fastest-Selling Electronics Device Ever, Says Guinness

Gamefront News: Lord of the Rings Online Echoes of the Dead Preview

Since transitioning to a free-to-play model, Lord of the Rings Online has experienced a resurgence in popularity. They’ve also stepped up the frequency of their content updates. The next one of these updates is titled ‘Echoes of the Dead,’ and is scheduled to be released on March 21. We recently got the chance to sit down and chat with Aaron Campbell, producer for LotRO, about the update and what players can expect.

‘Echoes of the Dead’ is the next step in the inexorable progression of LotRO towards Mordor. We already know that the Rise of Isengard expansion is scheduled to release later this year (here’s a teaser trailer). Between now and then, we’ll see the Echoes of the Dead release, plus one more content pack that isn’t titled yet.

Our preview began in Evendim. If that sounds a little odd to you, you’re not alone. In fact, I was a bit disoriented until I got my bearings. We were there because Turbine has done a major revamp to the mid-level zone. Existing quests have been reworked, and new locations have been added that bring around 100 new quests to the zone. Evendim is now a 30-40 zone.

Read: Lord of the Rings Online Echoes of the Dead Preview

Gamefront News: Microsoft Hiring Staff to Work on ‘Next-Gen Console Architectures

The Xbox 360 is five years old already, which means it’s overdue for an upgrade. But if you were wondering when Microsoft was going start work on the Xbox 1080 or whatever is next in line, here’s your answer: now. Maybe.

Games Industry has a report saying that Microsoft has started looking for staffers to help with “next-gen console architectures.” The postings are appearing on LinkedIn, according to the report, and are seeking people for the positions of graphics hardware architect, senior architect and performance engineer for the Xbox Console Architecture Group, and a senior hardware design verification engineer. That one will be ”responsible for the design verification and qualification of the Xbox console at the component, motherboard, and system levels.”

Okay, so, we don’t know anything for sure. It sounds like that could be a new console, but Microsoft recently rolled out the Xbox 360 Slim, and these hires could be used for that or something else. Probably it’s Xbox 360-related, but we don’t know for sure as yet. Heck, though, if you want a job at Microsoft and you do console-y architecural-y type things, there’s your in.

Read: Microsoft Hiring Staff to Work on ‘Next-Gen Console Architectures

Gamefront News: New Shogun 2 Dev Diary

Sitting Japanese-style around a low table, with a rack of swords prominently displayed in front of them, seven Shogun 2 developers shared their thoughts about Creative Assembly’s forthcoming behemoth. Though they all touched on different points, they all seemed immensely proud of their game, particularly because of the way it represented a return to the company’s roots, which stretch back to the release of Shogun: Total War in 2000.

Authenticity, also, was clearly an important aspect of the development process, and everyone who appears in the videos mentions it at some point. Visual elements were inspired by the films of Akira Kurosawa. The Taiko drumming on the soundtrack was meticulously composed. A famous Japanese calligrapher was contracted to create the logo for the game. In some ways, this attention to detail made the designers’ jobs easier — as one of them points out, the large flags that feudal samurai wore on their backs were a very “UI-friendly” piece of military technology.



Read: New Shogun 2 Dev Diary

Gamefront News: New Uncharted 3 Vid Reveals Big Bad Katherine Marlowe

It seems Nathan Drake is working his way through Europe, making sure to make super-rich, powerful, evil enemies in every country. In Uncharted 3, he has pissed off a woman named Katherine Marlowe, and we’ve got the video introducing her to the world embedded below.

The whole vid drops tasty, ambiguous details about the Uncharted 3 story. For one, Victor Sullivan and Drake both know Marlowe personally, it seems — Sully even moreso than Drake.

And Nathan’s got a ring on a chain around his neck, which Marlowe takes. Her cryptic comment to go with taking the ring (Wedding ring? Engagement ring?) is something along the lines of, “You like cheating death — or not.”

27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" width="437" height="0" id="viddler">

Read: New Uncharted 3 Vid Reveals Big Bad Katherine Marlowe

Gamefront News: PS3 Netherlands Ban Lifted

Via IGN, we have the latest twist in the already significantly knotted legal fight between Sony and LG over allegations of patent infringement. We all know how, after Korea’s LG charged that the PS3 Blu-Ray player violated their patent, a dutch court banned the importation of new Sony PS3 consoles into the Netherlands. Then, just days ago came the news that another judge authorized the confiscation of Playstation 3 consoles, even those already in private hands.

Now the BBB is reporting yet another a complication to this positively Shandy-esque mess: The ban on importing PS3 consoles has been lifted:

A court order, banning Sony from importing PlayStation 3′s into the Netherlands has been lifted…

The ban could have had wider repercussions, as Sony uses its Dutch facilities to import consoles for most of Europe.

Sony confirmed to BBC News that the ban had been lifted on Thursday afternoon.

This doesn’t mean it’s all caviar and cognac for Sony. LG appears to have a pretty solid case that Sony has failed to properly license LG’s tech. What’s that, you ask? Sony, violate another company’s patent? Yeah, we know, that’s crazy talk. But seriously, even though LG’s been ordered to pay some hefty fines related to the import ban-reversal, the lawsuit continues apace. And that’s just in the low countries. There’s another suit brewing here in the states over the same issue. Given Sony’s previous history of problems when it comes to other companies’ IP, they probably shouldn’t relax just yet.

Read: PS3 Netherlands Ban Lifted

Gamefront News: PS3 Now “Resecured” After New Firmware Update

The big deal, Sony says, with PS3 firmware v3.60 is the place in the cloud for gamers to back up their game saves, but as with all the recent PS3 firmware updates there’s a security update hidden in there as well aimed at shutting down the GeoHot hack once and for all.

And maybe it worked. Good ole KaKaRoToKS seems to think so anyway: “Wow, in 3.60, Sony removed all the loaders, no more isoldr/lv1ldr/lv2ldr/appldr.. but they added lv0.2! Seems they found a way to secure ps3… For now, it looks to me (at first glance) that the ps3 has been resecured, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be broken again from scratch.”

What this means, generally, is that the thing GeoHot’s hack exploited is no longer there to be exploited, and so that’s that, for now.

Read: PS3 Now “Resecured” After New Firmware Update

Gamefront News: Rockstar and Take Two Casting Call Offers Possible GTA V Clues

Here’s an interesting tidbit via VG247 about the almost certain to be upcoming GTA V. It seems Rockstar/Take Two have put out a suspiciously Californian Andreasan-sounding casting call:

Internet super-sleuth Superannuation has been digging around in Rockstar and Take-Two’s business, and turned up an unannounced project – Rush – which just might be Grand Theft Auto V.

Superannuation’s search unveiled a motion capture casting call from Rockstar’s regular casting go-to, Telsey & Company, for an “interactive project” called “Rush”.

This casting call apparently includes references to “outlandish characters, weed, gangsters, and celebrities”, which would confirm the very persistent assumption that GTA V will follow in the footsteps of GTA IV by updating previously explored GTA universe locations – in this case, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas‘ city of Los Santos. But that’s not all – industrious tweeters also managed to confirm A related Actress’ resume, and a cast of characters that sound right at home in the former Stomping grounds of Carl ‘CJ Johnson and the Grove Street Families.

This might be a bit of a disappointment for people who wish that Rock Star would consider expanding, rather than merely updating that universe. People have been begging for locations as exotic as Colombia since the Vice City days. And hell, it’s possible the speculation of a return to San Andreas is baseless, or even a fake out. But as far as I’m concerned, the possibility of revisiting the setting of the most insane and over-the-top entry in the GTA series is more than welcome. THIS. DO IT PLEASE.

Why? Because it’s ridiculous that of the two open-ended sandbox style crime games from 2008, the one I’m still playing today is Saints Row 2. Come on. I mean, come on. Look, I realize this is an old gripe for me, but at the end of the day a successful GTA game should be both awesome and fun, and to be frank, GTA IV just wasn’t. Was it awesome? Indeed. It had a hilarious in-game universe, memorable characters and acting, improved graphics and and combat, incredible gameplay, and so on and so on and so on. But The Ballad of Gay Tony aside, it was impossible to have anything even remotely close to a satisfying, cathartic ending.

Read: Rockstar and Take Two Casting Call Offers Possible GTA V Clues

Gamefront News: SHIFT 2 Unleashed: Autolog Drift Challenge (Video)

This new SHIFT 2 Unleashed video features 2010 Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. taking on Team Need for Speed driver Matt Powers in an Autolog challenge. Both drivers took some time to customize their cars (both visual and performance) then took them on the track to see who could rack up the best drift score. Even though they weren’t in the same room, they still got to see each other’s drift score through Autolog. In the end Vaughn Gittin Jr. won with the better score but thanks to Autolog, Matt Powers can keep trying for a better score and turn the tables on Vaughn


Read: SHIFT 2 Unleashed: Autolog Drift Challenge (Video)

Gamefront News: Shogun 2 Has Team Fortress 2 Pre-order Bonuses!

Shogun 2 is the latest installment in a venerable series of strategy games. Team Fortress 2 is one of the biggest names in class-based multiplayer, a Steam-powered juggernaut that’s still going strong after four years on the market. In preparation for the release of the former title, the two have teamed up, offering 8 brand-new Shogun-themed items for use in TF2.

Owners of the game should go here to add this content to their pre-order. Those who haven’t purchased the game yet can visit this link to ensure that they’re getting some BLU vs. RED goodness along with their copy. If you’ve always dreamt of offing a TF2 opponent with a Samurai sword, your time has finally come.

Read: Shogun 2 Has Team Fortress 2 Pre-order Bonuses!

Gamefront News: Star Wars: The Old Republic Fate of the Galaxy Trailer

Fresh from delivering the Dragon Age Goods, BioWare is back with their next big thing, the Star Wars MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. If revisiting the endlessly explored (and over-expanded) Star Wars Galaxy is your thing, this this ought to provide enough nourishment to last you 4000 Sith Wars.


Read: Star Wars: The Old Republic Fate of the Galaxy Trailer

Gamefront News: The Wii Hits 35 Million Sold in the US

The folks in Microsoft’s games division are glowing this week, and rightfully so; Nintendo, however, isn’t going to allow them to own the spotlight this week. The company has just announced that 35 million Wiis have been sold in the US since November 2006, which makes it the fastest-selling game console in US video game history.

They continued the chest pounding by declaring that New Super Mario Bros. has hit 8 million and Donkey Kong Country Returns has hit 2 million in US sales.

That’s probably not as exciting as Microsoft’s mark, and it doesn’t have the fake-prestige provided by Guinness making the announcement, but it’ll probably provide a nice self-esteem boost, at least. Y’all can get to fist pumping.

Read: The Wii Hits 35 Million Sold in the US

Gamefront News: THQ and Kaos Are Already Planning a Homefront Sequel

Mainstream video game culture is kind of horrifying right now, and every publisher is planning 12 sequels to every game they make even though that’s stupid. Unfortunately, most gamers support this, because they tend to want many sequels as possible to every game they like. Sigh.

So, yeah, Homefront was apparently planned as a franchise starter, which is terrifying.

“THQ and Kaos have always looked at it as a franchise. Assuming it does well, that’s certainly the plan – to move on to future Homefront products,” Kaos GM David Votypka told Eurogamer.

I just hate this. Franchises you have to “plan” for (i.e. not the ones in which each game is a standalone adventure, like Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, GTA, Fallout, etc.) tend to produce games that aren’t entirely satisfying within their own context (i.e. Dead Space 2, Assassin’s Creed, Killzone, Resistance, Mass Effect 2, etc.). And, of course, there’s no guarantee the game will sell well enough to warrant a sequel. THQ says the game has 200,000 preorders in North America, but VGChartz indicates a much lower number.

Read: THQ and Kaos Are Already Planning a Homefront Sequel

Gamefront News: Trenched Hands-on!

The Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight is now the stuff of game design folklore. Conceived in 2007 during the grueling development process for Brutal Legend, the studio’s tent-pole title, the Fortnight offered beleaguered staff members the chance to temporarily forget the fact that they were hard at work on a half-finished behemoth, and focus instead on crafting a rough version of the game they had always dreamed about making, whatever that happened to be. This enviable business practice has already born fruit twice, with considerable ripeness — Costume Quest and Stacking have both been extremely well-received.

Trenched is the third apple on the verdant tree of Double Fine imagination. Cultivated by programmer Brad Muir, the game can be described as a “tower defense shooter,” drawing on the influence of games like Chromehounds and Mech Assault to correct two problems endemic to the burgeoning tower defense genre. First on the docket was the traditional camera angle: hovering over the battlefield. To combat this flaw, Trenched puts you in the action, on the back of a 25-foot smoke-spitting death machine. The second weakness that the team identified in classic tower defense games was the paucity of things to do once you had actually placed your towers. That problem was also solved with a lumbering, high-caliber vengeance.

“It’s our first game with a gun it,” Tim Schafer quipped, as Muir fired up the game on the big screen. The assembled members of the press were treated to the game’s terse opening cutscene, which sketches out the plot: Two paraplegic veterans of World War I, Frank Woodruff and Vladimir Farnsworth, are working together at a radio listening post when a mysterious “signal” strikes via the airwaves. Though it has a deleterious effect on most, Woodruff and Farnsworth find that their own intelligence is significantly augmented.

For more click below

Read: Trenched Hands-on!

Gamefront News: Underhell — Half-Life 2 mod

In development since 2005, Underhell is a Half-Life 2 survival horror mod with an episodic release schedule. You take on the role of SWAT operative Jake Hawkfield, a recently married man who just bought a house with his beloved wife–so you know something terrible is going to happen to her.

Sure enough, Jake’s wife dies under mysterious circumstances, with clues pointing towards suicide. Jake has a breakdown, and his best friend/mentor/boss Frank helps him through his grief.

That’s the back story. The game begins with Frank calling Jake down to the station–a group of elite soldiers (ex-soldiers, presumably) have seized a hospital and are holding the personnel hostage. But Jake will soon realize that this is no ordinary hostage situation…

The original idea behind Underhell consisted of having a few human players go up against over 40 bots armed with knives. At the time–2005–Left 4 Dead had yet to be born, and this was the best way to recreate the cooperative zombie survival experience. From that idea, a storyline emerged, inspired by Asian horror films like The Grudge (JU-ON) and The Ring, and the game shifted to a singleplayer experience.

Read: Underhell — Half-Life 2 mod

Gamefront News: You Can Send All Your PS3 Saved Games to the Cloud Tomorrow

We’ve hard about this kind of thing before, but in that case it was only for one specific game. In a muscle-flexing move by Sony, they’re releasing a new firmware update tomorrow that’ll allow players to back their saved games up on Sony servers. Because Sony really, really wants your money (and because the storage space, like, costs money), though, you’ll have to subscribe to Playstation Plus in order to take advantage.

Members will be limited to 150mb of space and 1000 files, which likely won’t be a problem for anyone unless you have 300 Fallout 3 saves or something. You’ll only be able to download the data once every 24 hours, which, again, shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re running some sort of weird collaborative attempt to make it through Demon’s Souls. Oh yeah, you’ll be able to retrieve the data on any PS3 that has your ID on it, which also shouldn’t be a problem because if somebody steals your account info, it’s unlikely that they’re going to f–k with your saved games.

Read: You Can Send All Your PS3 Saved Games to the Cloud Tomorrow


Dawn of War: Soulstorm: Ultimate Apocalypse - Complete Collection (1.62.5) Released!
March 5th, 2011.

!1.62.5 Is Released!

Ultimate Apocalypse - Complete Collection (1.62.5) has been released on March 5th 2011. The mod is an entire patch that not only patches the 'Actual' mod (1.62), but includes as well, XP1 (Total Destruction), and our gloriest and hailworthy expansion yet, XP2 (New Races). Both expansions and the mod itself can be found in one download link, located below.

Visit our home page to download the mod @ http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?254354-Ultimate-Apocalypse-%281.62%29-Public-Release-2-15-11

Krronus and I were planning this for almost a year now as XP2 is finally born into the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. XP2 involves two new races called Tyranids and the Inquisition Daemonhunt. Both races were given our own Apocalypse qualities and are now equipped to take on the other remaining 9 races. With godly thanks to the Tyranid mod team and the Daemonhunters team, XP2 now exists and can be downloaded now!

Like stated before, XP1 is also involved which sets up the game for players in a separate mod that involves no limit. That's right, no limit! Unlimited titans, structures, turrets, hqs, you name it, as every later version brings to you a powerful demonstration of absolute dominance and extreme power.

As usual, the complete collection involves the Actual mod. It is the basic awesomeness that is used also with XP1 and XP2 as a combination. It is the largest in size of all and is the most needed mod for any expansion to work. Everything Apocalyptic can be found within and it is still in progress being made towards perfection.

With a little bonus as well, I added some fun cool looking gadgets within the complete collection. A readme for all, XP2 required mods, bonus items and the installation can be found too. As the later versions continue to progress, surely no mod can top us.

Have fun with the complete collection and enjoy for the first time, XP2!
Read: Ultimate Apocalypse - Complete Collection (1.62.5) Released!
More Dawn of War: Soulstorm News: FileFront's Dawn of War: Soulstorm Files

Jedi Knight III: JA_Update Expansion Seeking Beta Testers!
I'm looking for a few people to beta test an add-on that I plan to release for my JA_Update. If interested, let me know and I'll send you a copy. Also, if you have any mod requests, or are looking for someone to help with your mod, I'm more than happy to take requests! Thanks!


P.S if you wish to contact JediNoob124 about this, please use the following contact form:

Read: JA_Update Expansion Seeking Beta Testers!
More Jedi Knight III News: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Stalker: Call of Pripyat Complete is Complete

Call of Pripyat Complete is the third entry in the Complete mod series, which is a set of modifications created by professional artists dedicated to enhancing the production quality of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series. The Complete mod series emphasize on improving the original graphics, sound, and atmosphere of each game while preserving the core game elements. Built upon the success of Stalker Complete 2009, which was downloaded by one in every five S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl players, this entry in the Complete mod series is the cumulative culmination of the series’ achievements in aesthetically updating the game without changing the original story or gameplay. Designed to meet the desires of new players and veterans alike, Call of Pripyat Complete unleashes the full potential of the latest, climactic chapter in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R and the Complete mod series.

One of the most anticipated mods for Call of Pripyat is finally complete (well, version 1.0 of it is) and available for download.

Many many months in the making you have yet another excuse to play Call of Pripyat again.

Currently we are having issues with adding files to the site so for the time being you can download the file from our main site, GameFront.

Click me to download Call of Pripyat Complete!

Once our bugs are worked out we'll get the file up on STALKER Files.
Read: Call of Pripyat Complete is Complete
More Stalker News: FileFront's Stalker Files

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Just imagine if Dice did allow 256 players in multi-player. It would be a frag fest to end all frag fests. eek!

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Whoah isnt it ATI not amd!?

 #3 - 03-15-2011 at 15:14
Danny (Staff)
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AMD own ATI so its technically correct wink and it does actually say AMD on the actual graphics card too!

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Di Yosuke Aizawa, ha portato il marchio di continuare a promuovere il rapporto tra moda e prestazioni in molti dei suoi tessuti tecnici wellstocked. Fornisce un metodo continuo a theMONCLER tegola precoce anteprima della modalit estetico morbido jacquard. Dalla l'ultima dimostrazione dello spazio di marca in cui sono detenuti e, in questo caso, l'acquisizione gi visto, i designer trasformano la vostra pista runofthemill a telaio Gamme Khmer patchwork cappotto di pelliccia, il contesto artico di giacche e cappotti.

 #5 - http://www.grantchristmastreefarm.com/userfiles/gallery/UGG/index.html - 11-16-2014 at 06:15
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??????! ??????????SEO?| ?????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??!
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