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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 20 (week 11, 2011) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 03-21-2011 @ 16:06
This News Item has been viewed 45,314 times

Here it is the twentieth version of the Weekly Gamefront Network News Update, the news part of the update covers the news side of the Network and the Gamefront Main site over the past week. There has been a fair bit of news from the Main site including a lot of trailers, reviews, previews and a lot more - some of this has been included below including lots of trailers and videos from GDC 11. Also of course there is the news from the Network Sites not as much as the main site but still just as important!

Lots more news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ).

Also If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).

Unfortunately this week there won't be a files update because of the faults with the image uploading with both the files and the POTD, all I know at the moment is that the tech team is looking into it and hopefully it will be fixed soon!


Gamefront News: 10 Misfortunes That Will Prevent the Release of Duke Nukem Forever

If Gearbox is to be believed, Duke Nukem Forever is going to actually come out in about six weeks on May 3. There is just no way that’s going to happen, though, because the universe is not going to allow it, and it will go to lengths that are as extreme as is necessary, perhps going so far that people don’t even realize what’s happening is because of DNF. There are an infinite number of ways in which God can stop the game’s release, but here are the ones we have decided are most likely.

1. An intern drops the game code into a storm drain
2. Activision announces new Call of Duty title will be released on 5/3
3. All game code is destroyed in a freak fire.
4. 90′s game code prevents it from being playable on current consoles and PCs.
5. Allen Blum has a meltdown
6. Metacritic ruins everything
7. The Duke Nukem Forever Prevention Society kills everyone involved with the game
8. The fall of capitalism
9. Alien apocalypse
10. The entire universe folds in on itself upon first sale

Read: 10 Misfortunes That Will Prevent the Release of Duke Nukem Forever

Gamefront News: Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Trailer

Here is your first glimpse at some gameplay footage from Batman: Arkham City. Check out some details of the game:

Set inside the heavily fortified walls of a sprawling district in the heart of Gotham City, this highly anticipated sequel to 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, introduces a brand-new story that draws together an all-star cast of classic characters and murderous villains from the Batman universe, as well as a vast range of enhanced gameplay features to deliver the ultimate experience as the Dark Knight.


Read: Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Trailer

Gamefront News: Bethesda: Beautiful Graphics Matter!

Errbody loves their gorgeous games. Two of the three major home consoles were launched on the promise of delivering unparalleled graphics, and the early stages of the PS3-Xbox 360 fanboy war were fought over which system had prettier games. Not everybody thinks graphics are everything, of course. Or maybe the people who say graphics aren’t all that big a deal are only saying that and don’t really mean it.

That’s what Bethesda’s VP of marketing Peter Hines says.

“There’s a lot of people who say graphics don’t matter. To them I usually say ‘you’re lying’,” he said on the most recent OXM podcast. “[People] will look at a screenshot and make a snap decision: ‘that looks awesome’, or ‘I’m not interested.’ So if you can make something look amazing just at first glance, it’s so much easier to get them.”

He’s right, sort of, at least in terms of the Western market. People do often make immediate snap judgments about games based on press materials. But those judgments aren’t always specifically about a game’s graphics. It’s usually more about whether or not the whole package looks like a cheap, lazy piece of s–t. There are a number of examples of ugly current-gen games that sold well; hell, hardly anything on the Wii looks good in HD. Hell, Bethesda’s own Fallout 3 is known for being a pretty hideous-looking game, and they sold five million copies of that. There’s a reason they made a whole new engine for Skyrim.

Read: Bethesda: Beautiful Graphics Matter!

Gamefront News: Black Prophecy Officially Launches in Europe

Many sci-fi gamers have followed the development of Black Prophecy for years, and today marks the space combat MMOG’s long-awaited release–in Europe, at least. Closed beta testing is scheduled to begin in the near future for players in North America.

Patrick Streppel, Executive Board Member at Black Prophecy’s publisher, Gamigo Games, said:

There’s no doubt for us that Black Prophecy will mix things up in the MMO gaming world. It will breathe new life into the space combat genre and such elaborate production has also never been seen before in the free-to-play market.

Did I see a reference to EVE Online?

Kirk Lenke, CEO of the game’s developer, Reakktor Media, said:

With the launch of Black Prophecy, the most comprehensive, exciting and ambitious project in the long history of our team is going live. All this is the result of the hard work of an extremely dedicated and talented group of people.


Read: Black Prophecy Officially Launches in Europe

Gamefront News: C&C: Generals – Zero Hour Mod

There’s nothing like a new coat of paint to take a classic game and make it current. Although C&C: Generals – Zero Hour was released in 2003, the [FM] Enhanced Mod Team has breathed new life into the game with a mod that improves the graphics and overhauls vanilla C&C with new models, units, maps, and AI.

Major changes include:
-New bloom, lightrays, contrast, shadows, depth of field, water reflections and light pulses
-Improved environmental assets (grass, bushes, trees, rocks)
-Pseudo-HDR Lightning System
-Realistic weaponry system
-New models and textures
-New menu color
-New effects such as heat, toxin, debris, and blood.
-Higher resolution terrain and roads
-New AI scripts that make use of new buildings and units
-New skirmish observation mode.
-Flammable trees and bushes that can injure units and buildings
-Destructible bridges
-New units, buildings, and upgrades
-New infantry skins and models

Read: C&C: Generals – Zero Hour Mod

Gamefront News: Crysis 2 Producer Says IGN is Full of S–t

One of the early battles in the Xbox 360-PS3 fanboy war was fought over graphics; the other major fight was over whether or not PS3 versions of games worked as well as their 360 counterparts. Although that aspect of the war hardly ever comes up now, some folks are still on the lookout for a difference in quality between versions of games, and it came up again recently when IGN bashed the PS3 version of Crysis 2, which they played at GDC. (We only touched it on 360 there.)

The performance of the PS3 version is pretty underwhelming. The framerate is frequently low and choppy. There are jagged lines everywhere, and shadows are especially messy. There’s a muddiness to the graphics that’s hard to stomach in the wake of the PS3′s other flagship showpieces, and worse, the variable framerate really hurts controller response.

In a recent Playstation Blog post, those specific comments were addressed by Crysis 2 executive producer Nathan Camarillo:

I’ve gone on the record saying that if you stick PS3 and 360 side by side I would challenge anyone to find any meaningful difference. I don’t see it at all.

Read: Crysis 2 Producer Says IGN is Full of S–t

Gamefront News: Crysis 2 Experience – Part 3: “Gate Keepers” (Video)

We have some new Crysis 2 gameplay footage for you today. All of you who are waiting to play should check it out. By the way, did I mention that the sound effects are awesome?

Watch as Alcatraz navigates the urban jungle and squares off against a squad of CELL troopers in the latest installment of The Crysis 2 Experience: “Gate Keepers.” This final chapter of raw gameplay footage was captured on PC, and showcases the choreographed sandbox gameplay that Crysis is known for.


Read: Crysis 2 Experience – Part 3: “Gate Keepers” (Video)

Gamefront News: F.E.A.R. 3 The Ides of March Video

Check out new F.E.A.R. 3 in-game cinematic footage where brothers Paxton Fettel and Point Man recount their violent and hostile past. The two are haunted by themes of betrayal and family ties as the game progresses.


Read: F.E.A.R. 3 The Ides of March Video

Gamefront News: First Hitman 5 Screen Leaves a Lot to the Imagination

It’s been a while since we talked about a Hitman game. The last one was Hitman: Blood Money, which released in 2006. Since then, developer IO Interactive has been immersed in created the Kane & Lynch games, which have enjoyed a lukewarm reception.

That may all be changing, as an alternate reality game over at Hitmanforum.com is starting to reveal. The community there has uncovered a number of images that appear to reveal a new Hitman game, tentatively referred to as Hitman 5.

A number of the images reference the CN Tower in Toronto, the world’s tallest free-standing structure, leading to speculation that Hitman 5 will take place in Canada. The final image, included above, looks to be taken from a CGI movie.

IO has confirmed in a post on Hitmanforum.com that that the ARG has ended, and that the game will be announced at E3 in June.

Read: First Hitman 5 Screen Leaves a Lot to the Imagination

Gamefront News: GDC11: Xperia Play Hands-On

When I found the Xperia Play on the exhibition floor at GDC 2011, I almost couldn’t believe it. The mythical Playstation Phone, here, in the wild — available to actually play.

I grabbed a spot at the table and picked up the phone, which has a slide-down game pad where other phones place a keyboard. The rest of the phone is a lot like other Xperia models, with an Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and a touchscreen.

It was the game pad that concerned me, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Play feels great in your hands, taking all the right cues from mobile gaming and marrying them with the things Sony learned from years of good controller and portable design. The buttons, too, are soft and highly responsive. There’s nothing cheap about the way the hardware reacts under your thumbs, and that’s a great feeling.

My interactions with the touch screen were a little more limited. I wasn’t able to figure out how to quickly switch between game pad and touchscreen controls in-game, which was a bummer. Certainly there’s a way to do it, but I couldn’t figure it out. In the meantime, though, the touchscreen was reactive with the game pad out, so controls that are screen-only still work just as well as they otherwise would have.

For more click below

Read: GDC11: Xperia Play Hands-On

Gamefront News: Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack Review” (Video)

Despite the thoroughly developed story behind the Halo universe, there’s a reason that said development required a series of tie-in novels to expand on the scant information provided in the tiny allotment of plot per game. The series has always been first and foremost about multiplayer combat, and with the release this week of the new Defiant Map Pack for Halo: Reach, that definitely hasn’t been changed. As the first Halo-related release from Microsoft’s Studio 343i after the departure of Bungie, the Defiant pack is a big test of their ability to manage the money generation factory best-selling series. so the question is: does it live up?

Yes. Mostly. But yes.

We expected to grade on a curve, considering this is DLC for a game developed by a different studio for a game that has sold more copies than the bible1. Not small shoes to climb into, but 343i can breathe easy because no curve required. The Defiant Pack, while perhaps leaving you wishing there was more to it, turns out to be a tremendous amount of fun. Halo: Reach fans still hungry for blood 6 months after the main game’s release can consider their bloodlust (mostly) sated.

Then again, this is just a map pack. There’s no new story content, just new places to to get your kill on, which makes it difficult to expound for hours on it. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to spend, as I did, hours playing it, but once you’ve done so, you kind of wish there was more to it.

For More Click Below!

Read: Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack Review

Gamefront News: Homefront Review

Imagine a future where America isn’t a free country. It’s occupied by a hostile force that is brutally suppressing the populace and bringing them under their rule. This is the America where Homefront, the newest shooter from THQ and Kaos Studios, takes place.

As soon as you start Homefront, the game pulls you into its setting. You wake up in an apartment, and as soon as you look out the window you see streets full of rubble teeming with Korean soldiers. Civilians are being rounded up, and some even executed. As you take this in, a squad of Korean soldiers kicks in your door and takes you prisoner, after an appropriate berating from a Korean officer extolling the virtues of the ‘Great Leader.’

You’re then tossed into a school bus that’s been converted to transport prisoners. As you’re being driven to a detention center, you see more atrocities being committed all around the bus, including a gout of blood from an execution splattering onto your window. By the time the resistance attacks the bus and frees you, you’re more than ready to take up arms against the invaders.

Unfortunately, once you’ve done so, you’ll notice something very familiar. You’re in a linear progression of levels that has you moving from point A to point B, with very little allowance for deviation. At times you’ll find yourself facing off against hordes of KPA (Korean People’s Army) that are all aspiring to put an end to your resistance, and all you can do is duck behind any of the conveniently placed barricades, wait for a lull, and then stand up blindly again. The lack of a proper cover system that allows blind fire or leaning is a major detriment to gameplay.

For more click below.

Read: Homefront Review

Gamefront News: LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Videos

The newest LEGO game Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is coming in just 4 days, on March 22. Below we have three new short cut-scenes to wet your appetite. Enjoy.



Read: LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Videos

Gamefront News: Madden 12 Cover Athlete to be Picked by Fans

In years past, athletes and fans have wondered who’ll be selected for the cover of the new Madden game. Some are excited, some are scared of the curse. This year, they’ll all find out together, as EA is letting the fans decide who’s on the cover of Madden 12.

It’s March, so what better way to pick a winner than with a bracket of players competing for the prize? Over on ESPN.com, you can make your picks for who belongs on the cover. Each round lasts a week, with the winner set to be announced after the bracket is complete (April 27).

Before you head over to get your vote in, don’t forget to ask yourself if you’d rather have your favorite player on the cover of Madden, or someone you don’t like as much, just in case the Madden curse is real. Make sure you enjoy your vote, as this may be as close as we get to football for quite some time, what with the lockout and all.

Read: Madden 12 Cover Athlete to be Picked by Fans

Gamefront News: Major LOTRO Update

Turbine has launched their latest major content update for The Lord of the Rings Online, including new instance clusters, a return of the annual Spring Festival, the continuation of the Epic Story, and more.

The Spring Festival is celebrated in-game from March 22nd through April 12th with decorations, festive costumes, and special quests, such as the Hedge Maze.

Three new skirmishes have you defending the dwarves of the Iron Garrison from the hordes of the Mazog in the knighted gulf of the Deepway, along the Way of the Smiths, and beyond the barriers of the 21st Hall.

The new instance clusters include:

Northcotton Farm: 3-player instance featuring two tiers of difficulty with an optional Challenge Mode quest
The Town of Stoneheight: 3-player instance featuring two tiers of difficulty with an optional Challenge Mode quest
The Lost Temple: 6-player instance featuring two tiers of difficulty with an optional Challenge Mode quest
Glacier Fortress: 6-player instance featuring 2 tiers of difficulty with an optional Challenge Mode quest
Ost Dunhoth: 12-player raid featuring 2 tiers of difficulty with an optional Challenge Mode quest6, two 6-mans and a 12-man raid

Read: Major LOTRO Update

Gamefront News: Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC Dated

We’ve been waiting for the formal announcement of the Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2 ever since news of it slipped out. Bioware came through this morning, dropping an official release date on us: March 29.

The DLC will launch simultaneously across PC, PS3 and XBox 360. It’ll cost you 560 MS Points on 360, 560 Bioware points on PC. or $6.99 on PSN. (The PSN price is inferred from the MS Point cost, as the press release didn’t include a US price for PSN.)

Here’s a little bit about the content of the DLC from the press release:

In Mass Effect: Arrival, Commander Shepard is sent to the edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative who may have evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion that has been looming since the very beginning of the series. Returning and playing a prominent role in Mass Effect: Arrival is fan favorite Admiral Hackett, who is voiced by legendary science-fiction actor Lance Henriksen (Alien, Terminator).

Read: Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC Dated

Gamefront News: Mortal Kombat Raiden Gameplay Video

A new video for Mortal Kombat has been released. This video showcases Raiden, the God of Thunder as he battles opponents using his power of lightning, teleportation and flight.


Read: Mortal Kombat Raiden Gameplay Video

Gamefront News: NFL Lockout Could Significantly Impact Madden Sales

Madden NFL 12 is coming, no matter what. A new Madden will be in stores this August, as has happened every August for all of recorded history. But if the lockout continues and actually prevents part or all of the 2011 NFL season from being played, it could really hurt sales numbers on one of EA’s most dependably successful franchises.

Michael Pachter, our industry’s Nostradamus, tells The Hollywood Reporter this:

My guess is that a complete cancellation of the NFL season would cost Madden around 50 percent of sales, and a delay of the season would be far less impactful. If the season is only delayed a week or two and fans aren’t alienated, there would be only a very small impact; if delayed through Thanksgiving (when the holiday selling season begins in earnest), the impact would be far greater.

Read: NFL Lockout Could Significantly Impact Madden Sales

Gamefront News: NGP Price Points Possibly Revealed By Survey

According to a report by Kotaku, the survey website Tolune — one of those sites that entices participants with promises of prizes for folks who take part — recently published one survey about NGP, and it may have given away the price points at which Sony is looking to sell the NGP.

The survey, which was sponsored by Ubisoft, asked respondents how likely it would be that they would buy a 3G-equipped NGP for $350 and a wifi-only NGP for $250. The survey said it is “expected” that the two NGP SDKs will come at those prices.

It’s dangerous to assume anything about what this survey means in regards to what the NGP will actually cost consumers. The prices do seem about right, though.

Read: NGP Price Points Possibly Revealed By Survey

Gamefront News: Prey 2 Teaser Trailer Emerges

On Monday, we got the formal announcement that Prey 2 was in the works. Today, Bethesda has revealed the first teaser trailer for the upcoming title.

Featuring live action aboard an airplane, we get a glimpse at what appear to be the antagonists in the story, and exactly what their arrival in the game is like.


Read: Prey 2 Teaser Trailer Emerges

Gamefront News: Peter Molyneux Has Just Been Messing With Us All Along

At the BAFTA game awards last night, Peter Molyneux, he of Fable fame, received the Academy Fellowship. (This is the only time I’m going to talk about this farce of an awards show.) Molyenux gave an acceptance speech, naturally, and being that he has a personality, he said something funny.

“I’d like to thank the press, by the way, for listening to my stuff,” he began. “I could name at least 10 features in games that I’ve made up to stop journalists going to sleep and I really apologise to the team for that.”

Aww, how kind of you to call us “journalists.” Never have kinder words been spoken of us.

Read: Peter Molyneux Has Just Been Messing With Us All Along

Gamefront News: Second Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer is Bad News For Snipers

Pretty much everyone was blown away by the first gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3. Our first look at the Frostbite 2 engine was, for lack of a better term, jaw-dropping.

DICE is upping the ante now, showing off a second gameplay video. In this installment, our squad heads to the rooftops to deal with an enemy sniper who’s barricaded in a hotel. As usual, they employ the simplest (and most destructive) method available. Wanna see it?


Read: Second Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer is Bad News For Snipers

Gamefront News: Shift 2 Unleashed ‘Hot Lap Footage’ Trailer

Professional race car driver Tommy Milner completes a race on the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca track in a Corvette C6.R GT1. Where do I buy one of those chairs?


Read: Shift 2 Unleashed ‘Hot Lap Footage’ Trailer

Gamefront News: Shogun 2 Review (Part I)

Creative Assembly is a studio with an advantage enjoyed by a select few: they’ve been making the same game over and over gain since the year 2000. This sounds like a criticism, but it’s not — it’s a testament to how good their idea was when they first dreamed up the original Shogun: Total War, sometime toward the end of the previous millennium. Combining deceptively simple turn-based strategy with real-time battles on an epic scale, and hewing as closely to historical realism as possible, the British company created a model that has been changed surprisingly little in the 11 intervening years. Over the course of five sequels and almost as many expansion packs, the gameplay has been tweaked and refined to a great degree, but never enough to make a new title unfamiliar. A contemporaneous fan of the first Shogun game, transported through time, would have little trouble sitting down with its sequel and jumping right in.

One thing that definitely hasn’t changed is the scale. Shogun 2 is a gigantic game, spanning decades of history and a mountainous multiplicity of mechanics. It is extremely hard to sum up the entire game succintly, doubly hard when your time with the game is circumscribed by necessity. This review, therefore, will appear in three parts — the first focusing on my initial impressions, the second dealing with the middle and end-game and, and the third with multiplayer.

Click link for more

Read: Shogun 2 Review (Part I)

Gamefront News: Square Enix Cancels Gun Loco

When Square Enix announced Gun Loco, we were all a little surprised. A chaotic shooter set on an alien prison planet was just a little outside the box for the Final Fantasy developer.

We hadn’t seen any press on the XBox 360 exclusive title since October of last year. Now, we know why. Siconera is reporting that Square has announced the cancellation of the game.

Our condolences to the winners of Square’s previously completed ‘Gun Loco Theme Song Contest,’ as well as anyone else who was looking forward to the game.

Read: Square Enix Cancels Gun Loco

Gamefront News: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat mod

“I Work Alone” is a compilation mod that alters the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat experience to place greater focus on the game’s survival aspects and atmosphere. Apart from modifications to the UI, gameplay, weaponry, gear, and AI, this mod includes bug fixes and ultra-high resolution textures–that require a monster gaming rig to run smoothly. If you’re a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan with a computer that can handle it, you need to try this mod.

Features include:

Hundreds of new high resolution textures for environments, items and weapons
New weapon sounds
Better blood effects
New weapon animations
Option for first person cam / third person cam
50% less reward money for completed missions/quests
All upgrades cost 25% more than vanilla
Bandages only stop bleeding
You get paid less for artifacts
Traders don’t buy weapons in poor condition

Read: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat mod

Gamefront News: Steam Guard Goes Live for All Users

Steam Guard, Valve’s new security measure for Steam, has now been activated on all Steam clients. The security system gained worldwide attention when Gabe Newell made his own username and password public to show how secure Steam Guard is.

Basically, Steam Guard ties your Steam account to a specific PC. Any future attempts to access it from another PC generate an email to the account holder asking for permission. Steam Guard is planned to utilize Intel’s new Identity Protection Technology, but this functionality is not yet included.

Steam Guard will be automatically installed in the next Steam client update you download. If you’re not keen on using it, you can go into your Steam settings to deactivate (or reactivate) it at any time.

Read: Steam Guard Goes Live for All Users

Gamefront News: This Portal 2 TV Spot is There– er, Here (VIDEO)

Not many games get legit ad space outside gaming rags and web sites. Valve has announced, however, that Portal 2 will be among the few, the proud, the Marines, with this new TV spot that you’ll probably be able to spot during the NCAA tourney. I’m basing that thought solely on that fact that I’ve seen this one Arkham City ad (this one) a couple times today, for some reason. Oh, yeah, here’s the spot.


Read: This Portal 2 TV Spot is There– er, Here (VIDEO)

Gamefront News: Ubisoft Thinking About Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon Movies?

I need to sign up for some survey web sites, apparently, seeing as they’ve been the source of two news items this week (the other being this). Ubisoft is again the perp — this time, according to a forum post at Evil Avatar (where the above image was posted) — a survey asked respondents what kinds of things they would like to see in film adaptations of Ghost Recon and Assassin’s Creed.

The poster says the survey asked if folks would be interested in an AC film that includes Ezio; I hope to God above and Satan below that nobody said yes to that. Please please please please.

By the way, a public survey is the worst possible way to come up with a movie idea. Whoever decided to go that route should be forced to be my butler for a month.

Read: Ubisoft Thinking About Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon Movies?

Gamefront News: Valve Signs Deus Ex, System Shock Developer Doug Church

Valve seems to be a place that all kinds of awesome talent in the gaming industry ends up. Today, that was confirmed as Valve announced that they had signed a major name in game design: Doug Church.

In case you aren’t familiar with Doug Church, he designed a few games you may have heard of. Here’s a list of some of his past work:

- Deus Ex
- Thief
- System Shock
- Tomb Raider: Legend

Most recently, Church was a part of the team working on Stephen Spielberg’s Project LMNO, which has been cancelled by EA.

Read: Valve Signs Deus Ex, System Shock Developer Doug Church

Gamefront News: V-MODA Reveals Crossfade LP Custom Headset Program

If you’re not familiar with V-MODA, let me enlighten you. They manufacture a line of custom headphones (pictured above) that you may have seen before, as they’re sold in pretty much every Apple store on the planet. They’re a favorite of DJs and audiophiles alike.

V-MODA has just announced that they’re going to make their headphones even more desirable by allowing you to customize your set with a name and a logo. Order a pair, and you’ll be able to choose from six plate color options, four unique engraved designs with custom text on a choice of four base frames. Initially, you’ll be able to choose from four designs to include on the ear cup as well: a numbered jersey, crown, skull snake, and vinyl immortal angel logo. The Crossfade LP is available in Gold, Black, Gunmetal, Pink, Purple and Red, and will set you back $199.

For those of you who are more interested in the tech inside the headphones, here’s the lowdown:

Patented 50mm dual-diaphragm driver
BLISS noise isolation
Memory foam ear-cushions
Metal memory headband
Signature “V-ANGLE” design

Read: V-MODA Reveals Crossfade LP Custom Headset Program

Gamefront News: Volition Values the PC Versions of Its Games

Volition games aren’t exactly known for having quality PC versions. Actually, Volition hasn’t even handled those versions in the past; they would instead outsource them. That isn’t the case with the two games they have coming out this year — Volition is handling all the PC development on Red Faction: Armageddon and Saints Row: The Third.

And so for this year, at least, Volition really cares about the quality of the PC versions of its games. Says the company’s Eric Barker, to Eurogamer:

You should see [the PC version of Red Faction: Armageddon], it looks absolutely beautiful. If you’ve got a great graphics card it looks fantastic. We definitely believe PC games are great and if they’re done right and done well by a studio, they’re phenomenal.

He also says something interesting about PC game piracy.

Let’s make a game that’s worth stealing, and then we’ll worry about making sure they don’t.

Those aren’t things you can’t do at the same time, you know.

Yes, I know he’s just trying to make a philosophical point about piracy! Shut up!

Read: Volition Values the PC Versions of Its Games

Gamefront News: You Can Slap Women In Duke Nukem Forever

The newest edition of Official Xbox Magazine details Duke Nukem Forever‘s multiplayer, and there aren’t many surprises there; it’s all Duke-flavored versions of standard fare, with Hail to the King (king of the hill), Capture the Babe (capture the flag), Dukematch and Team Dukematch (not going to explain those two).

I said there weren’t many surprises, not that there weren’t any. Surprise no. 1: multiplayer matchers have an eight-player cap. Surprise no. 2: in Capture the Babe, you can hit the Babe.

In that mode, a live NPC woman takes the place of the flag, and so when you capture her, you toss her over your shoulder (my assumption — the preview dosn’t say how you carry her) and run. Here’s exactly how OXM describes the slappin’: “The ‘babe’ will sometimes freak out while you’re carrying her (somewhat understandable, we’d say), at which point you have to hit a button to gently give her a reassuring slap.”

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Empire at War: Thrawn's Revenge: Where Do We Go From Here?
Chris Brown songs aside, we haven't had a proper update in a while, and some of you will have missed the quick explanation we posted for the lack of a 1.1 public release when we said we'd release it, so I'll explain that first. The reason for this was largely my being busy through the end of December and the death of a family member in January, both of which prevented me from working on the mod.

Because of various changes that were made since we released the 1.1 beta at the end of last year, we decided to skip the public release of 1.1 and release another beta (v1.1.1) on our forums with those changes in it while we work on the next public release. This update is basically dedicated to outlining all of the major changes between v1.0 and the upcoming v1.2.
Star Home In-game


Minor Factions
The minor factions have undergone some significant changes over the last few months. The one that will most likely have the most impact on gameplay is the fusion of the Pentastar Alignment and Warlord Zsinj's faction into one faction, called the Imperial Warlords. This should make the minor factions more of a challenge, especially in Art of War. Previously they would put a lot of their resources into destroying each other and the other factions would have absolutely no problem taking them over. Now the entire northern third (or so) of the galaxy is more or less united, making them essentially the most powerful faction at the start of the game.

The second most important change is the removal of the Hutt faction. This is for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we simply do not like them. They will be replaced by at least one other minor faction in the future, however not in time for 1.2.

The minor factions are also in the process of being given more buildings, which should make them more of a challenge as well.

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Halo 2: Those darn bugs!
The picture server is currently down due to some unknown issue, which doesn't matter here since I haven't received any new POTDs from you guys for validation for nearly 3 whole weeks, but whatever. stick out tongue

But it does mean that pictures for new files and thumbnails for new POTDs won't work, which would unfairly result in them being down rated. I have one file in the queue that I have been meaning to get to for nearly a week now, but it's being put on hold until the picture bug is fixed.

That's it for now. Keep sending your files and POTDs for me as they do all go up, just most of the time, not in the same day (still looking for extra staff by the way. No-one has applied yet frown ).

Regular enslavement (sorry, meant to say service) will resume when the picture bug is fixed. stick out tongue
No progress yet on fixing the the famous file linking bug from way back in August 2010 though frown.
I'm still pestering the big wigs about that, lol. big grin

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Jedi Knight III: POTD's and new file screenshots down again!
Hey everyone, as many of you will have noticed by now, the POTD's and images uploaded with new files are not currently working, therefore i will not upload any new POTD's untill it is fixed and i will make sure that any new files uploaded have their screenshots fixed once the problem is resolved!

The issue has been reported and so will hopefully be dealt with soon!

Thanks for your attention, i will update you all once the issue is fixed!

JKFiles Manager

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Medal of Honor: HeroRising
We started a new clan, this is a clan for members only from 15 years and older.
We are searching for people who are well known with the game and can lut us see and proof us to play in a clan.
Clan name: [=iDw=] The Inevitable Death Walkers
Xfire site: http://www.xfire.com/communities/clandeathwalkers/

joining our clan is always possible. we play fair and only wars with UAC3.

For more INFORMATION, add xfire account: poepsmurf2
Read: HeroRising
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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: Transmuted! - The Dark Alchemy Battlefield 2010, Movie
What is special on Transmuted! ?

Transmuted! is a pure NoQuarter movie.
All shots taken on Dark Alchemy server, A1.
The movie is a compilation of nice action on this public server.
All software used for this movie is open source software or freeware.

From MBP Production:

How all started ?

All started with the idea to make a promotion video for Dark Alchemy Enemy Territory Gaming Community.
I thought that this would be nice and asked the others who can do that?There was no response... So i started to get into the movie production and started with ... ultra bad results..
That was the point where i needed to improve technical aspects of movie making. In summer 2010 i was prepared so far that i started to call for demos.
At the begin of fall i recived some good amount of demomaterial and started the capture process. 223.000 Screenshots taken from all demos (122 gb).
And as a present I was able to show the finished product on 24th of december to the -)A(-Members and on 26th to the whole -)A(-Community.
And now world wide launch.

What is next?

In the progress of Transmuted! it was necessary to throw out some material I allready recived from my mates because it did not fit in the movie.
But now I will dedicate my next free time for giving those people what they earn... A TrickJump movie.
So be prepared...

Thanks To:

-)A(-Love|Hate for ""Braineater" track and "Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus" taken from the map Transmitter original from Comedian.

See the video below:

Read: Transmuted! - The Dark Alchemy Battlefield 2010, Movie
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Gamefront News: Bethesda: Beautiful Graphics Matter!

In my opinion graphics do matter but if the gameplay is bad, pretty graphics can't save it.

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