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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 25 (week 16, 2011) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 04-26-2011 @ 14:38
This News Item has been viewed 56,725 times

Here it is the 25th version of the Weekly Gamefront Network News Update, the news part of the update covers the news side of the Network and the Gamefront Main site over the past week. There has been a fair bit of news from the Main site including a lot of trailers, reviews, previews and a lot more - some of this has been included below including lots of trailers and videos..

Also of course there is the news from the Network Sites not as much as the main site but still just as important! Lots more news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ).

Also If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).


Gamefront News: Fun Fun Fun

I’ve been known to criticize nostalgic gamers who believe retro titles were superior to modern offerings, despite most old games being rubbish, but I almost can’t fault them for it. I look at the gamers of today and I often wonder if we’ve forgotten how to have fun, and whether retro gamers don their rose-tinted specs not because the games were better back then, but because they were better gamers back then.

There’s an air of dry misery that surrounds gamers these days, at least online, and it seems that when I converse with others of my ilk, the prime concerns get less about gaming, and more about the periphery garbage surrounding it — various publisher shenanigans, controversies concerning homosexuality as represented in the medium, whether or not we’re driving the industry forward artistically. I have these conversations almost every day as part of my job, and sometimes I wonder, after I debate the actions of Bobby Kotick or the potential social damage of Duke Nukem Forever — when are we going to talk about videogames? Not talk around them , but actually talk about them.

Don’t get me wrong — there are many interesting discussions to be had about the business practices of Activision and the apparent sexism in Capture the Babe, but I’m starting to worry that such discussion is becoming disproportionate to what I feel is the only truly important topic — how awesome videogames are.

Just take a look at Portal 2. Most gamers and critics agree, it’s one of the best games to be released this generation. However, as with so many titles lately, the actual topic of the game’s merits has been completely overshadowed by sour controversy — namely the band of jilted PC gamers who are whining about Portal 2 being “too short” and having “day one DLC.” In truth, most of them were just butthurt because Valve’s publicity stunt didn’t unlock the game early, despite nobody promising it would. Whatever their reason for going on Metacritic and trying to bomb the game’s user review score, the effect it had was that attention was taken away from the game’s merits and placed squarely on the activities of these miserable, spoiled gamers.

For a lot more on this great article click below - Danny

Read: Fun Fun Fun

Gamefront News: Sony Finally Issues Statement On PSN Outage: Your Private Data May Be Compromised

Only 20 minutes ago we posted what, at the time, was the latest on the Sony PSN outage. After nearly a week of dithering, minutes ago Sony finally issued an official statement on the Playstation blog, and it’s serious:

Although we are still investigating the details of this incident, we believe that an unauthorized person has obtained the following information that you provided: name, address (city, state, zip), country, email address, birthdate, PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login, and handle/PSN online ID. It is also possible that your profile data, including purchase history and billing address (city, state, zip), and your PlayStation Network/Qriocity password security answers may have been obtained. If you have authorized a sub-account for your dependent, the same data with respect to your dependent may have been obtained. While there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken, we cannot rule out the possibility. If you have provided your credit card data through PlayStation Network or Qriocity, out of an abundance of caution we are advising you that your credit card number (excluding security code) and expiration date may have been obtained.

While we have nothing but contempt for hackers who seek to compromise private information, it is inconceivable that Sony wasn’t aware of this possibility days ago. It is inexcusable and absolutely astonishing that they waited this long to admit the possibility. If the worst turns out to be true, then their decision to ignore the problem likely gave those who obtained user data much more time to abuse it.

Read: Sony Finally Issues Statement On PSN Outage: Your Private Data May Be Compromised

Gamefront News: Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

Dogfighting fans rejoice–uh, aerial dogfighting, not canine dog fighting. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is a fast-action air-to-air combat piloting game set in the WWI and WWII eras, featuring period aircraft–including secret prototypes.


- Fly more than 16 aircraft from both World Wars, including classic planes like the Sopwith Camel, Messerschmitt BF109 and the Spitfire. Push the limits of secret prototypes such as the Bolchowitinow BI-3, Gloster Meteor fighter jet and the Horten HIX, a forerunner of modern stealth bombers.

- Customize your Aircraft – Add speed or maneuverability as you shred your enemies in vicious aerial dogfights, leveraging airplane customizations that best match your playing style and mission requirements

- Battle in the Real World – 24 real-world inspired maps including Berlin, Belgrade, Slovakia and Tobruk will challenge your battlefield piloting skills across 7 campaigns and 49 diverse missions

- Aces and Rookies Welcome – Newcomers can jump in and play quickly thanks to the accessible arcade controls. Combat aces can switch to simulation-styled controls for more precision and realism.

- Take to the Skies with Friends (or Enemies) – Show everyone you’re an ace in eight player Dogfight, Team Dogfight, Capture the Flag and Destroy & Protect multiplayer online gameplay

Read: Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

Gamefront News: Anonymous Denies Responsibility for PSN Hack

PlayStation Network has been down for days now, and Sony has admitted that an “External intrusion” is the reason. Obviously, with their recent attacks on Sony networks everywhere, gamers everywhere kind of assumed that amorphous hacker group Anonymous was responsible.

Not so fast, says the group in a new YouTube video. In their text-to-speech treatise, the group claims that their organization (Anon-ops) was not behind the attacks, although they acknowledge that it could be the work of someone who is part of Anonymous. They also suggest that Sony is using the recent attacks by the group as an excuse to cover up hardware problems on Sony’s end.

Whele there’s an outside chance that could be true, it’s pretty obvious that something out of the ordinary has occurred here. After all, PSN was tooling right along prior to the previous attacks by Anonymous. Sure, they’d had some downtime, but everyone has minor downtime over the life of a network.

What’s far more likely is that someone who was involved in the first Anonymous attack on PSN found a vulnerability that they decided to exploit, and this is the result. It’s a graphic example of exactly how much trouble an isolated few can cause for a gaming community as a whole. What drives me crazy is how many people are ready to point the finger at Sony as solely responsible. While I’m not saying Sony is blameless, it’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as a hackproof system.

Read: Anonymous Denies Responsibility for PSN Hack

Gamefront News: As PSN Outage Continues, Troubling Questions Remain Unanswered

After nearly a week, Sony’s Playstation Network remains down. Initially, as we previously reported Sony downplayed the problem before finally admitting they’d been hacked. The outage continued as Sony announced they were rebuilding the PSN entirely in the wake of this attack, a major step if, indeed, they have been hacked.

Naturally, speculation was that hacker collective Anonymous was behind the outage. Until yesterday, when Anonymous issued an official statement denying any involvement whatsoever. They acknowledge that hackers affiliated with the group might be responsible, but allege that Sony is actually suffering from significant technical problems and is using the hacker story to save face. One wonders how bringing the site down to fix system issues is somehow worse PR than “vulnerability to hacking”, but until evidence is available, the facts on the ground fit both the allegations of hacking and of systemic tech problems.

So PlayStation network remains down for the count. And that leaves a major question unanswered:

Is your private billing information compromised?

Sony isn’t sure. We reached out to them for comment but haven’t heard back yet. However, PC world is reporting that a “thorough investigation” is underway, according to Sony Spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka.

Read: As PSN Outage Continues, Troubling Questions Remain Unanswered

Gamefront News: Conduit 2 Launch Trailer (Video)

I wasn’t kidding: Wii doesn’t have a lot of good shooters. Conduit was basically it, but the just-released sequel is getting some critical love as the video below brags. It looks like a fun game, but the girl in skin tight cyber-clothes makes me think Tron-meets-Timesplitters. Not a bad thing to think.


Download Trailer Here

Read: Conduit 2 Launch Trailer (Video)

Gamefront News: Crysis 2 Mod Tools Coming This Summer

Crysis 2 modders, get your creative caps ready. Crytek has announced that you’ll be getting mod tools for their latest first-person shooter sometime this summer. These mod tools will let you make new maps, items, and other custom content. But, that’s not the end of the support you’ll be getting from Crytek.

They’ve also announced that a CryENGINE SDK will be released in August, and that it will be completely free. The SDK will be a full version of CryENGINE 3, including all of the following:

C++ code access
Our content exporters (including our LiveCreate real-time pipeline)
shader code
game sample code from Crysis 2
Script samples
New improved Flowgraph
A whole host of great asset examples

In an open letter on Crymod.com, Crytek President & CEO Cevat Yerli said this about the release:

Our next release will be the Crysis 2 Editor, this is for those of you who want to create content for Crysis 2. In August 2011, we will launch our Free CryENGINE SDK for all of you who want to create totally new content on CryENGINE 3. If you just want to make fun, free projects, you can do that free of charge. If you want to try and commercialise your game, we’ll be here to help you with that.

Read: Crysis 2 Mod Tools Coming This Summer

Gamefront News: Dawn of Fantasy Revealed — Persistent World MMORTS

One issue I have with MMORPGs is that I never feel that anything I do truly impacts the world around me.

In Dawn of Fantasy, your actions shape kingdoms.

A massively multiplayer online strategy game, Dawn of Fantasy is a challenging online and offline strategy game where players take control of one of three races in a variety of game modes.

The “Online Kingdom” game mode is the heart of the game, offering players the chance to write a bloody history for the game world of Mythador.

Players will find themselves in a constant war with their neighbors for supremacy, while guilds and the wealthiest of players control the global trade. Due to the persistent environment of Mythador, a player’s stronghold and economy will always be growing – regardless of whether its owner is online.

Read: Dawn of Fantasy Revealed — Persistent World MMORTS

Gamefront News: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Mod — Inquisition Daemonhunt

arhammer 40,000 lore is full of vicious factions hell-bent on tearing each other to threads, but it’s impossible to include all of them in a game.

The Inquisition Daemonhunt mod provides a new playable race for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. You can now play as the Daemonhunters, a branch of the Inquisition in charge of destroying daemons, chaos cults and all chaotic influence from the Imperium.

The army’s commander is the Inquisitor Lord and he commands over the Inquisition’s troops.

When the opposition gets to strong, though, the Inquisitor Lord calls upon the secret chapter of Space Marines called the Grey Knights, super-humans whose absolute faith and mighty psychic powers make them the most formidable soldiers in the service of the Emperor.

Download Here

Read: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Mod — Inquisition Daemonhunt

Gamefront News: Duke Nukem Forever ‘Come Get Some’ Trailer Is… Pretty Blatant

Happy Friday all. Here’s a new Duke Nukem Forever trailer. It has explosions, monsters, blood, strippers and girls kissing other girls. Basically, this is probably the least socially redeemable thing you’ll see until tonight, when you leave your house for social reasons for the first time and days, and badly overcompensate for the work week. And godspeed to you, friends. Godspeed.

Anyway, we don’t really need to sell this one to you, do we? Maybe it will convince the last 3 remaining Duke Nukem Skeptics To Buy the game. Enjoy.


Read: Duke Nukem Forever ‘Come Get Some’ Trailer Is… Pretty Blatant

Gamefront News: F.E.A.R. 3 Story Arc Trailer

F.E.A.R. 3′s launch date is drawing near, and Warner Bros. is keeping us in the know on the upcoming shooter. Today, they’ve given us a trailer to make sure everyone understands the…ahem…family issues surrounding Point Man, his brother Paxton Fettel, and Alma, the psychic mother of them both.


Download Trailer Here

Read: F.E.A.R. 3 Story Arc Trailer

Gamefront News: Former Sony Chairman Norio Ohga Dead At 81

Former Sony President, CEO and Chairman Norio Ohga died in early morning on April 23, at the age of 81.

Ohga, a classically trained musician who joined the company in the 1950s after complaining about the quality of music recordings, worked closely with Sony co-founder Akio Morita during his tenure. An immeasurably large share of Sony’s eventual success as a music, hardware and software giant is his doing. Having already managed the creation of Sony music in 1968, he was appointed Sony President in 1982; under his watch Sony introduced the Walkman and the CD. Try to imagine the history of media consumption in the last 30 years without those gadgets and your head would probably explode. Due to these successes, Ogha was promoted to Sony CEO in 1989 and subsequently made Chairman upon Morita’s 1994 retirement.

Ohga’s long tenure at the top levels of the company oversaw not only the emergence of CD’s dominance (leading directly to the development of DVD, CD-ROM and recently, Blu-ray), but the creation of Sony Computer Entertainment. Ogha believed that “hardware and software are two wheels on the same car” and aggressively pushed the company to enter the gaming market. When he retired in 1999, the Playstation had utterly trounced Nintendo 64 (and helped hasten the end of Sega as a console maker).

Read: Former Sony Chairman Norio Ohga Dead At 81

Gamefront News: Half-Life Mod — Earth’s Special Forces

This mod is a must-have for fans of Dragon Ball Z.

Earth Special Forces (ESF) is a half-life mod based on the hit anime series, Dragon Ball Z. The mod includes nine of the series’ superhuman characters who can duke it out using numerous beam attacks as well as close hand to hand combat.


- Hand to hand combat
- Fire energy blasts such as the Kamehameha-wave
- Teleportation
- Swoop to fly faster to a location or person
- Radar to see enemies, or to look at your enemies and allies power level
- Transformation abilities, like transforming into a super saiyan
- Blocking; block incoming energy attacks or melee attacks
- Increase your power level to be stronger, to fire more powerful attacks and to transform
- Spawn bots that come with the game to train against them
- More!

Download Here

Read: Half-Life Mod — Earth’s Special Forces

Gamefront News: Here’s What An EA Sports Subscription Might Look Like

Since the introduction of the Online Pass, we’ve been hearing about the big publishers putting out an online subscription model, with the OP being the gateway drug. And it makes sense, I guess, despite the publishers that would do this already having insanely huge profit margins on the games they want to tax with a subscription fee. But that’s a rant for another day.

A few outlets are reporting that an online survey has been going around that outs an EA Sports subscription service, just as Pachter predicted long ago, although this seems to be different from the prediction in a few important ways. The survey describes the model and then asks what people like and don’t like about it, and whatever. Here’s the full rundown from the survey, which does not mention a price:

The EA Sports Subscription Service is an annual paid subscription that enhances your gaming experience.

This subscription gives members access to exclusive benefits for Madden NFL, FIFA, NHL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, SSX: Deadly Descents, and NCAA Football. While you’re a member, this new subscription service will enhance your gaming experience by providing you with:

• Discounts on all downloadable content for participating EA Sports console-based titles.
• Full downloadable versions of aprticipating titles before they come out in stores.
• Exclusive membership recognition badge that appear both in-game and on your web profile.
• Ability to transfer paid content from your current participating titles to future title versions.
• Free and exclusive opportunities to extend your EA Sports experience to PC and Web
• Free and exclusive EA Sports downloadable content for participating console-based titles.
• Your subscription will be available for purchase from participating retailers, through the EA website, or on your console.

Read: Here’s What An EA Sports Subscription Might Look Like

Gamefront News: Hunted: The Demon’s Forge “Call of the Forge” Trailer (Video)

“Hunted is running through dungeons and killing monsters with really cool swords and really cool weapons”.

So says inXile President Matt Findley, and boy is he not kidding. The Hunted “Call of the Forge” Trailer is a non-stop parade of monsters, amoral protagonists, scary-ass monsters and what looks to be some visceral, magic-on-magic violence. But what’s most interesting is what Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is not: it is not a hack-and-slash sword and sorcery game (not that we don’t love them – We can’t wait for Dungeon Siege 3), it’s “a modern, cover-based co-op action game”, almost a shooter judging by the video, set in a medieval fantasy world. That is an incredible idea. (See our hands-on from E3 2010 for more on that.)

Watch the Call of the Forge trailer below to get a feel for how this works.


Read: Hunted: The Demon’s Forge “Call of the Forge” Trailer (Video)

Gamefront News: Is the DS Lite Discontinued?

Ever since the Nintendo 3DS hit the market on March 27, we’ve been waiting for the ax to fall on the DS Lite. If the above image of an internal GameStop document is accurate, our wait is over.

As you can see, GameStop stores appear to have been informed that unit is discontinued, and once existing stick is depleted, the unit will be gone from the chain’s stores. This really shouldn’t surprise anyone, as there were already two newer DS models (DSi and DSi XL) on the market before the 3DS launch, and Nintendo isn’t well known for keeping aging systems on the market.

Still, we can’t help but be a little teary seeing this. The DS Lite has accompanied many of us through thousands of miles of travel, countless boring meetings, and several traffic jams. We really kinda loved that little guy. *sniff*

Read: Is the DS Lite Discontinued?

Gamefront News: LA Noire Gameplay Seen At Tribeca Film Festival, Dude Shot it With His Phone

As is the current-gen norm for Rockstar titles, the advertising for LA Noire has been totally free of gameplay. Yeah, LA Noire is technically a Team Bondi game, but everbody is pretending that Rockstar developed it, and the hook for this game isn’t the gameplay anyway, at least not in terms of what we normally consider gamesplay: shooting, driving, etc. So all most people have seen are cutscenes.

But at the Tribeca Film Festival, LA Noire gameplay saw the light of day. Naturally, because it’s a film festival, you’re not supposed to take pictures or shoot videos of what you’re watching, but some guy did anyway, at least for the three minutes it took for the festival peeps to tell him to stop.

Unfortunately this video has been taken down - Danny

Read: LA Noire Gameplay Seen At Tribeca Film Festival, Dude Shot it With His Phone

Gamefront News: Majesty2 Collection Released Today — New Trailer

The real-time strategy game/fantasy kingdom simulator, Majesty 2 Collection, has released today in retail for $19.99/€19.99.

Collection includes Majesty 2 and its three expansion packs: Kingmaker, Monster Kingdom, and Battles of Ardania, with over forty missions stretching across four campaigns.

Players can consort with new heroes and construct a new buildings to unlock a succession of powerful abilities and potent guild spells to defeat the new monsters and former subjects aiming to usurp ‘your majesty’ from their throne.

Also included is the Kingmaker game editor enabling players to create their own missions, as well as every item, quest, unit and building previously only available for purchase using the in-game store. This additional content includes new spells, weapons, units, heroes, buildings, quests and much more


Read: Majesty2 Collection Released Today — New Trailer

Gamefront News: Max Payne 3 Screenshots

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since I first saw Max Payne’s polygonal face frowning at me.

Now, Max is back in the third installment of Rockstar’s cinematic action shooter. No longer a cop, Max is a washed-up drunk addicted to pain killers, seeking justice on unfamiliar streets.


- Shoot-dodge is not a canned animation, but a natural interaction with the environment, as Max will reach out to the floor as he dives, and naturally respond to objects in his way if you attempt to dive into a wall or obstacle.
- Max Payne 3 extends the concept of Bullet-Time to now include areas of the game that will trigger set pieces involving Bullet-Time. These provide epic moments of action that allow Max to take out enemies in a new interpretation of Max Payne’s signature style.
- Bullet-Cams return: in keeping with the stylish gunplay for which Max is known, Bullet-Cams deliver players a reward for downing enemies with a satisfying final kill.
- Max Payne 3 takes the graphic novel panels of the earlier games and evolves them by utilizing in-game assets to create a motion comic-style approach.
- James McCaffrey, the original voice of Max, is back. Not only as the voice of max, but Max’s appearance, face and many of his movements in Max Payne 3 are all captured directly from James himself.

Read: Max Payne 3 Screenshots

Gamefront News: Meet the Protagonist of Prototype 2, James Heller (trailer)

For Prototype 2, Alex Mercer is stepping out of the spotlight and James Heller is stepping into it as the new player character. Though I’ll miss hearing Barry Pepper talk the whole game, that won’t be so bad considering Alex will still be in the game and Heller is one of the rare black game protagonist. Also, it’ll just be nice, I presume, to play some more Prototype, since I don’t get the chance to re-play games very often.

So what’s Heller’s deal? And why is Alex now the antagonist? The folks at Radical talk about it in this new video.


Read: Meet the Protagonist of Prototype 2, James Heller (trailer)

Gamefront News: Miyamoto Says Mario Kart 3DS Will Be Out This Year, Star Fox 3DS and Ocarina of Time 3DS Are Ready to Roll

Come on, bruh, can’t you just say these things all at once?

After telling everybody that Super Mario Bros. 3DS would be out this year, Shigeru Miyamoto now telling French folks that Mario Kart 3DS will, too, be out this year, and so, yes, you won’t have to go much longer without having those games on every Nintendo console you’ve ever owned.

On top of that, a couple other precious first-party titles should be fellating you very soon, he says. Star Fox 64 3D is completely finished, and so is Ocarina of Time 3DS. You’ll still have to wait until June for the Zelda game, though, and he didn’t say anything about when Star Fox will ship.

I look forward to having new 3D games to play instead of just Infinite Space, which is all I’m using my 3DS for right now.

Read: Miyamoto Says Mario Kart 3DS Will Be Out This Year, Star Fox 3DS and Ocarina of Time 3DS Are Ready to Roll

Gamefront News: Mortal Kombat (2011) Babalities

Why murder your enemies when you can revert them into tiny, nonthreatening infants? Also, who doesn’t want to see Baby Kratos?

We’ve got a list of every character’s “Babality” move for your Mortal Kombating pleasure. And if you’re unfamiliar with what a babality is, congratulations! You get to learn something new simply by pushing the right combination of buttons.

More videos below

Read: Mortal Kombat (2011) Babalities

Gamefront News: Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Has Gone Gold–New Trailer

Paradox Interactive today announced that Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword has officially gone gold. This standalone sequel in the Mount & Blade series adds a highly anticipated, world-changing technology to the battlefield: gunpowder.

We had the chance to preview Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword, and it promises to be fun.

Key new features include:

Introduces firearms and grenades
Multiple endings for high replayability
Enhanced siege mechanics: storm the castle, blow up the wall, bribe an officer or poison the well/food to get past the defenses
7 new multiplayer maps: Nomad Camp, Moscow Kremlin, Moscow Fortress, Novgorod Fortress, Swedish Castle, Teutonic Castle, Field by the River
A setting based off the cult novel “With Fire and Sword” (1884) by Nobel- prize winner Henry Sienkiewicz

Check out the new Siege Trailer:

Read: Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Has Gone Gold–New Trailer

Gamefront News: Multiple Reports: Nintendo Confirms New Console In 2012, E3 2011 Preview

You’ll recall the recent rumors that Nintendo is planning to unveil the new HD successor console to Wii? The rumors are apparently true. As multiple venues are reporting, early Monday morning, Nintendo issued a press statement confirming this new console. That statement was issued in Japan- we’ll update as soon as the English Language translation is up. Until then, here’s what we know for certain:

* The console will be shown – and playable – at E3 2011.
* It’s looking very likely that the rumors that the new console is codenamed ‘Project Cafe’ are accurate.
* They’re supposedly already showing the console to third party developers in advance of the official debut.

None of this should come as a surprise, considering the slowing sales of the Wii, but if what we’ve already reported is true, and the new Nintendo console is intended to compete with Microsoft and Sony for hardcore players, then these details are very interesting indeed.

Thing is, Nintendo has, for a long time, been rather lax in making sure that launch titles for their new consoles are worth playing. (See our review of Nintendo 3DS for proof of that). Gamecube, Wii and 3DS all launched with second tier titles. They own the handheld market for all time, but one can’t help but conclude their failure to realize that they have competition in the major console market contributed to the lackluster performance of Gamecube (and the fact that Wii’s dominance depended solely on casual gamers). If they’re already working to drum up support for the in-development console, perhaps they’re getting serious again.

There are risks to this strategy. Only 3 years ago Sony was claiming the current generation was good until at least 2015. Launching a new console too soon could put Nintendo ahead of the pack but it could also end up being a Sega Dreamcast kind of error. However it works out, this obviously guarantees that E3 2011 is going to be a mega-super clusterfrack of biblical proportions.

Read: Multiple Reports: Nintendo Confirms New Console In 2012, E3 2011 Preview

Gamefront News: New Combat Arms Map (Video) & Episode 2 of Combat Arms: Roommates

This month’s content update for Combat Arms includes a new map based on the winning submission from the European Combat Arms map design contest. The map is an abandoned oil rig with lots of Z-axis gameplay, hiding spots, and sniper roosts. An assistant producer talks about the new map in this video:


To celebrate the release of this new map, Nexon is releasing the second episode of Combat Arms: Roommates, which reveals a peek at the day-to-day banter between two hardcore female Combat Arms fans. No gameplay in this episode, but plenty of face time with the two gamer gals. Watch it here:


Read: New Combat Arms Map (Video) & Episode 2 of Combat Arms: Roommates

Gamefront News: New Fireburst Trailer Reveals Character Lineup

If there’s something racing games can use more of, it’s fire.

Zoo Entertainment released a brand new character trailer for its upcoming action-packed racing title, Fireburst. The first of three trailers, the new clip reveals Fireburst’s opening roster of unconventional characters:

- Charles Randolph “Hightower” – Billionaire and founder of the Fireburst Racing League
- Miss April – Attitude-driven personal assistant of Hightower
- Samantha – Tattooed biker chick and daughter of Izzy
- Izzy – Former rock star and father of Samantha

Fireburst takes players on a fast and furiously scorching demolition derby through paved racecourses and wicked off-road tracks. With multiple car customizations and numerous maps in challenging environments, players are in for an explosive and a sweltering racing adventure.


Read: New Fireburst Trailer Reveals Character Lineup

Gamefront News: ORIGIN PC Unveils Highest Overclock on a Notebook – 4.5 GHz

Who said overclocking was only in the realm of desktop PCs?

ORIGIN PC announced the availability of overclocked processors in the EON17-S. Featuring 2nd generation INTEL “Sandybridge” processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M graphics cards, the laptops are the most powerful ORIGIN laptops available with mobile processors. The EON17-S laptops have updated B3 stepping motherboards and feature overclocking and Turbo Boost technology allowing ORIGIN engineers to successfully increase the speed and power of the processor without impacting system stability or longevity.

And for those concerned about overheating, EON17-S laptops with overclocking are fully covered by ORIGIN’s warranty featuring free part replacement, free shipping, and free lifetime support.

Kevin Wasielewski ORIGIN CEO and co-founder, had this to say:

The EON17-S laptops are remarkably portable and with 2nd generation Intel processors overclocked to 4.5GHz, they are the fastest ORIGIN laptops ever built on an Intel mobile platform.”

EON17-S Features and Technology:

• 17.3 Full HD Widescreen, LED Backlit, 16.9, 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
• Customizable ORIGIN top cover
• 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 or i7 Processors
• Overclocking up to 4.5GHz with Turbo Boost on Core i7 Extreme Edition processors
• NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M 1.5GB or GTX485M 2GB
• FOUR Memory Slots for up to 32GB Dual Channel DDR3 1333Mhz or 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz
• Bluray burner & reader, Hybrid and SSD drive with RAID options
• Full size keyboard with numeric pad
• HDMI Out; Optical Digital Out, up to 7.1 HD Audio with THX TruStudio support
• Built-In 802.11n & Bluetooth Support
• Bluetooth 3.0 & Wireless Video options
• Built-In TVtuner support
• Built-in USB 3.0 & E-SATA ports
• (W)16.22″ x (D)10.87″ x (H)1.65″ – 1.79”
• 8.6 lbs with the battery

Now there’s a laptop for gamers.

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Gamefront News: Pitchford Says Games are Art, Have No More Lines To Cross

Gamasutra has a pretty great interview with Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford about stuff — and I really mean “stuff,” as it’s not about Duke Nukem Forever — and you should read it in a minute. I just want to highlight one bit real quick and opine all over it. Here’s the quote referenced in the headline:

“Is there a line [to cross]? If our medium is art, how could there be a line? How could we allow there to be a line, and who gets to decide what the line is? That’s a very slippery slope — there should not be a line.”

Disregarding the whole art question, let’s move straight on to that “line” business. Even today, there are societal lines in art. Few of them are government legislated in the first world, but they do exist. The movie biz have one extremely important thing in common with the games industry, that being the movies and games that earn the harshest of content ratings by the US’s accepted ratings systems are basically shunned by society at large. Just as you’d have to self-distribute an AO game and would only be able to release it on PC, there are few movie theaters willing to show an NC-17 or unrated film. And that’s with movies being far more accepted as an art form that game probably will be for decades, if ever. On the other hand, you CAN buy any released NC-17 film on DVD, because DVD and Blu-ray player manufacturers don’t regulate content as console manufacturers do.

In movies, as in games, the line is usually drawn at sex or sexual. I’ve only seen one NC-17 film that got that rating strictly for violence (High Tension) out of the few dozen I’ve watched. Likewise, games slapped with the AO almost always get it for sexual content — the major exception being Manhunt 2 — although the ESRB is a lot less strict about that than you might think, particularly in recent years. But, as Pitchford also points out in the interview, we don’t see the line that much because developers usually attempt to stay well clear of it so as to avoid controversy in the media, as was the case with Mass Effect 2′s toned down sex scenes.

Read: Pitchford Says Games are Art, Have No More Lines To Cross

Gamefront News: Playstation Plus Gets Bonus Deal In Europe

If you’re a European PS3 owner, you might be interested to know that SCEE has re-rolled out the deal that had going when Playstation Plus launched last summer: namely, that if you buy a year subscription, you’ll get an additional three months tacked on for free. If you buy now, they just add on the newly purchased subscription to the end of your current Plus sub if you’re already got one. The deal is good through May 3.

Now would be a good time to get in on Plus anyway, since a European sub will get you Red Faction: Battlegrounds at no additional cost, and that game is pretty good. Just sayin’, even though I’m the only one sayin’.

Now, if Sony could get the Playstation Network up again, people might be able to take advantage of this deal.

Read: Playstation Plus Gets Bonus Deal In Europe

Gamefront News: Portal 2 Cave Johnson Quotes

Listen — don’t read this or watch this video if you haven’t completed the single-player campaign of Portal 2. If you need help, here, use our Single Player Strategy Guide. But we really don’t want to spoil that experience for you.

If you have completed the campaign, however, then take a listen to this YouTube video an intrepid user created using all the Cave Johnson audio files from Portal 2. You’ll recall that Mr. Johnson is the former owner and CEO of Aperture Science, and the company’s brilliant reputation is due almost completely to the vision of this great man. These are both hilarious and easy to miss throughout the course of the campaign, so enjoy them here in their entirety.

Again, though, remember that there are spoilers.

Read: Portal 2 Cave Johnson Quotes

Gamefront News: Rome: Total War Mod — The Lord of the Rings – Total War

Lord of the Rings fans, listen up. Few games allow you to capture the epic feel of LOTR’s massive battles, but this mod strives to do just that.

The Lord of the Rings – Total War is a total conversion for the Alexander expansion of Rome: Total War. It has a complete Middle Earth map, from Harad to Forodwaith, and from Grey Heavens to Rhun, and features fully customized cities like Minas Tirith, and a historic battles from the trilogy, such as the Last Alliance, the Battle for Helm’s Deep, and the Pelennor Fields

- Gondor
- Rohan
- Isengard
- Mordor
- Easterlings
- Haradrim
- Galadhrim Elves
- Noldor Elves
- Silvan Elves
- Dwarven Clans
- Men of Dale
- Orc Rabbles
- Dunlendings
- Free Peoples

Download Here

Read: Rome: Total War Mod — The Lord of the Rings – Total War

Gamefront News: RUMOR: Portal 2 Competitive Multiplayer On the Way

A poster over at the steam forums stumbled across some console commands that may open the door for competitive multiplayer in Portal 2.

Take a look at these two variables:

“sv_portal_shot_fizzles_enemy_portals” = “0″ game – [PORTALMP] Your portal shots will fizzle any enemy player portals that they hit

“sv_portal_shot_push” = “-1″ game – [PORTALMP] Amount of force to apply to a player if your shot hits them. <= 0 pas

“Enemy” player?

Pushing other players with your shots?

That doesn’t sound very co-operative.

These variables are likely relics of the competitive multiplayer Valve had initially developed for Portal 2. Erik Wolpaw, one of Portal 2′s writers, said this during the summer:

Along with co-op, [we had] the idea of sort of a competitive Portal multiplayer. We went down that path, actually, for a little while and had something up and running — the best way to describe it is sort of speedball meets Portal. You know, a sports analog. And it quickly became apparent that while it’s fun for about two seconds to drop portals under people and things like that, it quickly just devolves into pure chaos. It lost a lot of the stuff that was really entertaining about Portal, which was puzzle-solving. Cooperative puzzle-solving was just a much more rewarding path.

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Gamefront News: Section 8: Prejudice Stats Portal Trailer and PC Pre-Order Incentives

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know we just reviewed Section 8: Prejudice for XBox 360. Next up for TimeGate’s first-person shooter franchise is a Steam release on May 4, and they’ve just sent us the details of what goodies you’ll get for pre-ordering the PC version, as well as a video detailing the game’s “Stats Portal.”

Here’s what you can grab by buying early:

Steam: 10% discount on pre-order (bringing the price to $13.49)
Games for Windows Marketplace: Unlock the Explosion Pack on day one! Use the Riot Mod Pulse Cannon to demolish clusters of enemies with multiple pulse rounds, or detonate the Concussion Detpack explosive to slow down opponents and damage shield defenses
Direct2Drive: Unlock the Lightning Pack on day one! Strike with the EMP Round Pulse Cannon to drain opponents’ energy over time and devastate shield defenses, or unleash the Tagger Round Sniper Rifle to tag enemies and track their every move.

Read: Section 8: Prejudice Stats Portal Trailer and PC Pre-Order Incentives

Gamefront News: Sony Announces Two Playstation Tablets

At a media event in Tokyo early this morning, Sony announced a pair of tablets that will carry the Playstation branding, as has been rumored. It might sound weird to announce two tablets, but they’re very different from each other, as you can see from the images above.

OK, the rundown: the single screen tablet is the Sony S1. It has a 9″ screen. The clamshell tablet is the S2, and its two screens are 5.5″ each. Both tablets will run on Android 3.0, support wifi, 3G and 4G, have access to all online Sony things like Qriocity and the book store and carry the Playstation Suite. Oh, and they’ll do goofy social networking things.

The S2 is intriguing because when you want to play games on it, the bottom screen turns into a controller, while the top screen will have the game stuff. If you want to know what that looks like, scroll down to the bottom of the Wall Street Journal’s live blog of the event.

Read: Sony Announces Two Playstation Tablets

Gamefront News: Sony is ‘Rebuilding’ the Playstation Network in Attack’s Wake

Day Four without Playstation Network service is officially upon us, and there seems to be no end in sight as Sony now says it is “‘rebuilding’ its system to better guard against attacks,” according to PC World.

It appears that the attack that brought down PSN and Qriocity, Sony’s audio and video networking service that runs on the same infrastructure as PSN, was a pretty tough customer. Here’s a quote from Sony’s statement.

‘Our efforts to resolve this matter involve rebuilding our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure,’ the company said in a statement. ‘Though this task is time-consuming, we decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security.’

It would appear that this isn’t a matter of Sony just figuring out what the hack did and repairing it — the company is actually so worried that it feels it can’t re-open the network without strengthening its defenses. There’s still no word whatsoever as to when PSN might be up and running again, but it will probably be sometime after Sony sorts out exactly where all its chickens will be roosting.

Read: Sony is ‘Rebuilding’ the Playstation Network in Attack’s Wake

Gamefront News: Super Mario 3DS Coming This Year, Miyamoto Says

The first true major release for the 3DS will be this summer’s 3D version of Ocarina of Time, but that won’t be the only mega first-party release of the year if Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is to be believed. He tells Edge that Super Mario 3DS will be out this year.

Amusingly, he called the game “a combination of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario on N64″ and “completely original.” But then he said none of his descriptions will make any sense until you play the game, which we will be able to do at E3 this summer. I’ll be sure to let you know if this stuff actually does make sense and just how trippy the whole thing is.

Read: Super Mario 3DS Coming This Year, Miyamoto Says

Gamefront News: Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold Receives Massive Update & Price Reduction

Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold, the near-future strategy epic in which players grab control of a nation on the brink of total anarchy, is now available for just $9.99 across all digital download portals.

“Update 8” for Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold features a variety of improvements and new additions including ones suggested by the active Supreme Ruler player communities.

The update includes:

20 new MOD scenarios
New units and technologies
Dozens of new AI additions and improvements
New unit commands
Game performance improvements including reduced memory usage and smaller save game files
Not only will “Update 8” be provided free-of-charge to all existing Supreme Ruler 2020 and Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold owners, but all owners of Supreme Ruler 2020 will receive a full update to bring them up to date with the latest Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold edition which includes all content released since the game launched.

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Gamefront News: THQ Signs Multi-Year Extension of Warhammer 40K License

THQ is a company that has produced many games that I have greatly enjoyed, many of which are set in the Warhammer universe. Today, THQ announced that I’ll have Warhammer games from them for a few more years at least, as they signed a multi-year extension to their exclusive license agreement for Games Workshop’s IP.

THQ already has two new titles in the pipe set in the Warhammer Universe, Warhammer: 40,000 Space Marine and Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online. They also recently released the latest title in the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War real-time strategy series, Retribution. This deal means that we can expect more titles set in the war-torn future universe besides the two already in the works.

Brian Farrell, president and CEO of THQ, said, “Our envisioning of the Warhammer 40,000 universe will continue to grow with top quality games across all platforms, including the upcoming launches of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online.”

Read: THQ Signs Multi-Year Extension of Warhammer 40K License

Gamefront News: Valve “Probably” Done With Single-Player-Only Experiences

Goeff Keighley went behind the scenes on Portal 2 and came back with The Final Hours of Portal 2, a production chronicle of sorts. He also came out with a weird bit of news that he says comes straight from the mouth of Gabe Newell.

Portal 2 will probably be Valve’s last game with an isolated single-player experience. What this all means is something Newell is still trying to figure out.

If that turns out to be the case, it’s absolute horses–t. This would mean that no future Valve game would have an experience like that of Half-Life, the game that put Valve on the map.

I haven’t played the co-op campaign on Portal 2 yet. Why? Two reasons: PSN is down, and my schedule is incompatible with that of my friends. I’m not complaining, though, because I still had the single-player part that I could and did play, and I enjoyed it greatly.

I’m not a Left4Dead fan because it’s a co-op experience; there just isn’t enough there for me to justify buying it since I’ll mostly be playing alone. It’s always been fun when I managed to get someone to play it with me, but that never happened often enough.

Read: Valve “Probably” Done With Single-Player-Only Experiences

Gamefront News: Wal-Mart Teams With iBUYPOWER to Offer Custom Gaming PCs

If you’ve always wanted a custom-built gaming PC, but didn’t feel like building it yourself, you can now get some help from one of the most recognized names in retail: Wal-Mart.

In a press release today, iBUYPOWER announced a partnership with the retail giant to offer custom-built gaming rigs through Wal-Mart’s website. By visiting the new configurator (located here), you can construct your new gaming PC from a wide variety of hardware options. Here’s a list of the options they’re offering:

One of the coolest options on the site is Wal-Mart’s well known ‘Site-to-store’ shipping that allows you to order your PC and have it delivered to your local Wal-Mart for free for easy pickup.

Obviously, this probably won’t be utilized by PC power gamers, but it’s a boon to anyone that would like to become a PC gamer but doesn’t know the first thing about putting one together.

Read: Wal-Mart Teams With iBUYPOWER to Offer Custom Gaming PCs

Gamefront News: Watch This Super Mario Themed Wedding Proposal (Video)

Everyone dreams of pulling off the perfect marriage proposal, but this guy just raised the bar beyond the reach of most people forever and ever. It seems his girlfriend is a mega Super Mario Bros. fan. So when it came time to pop the question, he did what any lonely plumber seeking to find the Mushroom Princess would do: Turn his living room into the Mushroom kingdom and hide the engagement ring in a Power Up block.

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Gamefront News: What’s the Difference Between the 360 and PC Versions of Fable III?

The PC version of Fable III will be out on Steam and GFWL on May 17, only like seven months after we played the Xbox 360 version. What’s up with that? The folks at Lionhead explain in this dev diary. Not having played this version of the game, I can’t verify any of the stuff they say about it, but it does seem like they’ve at least been trying to make a legit PC experience. Check it out.


Read: What’s the Difference Between the 360 and PC Versions of Fable III?


Battlefield 1942: Battlefield 1918 V3.1 News Update: Release moved!

We apologize for the message! But the Battlefield 1918 V3.1 release is moved with +/- one week! This is because our work is not done! We got some problems with the texture and some bugs. But we promise that this will be the first and last time that we will move the release. We try to release the newest version next week (April 30 - May 1, 2011)!

Further we have of course already a new teaser on YouTube. Enjoy!

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Battlefield 2: IDF:FFI - MOD UPDATE!
Hello to all the soldiers on the battlefields!

After some years we finally made it back, with new strength and a new team we continued working on the mod. And this time, we wont stop until we are able to release our work to you! Until then we will show you our progress and today, we will introduce to you some of the equipment which will be present in our first release...
Also we created a new page on facebook for you. We will inform you on every new update there as well!

To start with, we got the Sud Aviation SO-4050 Vautour II, a french bomber which is armed with four mighty 30mm Defa cannons and enough space to carry up to ten 450kg bombs. You better don't wear an Egyptian uniform when you see this baby on the sky!

As the Egyptians need something against this bomber, we will show you the SA-2 Guideline, which was the primary air defense for the Egyptian army in the sixties and seventies. As it was very common in the Sinai desert and across the Suez canal it caused many problems for the Israeli pilots.

You should also visit or media section, where you will find exclusive pictures of the presented items, taken from the Air-Force Museum in Hatzerim: SO-4050, SA-2, MIM-23.
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Battlefield 2: World at War FH2 Aerial & Naval Warfare Day
This coming Saturday, April 23rd, the World at War Tournament invites you to take part in a another special Aerial & Naval Warfare FH2 event.

The WaW team has prepared several custom maps that feature a wide variety of aircraft, including new custom aircraft. We're also excited to present the return of naval warfare to the Battlefield 2 + Forgotten Hope 2 platform, something that has been missing since the FH1 days.

You'll be able to take to the sea in corvettes & destroyers featuring heavy guns as well as a Bofors AA gun and working depth charges. Be aware of the threat from the deep as enemy submarines will also be on patrol and will be stalking you using their periscope and forward and aft firing torpedoes. If you prefer something faster you can take the helm of a heavily armed PT boat or the German Schnellboat equipped with torpedo launchers and multiple gun platforms.

Event Features:
- Battle on at least 4 exciting and unique custom maps
- Tyrrhenian Sea: Fight for control of several small island with heavy air and naval support.
- Bombing of Constanta: Launch Soviet Bombing raids against a Romanian port
- Baleares: Conduct beach assaults against a key island with air and naval support
- Battle of Britain: Be one of the "few" and defend the white cliffs of Dover against Luftwaffe attacks

- Custom equipment
- New aircraft such as the Stuka G-2 "Kannonvogel", Soviet TB-3 and I-16
- All aircraft featuring custom WaW Gravity Coding and nose-camera views
- Fully functional Ships and Submarines with torpedos and depth charges

Read: World at War FH2 Aerial & Naval Warfare Day
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Battlefield 3: Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer.
EA Games has recently released footage of the upcoming Battlefield 3,

Not only is the trailer available, but also check out the numerous gameplay videos. Battlefield 3 looks like it has much to offer, and I for one am definitely looking forward to it's arrival.
Read: Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer.
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Empire at War: Legacy Era: Heroes of the Galaxy
This next series of three updates will shed a tremendous amount of light on a subject that has barely been touched upon yet-the heroes for each faction. Each of the updates will focus on one of the three factions; this first one is on the Galactic Alliance Remnant, then the Krayt Empire, and finally the Confederation Revenant. Following each update will be pictures of some of the unique units used by the heroes.

Currently, there are a whopping total of 15 heroes for the GA Remnant (and Empire-in-Exile) alone-yes that's right, but I'm not sure if the game will be able to handle this many per faction, and so some may become nerfed in the future.

Heroes are divided into five categories, each of which is one class of starship since I am currently not doing the land portion of the mod for the coming release. The categories are as follows:

Capital Ships
Gunships, Freighters, Transports, and Shuttles
Starfighter/bomber Squadrons

Now, let's get down to the heroes. The current line up is as follows:

Capital Ships:

-Supreme Commander Gar Stazi with the Indomitable (Scythe-class) and later with the Alliance (Imperious-class)
-Jedi Master Wolf Sazen with the Emancipator, lead ship of the Heavy Carrier Class of the same name
-Emperor Roan Fel with the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer Undying Fugitive, along with two supporting Ardent Frigates
-Admiral Edouard Fenel, commander of the Empire-in-Exile's Bastion Second Fleet, which contains 4 Pellaeons and 7 Ardents
-Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper Nei Rin and her bodyguards Choka Skell and Liaan Lah, who are provided with a Scythe-class


-Jedi Master Shado Vao with a Tri-Scythe-class Frigate. He is a capable pilot, and flies an X-83 TwinTail out of his Tri-Scythe.
-Red Claw (enhanced Sabertooth-class Assualt/Rescue Vessel)



Gunships, Freighters, Transports, and Shuttles:

-Mynock (Helot-class Medium Freighter) with Cade Skywalker, Jariah Syn, and Deliah Blue
-Scarlet Star (YT-2400 Light Freighter)

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Half-Life 2: Portal 2 - Review

You awaken in a strange place, with no idea how you got there. An automated voice gives you instructions, and you wait for further information, trapped in your little room. Before long, you’re guided by a computer to whatever objective it has in mind for you. You’re trapped, caught in the machine’s machine, and the only way to gain your freedom is to follow its orders.

The above is the start of Portal 2, as well as its predecessor. Though years have passed since Valve first gave us a surprising foray through the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and its Quantum Tunneling Portal Device experiments, the beginning moments of both these games are eerily similar. Portal is an incredible and beloved game and much of its power and originality is because of this eeriness it invokes. You’re forced through a series of scientific tests of increasing difficulty and danger, all at the whim of a disembodied voice and apparent scientific observers.

Portal 2 fights to re-engage the creepiness, but in a different way. In the opening minutes, you awaken in the Aperture Science Laboratories, a test subject in suspended animation for so long that the facility has fallen into horrific disrepair, and who knows what the world has become in your absence. A friendly robot with a British accent called Wheatley on a rail professes to help guide you to freedom, and you’re off through the destroyed facility, following his lead.

We all know what’s coming — if you’ve seen or heard anything about Portal 2 up to now, you know what’s in store. GlaDOS, the psychotic and homicidal AI controller of the Enrichment Center, has been destroyed at your hand, but it won’t stay dead for long (the last game ended with a song called “Still Alive,” after all). And it will be back to put you through its insane scientific experiments, in which your primary tool is a gun that shoots an orange portal and a blue portal. Anything passing through the orange portal comes out the blue portal, and vice versa, leading to some brilliant puzzle-solving and forcing players to rethink their approaches to reality and physics.

That’s as far into the story as I’ll go, because like the original Portal, it is filled with humor and some unexpected humanity, expanding on the Aperture Science universe and the characters (now tripled, more or less) found within. Portal 2 is in many ways the exact game experience we’ve all hoped would follow up the phenomenal, unexpected incredibleness that was the original — more portals, more GLaDOS, more humor, and a cooperative mode. All things awesome.

The reality of Portal 2 is nearly as good as the conception. Portal is among my favorite games of all time — perhaps my favorite — so following that act is no easy feat for Valve or Portal 2. The sequel comes extremely close to matching its predecessor. It’s good in its own right, but not quite the pinnacle of robotic and hilarious perfection the hype would have us believe.

Click below or go to Original Gamefront Link Here

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Halo 2: I'm still here!
You may have noticed that I haven't updated the site in a while.

Well, there is a very good reason for that. Several good reasons infact.

To put it simply, people here have accused me of not doing me job, and while yes, that may be true as of late, there is a reason that was broadcasted NETWORK WIDE, and people seemed to have missed it or ignored it intentially.

Basically, bugs.

"So, what else is new?", which is what I suspect people are thinking at this point.

Let me put it as simply as I can. Bugs killed the picture server, which is the reason why POTDs haven't shown up on all the network sites. Luckilly, I had a POTD up before the bugs killed the server, but if a POTD were to be added after that, it wouldn't show up even if it were validated. That, and the fact that I haven't received any POTDs from you guys in months! SEND THEM! THEY WILL BE USED WHEN PICTURES ARE WORKING AGAIN!

The pictures server error is also the reason why pictures for files no longer show up.

Speaking of files, you might have noticed that the lastest one (B30_Ghost) seems to dissapear and return at random times. Again, this is a network wide issue.
I have 2 files in the pipeline, ready to be validated, but rather than have them become victims of the same error, they have been put on hold until the "bugs are squished". I apologise to the developers. I'll get them up, someday soon hopefully.

Finally, polls. The latest poll and the poll before it, seem to have developed the habit of randomly switching answers with each other, and in some cases, the poll itself switches with the previous poll.

I've halted new polls untill that is fixed.

Again, I apologise for the long winded "buzzkill", but trust me when I say that the "big wigs" have been notified several times. I can't tell you the progress they've made because, well, I don't know myself.

Then of course there is still that file link bug from way back in August 2010. The nagging to the techies continues...

If anyone from before the errors still checks this site, then please post in the comments below. Would be nice to now if there were anyone left at least.

I'M WORKING ON IT!!! frown

Read: I'm still here!
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World of Warcraft: Coffee With the Devs
Blizzard has started a new blog series, which contains thoughts and topic matter related to World of Warcraft gameplay, that can include some pretty good information for WoW players, here's the small introduction to the new series:

‘Coffee With the Devs’ is a blog series that provides an inside look into the thoughts and discussions happening within the World of Warcraft development team. In our first entry, Lead Systems Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street laid down a few ground rules:

1. No promises.
2. Don’t read too much between the lines.
3. No whining about the choice of topics we cover.

You can view the first blog here.
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World of Warcraft: Patch 4.1 Content Preview: Rise of the Zandalari
Blizzard have a quick preview of their 4.1 patch regarding the Zandari, here is a quick introduction from Blizzard:

In years past, the Zandalar tribe, encompassing the wise and scholarly progenitors of the trolls, heroically assisted the Horde and the Alliance with thwarting the nefarious activities of their brethren in Zul'Gurub and Zul'Drak. Yet the chaos unleashed by the recent Cataclysm has reshaped the Zandalari's philosophy about the world and the dwindling remnants of their race. Led by a mysterious prophet known only as Zul, the Zandalari have issued a call to Azeroth's embattled troll populations: unite into a single mighty empire and save their race from extinction.

Thus far, the Gurubashi and Amani trolls have answered the summons and received aid from the Zandalari, allowing them to rebuild their respective capitals in Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman. Not all trolls, however, have so eagerly adopted the Zandalari's grandiose vision of a new troll empire. Vol'jin and his Darkspear tribe are opposed to the warmongering espoused by Zul. To prevent the burgeoning Gurubashi and Amani troll forces from wreaking havoc on Azeroth, Vol'jin has reached out to his Horde comrades and members of the Alliance for assistance. Should the Darkspears' campaign fail, a new troll empire shall rise and bring war to a world already beset by suffering and conflict.

Read the full post here.
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World of Warcraft: Patch 4.1: Guild Challenges
If you're starting to get the feeling that your guild isn't really doing anything, than this may be the update for you! This new nifty feature ensures that guild challenges are changed on a weekly basis giving groups guild experience, achievements and gold, so you'll never run out of things to do!

In addition to updating Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman for level-85 players, we're also excited about another patch 4.1 feature: Guild Challenges. Built into the Info panel of the guild user interface, Guild Challenges will be weekly tasks guild groups can tackle for additional guild experience, achievements, and gold.

This feature has been designed and implemented to be quite simple. At the top of the guild user interface Info pane, a new Guild Challenges section will be displayed and broken into three categories: Dungeons, Raids, and Rated Battlegrounds. Any guild group will qualify for Guild Challenges credit and there is a set number of times each challenge can be completed per week. There’s no need to add a quest to your Quest Log or anything of that nature. Just grab a guild group eligible for any of the challenges and go.

Read the full post here.
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World of Warcraft: 4.1 Preview -- Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms
Be sure to check out Blizzard's new tool in the up and coming patch 4.1 the Dungeon Finder! Check out the details below:

In patch 4.1 we’ll be introducing a new system to the Dungeon Finder intended to lower queue times, named Call to Arms. This system will automatically detect which class role is currently the least represented in the queue, and offer them additional rewards for entering the Dungeon Finder queue and completing a random level 85 heroic dungeon.

Any time the Dungeon Finder queue is longer than a few minutes for level 85 heroics the Call to Arms system kicks in and determines which role is the least represented. In the case of tanking being the least represented role, the “Call to Arms: Tanks” icon will display where class roles are chosen in the Dungeon Finder UI, and will also display on the UI when the queue pops and you are selected to enter a dungeon. Regardless of your role, you’ll always be able to see which role currently has a Call to Arms, if any.

Read the full post here.
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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: silEnT mod 0.3.0
We proudly announce the silEnT Enemy Territory mod 0.3.0.

Download it from here: http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/topic/482-silent-release-030/

We worked hard for it to become what it is in 0.3.0 version.
We made many things server side as well as client side.

To cut the story short, here are the top things in 0.3.0 release:

* new database version
* hardware based identification
* new game type: Team Death Match
* shrubbot improvements
* new landmine notifications
* new ppsh model
* weapon banks display

Traditionally, here is the change log (0.3.0):

* Added: weapon banks shown during weapon change - incorporated into HUD editor (introduced new client cvars for this: cg_wbShowDuration, cg_wbOrientation, cg_wbWideSlots)
* Fixed: defect with following FT (killed player was picked when he/she was the FT leader - but next FT member should be picked)
* Improved the database performance.
* Added new command !baninfo.
* Removed cg_damageKick client cvar.
* Reworked cg_hitSounds client cvar. Now a new option play only headshots is available
* Added: New server cvar g_punkbuster. Server that don't have punkbuster enbaled can still force clients enabling punkbuster for them to have GUIDs. This does not guarantee that every player will have a GUID but if the player has it, it will be sent to the server.

Read: silEnT mod 0.3.0
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