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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 26 (week 17, 2011) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 05-02-2011 @ 11:05
This News Item has been viewed 208,506 times

Here it is the 26th version of the Weekly Gamefront Network News Update, the news part of the update covers the news side of the Network and the Gamefront Main site over the past week. There has been a fair bit of news from the Main site including a lot of trailers, reviews, previews and a lot more - some of this has been included below including lots of trailers and videos.. Unfortunately there won't be another files update for the moment due to the on going issues with the images, which I hope will be fixed some time soon!

Also of course there is the news from the Network Sites not as much as the main site but still just as important! Lots more news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ).

Also If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).


Gamefront News: Amid Allegations Of ID Theft In Australia, Sony Reports ‘No Unauthorized Activity’

For more than a week now, Sony has been stuck in a seemingly never-ending PR nightmare. If news today is accurate, then Sony might be waking up sooner than they feared.

First however, they’re going to have to decisively settle the matter involving an Adele, Australia man who has been robbed to the tune of $2,000 (Au) after his credit card data was stolen. Rory Spreckley checked his bank account wednesday to find thousands in charges for hotels, airfare and similar good-times spending spree transactions. So far there’s no evidence that this has anything to do with the PSN hack, but the timing suggests a connection and Australia’s Privacy Commissioner is investigating. It’s probably best to keep the correlation-does-not-equal-causation rule in mind, since this is the first such report linked to the PlayStation Network hack.

Sony, for their part, has been much more forthcoming this week than previously, and on the SCEA blog, Sr. Director for Corporate Communications, Patrick Seybold has posted a frequently updated Q&A to address consumer concerns. He states “Yes, we are currently working with law enforcement on this matter as well as a recognized technology security firm to conduct a complete investigation. This malicious attack against our system and against our customers is a criminal act and we are proceeding aggressively to find those responsible.”

Read: Amid Allegations Of ID Theft In Australia, Sony Reports ‘No Unauthorized Activity’

Gamefront News: App Store Plagiarist Back Under New Name

A noted iTunes App Store plagiarist seems to be at it again.

A developer called Yan Zhenhua has a fairly robust catalog of games in Apple’s store for play on the iPhone. The latest is Tiny Skater, a casual skateboarding game. That’s a screenshot of Tiny Skater up there.

It looks remarkably like this screenshot:

That second one is Tiny Hawk, a Flash game from a developer called Polygon Toys. The remarkable similarity between the photos is because, according to Tiny Hawk’s creator, Pekka Kujansuu, Tiny Skater is a plagiarized version of Tiny Hawk, as Indie Games Blog brought to light in this story. Having played through the early portions of both, it becomes quickly apparent that Tiny Skater isn’t just borrowing elements or riffing on the concept of Tiny Hawk — it is, in fact, a mobile recreation of the Flash title in almost every respect, with slightly different art assets.

This isn’t the first time Yan Zhenhua has gotten up to such antics. In fact, games created by someone called Yan Zhenhua (and also published under the developer name of EdisonGame) are largely borrowed from Flash titles, and sometimes lifted wholesale. Months ago, one indie developer, Halfbot, successfully petitioned for the removal of EdisonGame’s plagiarized version of its game, The Blocks Cometh, from the App Store.

Read: App Store Plagiarist Back Under New Name

Gamefront News: AR.FlyingAce ‘Duel in the Sahara’ Video Attempts To Make RC Planes Exciting

I had a chance to play around with AR.FlyingAce at E3 2010. It didn’t blow my mind or anything but it was kind of fun. The concept is an RC helicopter you control using your iPhone or Android device (so they told me at the time). Using your mobile device as your viewscreen, you can play a variety of games including, as you’ll see in this video, ship to ship combat with another AR.FlyingAce player.

It’s possibly a bit pricey considering it isn’t a console or handheld with multiple functions, but it does look like fun.


Read: AR.FlyingAce ‘Duel in the Sahara’ Video Attempts To Make RC Planes Exciting

Gamefront News: Back to the Future – Episode 4 Available Today (TRAILER)

The latest installment of Telltale Games’ episodic Back to the Future point-and-click adventure hit the Internet today — for PC and Mac players, that is.

The fourth episode takes Marty back to the alternate 1986 first seen in Episode 3. We felt the last episode was a little lackluster, but generally Telltale’s take on Back to the Future has been pretty strong, with great production values and voice acting. Hopefully Episode 4 brings the game up to the level of its potential.

Download Trailer Here


Read: Back to the Future – Episode 4 Available Today (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Beer Stacking, David Hasselhoff, and the NFL Draft

It’s Friday, and now we’re all wanting summer to get here so we can check out the new Portal 2 DLC. Did you know there’s a gun in Shadows of the Damned called a “Big Boner?” Seriously, you can see it in developer diary. Also, we’ve got a Morrowind mod to see you through the weekend: Rebirth.

Once you’re done with all that, you might enjoy these links.

How Not To Stack Beer (Break)
Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week (Screen Junkies)
9 Greatest Steals in NFL Draft History (Total Pro Sports)
How To Build A Deadfall Trap (Made Man)
Textalyzer keeps you from sending those drunk text messages (Guyism)
Jeff Bridges: Undead Cop (Screen Junkies)
25 Pictures of David Hasselhoff Stealing Your Woman With Sheer Sexiness (Holy Taco)

Read: Beer Stacking, David Hasselhoff, and the NFL Draft

Gamefront News: Brink to Have Standalone Dedicated Server for PC

The launch of Brink is just two weeks away, and we’re looking forward to it immensely. My personal excitement went up a couple of notches today as Bethesda announced that the game will feature a fully customizable dedicated server.

Dedicated servers have always been a big part of PC gaming. Games like Battlefield 1942, Counter-Strike, and Unreal Tournament all had dedicated servers that could be download for free and used to host a server with the settings you wanted. More recent titles like Left 4 Dead offered the same functionality.

Over on the Bethesda Blog, there’s a FAQ post giving some details about the dedicated servers. Here are some important points.

It’s free, and will not require a full version of Brink to be installed.
It will be available from the ‘Tools’ tab of Steam prior to Brink’s release.
It will include batch files that will allow you to run multiple server instances on one machine, using automatically assigned ports or custom port settings if you desire.
You’ll be able to set not only game modes, but also things like team size, time limits, rank restriction, friendly fire, and more.
Hosting companies will be able to offer servers for Brink as well, just in case you want to buy one from a provider.

It’s great to see a company that’s pledging support like this to PC games, and it helps disprove the notion that “PC games are

dead.” We all know they aren’t, but that hasn’t stopped people from saying so. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise to PC gamers, as Splash Damage’s last game, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, offered much the same support.

Read: Brink to Have Standalone Dedicated Server for PC

Gamefront News: Celebrity Bodyguard Gameplay Trailer (Video)

In the upcoming iPhone Celebrity Bodyguard, you play bodyguard to one of three parody celebrities, escorting them across a red carpet and killing anyone who tries to stalk them (or, just gets too close). It isn’t much more complex than that, just simple cartoon violence and soon-to-be-dated pop culture references. Fun! No, seriously, it really looks fun. Now, I don’t have an iPhone myself, so this is meaningless to me aside from the fact that it’s basically a 2D/Flash clone of a mini game from Saints Row 2, but if you happen to like being spied on by AT&T or overcharged by Verizon, this might be a decent way to pass the time between service outages.

Celebrity Bodyguard has no release date but they’re claiming ‘soon. very soon.’, so keep your eyes peeled for more news. It’ll be available for iPhone and iPad.


Read: Celebrity Bodyguard Gameplay Trailer (Video)

Gamefront News: Check Out This Amazing, Home-Made Portal Gun

I wish I’d made something like this when I was this kid’s age, but I almost certainly would have wimped out after considering how much I would get picked on for trying it. 20 years ago, adolescence meant being stuck with social options consisting solely of the losers and idiots fate chose to live in the same school district with you. If you didn’t win the social lottery in 5th grade, you were doomed to spend the years waiting until you could drive being really bored and probably getting picked on.

Now? The entire internet comes together to celebrate kids for standing up to bullies, and pulling something like this portal gun off gets you an army of people you’ve never met praising you to the stars. Not to downplay how awful being bullied is, but knowing you can find millions of people who probably think the dorkiest thing you’ve ever done is awesome has got to be incredible. Seriously, I love living in the future

Read: Check Out This Amazing, Home-Made Portal Gun

Gamefront News: COD: Black Ops Escalation Trailer Shows Off Potential Tactics

With Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ new Escalation Map Pack DLC only a few days away (dropping May 3 on Xbox Live, a few weeks or a month after on PC and whatever post-apocalyptic ruin of a Playstation Network we have by then), Treyarch and Activision have released another trailer. And damn, are those guys getting good at trailers, or what? Check out this awesome Grindhouse-style one for Escalation’s new Zombie map, Call of the Dead, that dropped earlier this week.

Anyway, back on topic: fans of Black Ops are going to want to watch this trailer closely, as it gives a few interesting tactics tips on a few of the maps. My favorite: sending a claymore down in an elevator and having it blow up guys at the bottom. That’s kind of brilliant.

Scour the video below for your own tips — I wouldn’t want to spoil your potential Escalation escalation (see what I did there?) by detailing them all here.

Download Trailer Here


Read: COD: Black Ops Escalation Trailer Shows Off Potential Tactics

Gamefront News: Darkspore Launch Trailer (Video)

Rejoice, minions! Darkspore is out right now. The sci fi action RPG combines a strategy game perspective – seriously, there’s a lot of hot, god’s-eye-view isometric action in this – with cartoonish, nonstop action. I’m reminded of Diablo meets Magicka, simply because I’m lazy and fishing for easy metaphors.

It does look like a lot of fun. However, what I most like is the esoteric decision-making process that went into the selection of review quotes for the trailer.


Read: Darkspore Launch Trailer (Video)

Gamefront News: Deus Ex: Human Revolution FEMA Camp Preview

Detroit, 2027. Adam Jensen, head of security for Sarif Industries, has received the ol’ mysterious transmission and in tracking it, has discovered a warehouse in the city being occupied by a group of special forces soldiers who attacked the company. After gathering some information, he prepares to infiltrate the building and discover the motivations for the attacks that killed Sarif’s head of research and Jensen’s former girlfriend.

Between about six and 10 hours of game time have passed at this point in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos and Square Enix’s prequel to the last entry in the Deus Ex series, Deus Ex: Invisible War. The last time I spent any time with Adam Jensen, he was defusing a hostage situation at Sarif Industries lab, making choices about whether to use lethal force against a gang of low-rent punks in an anti-human augmentation group that had been manipulated into staging the attack, and dealing with the consequences of those actions. He had also survived the horrific attack on Sarif’s headquarters and had come out of it outfitted with several “augmentations,” or mechanical enhancements to his body, that keep him alive and give him some superhuman abilities.

This time around, I’m at Square Enix’s offices in El Segundo, and while I don’t get to play the new level, I do get a first-hand demo of the encounter and some of the possible ways through it.

The facility has a secret, as is immediately made apparent by the presence of red- and black-armored soldiers surrounding the outside — clearly this is no ramshackle warehouse, but a front of some kind. After speaking with someone nearby (who turned out to be an arms dealer — guess this isn’t exactly a great Detroit neighborhood), Jensen learns that the troops inside have been moving crates out. It appears they’re planning to move.

Read: Deus Ex: Human Revolution FEMA Camp Preview

Gamefront News: Don’t Forget to Follow GameFront on Facebook

If you’re not following us on Facebook, you’re missing out on a lot. Not only do we provide links to our best content, but you also get pics, links to videos, and commentary that you don’t see on the main site. You’ll also see our Facebook giveaways, where you can win all sorts of gaming swag that shows up at the secret GameFront volcano lair from time to time.

If you haven’t already done it, please head over and….

Like GameFront on Facebook

If you don’t, that guy in the pic up there is going to be mad. Trust me, you don’t want that.

Read: Don’t Forget to Follow GameFront on Facebook

Gamefront News: Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 9 Now Live

Turbine has just announced that Update 9, “Harbinger of Madness,” is now live for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited.

The new Harbinger of Madness adventure pack introduces updates to the Crafting system, improvements made to the Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate skills, and many additional new features including new attack animations, boosted spells, and more prestige Enhancement lines.


* Harbinger of Madness Adventure Pack for players level 15 and above
* New Crafting System: Currently in beta, the system features a new user interface that grants you the ability to fully customize the effects of weapons and armor. You can deconstruct a weapon to make it craftable or just keep a powerful component. You’ll also be able to use the construction machines to create gear and earn crafting experience as you collect special ingredients and master your recipes.
* Improvements made to Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate — Social Skills can be used on any creature that possesses any level of intelligence
* New Prestige Enhancements for Sorcerer and Favored Soul Classes — All classes have at least one Prestige Enhancement
* New to the DDO Store: Plains and Beast Armor kits; bigger bags are available; Wilderness Slayer boost can earn you additional slayer points when you kill a monster in a Wilderness adventure.

Read: Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 9 Now Live

Gamefront News: Dungeon Siege III Webcomic by Dark Horse

The Dungeon Siege III webcomic — published by none other than Dark Horse Comics — will deliver three vignettes, each introducing one of the four playable heroes from the upcoming game.

I still fondly remember the Aliens vs. Predator comics from the late 80s, and Dark Horse has published many other excellent titles over the years — I’m especially partial to 300 — so I look forward to reading this series.

This will be Dark Horse’s first digitally distributed comic, and here’s to hoping it will pave the way for more professional comics in the digital medium.

Dungeon Siege III arrives on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and on Windows-based PCs on June 21, 2011.

Read: Dungeon Siege III Webcomic by Dark Horse

Gamefront News: F.E.A.R. 3 Delayed to June 21 (UPDATED)

UPDATE: According to Giant Bomb, Warner Bros. has confirmed that F.E.A.R. 3 will now land on June 21.

If you’ve been looking forward to getting your hands on the installment in the F.E.A.R. series, it looks like the wait just got a bit longer. UK retailer GameGears said on Twitter yesterday, “News: FEAR 3 Slips to June release.”

There’s no news on a firm date in June when the game would release, but Official XBox Magazine reports that “Warner Brothers has promised an update in the very near future.” This isn’t the first time the game has been delayed. The first was back in August of last year, and the second was in .

Read: F.E.A.R. 3 Delayed to June 21 (UPDATED)

Gamefront News: Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition (Trailer)

For those looking to get into some retro Final Fantasy MMORPG action, here is the comprehensive Final Fantasy XI package.

Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition will include all four expansion packs for Final Fantasy XI, from the premiere expansion, Rise of the Zilart, to the recently concluded Wings of the Goddess. It will also contain all add-on scenarios to date: A Crystalline Prophecy – Ode of Life Bestowing, A Moogle Kupo d’Etat – Evil in Small Doses, and A Shantotto Ascension – The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born. Also included are the add-on battle areas introduced in 2010: Vision of Abyssea, Scars of Abyssea and Heroes of Abyssea.

Check out the trailer:


Read: Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition (Trailer)

Gamefront News: Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

My copy of Bulletstorm has been out of rotation for a few weeks in favor of other, newer fare, but with the launch this week of Epic Games’ multiplayer beta for Gears of War 3, it’s back in my Xbox 360. Players who purchased the Bullestorm: Epic Edition (which was basically Bulletstorm for Xbox) are allowed a week of early access to the beta test (as is anyone lucky enough to get an unlock code), before it opens up to presale customers start April 25.

It’s nice to have an extra week to mess around in Gears 3 and get my skills back — I hung up my Lancer in Gears 2 some time ago — but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The beta’s content is restricted, and it appears Epic will be rolling out more maps and mulitplayer modes as time goes on, according to its website. Capture the Flag and King of the Hill modes available in the beta in the coming weeks, plus at least two more maps.

Since we don’t have access to everything just yet, we’ll be breaking down this Impressions article into multiple parts, discussing each map and game mode in detail as it becomes available.

There is a lot more in the link below!

Read: Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

Gamefront News: Growing Up In Arcades: 1979-1989

The biggest tragedy of the triumph of console gaming is the end of arcades. It’s a point I touched on in my Marvel vs. Capcom 3 review. Nowadays, if you want to play video games in a public place, around strangers, not using handhelds, your options are either preview consoles at the big box retailer or video game shop or Dave and Buster’s. Neither is particularly fun or even close to the actual arcade experience.

I’m talking tons of kids packed into giant buildings filled from wall to wall with coin-operated games of every conceivable genre. Kids who were probably dropped off by mom at 8 PM with a 10 dollar bill or a pocket full of quarters, only to be picked up 2 hours later broke but happy. Kids feeding quarter after quarter into hungry, greedy games like Pac-Man, Frogger, Golden Axe, Space Invaders, Punch-Out!, Pitfall, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon, Dragon Slayer, and by the 90s, Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat and Primal Rage. Hell, by the mid-90s peak of Fighting Games, a video arcade was almost like the underage smoking version of fight club where total strangers dueled at the drop of a hat, and enormous crowds gathers behind them to watch.


Read: Growing Up In Arcades: 1979-1989

Gamefront News: Hulu Plus Hits Xbox Live Friday, First Week Free

Guess what, Xbox owners — starting April 29, you get access to Hulu Plus on Xbox Live. Even better, the first week is free.

Hulu starts up on XBL starting tomorrow, and the complementary free work of service extends to everybody, Gold and Silver members alike. Celebrate Mother’s Day early, or some other holiday, and get your fill of free on-demand TV through your Xbox until May 6. After that, Hulu Plus runs $7.99 per month.

Read: Hulu Plus Hits Xbox Live Friday, First Week Free

Gamefront News: Jurassic Park Hits Xbox Live, Playstation Network This Fall (TRAILER)

Telltale Games has its first Xbox 360 title: Jurassic Park.

Originally slated for PC, Mac, Playstation 3 and iPad, the episodic point-and-click adventure game was just delayed from its April 2011 release date earlier this week. The new release projection is for fall of this year, according to a press release from Telltale, and one has to wonder if the delay is part of the deal Telltale has struck with Microsoft. Not that I’m a paranoid conspiracy theorist or anything.

Anyway, Telltale hasn’t confirmed any other games for Xbox just yet, but in the case of Jurassic Park, we know the game will be available over Xbox Live in five monthly installments after its release — just like Back to the Future is currently on its platforms, which include all of the above listed except Xbox.

In addition to Jurassic Park, Telltale also has the rights to Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel The Walking Dead (not the AMC TV show, the original source material) and just announced an episodic Law & Order: Los Angeles title. Those games are slated for release later this year, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect to see them on Xbox 360 as well. Meantime, check out Telltale’s Jurassic Park teaser trailer below.

Download Trailer Here


Read: Jurassic Park Hits Xbox Live, Playstation Network This Fall (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Mario Gets a Portal Gun

It’s always fun to see bits from current games embedded into old games. Today’s example is one of my favorite ones ever.

The folks over at Dorkly.com have created an original video showing exactly what would happen if one of the most iconic characters in the history of gaming got his hands on a Portal gun. Check it out:

Read: Mario Gets a Portal Gun

Gamefront News: Morrowind Rebirth Mod

Presently in beta, Morrowind Rebirth is a huge mod that will transform Vvardenfell into a world full with detail & life.

The following cities have been reworked: Caldera, Balmora, Suran, Dren Plantation, Pelagiad, Ebonheart & Seyda Neen. More cities & landscape edits will follow in future updates.


Smoother landscapes & fixes for a huge number of landscape seams.
A large number of new NPC’s and eventually new creatures.
Shops will close at nighttime between 8 pm – 8 am.
New music, splashscreens and new main menu.
Fixes a large number of floaters and glitches.
New weapons, misc items & clutter.

Watch the screenshot trailer:

Download Here

Read: Morrowind Rebirth Mod

Gamefront News: Mortal Kombat (2011) Infinite Koins Cheat

Stop! If you’re working through the Challenge Tower in NetherRealm Studios’, don’t go past mission 37, because we’ve discovered an exploitable bug that allows players to gather infinite Koins to spend in the Krypt. (You can use our Krypt List to find and unlock everything the game has to offer.) That’s enough to allow you to unlock all the game’s unlockable characters and all the fatalities found in our Fatality Guide, along with alternate costumes and more.

Check out the video below for exactly what you’ll need to do. The key is to play the battle as Kabal and to hit Pause and go to the “Retry” menu option before your health runs out. Every time you retry the match, Koins earned from the last run carry over to the next run, allowing you to repeat the level infinitely and keep earning Koins. If you beat the level and attempt to replay it later, the bug won’t work — it has to be on your first run through the Challenge Tower, so create a new save if you want before proceeding if you want to exploit the bug.

Read: Mortal Kombat (2011) Infinite Koins Cheat

Gamefront News: Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword Now Available for Pre-Order on Steam

TaleWorlds and Paradox Interactive have announced that the newest installment of the Mount & Blade series is now available on Steam. The action RPG is based on the gameplay for the original Mount & Blade, but has a story based on the cult novel of the same name by Nobel Prize winning author Henry Sienkiewicz.

With Fire & Sword also contains 15 new multiplayer maps, one new multiplayer mode, fully customizable armies, multiple endings, and the option to play as a member of a faction or as a go-it-alone mercenary. It also introduces firearms to the series for the first time.

Steam is offering up Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword for $13.49 if you pre-order before the game launches on May 3rd. Also, as a bonus to get you interested this weekend, you can grab the original Mount & Blade and Mount & Blade: Warband with your pre-order. If you do, you get all three for $19.99.

If you enjoyed the original Mount & Blade as much as we did, you should really check this one out. In fact, we already played it and posted a preview. If you haven’t played any of the games in this series, you should go read it. You could also check out this trailer.

Read: Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword Now Available for Pre-Order on Steam

Gamefront News: Mythos Release Client Avaible Now

On April 28, the servers for the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Mythos will be up and running. The game is launching out of beta, and the release client is available for early download.

The game features three classes: the Pyromancer, wielder of fire; the Bloodletter, smasher of skulls; and the Gadgeteer, techno-rifleman.

Mythos’ four races include humans, gremlins, satyrs and cylopes–an interesting departure from your standard dwarves and elves.

Download Mythos and sign up for a free account over here so that you can start playing the moment the servers go live.

Read: Mythos Release Client Avaible Now

Gamefront News: Need for Speed: The Run (Trailer)

Riding the racing-blockbuster wave of the latest installment of the Fast and the Furious, Electronics arts released a teaser trailer for Need for Speed: The Run.

And not unlike the Fast and the Furious, Need for Speed: The Run takes players into an underground world of illicit, high-stakes racing.

Jason DeLong, Executive Producer at Electronic Arts, said:

This is the year that Need for Speed goes to the next level. We think that Need for Speed The Run is going to surprise people with its intense, thrilling story and big action feel. But the game would be nothing without hot cars and crazy-fast chases. So that is what we’re delivering — explosive racing that will have players flirting with disaster at 200-miles an hour.

Watch the teaser trailer:


Read: Need for Speed: The Run (Trailer)

Gamefront News: New Call of Juarez: The Cartel Trailer is Brimming with Action Movie Cliches

There’s not even a whole lot to say on this one. Let’s just all watch the new trailer for Call of Juarez: The Cartel and count off the one-liners, puns and cliches to be found within, and enjoy the carnage.

Keep scrolling down for the trailer, and we’ve got even more goodies for you — new screenshots from the game, showing off gang warfare, club massacres and the other interesting components of Techland and Ubisoft’s upcoming first person shooter.


Read: New Call of Juarez: The Cartel Trailer is Brimming with Action Movie Cliches

Gamefront News: New Shadows of the Damned Developer Diary (Video)

Shadows of the Damned is not your typical survival horror game. It’s a punk-rock shooter starring a demon hunter and his sidekick, a transforming skull. Sometimes he’s a gun, sometimes he’s a motorcycle, and sometimes he’s just a talking skull that reminds me an awful lot of C-3PO.

In this developer diary, Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami talk about Shadows of the Damned, and make mention of a long-barreled gun, the “Big Boner.”

Basically, it’s a 3rd-person shooting game. It’s close to Resident Evil 4 system-wise, but what’s unique about this one is the concept of darkness and light in the gameplay. The main character keeps losing his energy–or life–in the darkness and eventually dies. But the enemies become stronger in the darkness and become harder to defeat.

So Garcia (the main character) must find what is called a “light point” and shoot it with a special light shot with a gun, and light up the whole area.


Read: New Shadows of the Damned Developer Diary (Video)

Gamefront News: New RPG: Of Orcs and Men (Screens)

Tolkien may have given us orcs, but wargamers in the ’80s painted them the healthy green we’ve come to know and love/loathe. Of Orcs and Men is an upcoming RPG that spotlights the green critters and their smaller goblin buddies.

In a world where Orcs and Goblins are persecuted, slaughtered, or enslaved by humans, players take on the role of an elite Orc soldier tasked with killing the human Emperor, the one man responsible for exhorting the humans to loath and fight your kin.

You soon team up with a Goblin who complements your brute force approach with sly cunning and stealth, and together, you vie to bring peace to your peoples.

Read: New RPG: Of Orcs and Men (Screens)

Gamefront News: Obsidian Suffers Layoffs

Although no official announcements have been made, a few Obsidian employees have spread the word that a new round of layoffs has occurred at the company.

Akil Hooper: ”11 years, nearly a dozen shipped titles, Designer, Lead, Producer. 1 canceled game, survived 7 layoffs, 8th got me. Not a bad track record.”

Tester Ashley Betters: “No longer work at Obsidian. I guess this means I will have to start buying my own pens.”

Those tweets make those two the only confirmed victims, but there are bound to be more. It’s astounding that a studio coming off a major success like Fallout: New Vegas would have to deal with something like this, but that game’s robust sales must not have been able to make up for the extended development cycle and financial disappointment of last summer’s Alpha Protocol.

Read: Obsidian Suffers Layoffs

Gamefront News: Outland Trailer (Video)

Ubisoft’s latest confection, Outland, is a charming, 2D side scrolling platformer. Aesthetically it conjures the imagery of Achean and Delean Greece and it looks to be a a beautiful, old school good time. Sadly, it does not feature Opus the Penguin or Steve Dallas, and no sign of Sean Connery, but that’s ok, it looks like fun. We’ll know more upon playing it but watching this makes me want to find out as soon as possible. Outland is out now on Xbox Live and PlayStation Netowhahahahahahahah. No, just kidding, it won’t be available on PSN until Sony manages to fix their increasingly messy mess.

Download Here


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Gamefront News: PlayStation’s New Ad Campaign Revealed! (Video)

Oh Sony, if only you had chosen to deal with the growing user data breach swiftly and forthrightly. Then you could have spared yourselves a gallon of Fail-juice and the enmity of citizens and senators alike. Lucky for us, they decided to play the David Caruso card instead, and now we all get to giggle at this pitch perfect parody of PlayStation’s “it only does everything” campaign.


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Gamefront News: Portal 2 DLC Coming This Summer

Can’t get enough Portal 2? We’ve got some good news for you.

Valve’s Minister of Information (OK, he’s VP of Marketing, but doesn’t Minister of Information sound better?), Doug Lombardi, told Fast Company in an interview that there will be more Portal 2 DLC coming this summer.

Here’s what he had to say:

We will be announcing some DLC for it, so folks can keep a look out for more content coming this summer. We’ll be putting more details out about that in a week or so. We’ll support that with more videos or more comics.

Looks like we’ll hear more next week. We’ll have the official word for you as soon as it is available. If you somehow don’t own Portal 2 yet, you should really check out our comprehensive review.

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Gamefront News: Red Faction Armageddon – Commando Pack Trailer (Video)

Red Faction may have been delayed for a week, but THQ and Volition aren’t slowing down the marketing. Here’s the trailer for the Commando Pack, one of the exclusive DLC packs available for free if you pre-order at GameStop. It isn’t funny, but it looks like a lot of fun.


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Gamefront News: Rumor: New IP Will Accompany Wii 2

Hold onto your hats everyone. We have a Nintendo rumor that’s as mesmerizing as it is devoid of actual details. Earlier this morning, Techtroid reported that they’ve spoken to a ‘retail source’, and said source claims we’re going to get a look at a new Nintendo game franchise very soon:

A new IP [is] rumoured to launch with Nintendo’s next console. The aforementioned IP is said to look “visually beautiful”, with the retailer adding that “you’ll see what we mean at E3.”

That is basically all the details Techtroid has for us. We don’t even know who the retail source is (and for all we know, that source is making it all up). Nintendo has a now-lengthy history of failing to support the launch of a new console with adequate software. Take the lack of high quality games at the launch of 3Ds for instance. Then again, it is confirmed that Nintendo will be debuting their new console at E3 2011. With news that they might even be gunning for a Q1 2012 release, it would be insane to debut the new console without anything to actually play on it. A new franchise would be just the thing to show off its capabilities and show they’re serious about it.

Of course, ‘new ip’ could mean anything. Wii Sports was new IP that shipped with Wii. While we agree it’s a ton of fun, does anyone rank it up there with Mario, Zelda, Metroid or even Pikmin? That sound you hear is the sound of people nervously admitting they don’t really use their Wii very often. Some unsolicited advice for Nintendo: Not just new IP guys; you absolutely, positively have to launch the new console with a top tier, a-list franchise. We’re talking a Mario, Zelda or Metroid level game on day one. Failure to do this proves you’re just going to dick everyone around with gimmicks the way you did with Wii. Wii’s cheapness made up for the fact that it doesn’t support HD and most of the games kind of suck unless you’re drunk with friends. You’re not going to get a pass if you pull that kind of BS with a system that costs $400.00.

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Gamefront News: SOE Servers Offline In Response to Intrusion

Boy, Sony just can’t catch a break. This morning, Sony Online Entertainment customers awoke to find that all of the company’s servers had been taken offline.

In the course of our investigation into the intrusion into our systems we have discovered an issue that warrants enough concern for us to take the service down effective immediately. We will provide an update later today (Monday).

As if the PSN breach isn’t bad enough, now this has to happen. As soon as we hear more today, we’ll let you know.

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Gamefront News: Star Wars: The Old Republic — Sith Warrior Armor Progression (Video)

Jedi Knights, look away.

BioWare and LucasArts unveiled the appearances of various armor enhancement sets Sith players will be able to wear as they amass power in The Old Republic.

From the looks of it, different skill branches will lead to different armor choices and ultimately distinct visual styles. The Sith Juggernaut dons bulky power armor, while the Sith Marauder has more of a Darth Maul flavor.

See for yourself:


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Gamefront News: Stewart Gilray Thinks You’re Overreacting To PSN Hack

Just Add Water’s Stewart Gilray spoke with Eurogamer last night about the PSN network shutdown and Sony’s handling of the debacle, and he thinks you’re taking it too seriously. “To use a phrase my dad used to say,” Gilray said, probably with the affected, folksy accent of a campaigning politician, “it’s a lot of wind and p**s.” Say it ain’t so, Stew!

“I have to say, the press yesterday ripped Sony a new one wider than the Channel Tunnel. Yes, it’s up to 77 million PSN IDs, or 35 million master accounts – the rest are sub accounts. It’s bad. But to look at it laterally, you’re now one of 35 million people who could get their details leaked out and used by somebody else.

“But when you look at things like Play.com for example, which had 1.4 million details ripped last year, you’re one in 1.4 million. There’s a much higher chance of your stuff being used from Play than there is of your stuff being used from the PlayStation hack.

“I’m not saying it’s good. It’s bad. But I don’t think half the criticism they’ve got has been deserved. They have gone about it the right way.”

Gilray was probably right when he he said “I can’t see 35 million people unsubscribing from PSN,” but as for the criticism heaped on Sony, we’re leaning toward ‘richly deserved’. It’s true that being one of 35 million people is less risky than being one of 1.8, and potential hacking is obviously a risk for any entity with a huge online network and millions of customers. But that isn’t why people are mad at Sony. People are furious because Sony has from day one behaved like Ponzi scammers trying to keep the con afloat for one more day. They denied the hack for 2 days, then admitted the hack but downplayed the significance, and waited nearly a full week before informing their customers that private member data had been compromised.

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Gamefront News: Soundscience Halo Bias Lighting Kit Review

One of the recent trends in new televisions is the inclusion of ambient light technology. Basically, ambient lighting involves projecting light behind a LCD screen on to a light-colored flat surface. This is said to reduce eye strain, lessen the visibility of back light bleed, and to enhance the definition of colors on the screen.

Because of the design on my TV room, I’ve never gotten a chance to try out ambient light TV. However, this week I did get to spend a little time trying out Soundscience’s new Halo bias lighting kit for LCD monitors.

The Halo is relatively simple. It’s an strip of six white LED lights with an adhesive back and a USB plug. All you have to do to set it up is peel off the backing, and stick it on the back of your monitor. This is not always as simple as it may sound. Depending on the design on the back of your monitor, you may encounter issues getting the strip to stay put. If your monitor has a bulge in the middle, like mine, be prepared to have one side of the Halo pulling free of the monitor from time to time. I was able to alleviate this by Scotch taping the USB cord to the monitor about 2 inches from the LED strip.

For more click below!

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Gamefront News: Telltale Bringing Games to Xbox 360

Telltale Games, the makers of the licensed point-and-click adventure Back to the Future and the forthcoming but delayed Jurassic Park, announced on Twitter it would be bringing its downloadable, episodic titles to Xbox 360 in the future.

The company didn’t divulge any real details or plans, though — just mentioned vaguely that things would be happening. Telltale’s games are currently available on PC and Mac, with episodes eventually migrating to the Playstation Network for Playstation 3 and trickling down to Apple’s iPad. Three episodes of five for Back to the Future, for example, can be found for computer-based players; two are now online in the iTunes App Store and PSN (when it comes back up).

Telltale’s other properties include Hector: Badge of Carnage, which is set to release on PC and Mac today, and upcoming games for “The Walking Dead” graphic novel series and the television show “Law & Order: Los Angeles.”

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Gamefront News: These Jurassic Park Screens Can’t See If You Don’t Move

To go along with its announcement that Jurassic Park has been delayed to the fall but that it will also be coming out on Xbox 360, Telltale Games has kicked over a few new (and a few old) screens from the upcoming point-and-click adventure.

The new (to me) stuff are mostly shots of locations that are seen in the teaser trailer, along with all those great mainstay shots of dinosaurs looking menacing and biting one another. I’m so disappointed we have to wait months to give this game a go — Jurassic Park seems like great fun based on my hands-on time with it at Game Developers Conference 2011.

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Gamefront News: This Binary Domain Gameplay Trailer Is Mostly Cut-Scenes

This trailer opens with a subtitle that says ‘All footage captured in game’. And I believe them. But they’re calling it a gameplay trailer and I’m pretty sure this is about 70% cut-scenes. Last I checked, you don’t actually play during cut-scenes. They should call this a gamewatch trailer. Truth in Advertising: they needz it.

Anyway, Binary Domain looks beautiful, though it also looks like a cross between Gears of War and I, Robot. My calculations suggest that Sega’s upcoming man-vs-robots shooter is also the 1 millionth Japanese cultural output set in the Future, set in Tokyo, and involving giant robotos laying waste to Japan. Fortunately, just like the 999,999 entries before it, it’s probably going to be awesome. It’s not really possible to refute giant mecha + urban combat.

This (cough cough) gameplay trailer offers some tantalizing hints about what to expect. Third person with some FPS elements (likely in sniper mode), a massive urban environment, slick robots, possible squad based combat and if the soundtrack is any indication, sullen teenagers galore. Binary Domain isn’t out until early 2012, so this trailer probably means we’re going to get some quality time with it at E3 2011.


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Gamefront News: Tornadoes, Zombies, and the NFL Draft

It’s Thursday, and if you’re in the Gears of War 3 beta, you might want to check out our multiplayer guide. You may also want to answer the question posed by Jim Sterling, when he wonders if we’ve forgotten how to have fun with video games.

On a serious note, if you have a few buck slying around that you’d be willing to donate, please think about helping out the Red Cross down in Alabama. The folks down there have just been hit with a tornado of massive proportions (captured on video below), including GameFront’s very own Phil Owen. He reports that the shelters need lots of help, so if you can give a little, here’s where you can do that (Owen’s in the West Alabama region).

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Gamefront News: Total War: Shogun 2 New Multiplayer Trailer

Fun fact: Shogun is pronounced more like “so-goon” than “show-gun.”

Now that you can safely say that you learn something new every day, onto the news.

A new trailer has been released for the PC strategy game Total War: Shogun 2. This trailer walks the viewer through the game’s new multiplayer components.

The trailer focuses on customizable and upgradable avatars and units, navigating and battling across the online campaign map in real time and features an in-depth look at clan competitions across the online world of Shogun 2.

Watch the trailer here:


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Gamefront News: Tri-Ace Announces A Pair of New Handheld RPGs

I’m starting to develop a real love for handheld JRPGs. I’ve found that the typically-painful grind of these games is far less irritating when I’m only playing for 20 minutes at a time. Yeah, it took me a lot longer to get through Persona 3 Portable than any console JRPG I’ve played, and I’ll probably be stuck on Infinite Space for the rest of the year, that doesn’t really bother me because I’m actually enjoying it.

So yeah, Tri-Ace, bring ‘em on. The J-developer announced two titles: Frontier Gate, a co-op turn-based PSP RPG; and Across the Labyrinth, a 3DS dungeon crawler. I’ll tentatively plan to pass on Frontier Gate, but I think’ll hit up Labyrinth, simply because there are so few RPGs planned for the 3DS. This is only the second that has been announced, in fact, with the other being a 3D remake of Sin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor.

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Gamefront News: Valve Confirms Free Portal 2 DLC This Summer

We knew Valve had its first DLC pack for Portal 2 coming this summer. We didn’t know it’d be free, or that it would include both single player and multiplayer content.

Valve just confirmed in a press release that the Portal 2 DLC #1 pack would include “new test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more.”

Let me be the first to scream in girlish delight at the possibilities of a challenge mode. In my Portal 2 review, one of the biggest disappointments I felt was the lack of super-hard challenges like those that made it into the original Portal, and Achievements and Trophies to match. Looks like Valve heard my bitter sobbing and is remedying the situation.

We’ll let you know when more information about DLC #1 hits the Internet, and most importantly, when it will be available for download. Meantime, finish up the game as it shipped with our in-depth Portal 2 Strategy Guide.

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Gamefront News: Watch Out For Phishers on Xbox Live

There’s a funny little note on the Xbox Live status page today; normally everything is green and awesome, but today in place of a check mark in the matchmaking box, we have an exclamation point and this heads up:

Users may experience difficulties with the following services:
Users may receive potential phishing attempts via title specific messaging while playing Modern Warfare 2.

Uh oh. Look like you have a new friend, PSN.

I sort of don’t understand how an Xbox Live phishing scam would work. Some random gamer tag asks for your credit card number? Does it looks like the messages are official service message? What’s the deal?

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Gamefront News: Wolfenstein 3D Mod — Unsung

Modding was unheard of twenty years ago, so seeing a new mod for an ancient game is a real treat.

Unsung, a mod for good ol’ Wolfenstein 3D, lets you slog through the trenches of World War I and kill Nazis along the way.

Your objective? to disable a crucial German Artillery Bunker.

But you’ll have to fight through a whole army of Nazis armed with poison gas, flamethrowers, and machine guns to complete it.

Unsung is a stand alone mod which does not require dosbox to run on Vista or Windows 7. With new graphics, sounds, levels, and weapons, Unsung delivers a whole new Wolfenstein 3D experience.

Download Here

Check out the teaser trailer:

Unsung Teaser video - Mod DB

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Armada 2: Orion Marauder Remastered
Working on a personal mod of mine I decided to recreate the Orion model used in the remastered version of "Journey to Babel". I created it using Milkshape and some modified textures from a picture and some textures from an unknown modeler's orion wanderer from the FASA Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator. It has 2264 polies with 512 textures and doesn't have a reliable scale to it since I couldn't find one anywhere, and the revolving lights don't work since I do not have Max or suitable program to do animations with, but it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Since the picture function isnt working well lately I will send a pic using the comment function if I can.
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Battlefield 1942: Battlefield 1918 V3.1 news update: British, ANZACS and Belgians battlefields.
Hi and welcome back to a other new update news of Battlefield 1918 V3.1. A news that have never be have to took place because the release of Battlefield 1918 was planned on April 21, 2011. Unfortunately with texture problems in maps and on the new ships, we were forced to cancel the release. However, we have a new video that presented new weapons. And i quote: the rifle grenade, Ordnance BL 9.2 inch howitzer, body armour, Gruson 5.3cm L/24 Fahrpanzer, Hansa Brandenburg W.29, Schneider CA1, trench made Le Prieur rocket launcher, Minerva armored car, Junovicz armored car, Mendelejev tank, Škoda 15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze M14, Škoda 7.5 cm Gebirgskanone M15, Canone 75/27 Mod.1906 and the Villar Perosa Mod.1915 submachinegun. Enjoy of the new teaser.

With this news update, we will present you four new maps included one Battlefield 1942 map that we have converted into a First World War battlefield. This map called Battleaxe1918 is based on the Battlefield 1942 map Battleaxe. The map is made by Amoghektor and Cicero. Its the same map but with much more bunkers, trenches, planes and tanks. Also the same nations will fight againtst each other. Britian vs Germany.

The follow maps are maps made by the Belgian player and mapper Fritz Kempf who have force to quit as major mapper because his military service in his lovely Belgian army. However, he will stil try to publish movies, news etc... With the entrance of the Belgian army in version 3.1 – with the ingame voices of Fritz Kempf – we will have a few maps where the Belgians will fight againts the Germany army. One of them is already presented, namely Battle of Haelen, and we will now show you two other Belgian vs Germany maps. The Liberation of Roeselare took place in the West-Flanders town of Roeselare, 24 km or 15 miles at the north of Ypres, on October 14, 1918 during the Advance in Flanders or the Battle of the Peaks of Flanders. After the fall of Liege & Antwerp in 1914, the Belgians retreated behind the Yser in October 1914 & opened the locks at Nieuwpoort during the night of 28 to 29 October 1914, so that the battlefield between the Yser & the railway was put under water. The Belgians were in defense behind the railroad until late summer 1918 so they never did with major offensives between 1914 & 1918, which the Belgian army was still strong. During the late summer of 1918, the Entente focused on the liberation of Belgium. Army Group of Flanders (G.A.F.), under the command of King Albert I, attacking in the north from the Ypres Salient to Brussels while the British Commonwealth armies and the Americans attacked in the center and south of the Ypres Salient to Courtrai. On October 14 they attacking & liberated Roeselare. The map show a little piece of the city. With the streets, canal, station and factory sector based on the true city of Roeselare. Its the first map in Battlefield 1918 that combines fighting on the fields, in streets, between factories, between trains and in a harbour. The sounds in this map make it realistic.

Next news will be the release of version 3.1!
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Call of Duty: Mod Tools Coming to Black Ops?
Two tweets from pcdev relating to mod tools for Black Ops, and for us modders and mappers of the game, they seem to be coming very shortly! Check out the tweets below:

We are shooting for mod tools release in May.

mod tools news coming soon - I just need to finish a few patching issues first.

See pcdevs' twitter page here.
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Call of Duty: Patch 1.08 Release Notes
For those that have't seen them yet you can see the patch notes for 1.08 which were released last week below:

• Radar now always activates when two players remain in a OIC wager match.
• Pack-a-Punch ammo information now visible at wall weapon purchase points in all Zombie maps.
• Addressed an issue where Challenges were not appearing in After Action Report.
• Zombie Thief no longer freezes when target disconnects from Zombie Pentagon.
• Addressed various exploits.
• Fixed possible wrong gametype shown in server info screen.
• Server browser Hide DLC Content filter saves to player config like other filter settings.
• Call vote menu updated with all maps.
• Addressed issue causing reserved slot kicks on servers with no reserved slots.
• Sniper tweaks for dedicated servers.
• Weapon unlocks no longer appear with wrong icon.
• Friendly names now draw correctly in 3D stereo.
• Fixed some possible crashes during gameplay or film playback.
• Additional stability improvements.

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Empire at War: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles - April News
Hi dear community, first of all we'd like to wish all of you a very Happy Easter!

Beneath this little "surprise" we still have a few other things for you.

Many of you have wondered why it takes so long to develop this mod, well on one hand a lot of people in the community have recognized even though we are modders, we actually have a sort of private life and this needs some care, too.

In addition to these and other trifles there are also always bugs that make our modders life difficult. They make their way into the game on the most different ways and from time to time it's very difficult to get rid of them. However, some bugs also participate of something what makes it not only very difficult to get rid of them but almost sorry ... they can be considered very funny from time to time.

We have collected some examples for you:

Bug Report - Guess the Bug

Bug Report - Guess the Bug

Bug Report - Test of the Hyperspace window effect

You still aren't tired of them? You want to see more stuff we have done wrong? Maybe you haven't understood a given picture at 100%? Well, due to the fact some of these bugs make only fun in motion, we cut a whole video full of them:

Bug Report - Video - Mod DB

Well, we come to the end after our little Achilles joke (no, we are NOT going to implement it ... just to make this clear again) and all the bugs to something new: As promised, the Super Hive has been completely textured... there you go:

For each additional 50 Likes on Facebook we will upload another nice picture. So keep sharing our profile wink


We continue wishing you a very Happy Easter Holiday!
See you next month.
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Empire at War: Starship Troopers: 1st Interstellar War - April Update
A few days ago I was in touch with a former member of Team Storm, the team that started the original SST mod for EaW. He happened to still have some of the model assets and sent what he could find my way. Vengence is like me, he never intentionally gets rid of old models. lol He no longer comes around here much but he did happen to visit the other day and saw my interest.

He sent me, not all, but quite a few of the models. A lot seem to be works in progress that never were finished and unfortunately he didn't have the textures that went with them. Still, I'm happy to have what he did. Included were most of the Fed ships and most of the ground units for the Feds and Arachnids. These will be used as true 3D guides when I build the models I don't have yet. Mine will be more detailed, since now we know the poly limits of the game and when Iosys, Vengence and the rest built these, they were being very conservative.

I was pleased to see that as far as the Fed ships go, I was very close to 90% accurate. Considering I built mine based on single angle images, that's pretty good. The 10% differences are so minor as not to be worth the effort of re-visiting except for perhaps the bows on the Rodger Young and Midway. My versions are slightly different and I think I like the originals a bit better.

Now, for some pics of what's planned in the future as well as a bit of nostalgia for when the original mod was being worked on.

First, a couple of pics of something I think is cool. The Valley Forge. This was either a re-work on the posted Medusa class ship or perhaps a Hero Ship. The mod called it the Medusa class, but it was obviously based on the Valley Forge, a Methuselah class ship from the CGI TV series Starship Troopers Roughneck Chronicles. This WIP was more detailed and looks to be heading in the same direction I went with my own Hero Valley Forge. My own VF is on the left, the WIP VF is on the right.


Next is the Duck Marauder and Skimmer. Both seen in the CGI series.


And a big tank. Possibly custom.


Finally some ground Arachnids. A Tiger and Warrior Bug together and a Plasma Bug.


That's it for now. He still is going to send me a few other models, including some space Arachnid units and anything else he might find. I want to point out that all of the Team Storm modelers have moved forward in their modeling careers and consider these works to be sub-par. I still think these works are a part of this mods history though and want to use them in production of work that is more suited to the standards I've aimed for in the detail of my own models. Bringing them up to date, so to speak.

Would You Like To Know More?
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Lord of the Rings Online: FileFront LotrO Kinship - Eternal Legacy Recruiting
FileFront's Lord of the Rings Online Kinship is looking for new members! It doesn't matter if you're new the game or old to game, we're looking for all members to come and join our friendly helpful Kinship. We are on the [EN]Evernight Server on the European client, so if you're on that server, or possibly thinking about starting to play the game then come and join our Kinship!

Here is a little information about our Kinship:

We are a Rank 7 Kinship, we have our own house (it's massive!) and we are a currently small but constantly growing Kinship with very active players who are helpful and extremely friendly that are looking for a good time, but are serious when we really need to be.

For information please send a tell to either Brallost or Digzors or Geglas in game and we'll give you all the information you need and will invite you if you want.

We'd like to get the Kinship members sorted before the server migration to the Turbine servers, so the time to apply and become a member couldn't be better!

Happy Gaming!

From Digz, Goody and the rest of the FileFront LotrO EU Kinship
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Lord of the Rings Online: Turbine to take control of EU LotrO Operations
Turbine have announced that they will be taking full control over the operations of Lord of the Rings Online Europe, effectively ending the control over Europe from Codemasters on the 1st June 2011. Please do not worry about your characters or items, your characters and items will be migrated for free onto Turbines global servers, in which it will look to keep the same server layout for its European users. Please read the FAQ for more details and read the announcement below:

“We are working very closely with our partner Codemasters Online to facilitate a smooth transition to our new global service. We will be providing free account transfers to our new global service and players will be notified when the transfer utility is available,” said Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online. “We thank Codemasters for the outstanding job they have done publishing and operating LOTRO and we look forward to continuing to deliver one of the world’s best online entertainment experiences to the gamers of Europe.”

“After 4 years of successful publishing and operations we are proud to be handing over a vibrant and healthy service to Turbine,” said David Solari, Vice President and General Manager of Codemasters Online. ”I’d like to thank our many customers over the years for their commitment and look forward to bringing more service-based entertainment to them in the future.”

You can read the full press release here.
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World of Warcraft: Patch 4.2 Preview
Watch the preview for patch 4.2 raids' and daily quests:

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World of Warcraft: Patch 4.2 Preview: The Firelands
With one patch released, Blizzard set to work on another, check out a quote of the Firelands below to know what to expect when you encounter this area in the new patch:

For ages, the Elemental Plane served its purpose as a secure realm to imprison Azeroth's primordial spirits... until the Cataclysm ruptured its boundaries. Without warning, Ragnaros's armies surged toward Mount Hyjal, intent on burning the World Tree of Nordrassil to the ground. In the ensuing conflict, many brave heroes gave their lives to protect Hyjal from destruction. By their noble sacrifices, the impossible was achieved: the Guardians of Hyjal pushed Ragnaros's minions back into the Firelands.

Now, the battle to protect Hyjal rages in Ragnaros's smoldering realm. As territory is gained and Azeroth's champions edge closer to the Firelands' inner sanctums, a monumental task lies ahead. Entrenched around Ragnaros's lair -- Sulfuron Keep -- are his most trusted guardians, including the turncoat Druids of the Flame and their mysterious leader. Yet Hyjal's defenders cannot afford to shy away from any of these dangers. Should Ragnaros prevail against the incursion and succeed in destroying Nordrassil, Azeroth will suffer a blow from which it might never recover.

World of Warcraft patch 4.2 will offer hardy adventurers an opportunity to turn the tide in the Firelands, a huge outdoor raid of the highest difficulty, with 10-person and 25-person normal and Heroic modes.

You can check out the full Firelands preview here
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World of Warcraft: Patch 4.2 Preview: A Legendary Engagement
Another update from Blizzard regarding patch 4.2, you can see what they have to say about this part below:

Ever since the death of the Dragon Aspect Malygos, the blue dragonflight has struggled with appointing a new leader. Its members are now torn between the two likeliest successors: Kalecgos, who champions reconciliation with other races; and Arygos, a scion of Malygos who believes that his kind should withdraw from the world and forge a new path. To end the constant debates and arguments, the flight has agreed to gather during the Embrace—an extraordinary celestial event in which Azeroth's two moons come into perfect alignment—in the hopes that a new Aspect will be selected.

Yet a recent discovery by the bronze dragon Anachronos bodes ill for this impending ceremony. The timeless dragon has detected sinister magic at work around the Nexus, the blue flight's frozen lair in Northrend. Along with this find, he has glimpsed a terrifying vision of Azeroth succumbing to flames. The link between this chilling portent and the blue dragons remains unclear, but Anachronos has called upon what some of his kind deem the "short-lived" races to investigate further. If a hero does not rise to the challenge and find the truth, Anachronos's dire vision of Azeroth's undoing could become reality.

Check out the full preview here
Read: Patch 4.2 Preview: A Legendary Engagement
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World of Warcraft: Patch 4.2 Preview: The Regrowth and Molten Front Daily Quest Hubs
Want more solo content? Well Blizzard have delivered with two new areas known as 'The Regrowth' and the 'Molten', read more about it below:

ollowing the Cataclysm, Ragnaros's elemental minions assaulted Mount Hyjal in a bid to set the ancient World Tree of Nordrassil ablaze. Although the Guardians of Hyjal and their allies heroically repelled this invasion, their work on the sacred mount is far from over. In the newly healed Regrowth, Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage and his comrades have transformed the Sanctuary of Malorne into a staging ground for an assault on Ragnaros's domain: the Firelands. Thus far, their efforts have been frustrated by a resurgence in elemental activity that has engulfed the Regrowth and divided Malfurion's forces.

If Hyjal's defenders quell this counterattack, they have plans to create a permanent outpost in the Firelands from which to maintain an eternal vigil over the molten elemental realm. To do so, Malfurion's druids are planning to use an enchanted Sentinel Tree. With its roots sunk deep in Azeroth itself, this extraordinary tree's protective canopy will grow in the Elemental Plane, providing a much-needed shelter for the Guardians of Hyjal. Yet accomplishing such a feat will take weeks of brutal fighting against foes such as the treacherous Druids of the Flame, a splinter group of night elves bristling with Ragnaros's fiery powers. Regardless of the many challenges ahead, Hyjal's protectors and other heroes remain steadfast in their goal to establish a foothold in the Firelands. The safety of Hyjal and Nordrassil hinges on the campaign's success.

You can read the full preview here.
Read: Patch 4.2 Preview: The Regrowth and Molten Front Daily Quest Hubs
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World of Warcraft: Patch 4.2 Preview: “Elemental Bonds” Quest Line
So you think you can just get to level 85 and quit? Think again! Blizzard have come up with more work for the highest level players in game in another update for the 4.2 patch:

After the druids and their allies thwarted the invasion of Hyjal by the Twilight's Hammer and Ragnaros, an air of peace settled on the sacred mountain. As new growth bloomed across the region, members of the Earthen Ring and Cenarion Circle, along with the noble Dragon Aspects, convened at the ancient World Tree of Nordrassil. Among the gathered heroes were the legendary archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, the former Horde warchief and accomplished shaman Thrall, and his strong-willed companion, Aggra. Together, this illustrious assemblage was to unite its wondrous powers and restore the World Tree for the good of Azeroth.

Yet this auspicious event ended in tragedy. The details are still unclear, but word has spread that an incredibly powerful Twilight's Hammer agent, shrouded to hide his identity, interrupted the ceremony and struck down Thrall with dark magics... casting his spirit into the four domains of the Elemental Plane. If these terrible rumors hold true, the Earthen Ring -- indeed, all of Azeroth -- has potentially lost one of its greatest champions.

Read the full update here.
Read: Patch 4.2 Preview: “Elemental Bonds” Quest Line
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Warcraft III: RDZ Industries: Project Y4: The Robots
A TFT mod that has just caught my eye on ModDB, if any of you haven't heard of it, here is a quick introduction to the mod:
A remote RDZ Industries industro-military research and development facility has gone dark... Its factories are on overdrive, producing AI-controlled drone units that have destroyed everything in the facility. Take control of the brand new, highly experimental All-Purpose Assault Mech as you are sent to investigate the stricken facility -- get in, regain control of the base systems, and find out what the hell happened.

The latest update featuring a video is below:

Please visit their ModDB page to see some great screenshots and previous updates here.
Read: RDZ Industries: Project Y4: The Robots
More Warcraft III News: FileFront's Warcraft III Files

Warcraft III: Warcraft vs Starcraft Mod Update
Mega-update here from the Warcraft vs Starcraft mod team, check out the update below, as well as two youtube videos showing the firebat progression and the texturing process:

To maintain our stringent quality guidelines, we've split Warcraft vs Starcraft into four installments: The Prologue, Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3.

The first installment will be released on June 1st as a WC3 campaign file (.w3n) that will include the prologue to the campaign, Zerg up to "tier 1.5", and a melee skirmish against an Orc AI.

The prologue will have "Tier 1.5” Zerg, missing only the Mutalisk, Corruptor, Nydus Worm, Infestor, Infested Terran, Brood Lord and Ultralisk.

Remaining Tier 2 Zerg, skirmish options, and campaign levels will be implemented as each new Act is released, about 4-6 weeks apart from each other.

The goal in the end is to have a sufficient demonstration of Warcraft vs Starcraft within the time available, unfortunately leaving Tier 3 Zerg (Ultralisk & Brood Lord) to only be possible if there's time or community assistance with the artwork.

Attempting a full multiplayer mod would mean compiling all of the code into JASS natives and working within the network restrictions of WC3. Up to this point, we've kept the majority of the code for WvS in GUI inside a map to avoid JASS bottlenecks and keep WvS (generally) accessible.

After the June 1st release, we welcome community efforts to bring WvS to life as a multiplayer modification; however, this would require very skilled WC3 JASS developers capable of reverse engineering WvS's systems for minerals/larva, and getting it all to work on the network.

Can it be done? I believe it's possible, and I'd be interested to see if it could happen. Our focus however will remain on the singleplayer, art, and unit portion of the mod.

On the ModDB page for Liquid Cubed (our technical demonstration project) we've announced its successor in Blockade Runner. The concept for Blockade Runner is to combine the cellular automata in Liquid Cubed with the freedom of a poxel (voxel/poly) environment, resulting in a spacesim in which every single part of a player-built starship makes a difference.

To launch Blockade Runner and keep WvS heading towards the finish line we've repositioned a few of our roles:

Will focus on the role of project manager and creative director for both Warcraft vs Starcraft and Blockade Runner, no longer producing direct art for WvS.

Who had built the majority of WvS's triggers and abilities will now be working full time on Blockade Runner. His reduced time on WvS will be focused on the spell/unit code and melee skirmish AI.

Having already been producing much of the better art and animations for WvS remains concentrated on WvS as the lead artist.

After going through the pain-stick training rituals with our WC3 map “zB:Master”, Gabriel will be completing the campaign for WvS with some assistance here and there from Nathan.

WvS for the longest time was to revolve around a convulated campaign that took place in a single map file on the same island, but still involving multiple levels. Restructuring WvS to have a traditional campaign structure took a lot of work and caused a bit of a mess for a game that was already in its later stages of development.

The end result is far superior, as the story is no longer limited to the same island, all of the races can maintain their individual interfaces and resources, and we can rely on a less riskier roadmap for the future.

Read: Warcraft vs Starcraft Mod Update
More Warcraft III News: FileFront's Warcraft III Files

Warcraft III: WarHammer Marine Wars Mod Update
A new mod to the Warcraft 3 TFT scene I see, here is a small introduction to the mod:

A fast fast arcade style gameplay you will expereence on playing this map.Ypu will battle against marines on a battle arena.your objective is to kill them all.you can play FFA(free for all)or team battle.shoot teleport power up your damage,range,radius,speed.

The team have not posted an update as of yet but the mod page does have some screenshots available to it, but with the screenshots down on FileFront, it'd be best to look at them WarHammer Marine Wars Mod Update
More Warcraft III News: FileFront's Warcraft III Files

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 #1 - Phischers - 05-03-2011 at 18:42
From: (Pennsylvania)
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Trust me, people really are dumb enough to fall for stuff like that.

 #2 - ? - 05-09-2011 at 14:52
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How come none of the pictures on EAW files work? Hasnt that been broken for like 2 months now?

 #3 - 05-10-2011 at 07:23
Danny (Staff)
From: (Canterbury, Kent)
Joined: July 11th, 2002
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Its not just EAW its the whole network unfortunately, all I know is that apparently its being fixed but nothing more than that though frown (its annoying for us staff as well!)

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