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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 33 (week 29, 2011) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 07-27-2011 @ 12:06
This News Item has been viewed 259,535 times

Here it is the 33rd version of the Weekly Gamefront Network News Update, the news part of the update covers the news side of the Network and the Gamefront Main site over the past week. There has been a fair bit of news from the Main site including a lot of trailers, reviews, previews and a lot more - some of this has been included below including lots of trailers and videos from the main gamefront site over the past week including my little pony!!. Although unfortunatley it seems that there isn't any news from the gamefront network sites, although hopefully there will be some more next week. I also apologise on the slight lateness of this update (well the news one at least, mainly due to time issues on my part frown and a few personal issues unfortunately) Lots more news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ).

Also If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).


Carrying on from last week with this small section from the forums we now have a small look at our own very active forums and to show that there is more to the network sites than just the network sites. The very active forums cover all of the games from the network amd of course lots more you can look at and even join in with the friendly staff and community - Here. From the forums this week a few regular services you may not be aware of and a pick of the threads that we hope you like.

This weeks Top Threads

Killer Kyle is posting a weekly thread about the mistreatment of gamers by the publishers and as he says it himself calling them out on there bull attitudes towards consumers. This week he is taking on the online passes that will effectively kill off the used games market for MP games. Head over to the forums to have your say or to see how this is going to affect the used games market Publisher Bull Issue #2 - Online Passes.

So you visit forums of all kinds but have never had the know how to create a sig for yourself or you are top notch with photoshop well we have a place for you.
Visit the graphcs department on the forums for free sigs or to contribute to a very talented and helpful section of the community. The people on there are always looking for a new challenge and are keen to help. Visit the Graphics department

Like to read ? tell us all about the book you are currently reading in one of our longest standing threads. Also this is a good place to look back at books others have read so you may just get some insperation on your next book. What book are you reading?


Gamefront News: 50% Off Paradox Titles Until July 31

Steam isn’t your only venue for hot summer sales. Until July 31, you can buy Paradox titles for half price through GamersGate, Impulse, Amazon, and many other online retailers. That’s a huge discount on over 100 indie titles, including Magicka, Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword, King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame, Cities in Motion, and many others. The only exceptions in the sale are the recently released Supreme Ruler: Cold War and the Hearts of Iron III expansion, For the Motherland.

Indie games aren’t that expensive to begin with, so you now have no excuse for not trying out some of the hit games Paradox has released. We reviewed Mount & Blade and liked it, and $7.50 is a hard price to argue with.

Read: 50% Off Paradox Titles Until July 31

Gamefront News: Alpha Polaris Review

There’s just something creepy about the arctic. A huge expanse of bright snow seems inviting at first, but then darkness falls or somebody turns into an alien, and you realize all at once how alone and isolated you are. It’s the reason John Carpenter’s film The Thing is such a success, and the setting is used to great success in the indie point-and-click adventure title with a horror genre story, Alpha Polaris.

Things start out innocuously enough for Rune Knudsen, a Norwegian biology graduate student studying at an oil prospecting station in the vast icy wastes of Greenland. Rune is looking to track and understand polar bears for his thesis, and the oil company and its scientists feel that allowing him to use their small facility is a good PR move — but they’re not exactly thrilled for him to be there. The building itself strongly resembles Carpenter’s sets for The Thing, allowing also-Norwegian developer Turmoil Games to capitalize on creepy right at the outset of the game.

Being an adventure title, Rune is guided around the facility by a series of mouse clicks and major gameplay boils down to discovering objects in the background, moving them around and using them to solve puzzles. At the outset of the game, this is a little trying, because Alpha Polaris neglects to give much in the way of hints as to what the hell you’re up to. Rune’s very first task is to prepare to head outside for some polar bear-related situation, and the player is tasked with exploring the (fairly small) research facility and picking up his necessary equipment before heading out. Simple enough, but if you’ve never been to the arctic before, and if you’ve never studied polar bears, and you’ve never worked a tranquilizer rifle, you might not know to pick up a few of the things that Rune needs.

For more please click below

Read: Alpha Polaris Review

Gamefront News: Amazon.com Not Selling the 3DS Right Now For Some Reason

Something has gone horribly wrong with Amazon.com’s stock of the Nintendo 3DS, because they’d put it “under review.” Here’s what it says on the 3DS product page:

While this item is available from other marketplace sellers on this page, it is not currently offered by Amazon.com because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it’s described here.

What the means is anyone’s guess. Even if there were only one of those possibilities mentioned I wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on, and with three I’m even more lost, if that’s possible. I’m making this post in hopes that someone will be able to explain this to me. Please?

Read: Amazon.com Not Selling the 3DS Right Now For Some Reason

Gamefront News: Arkham City Dev Promises Sharp Visuals on Consoles

We’ve brought you the Riddler. The Collector’s edition price. The Collector’s edition contents. Now hear today’s exciting Arkham City news:

It’s a story as old as video games. Console hardware remains static. PC hardware seems to get better by the month, or even by the hour. For studios like Rocksteady Games, who develop on PC’s thanks to their partnership with nVidia, the challenge lies in making sure that console versions of their games live up to the standard set by their PC cousins.

According to Rocksteady Lead Narrative designer Paul Crocker, his colleagues have achieved this goal: “I’ve walked into rooms and gone, ‘Is that the PC version?’ and been amazed that it was the Xbox version,” he enthused in an interview. Discerning eyes should be able to spot the difference, so the studio must be doing something right.

This is obviously a bit of good news for console fans of the latter-day Batman franchise. PC fans will enjoy one of today’s other revelations: Batman: Arkham Asylum for Steam at 75% off. Can’t pass that deal up!

Read: Arkham City Dev Promises Sharp Visuals on Consoles

Gamefront News: PC Version of Battlefield 3 Will Have Bigger Maps, Bigger Multiplayer

Battlefield 3 won’t be on Steam, but that doesn’t mean it won’t represent extra value for PC gamers. Speaking to a German publication, DICE head Patrick Bach revealed that PC maps for the studios upcoming shooter will be nearly twice as big as their console counterparts. These larger maps will be accommodate up to 64 players — only 24 will be supported on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Though Bach was apologetic, it appears these differences are the result of simple hardware limitations. In order to run Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2 engine on consoles at its highest level of fidelity, it became necessary to cut the number of players. With fewer players involved, DICE decided to make the maps more compact — the difference between 24 people and 64 people on the same map is pretty striking.

Regardless of which platform you play it on, Battlefield 3 is looking pretty enticing — even Modern Warfare’s Robert Bowling plans to buy it. Check out this multiplayer trailer to decide for yourself.

Read: PC Version of Battlefield 3 Will Have Bigger Maps, Bigger Multiplayer

Gamefront News: Battlefield 3 Paris Multiplayer Trailer

We’ve seen a fair bit of footage from Battlefield 3 to this point, but not a lot of it has been multiplayer. Now we get to see the Paris multiplayer map, which features the Eiffel Tower, the subways, and lots and lots of destruction.

Check out the trailer, and pay particular attention to the guys getting stabbed (because the animation is awesome) and the two guys crushed by falling masonry. Is this game going to be awesome or what? Now are you excited about the beta?


Read: Battlefield 3 Paris Multiplayer Trailer

Gamefront News: Bears Will Maul Your Children in New Kinectimals Expansion

Bringing us one step closer to Kinectimals: Vietnam, Microsoft today announced a new version of Kinectimals that is titled, frighteningly, “Kinectimals, Now With Bears.” I am not even remotely kidding.

Yes, Microsoft is going to try to teach your children that bears are friendly, domesticated creatures who can be trained and really just want to be your friends. There’s probably a line in the terms of use that says you can’t sue them if your kid gets mauled by a real-life bear because little Jimmy tried to pet it.

But, awww, what can be the harm? That big guy really is just oh so cute.

So I’m gonna say go ahead and do this. Teach tour kids to be friendly with wild bears. Nothing bad could possibly happen. You can get Kinectimals, Now With Bears in a new retail package for $49.99 this fall or in a DLC pack for $15 if you already have the game. Good luck, parents.

Read: Bears Will Maul Your Children in New Kinectimals Expansion

Gamefront News: Big Brother is Watching, MMO Players

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have launched Ninja Metrics, a software startup focusing on the analysis of data.

Their goal?

[identifying] key traits upon massive multiplayer online gaming communities [to ultimately] identify each player’s psycho-social motivations, and take action to help ensure enhanced user experience.

If being spied upon isn’t disconcerting enough as it is, being an MMO player that is spied upon by “Ninjas” must induce a level of paranoia normally reserved for conspiracy theorists.

Jaideep Srivastava, co-inventor and cofounder of Ninja Metrics, claims the company will be able to use the data it gathers in order to:

…identify user trends, target key players, and predict when a player may cancel their account.

Read: Big Brother is Watching, MMO Players

Gamefront News: Brazil Gets Playstation Store

In what will go down as one of the greatest days in the history of the nation of Brazil — behind the day Universal decided to make Fast Five there — the PlayStation Store finally went live in South America’s largest country. That makes them only the second country in Latin America to get the Store.

Rah rah, Brazil. The store there will be pretty much like it is everywhere else, with weekly updates and whatnot. Also, folks will be able to pick up prepaid PSN cards. S–t is finally normal in Brazil!

Read: Brazil Gets Playstation Store

Gamefront News: Bulletstorm Didn’t Make Money for Epic

Now that the dust has settled, Bulletstorm almost feels like a distant memory.

According to industry analyst Doug Creutz, Bulletstorm sold a “disappointing” 279,000 units in its first month, while receiving mostly positive reviews.

“Someone” from its publisher EA recently told Kotaku the game “under-performed,” while Epic President Mike Capps said that it “didn’t make money for us.” Even the promise of a Gears of War 3 beta invite didn’t do much to help the sales of Bulletstorm.

In our Bulletstorm review, we gave the game a score of 90/100. So what went wrong?

While we can only speculate, Mike Capps stated that he nonetheless does not regret Bulletstorm. He said Epic could have taken the easy route and let People Can Fly, the Epic-owned development studio, churn out Gears of War content instead of create Bulletstorm, but that wasn’t the direction he wanted the two studios to take.

Capps said:

The next thing we do with People Can Fly will be great.

With that cryptic hint of what’s to come, we can at least rest easy knowing that Epic, unlike certain other big names in the biz, aren’t all about the money.

Read: Bulletstorm Didn’t Make Money for Epic

Gamefront News: Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review

The Call of Juarez franchise heretofore had been that friend of yours who doesn’t make much of an impression but who is generally pleasant to be around. He isn’t particularly funny or insightful, but he does have enough to a unique perspective that you don’t get bored with him.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel, then, is that guy when he goes off to college and becomes a boring stoner who won’t shut up about how awesome smoking weed is.

It’s difficult to say exactly how horrible a divergence from the perfectly capable franchise norm The Cartel really is, but as a fan of the franchise it was extraordinarily painful to play it.

From a technical standpoint it’s a perfectly capable game in the sense that the fundamental mechanics of shooting people isn’t totally unpleasant, but most everything else about it is mind numbingly irritating.

Take, for example, your partners in crime. When you play the campaign, you choose to be one of three main characters, and the other two can be played by your friends or randoms or AI. As AI partners they’re reasonably skilled at absorbing shots that otherwise would be hitting you, but they also like to talk. A lot.

For more click below

Read: Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review

Gamefront News: Capcom Confirms Release Dates For HD Versions Of Resident Evil 4, Code: Veronica

As Day 2 of GameFront’s Comic-Con blowout (that’s today, BTW) came to a close, we attended Capcom’s Resident Evil panel to get the latest on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil: Revelations and the rest of their upcoming slate of games. It was a meaty 50 minutes focused as much on giving the fans a hefty does of information as on giving them lots of love; trailers were debuted, information shared, audience questions answered, and so on.

But while much of the information was previously known, two tidbits were entirely new: the release dates for the anticipated upcoming HD versions of Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil Code Veronica X. So without any further ado, here goes: Resident Evil 4 HD is due out September 20th. Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD drops a week later on September 27th. They’ll be available on both XBLA and PSN, and though no word yet on cost, Capcom panelists stated on the record that they’ll be ‘value priced’.

PS: During the panel, we saw trailers for both, and while RE4 doesn’t look much different from the original release (which was already pretty spectacular for its day), Code; Veronica X HD looks spectacularly different. As of this posting, the trailers aren’t available online but the second they are, we’ll make sure you see them. Check GameFront frequently to stay informed. Until then, enjoy the Resident Evil 15th anniversary trailer, and feel old. Old, OLD I SAY!

Read: Capcom Confirms Release Dates For HD Versions Of Resident Evil 4, Code: Veronica

Gamefront News: Casey Hudson Says You’ll Be Able To Alter Your Imported Character in Mass Effect 3

Ha! I got you to click on this link even though all the news here is in the headline. Why don’t you stay a while?

So, one of my biggest gripes about Mass Effect 2 is that when you import a character you either have to accept him or her as is or rebuild him or her completely. Casey Hudson tweets that that will not be the case with Mass Effect 3.

“Yes, you will be able to tweak your imported #ME2 character in #ME3.”

Good. To be honest, I’m amazed they never patched ME2 to allow you to do that. I would have liked to give some of my FemSheps a trim when the hair turned out a little weird.

Read: Casey Hudson Says You’ll Be Able To Alter Your Imported Character in Mass Effect 3

Gamefront News: Captain America: Super Soldier Review Roundup

This week brought us yet another movie tie-in game in Captain America: Super Soldier, and as you would expect no one’s throwing out any superlatives about it. Here are some of the reviews from around the web:

1UP – C-

In a universe where copies of Batman: Arkham Asylum can be found for so cheap, I simply cannot recommend that anyone wastes their time or money with Captain America: Super Soldier. If you’re dead-set on a quick rush of Marvel patriotism, I suggest lighting some sparklers, voting in a local election, and seeing the movie instead.

IGN – 5.0/10

If you want an open-world superhero adventure, full of kick-ass combat and endless discovery, there’s probably a better alternative on the way. But Captain America is passable, and the combat is surprisingly varied and well executed. But if you’re expecting the full-on cinematic experience, you’ll be disappointed. The game is commendable for the way in which it tries to do something different, attempting to create an open-world adventure, but ultimately the execution is lacklustre and unable to support its ambition.

Giant Bomb – 3 stars

While the combat might offer you a few hours of relatively amusing fake-Nazi bashing, there’s little here that hasn’t been done better by other developers with other superheroes. Captain America is absolutely a piece of summer fluff; a competent but slight release that you’re bound to forget about the second it leaves your console.

GameSpot - 6.5/10

Read: Captain America: Super Soldier Review Roundup

Gamefront News: Chinese Couple Sold Their Children for Video Game Money

A Chinese couple have been demonstrating some true entrepreneurial spirit in their quest to do nothing but play video games at the internet cafe all day long. What genius idea did they come up with? Selling their offspring for cash! Not a bad idea.

Li Lin and Li Juan came up with the brilliant plan shortly after the birth of their second child. They sold the newborn girl for RMB3,000, not really a great price if you ask me. After burning through that money oh so quickly, they upped their game (coughcough) and sold their first-born child for a much-better RMB 30,000.

In order to keep the scheme going, they had to make a new baby, and they did, selling him for another RMB 30,000. Unfortunately, it was around this time that Li Lin’s mom found out what was going on and turned them in to the police. Apparently, it’s not legal to sell your children on the street in China, which is surprising, them being communists and all.

What a killjoy Li Lin’s mother is.

Read: Chinese Couple Sold Their Children for Video Game Money

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Capcom Panel Recap

Capcom has a lot coming out in the near future, particularly for fighting fans with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3[link], Street Fighter x Tekken, and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike: Online Edition. But their panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was focused instead on three very different titles – Dragon’s Dogma, Asura’s Wrath, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Dragon’s Dogma
Hopefully you’ve already read my hands-on preview of Dragon’s Dogma (it’s okay, you can read it in another tab first, I won’t tell anyone) and found out that I’m not all that impressed with what I’ve seen. Not surprisingly then, spending half of Capcom’s panel discussing Dragon’s Dogma wasn’t terribly stimulating either. But maybe I’m just a cynical DD hata, so here’s everything that was brought up. Anticipate at your own risk.

The goal behind Dragon’s Dogma, according to producer Hioryuki Kobyashi, is to create a “realistic fantasy” world of “sword and sorcery” akin to other successful franchises like the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Apparently the idea has been growing in director Hideaki Itsuno’s mind since he was in Jr High, but he feels that only now is the technology available to achieve his vision.

Integrating open-world exploration with action-focused combat is what that tech’s for. Kobyashi said that they want to alleviate the boredom of eventless running around and open up the restrictions of tight linear action. “The world in Dragon’s Dogma is big, very big. You’ll go to forests, castles, mountains, caves… everywhere.”

For more please click the link below.

Read: Comic-Con 2011: Capcom Panel Recap

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Diablo Lore Book in the Works

Blizzard’s senior VP of story and franchise development Chris Metzen revealed at Comic-Con that the studio plans to release an official source book for the Diablo franchise alongside Diablo 3.

The Diablo compendium will take the form of the journal of fan-favorite Deckard Cain and will include an extensive rundown of the lore and history for the Diablo franchise, ranging from class descriptions to notable people.

While no release date has been given for Diablo 3, evidence points toward 2012 at the earliest, and Blizzard stated that external beta testing is targeted for Q3 2011 — so any time now. Not long ago, an alleged leak revealed information he learned from internal beta testing on his blog, which has since been taken down — was it shut down by Blizzard, or was it just another episode of “When Trolls Fail?”

Read: Comic-Con 2011: Diablo Lore Book in the Works

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Dragon’s Dogma Hands-On Preview

Hioryuki Kobyashi, the legendary Capcom producer of Dragon’s Dogma discussed the brand new IP at Capcom’s panel[link], but I decided to try it out for myself on the show floor. What I found was game with very direct intent, but little overall appeal.

The gist of Dragon’s Dogma is this: “realistic fantasy” made by a Japanese team attempting to bridge the divide between open world exploration and steady action. How exploration is handled remains to be seen as my demonstration was limited to linear action and a super nerfed Chimera fight.

The controls take some getting used to. As the Warrior class your abilities (triggered by a combination of the right trigger and attack buttons) are variations of sword and shield attacks that would otherwise be executed through directional presses. Whereas God of War allows the player to have full linkable control of Kratos’ maneuvers, Dragon’s Dogma makes each a separate and individually selected skill. The result is a stiff and detached approach to combat.

For more please click below

Read: Comic-Con 2011: Dragon’s Dogma Hands-On Preview

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Gears of War 3 To Have Scheduled Events, Like Torque Bow Tag Weekend

At a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con today, Rod Fergusson and Cliffy B revealed new information about Gears of War 3 and unveiled a Gears motorcycle.

The representatives explained how in Gears of War 3, Epic will have control over what game types players will initially have access to when they first play the game. While Epic did not create the “Torque Bow Tag” game mode that fans have been asking for, they will instead create scheduled events like “Torque Bow Tag Weekend” in which players can jump into servers and play different game types.

Cliffy B went on to say that we can expect much more of that form of “Dungeon Mastering” from Epic, similar to the way MMO GMs run events for their players.

Read: Comic-Con 2011: Gears of War 3 To Have Scheduled Events, Like Torque Bow Tag Weekend

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Gears of War 3's Anya Cosplay (Pic)

Our writer Phil Hornshaw snapped this photo of a Gears of War cosplayer at the San Diego Comic-Con earlier today. Lieutenant Anya Stroud will be playing a bigger role in Gears of War 3, fighting alongside Marcus and the rest of Delta Squad, and this cosplayer spent months faithfully recreating her outfit. Spot-on.

Want to see more video game henchmen? Check out the Top 10 Henchmen!

Read: Comic-Con 2011: Gears of War 3's Anya Cosplay (Pic)

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Gears of War 3 Has Custom Graffiti, Courtesy of Artist OG Slick (TRAILER)

OG Slick’s relationship with Gears of War began when he was asked to design a t-shirt promoting it. The graffiti artist was a big fan of the game, however, and had some pointed advice for its creators: he thought the world of Gears needed more graffiti.

No doubt seeing the marketing potential that has just been brought to fruition by the video below, Epic brought Mr. Slick in to collaborate with the game’s artists, developing a wide variety of Locust and COG-themed grafitti that has been slathered onto walls all over the gameworld. Players can keep an eye out for it as they battle their way through Gears of War 3 this fall (check out our single-player impressions from E3), if they’re not too distracted by Anya, Marcus Fenix’s new blond sidekick. Unfortunately, this badass Gears motorcycle will not be included.


Read: Comic-Con 2011: Gears of War 3 Has Custom Graffiti, Courtesy of Artist OG Slick (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Gears of War 3 Will Have ‘Casual Mode’ For Noobs

Today at the San Diego Comic-Con, Rod Fergusson and Cliffy B spoke at the Gears of War panel and revealed new information about the upcoming third installment in Epic’s chainsaw-wielding franchise.

Gears of War 3 will include a “casual” area for competitive multiplayer which you’ll only be able to access if you haven’t played GoW 1 or 2. Anyone with Gears 2 or Gears 1 achievements, or who played in the beta, will be locked out of casual mode.

Epic explained that accessibility is important and that want their new players to be less daunted by the concept of getting shotgunned in the face. Apart from being a safe haven for green players, casual mode will have aim-assist.

After all, even diehard fans started as newbs.

Read: Comic-Con 2011: Gears of War 3 Will Have ‘Casual Mode’ For Noobs

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Hands-On With Mass Effect 3

EA’s Mass Effect 3 presentation at E3 was pretty cool, but somewhat of a let-down thanks to having been a bit too fast to catch all the details and, naturally, to having not been playable. Weak. Luckily, they’ve more than made up for those errors in judgment at Comic-Con 2011, with a somewhat lengthy playable scene that not only revealed some major spoilers, but also showed off the many ways combat has been significantly amended for the final installment of the Mass Effect trilogy.

Phil Hornshaw and Ross Lincoln were on-hand and in addition to their sweet interview with ME3 producer Jesse Houston, they managed to get some significant time in the playable demo. Here’s Ross’ take.


The first thing to bear in mind is that, despite the super spoileriffic information provided at the demo, the playable scene wasn’t long, nor was it new. It was the second of the three scenes we saw in unplayable-demo form at E3, the one involving a Krogan female, Mordin and the touted new ‘veriticality’ in Mass Effect 3. The demo took approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and appears to have ended about halfway through the intended length of the scene. I’ll have more to say about the spoileriffic story details shortly, which includes details about the level itself, but for now I’ll focus on combat, which is the bulk of the demo’s new content.

For more please click below

Read: Comic-Con 2011: Hands-On With Mass Effect 3

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Teaser Trailer

House of the Dead: Overkill is coming to the Playstation 3 in the form of the “extended cut,” and here’s a trailer showcasing just how good this baby looks in HD. There’s so much blood…


Read: Comic-Con 2011: House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Teaser Trailer

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Hands on with War in the North

J.R. Tolkien created one of the richest and most immersive fantasy worlds ever when he imagined Middle-earth. Now, Snowblind Studios are telling a new tale within the Tolkien universe with War in the North. It’s a new Action/RPG set during the same timeframe as Lord of the Rings, but in a different location. Snowblind made a demo of the Xbox 360 game available at Comic-Con and we got a chance to maim some Orcs.

Dave’s Take.

War in the North will leave Frodo and his companions behind as they choose between one of three new characters, the human Eradan, Farin the dwarf, or Andriel, a female elf. Being a fan of Gimli, and a vertically challenged person myself, I chose the dwarf. Two other Comic-Con attendees selected the other characters and we were all set to split some skulls.

War in the North relies very heavily on cooperation between teammates. If I didn’t have two humans playing with me, the other characters would have been AI controlled. I learned quickly that striking out on my own was a big mistake. After taking out a few Goblins, I tried to break away from the pack and move toward the next objective when I was bombarded by a heavy crossbow position. I tried combating it with arrows from my own crossbow, but I was very clearly outmatched. Luckily, my Elven teammate showed up and encompassed us with a magical shield in time to save my life.

For more please click below

Read: Comic-Con 2011: Hands on with War in the North

Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Journey Hands-On Preview

Journey made me smile. A lot. From a little smirk of recognition to a full stupid grin, Journey had me emoting in front of everyone as I played through the first level of the game on the show floor. That’s not to say that everything about the game fits with happiness. The ending of the demo, in fact, moves into a much darker place where fear and apprehension permeate before the inevitable fade to black. The smiles instead were a reflex to the fact that I was feeling so much emotion toward my interaction.

My micro adventure begins alone in a vast desert. The sand flows like water, rippling in front of my feet as I scamper, and drifting with each billow of wind. Movement is smooth, resisting as I climb the many dunes but sliding away as I surf down the other side. Fluidity is a massive element of Journey and it’s clear from the moment you take your first step.

I’m soon greeted by a group of small ribbon “creatures” that pop up from the sand, twirl playfully around me, then flit away in the general direction of a distant and looming mountain. I know that I could wander alone in any direction, but instinctively I follow the flying cloth.

Click below for more including more pictures

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Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Marvel Announces New F2P MMO “Marvel Universe Online”

More news from Comic-Con today. Our indefatigable GameFront reporters checked in at the Marvel panel, and were not disappointed. The comics behemoth is fresh off the release of Captain American and its video-game tie-in (check out our Super Soldier walkthrough and review round-up). Not content to rest on its laurels, however, Marvel made a huge announcement: They’re working on a free-to-play MMO called “Marvel Universe Online,” to be released sometime in the distant future.

According to today’s panel, the game will allow players to play as classic Marvel heroes. Not sure how that’s going to work, exactly — one imagines an entire raiding group full of Wolverines — but the developers have plenty of time to figure it out. Playable characters announced so far? Deadpool, Squirrel Girl, Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine, and Iron Man. Stay tuned for updates on that front when Marvel announce more.

On a slightly different note, the panelists discussed Marvel Pinball, which will have four new tables this winter. Also on the docket was Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom, which was announced towards the beginning of this year’s Comic-Con. New revelations today concerned the inclusion of Ghost Rider (who can use his “Penance Stare”) and Hawkeye (who can fire Antman at enemies on the tips of his arrows). All of this is overshadowed, however, by the news that Marvel has thrown its hat in the ring to compete with DC Universe Online and the venerable City of Heroes. Who will emerge victorious in the superhero MMO market? Only time will tell.

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Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Mass Effect 3 Producer Interview — Mod Tools, PC Port, Girl-on-girl Action

While prowling the halls of Comic-Con 2011, our intrepid GameFront ground team snagged Mass Effect 3 Producer Jesse Houston for an interview. Though the discussion ranged over a number of topics, including some fan favorites like DLC and same-sex relationships, we were also able to elicit some information about juicy, PC-specific concerns: mod support and the console-to-PC porting process.

The full interview video is available below for your viewing pleasure. If you’re a big Mass Effect fan you might want to also take a look at some of our recent Mass Effect 3 coverage and, as always, stay tuned to GameFront for the latest updates on BioWare’s smash-hit space opera RPG.

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Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Mass Effect Nerds March on Comic-Con

In what may have been the nerdiest thing to happen at Comic-Con this year, a big crowd of Mass Effect fans attending the BioWare Base preview event for Mass Effect 3 donned inflatable orange omni blades and marched around the block near the San Diego Hilton.

The event had perhaps a couple hundred fans present, walking the streets of San Diego and chanting various Mass Effect-related things: “What’s your favorite store on the Citadel? This is!,” “Mass Effect! Mass Effect!,” and “Save the Earth! Save the Earth!” In one serendipitous moment, the Mass Effect crowd crossed a Zombie Walk — a group of cosplayers dressed as the undead — to shouts of “Husks!” and later “Kill the husks!” followed by mock inflatable weapon-zombie combat.

After a loop and a half around the block, the march wound up back in the Hilton courtyard where it had started and where BioWare was offering Mass Effect hands-on demos. There, ME Executive Producer Casey Hudson joined Jennifer Hale, the voice of the female Commander Shepherd, for an announcement: Fans can vote for one of six possibilities for the default appearance FemShep on Mass Effect’s Facebook page. We’ve got all the info on that right here.

Hale went on to sign glossy 8×10-inch photos of the various FemShep options for all the attendees, including yours truly. I was among the minority that opted for red-head FemShep, which I fear doesn’t bode well for that choice over the blonde one. How painfully predictable.

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Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: My Little Friggin Pony

We are up to our chins in Comic-Con right now, and we never thought we’d be surprised by something we saw there. The world continually finds ways to surprise us, though.

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Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Point/Counterpoint With Goldeneye 007 Reloaded

Goldeneye 007 for Wii was, at best, a mediocre game (see our review for why). Certainly, you could argue that you and me and everyone we know were overjoyed to the extreme about a remastered and improved take on the classic N64 first person shooter, which inevitably set us up for disappointment. I disagree: first because lowering one’s standards is no way to live, and second becaue the original game was so perfect for its time, so much fun, so infinitely playable that it should have been impossible to f-up. Hell, the next game its creators made – 2000's Perfect Dark – was essentially a reskinned, expanded version. And yet, somehow Activision managed to get it wrong. With Goldeneye 007 for Wii, they took a beloved classic and turned it into a clunky, tedious mess that is redeemed only by the smart story update, and by the presence of Daniel Craig and Judi Dench.

That’s a big error, which is probably why, less than a year after boring the spy world to death with their tepid remake, they’ve announced take-two, Goldeneye 007 Reloaded. Reloaded is a few months away from its fall release, but what is known already makes it clear that, quite frankly, it’s an obvious attempt to make up for the better-off-forgotten Wiimake. The updated story and cast remain the same, but the game itself has been tweaked graphically and functionally. So, did they succeed in correcting the Wiimake mistake? Yes and no! At their opening night party for Comic Con 2011, Activision provided a lengthy hands-on with Reloaded, and Ross Lincoln and Dave Moss were on hand to find out for themselves.

Alas, they came to precise opposite conclusions.

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Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Prototype 2 Is Coming Home (TRAILER)

Here we have a new cinematic look at Prototype 2 out of Comic-Con, and it’s quite the interesting piece of weird cinema. I don’t really know how to describe it aside from that. Well, and that’s it’s nice to look at. It does have that going for it.


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Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic To Have Limited Launch

When pre-orders went up this morning for Star Wars: The Old Republic, something odd happened. Origin was saying something about “limited quantities” and whatever, leading us to be angry and whatever because we thought EA was just being needlessly stingy.

But it turns out that quantities are limited for a reason, as we learned at SWTOR’s Comic-Con panel today, and that reason is that BioWare is going to launch SWTOR with a limited number of players rather than have millions of folks dive in all at once when they go online this winter. One can see the wisdom of such a tactic.

So if you don’t manage to land a pre-order today, be sad but don’t worry, because you will eventually get to play the game. Eventually.

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Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Telltale’s Jurassic Park Might Launch in October (RUMOR)

Dropping by the Telltale Games booth at Comic-Con 2011 this weekend, I overheard a tidbit of information that might narrow down when we can expect the company’s adventure game take on Jurassic Park.

While speaking with another patron of the convention, someone working the booth mentioned that Jurassic Park would be coming out in October. Since the game was delayed a few months ago, we’ve only heard that JP — which follows a parallel story line that runs concurrently with the original film’s — will be coming out sometime this fall.

We’ve reached out to Telltale hoping to confirm or deny the information, but if it’s true, then Jurassic Park is a long way off. I got a chance to play a section of it at GDC 2011 earlier this year, and then a new chunk this weekend (with a hands-on preview of that coming soon), but it’s hard to get a clear picture of how the entire game is shaping up. Both portions I’ve seen have been highly polished, however.

More on Jurassic Park and when we might be able to play the whole thing as it develops.

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Gamefront News: Comic-Con 2011: Vote Right Now For Mass Effect 3's Default Female Shepherd

An hour ago at Comic-Con, BioWare hosted a so-called “Mass Effect March” for the fans. Participants were given plastic blow-up Omni Blades and marched around San Diego’s Gaslamp District to the BioWare Base at the Gaslamp Hilton where, they were promised, a big surprise would be waiting. That surprise? An appearance by BioWare honcho Casey Hudson and voice actress Jennifer Hale, AKA Female Commander Shepherd. Hudson and Hale were on hand to premier the final 6 versions of Mass Effect 3 Female Shep box art still under consideration.

But it gets better. Of course we already know how finally, at long last Mass Effect 3's box will feature the Female commander Shepherd as well the male counterpart. That’s great not only because way to admit you have female customers, BioWare, but also because it is an indisputable fact that Jennifer Hale is a vastly superior voice actor to Mark Meer. But the ultimate decision on how Female Shep will make her auspicious debut is being left completely up to the fans. Starting today, fans of Mass Effect 3's Facebook page can vote on their favorite version by ‘liking’ the image of their choice. Vote and you’ll be choosing not only how she looks on the box, but how she looks when you start her from scratch.

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Gamefront News: Dead Island Getting Novelization

I sure do love game novels. OK, I’m joking, because the only books based on games I’ve ever read are the Mass Effect ones, as GameFront doesn’t pay me to review novels. I’m sure there are people out there who love to consume game novels, though, and for those people there will be a Dead Island book out the week that the game launches.

The book will be or has been or is being written by Brit Mark Morris, who you’ll know if you’re the kind of person who reads Dr. Who novels, you tool. Bantam is publishing the book.

I’m sure this is exciting news for someone.

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Gamefront News: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Goes Gold

I glanced at my email this morning and saw “[Media Advisory] Deus Ex: Human Revolution…” What? What about Deus Ex? I thought it surely wouldn’t be something good. I really thought it had been delayed.

Then I read the email and found out that it had actually gone gold. No delays here, says Eidos Montreal. We only finished our game! Woo hoo for finished games, I say. Only three years in the making, Deus Ex: Human Revolution hits on August 23 on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Gamefront News: Disciples III – Resurrection Coming January 2012

A new chapter in the Disciples series of turn-based tactical RPGs has been announced – Disciples III: Resurrection.

In Disciples III: Resurrection, players will return to the mythical land of Nevendaar, where they must lead the Undead Horde, a menagerie of fallen beasts and heroes who are now walking dead and are exacting their revenge in the name of their dark Goddess of death, Mortis.


* A new race – The Undead Hordes — a fan favorite, these walking dead beasts (including Death Dragons, Vampires, werewolves and more) and heroes will ravage the land of Nevendaar and challenge players’ tactical skills to their utmost.
* Huge campaign – over 70 hours of gameplay to keep players immersed in the world of Disciples
* More units – more than 50 new units, plus two new storyline characters and four leaders for the Undead Hordes
* Distinct game world and story – the world of Nevendaar features a powerful gothic theme, with detailed artwork and character models.
* Disciples III: Resurrection is slated for launch for Windows PC in January 2012.

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Gamefront News: DiRT 3 Gets New X Games Asia Tracks in DLC (TRAILER)

Codemasters has brought DiRT 3 fans a pair of new rallycross tracks to blast through, care of the X Games Asia and coinciding with X Games 17. We’ve got a trailer below that doesn’t show off a whole lot, but it should get you at least a little excited.

DiRT 3 already is packed full of quality racing gaming, and the price isn’t bad for a DLC pack. It runs $4.99 on Windows Live and the Playstation Network, and 400 MS Points on Xbox Live. The DLC is live now and the X Games start on July 28.


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Gamefront News: Dragon Age 2 Disappears From Steam

Like Crysis 2 before it, Dragon Age 2 has disappeared from Steam right after new DLC hit, in this case DA2 Legacy. There has been no notice or anything about the disappearance; it’s just gone. But the timing is interesting, and it can’t be a coincidence after EA’s explanation for Crysis 2's disappearance from the platform mentioned DLC.

Steam users who already had the game can still play it, and can even still buy the Legacy DLC from the in-game store.

We’ve contacted EA for comment, and we’ll let you know what they say if they say anything about this.

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Gamefront News: Duke Nukem Forever Isn’t Dead, Is Getting New DLC

Despite, uh, underwhelming sales numbers for Duke Nukem Forever, Gearbox isn’t letting it die a quick death; they’ve just announced new DLC, the Hail to the Icons Parody Pack. The pack comes with three new game modes and four new maps.

The game modes are: Hot Potato, in which the babe is, presumably, hot; Freeze tag, in which teammates work together to freeze and destroy their enemies; and Hail to the King, which players “play free-for-all Duke style,” whatever that means.

As I said, there are four new new maps, of which Sandbox, which is set in an actual sandbox, and Inferno, which is built on 16-bit graphics, sound the most interesting. The other two maps are called Call of Duke (get it?) and 2Forts1Bridge.

The DLC will be free for First Acces Club members. Otherwise they don’t say what the price will be. They also don’t say when it will be released, but if you go to the 2K Blog post discussing it you can find out how you can try it out next week.

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Gamefront News: ESA Files for $1.1 Million Reimbursement from California

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the Brown v. EMA case, it’s time for that time-honored traditional of court cases everywhere: motions for reimbursement of legal fees!

The Entertainment Software Association has filed for their reimbursement, and it’s a big one: $1.1 million. That’s almost four times as much as the $282,794 the ESA received from the State of California when the lower court ruled against the law in 2008.

Says the ESA:

California persisted in defending a law that Plaintiffs warned the Legislature was unconstitutional before it was passed; that was previously found to be unconstitutional by the district court and a unanimous panel of the Ninth Circuit; and that is similar to at least eight other laws invalidated as unconstitutional prior to the time that California sought certiorari in this case.

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Gamefront News: Everything You Need To Know About Madden 12's Ultimate Team

What do you know about Madden 12‘s Ultimate Team? Whether or not you know everything, you’d better just be safe and watch this video where the folks at EA Sports tell you all about it. If anybody is going to give you accurate information about it, expect it from them, not me. I just can’t be trusted, you know? So, yeah, the previously mentioned video:


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Gamefront News: Fire Up Those Cyberimplants for E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy

I’m getting a distinct awesomeness vibe from this trailer for the Source-engine FPS/RPG E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy. It seems to be quite a bit in the vein of Deus Ex, except you get to carry two swords. There’s also optic camouflage, looks like.

The release date for E.Y.E. isn’t set yet, but it seems to be destined to be available sometime this year. We’ll kick more information your way when we have it. Meantime, check out the trailer, which includes some solid-looking in-game footage.


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Gamefront News: F2P of the Day: Prius Online

F2P of the Day is a recurring feature in which we select and sample a game that you can play without spending a dime.

Prius Online is a free-to-play MMO first popularized in Korea, which explains why it bears the same name as a popular if dowdy variety of hybrid car. Getting started is fairly straightforward — download the 2.6 gigabyte client, create an account on gPotato, and you’ll be good to go.

There were seven classes available on the character creation screen, standing around doing idle animations in classic Diablo II style. The design aesthetic is far more anime-inspired than Blizzard’s classic, however, as befits the game’s roots in Asia — think big hair, big eyes, and small chins. The proportions of the female characters, in particular, stood out — Prius is a game that makes drooling over Night Elves seem positively prude. Giant, physics-endowed breasts, lascivious hips, and sculpted buttocks are very much the order of the day. Out of the available classes (which included Gunslinger, Berserker, Occultist, Legionnaire, Shadow Templar), I went for the most scantily-clad: The Huntress.

Prius intends to be an epic, story-driven MMO, so the game and its world are introduced with a cinematic cut-scene. I then jumped into the optional “Prologue” section, which had a similar clip, albeit nicely customized to include the flame-haired, bow-wielding stripper I had chosen as my avatar. The plot is quite incomprehensible — the localization throughout the game is pretty bad — but from what I could gather, Prius puts a big stock in “Animas,” magical, saucer-eyed waifs that each player character eventually receives as a companion upon reaching a certain level.

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Gamefront News: Free Stuff: The Next 2,500 People Who Buy a GFW Game Get 400 MS Points

Are you in the market for some quality PC games? Well, Paradox has your back, because they’ve got a huge 50% off sale going at Amazon right now. And it’s not just the games themselves; DLC is going for 50% off, too, so if you’ve been putting off getting Magicka: Vietnam, the time has now come. Sale is here.

This is a pretty spectacular sale, and you would be remiss to not pick up something, right? I mean, that’s why your Steam library is packed with dozens of games you’ve never played, right? Buying new games at random when a sale happens is just the natural order of things.

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Gamefront News: From Dust PC Version Delayed

Ubisoft has pushed back the release date for the PC version of From Dust to August 17. Those of you who were hoping to play on PC this Wednesday will have to wait another month.

Ubisoft pulled a similar trick with Call of Juarez, delaying the PC version from July to September. Rock, Paper Shotgun asked Ubisoft why this keeps happening to their PC games, to which they replied:

Our teams work hard to ensure that all versions of our games achieve a level of polish and quality that our customers will appreciate. The development team needed a little more time to focus on the PC version [of Call of Juarez], so we adjusted the date accordingly.

Is that really the reason? It didn’t have to do with piracy? As a PC gamer, I have absolutely no issue with being allowed to play a game only a month after its console counterparts if it’s meant as a countermeasure to piracy — but at least tell it to me straight. Don’t push back the release date after pre-orders have already gone through.

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Gamefront News: Garry’s Mod Surpasses 1 Million Sales

GMod began as a small Source Engine mod roughly six years ago, but has since grown into a sandbox physics game enjoyed by countless Valve fans. Over the weekend, Garry’s Mod surpassed one million sales.

There are some interesting spikes in the sales graph, the biggest of which appears to have occurred recently. Could that be a reflection of when Garry Newman — the mod’s creator — dropped the hammer on pirates?

Garry planned on releasing “a big secret update” he’s been working on upon attaining the 1 million sales mark, but the milestone arrived earlier than he expected. Seems we’ll have to wait a little longer for the big secret — theories?

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Gamefront News: Giant 50% Off Sale on Paradox Games Happening at Amazon Right Now

Are you in the market for some quality PC games? Well, Paradox has your back, because they’ve got a huge 50% off sale going at Amazon right now. And it’s not just the games themselves; DLC is going for 50% off, too, so if you’ve been putting off getting Magicka: Vietnam, the time has now come. Sale is here.

This is a pretty spectacular sale, and you would be remiss to not pick up something, right? I mean, that’s why your Steam library is packed with dozens of games you’ve never played, right? Buying new games at random when a sale happens is just the natural order of things.

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Gamefront News: Hot Xbox 360 Sales Drive MSFT Stock Bump

2011 has been a big year for Xbox 360's. According to Microsoft’s new quarterly and year-end earnings reports, the console shipped 13.7 million units this fiscal year, 3.6 billion more than last year’s total. Buoyed by this success and the brisk sales of the Kinect motion sensor, the company’s “Entertainment and Devices Division” more than doubled its operating income, raking in a cool $1.32 billion.

Xbox LIVE also had its part to play, helping the division to a 45% increase in overall revenue. This smashing success was only a small part of Microsoft’s overall growth; $17.37 billion in revenue — an 8% increase — set another quarterly record for the Redmond, WA-based behemoth.

With such impressive figures surfacing courtesy of the corporation’s accounting division, an increase in the price of Microsoft stock (NASDAQ: MSFT) is only to be expected. The Xbox 360's seemingly unflappable sales numbers suggest another logical conclusion: the computing giant will be in no rush to phase out its profitable console, now slightly short of six years old. If you’re one of the few who hasn’t bought one yet, you might consider this nifty Star Wars model. If you’re one of the many who has, Bill Gates thanks you for making him just that much richer.

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Gamefront News: Keep Up With All Our Comic-Con Coverage Right Here

Are you excited about San Diego Comic-Con? Do you wish you were there, but just couldn’t get off work this year? Do you want to live vicariously through our on-site staff? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve got a page dedicated to our Comic-Con articles, and it’s going to be updated all weekend long with news for you. You’ll see video, screenshots, cosplay, and behind the scenes info direct from San Diego.

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Gamefront News: Lord of the Rings Online Rise of Isengard Beta Begins Today

We’ve been talking here and there about the upcoming Rise of Isengard expansion for Lord of the Rings Online. This morning, Turbine has announced that they will have a beta program for the new expansion, and that it will start next week.

In an article on the official LotRO site, the beta is announced for a July 27 start. It will be invite-only, with anyone who’s pre-purchased the expansion receiving preferred access.

As we told you before, there will be three different editions of Rise of Isengard to choose from.

Rise of Isengard Base Edition – Includes the full Rise of Isengard expansion plus:

Steed of the Gap, a new in-game mount with matching red cosmetic cloak for every character on your account
In-game title – Guard of the Isen
25% XP boost for all characters on an account up to level 65

Rise of Isengard Heroic Edition – Includes the full Rise of Isengard expansion plus:

1,000 Turbine Points for use in the LOTRO Store
Steed of the Gap, a new in-game mount with choice of matching cosmetic cloak and armor in your choice of red, white or green for every character on your account
In-game title – Guard of the Isen
25% XP boost for all characters on an account up to level 65

For more click below

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Gamefront News: Madden 12 Celebrates the End of the Lockout With a Trailer

I’ve been doing a lot of scoffing at NFL fans in the last day about all the “FOOTBALL IS BACK” exclamations on Twitter and such, because I’m more of a fan of college football, being a Bammer and all. Even so, I’m not going to complain that I’ll have extra football to watch on Sundays even though I won’t feel compelled to cry when my team loses as happens with the college game.

And, boy, did this new Madden 12 trailer celebrating the end of the lockout pump me up. Here we’ve got a bunch of players talking about how excited they are to just play some damn football, and, yes, it has been far too long since the good stuff has been on TV. I need me some football, and this trailer understands me.


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Gamefront News: Mafia II, Arma Developers Found New Studio

Developers from 2K Czech, Bohemia Interactive and a number of other studios based in the Czech Republic have announced a new venture, Warhorse Games. Though they have not yet announced the specifics of their first game, anticipation builds. Members of the group have worked on the Operation Flashpoint, Arma, and Mafia series’, representing a sort of Central European game design dream team.

Based on the pedigree of Warhorse’s new staff members, people are predicting a realistic open world with plenty of attention to detail. As our E3 Arma III preview and Mafia 2 Playboys guide make clear, they are certainly qualified to create one. Based on the name and the art the studio released as part of their rollout, people are predicting a medieval setting. If Warhorse’s new title boasts the immaculate research and ambiance of Mafia and Arma, we can’t wait to play it.

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Gamefront News: Microsoft Announces New Bluetooth Headset for Xbox 360

If you’re like me, you don’t really like the current official Xbox 360 headset, both because that wire is annoying and because the stupid thing always gets tangled up in my luscious mane. The solution to all our problems is coming soon in the form of the Xbox 360 bluetooth headset.

The headset will work with your phone in addition to the Xbox 360 and bluetooth-compatible PCs. So how does a bluetooth device work with the 360? Apparently, it uses the box’s normal radio frequencies, somehow. So it’s not JUST a bluetooth headset.

The thing will retail for $59.99, of course, and will be available in November.

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Gamefront News: Microsoft Sued Over Kinect

Microsoft is being sued by Impulse Technology, a company that claims the Kinect violates seven of its patents for technology that tracks a user’s movement and allows them to play video games without a controller.

Impulse allegedly informed Microsoft before issuing the lawsuit, stating their patents covered a:

…wide variety of games where the movement of a player is tracked in three dimensions … and certain exercise games where the motion of the player is tracked to effect movement of a virtual avatar, and the exertion of the user is monitored, including where the tracking of the player is done by use of a camera.

But Microsoft isn’t the only target of this lawsuit — eight video game makers, including EA, Sega, and Konami, stand accused of making games designed for the Kinect system that violate Impulse’s patents.

Maybe Microsoft can use an army of motion-controlled helicopters to get them out of this.

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Gamefront News: Mortal Kombat: Legacy — Episode 9: Cyrax & Sektor

Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Episode 9 is live. Titled “Cyrax and Sektor,” this latest installment in Machinima‘s live-action series shows how our red and yellow robo-ninja friends became the cyborgs we all know and love.

Chosen by the Lin Kuei Grand Master, the two undergo a cybernetic transformation meant to erase their memories and turn them into the ultimate fighting machine — and Cyrax is a whiny baby about it. I never liked that guy — huge Sektor fan, right here.

The duo then faces Hydro to prove the transformation was a success.

Watch Episode 9 here:

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Gamefront News: Nathan Fillion Wants You to Back the F–k Off About Him Playing Nate Drake

Screen Rant caught up with Nathan Fillion this weekend at Comic-Con and asked him the Uncharted question. Guess what? He thinks you should shut the hell up about it because you don’t know about these things. The quote:

I am certainly still interested in playing Nathan Drake. I think every actor I know wants their action-adventure hero, their Indiana Jones. That would be a good one for me, I think. What I don’t want is people pressuring that poor man [director Neil Burger] and souring him on the actual idea. If we could somehow just… do you remember the movie Inception? I think that’s what we need to do. We need to let him land on the idea on his own.

Actually, in Inception, they planted the idea. You’re suggesting that people act out Inception on Neil Burger. Uh, maybe you don’t need to listen to Nathan Fillion, idiot fanboys. Please shut up, though. That’d be nice.

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Gamefront News: NCAA Football 12 Off to a Rollicking Start at the Box Office

EA Sports has announced that NCAA Football 12 is rocking and rolling at retail, having sold a whopping 700,000 copies in its first two weeks on store shelves. They also say that’s the fastest start for NCAA Football on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

And it’s a not-insignificant bump; The current top NCAA Football earner this generation is NCAA Football 10, but it only sold 550,00 in its first two weeks, and last year’s game, which sold less overall, also had about that amount in the first two weeks. It’d be a stretch to think that it could top NCAA Footbal 07 to be the top earner in franchise history, though; that game rolled in 2.5 million copies sold across three platforms.

I’m going to credit this year’s bump with Mark Ingram making the Cover. Bama fans, I’m guessing, just couldn’t resist.

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Gamefront News: New Battlestar Galactica Online Ship: Brimir Class Carrier

The free-to-play Battlestar Galactica Online has unveiled a new ship — it’s the biggest frakkin’ spacecraft yet: the Brimir Class Carrier, pictured above. Apart from its impressive size, this heavily armored vessel is also noteworthy for its ability to rapidly launch a squadron of strike craft.

The Brimir Class Carrier will be available for cubits this fall, the in-game currency that can be earned through gameplay, or purchased. If you’re a BSG fan, sign up to play free at the official website. We tried it and recommend you to try it as well.

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Gamefront News: New Sims 3 Patches, Launch Trailer for “Town Life Stuff” Add-on

The enduring popularity of The Sims is entirely unstoppable. We’ve hosted patches for The Sims 3, before, but apparently they’re still putting them out. You can grab the two newest updates below:

MAC - Download Here

PC - Download Here

If you’re interested in augmenting your game further, you can also check out the appended trailer for “Town Life Stuff,” a new content pack that brings all the comforts of suburbia into the world of The Sims 3, including a high-tech gym, a fancy laundromat, and an organic grocery store. Feeling down? Have the vicissitudes of fate denied you the yuppie consumer lifestyle you so richly deserve? Don’t worry! You can live out a life of virtual mediocrity within the confines of a digitized commuter paradise. Can you smell that? Is it capitalism? Or just hot dogs?


Read: New Sims 3 Patches, Launch Trailer for “Town Life Stuff” Add-on

Gamefront News: Old Ezio is in Trouble in Animated Short Assassin’s Creed: Embers (TRAILER)

Ezio’s getting old. If you caught the E3 trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, you’ll start to see the gray in his beard. It hasn’t slowed down any of his ass-kicking prowess, but one has to figure he can’t keep going like this forever.

Enter Assassin’s Creed: Embers, which seems meant to be taken as the embers of a dying fire, a metaphor for the end of Ezio’s days. Embers is an animated AC short that’s shipping along with copies of Revelations, and if you check out the trailer below, you’ll hear Ezio narrating — which suggests that old-ass dude is him — and if you really pay attention, you’ll notice that sitting at a desk gives Ezio heart trouble, although he can still leap through windows with the best of them.


Read: Old Ezio is in Trouble in Animated Short Assassin’s Creed: Embers (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Pachter: Those Team Bondi Whiners Are a Bunch of idiots

Look, I don’t know how exaggerated all that Team Bondi drama is, and I don’t really care that much. But I do know this: most of the people who work there don’t make $100,000 a year. Here are some out-of-context quotes from Michael Pachter’s Pach Attack:

The cool thing about this industry is, if you’re good, you’ll make a ton of money. I just don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for people who say ‘I worked for such-and-such, and I didn’t get paid, and that’s not fair’. If you want to be an hourly employee, go build automobiles

I just don’t think people who make over $100,000 a year need a whole lot of protection cause they might have to work overtime.

I’m totally baffled by this. He thinks everyone who works at Team Bondi makes that much money? I usually like Pachter, but this is stupid. Way to go, stupidhead.

That “if you’re good you’ll get rich” thing is also dumb. There are more folks who are good at making games than there are positions that pay a lot in the industry. This is seriously weird. Pachman must be trolling hard.

Read: Pachter: Those Team Bondi Whiners Are a Bunch of Bitches
Well, this sound kinda neat and also very confusing, though it will probably make perfect sense once I actually get my hands on the game. Speaking of which, it seems odd that Konami would announce a wacky feature like this in a press release rather than at a convention where people like me who have to describe it can actually try it out. Or maybe they can release videos that show what’s up, which they did. You can find those at the bottom of this post.

Anyway, the point here is that Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 will grant the player the ability to control two players at the same time. Since I don’t really understand this at all, I’ll let the press release describe it.

The Teammate Control system works in two ways, with users pressing the right analogue stick in the direction of the player they wish to control. The Assisted mode allows the user to activate a second player by depressing the R3 button, and allows users to get to grips with the greater level of control via effective running movements. Greater control is offered by the Manual mode, wherein the user has complete freedom of movement of the second player, and can make shuttle runs, find space, and shake off markers before calling for the pass from the player still with the ball. The player will then revert to computer control when the R3 button is released, and can also be used to override any AI runs the player wants to cancel. Both can be affected at any time, so players can make moves without waiting for a pass to be completed.
Read: Pachter: Those Team Bondi Whiners Are a Bunch of Bitches

Gamefront News: Pete Hines: Don’t Put Multiplayer In Your Game for No Reason, You Idiots

Online multiplayer is fine, just fine, but I prefer playing alone. And I resent it when multiplayer is tacked on to a game that would otherwise have a single-player focus. So does Pete Hines, who is Bethesda’s VP of marketing. Speaking to next-gen.biz:

[People ask us] for a game like Skyrim or Prey 2, why doesn’t it have multiplayer? Well, our question is always the opposite when we talk to a developer. If you’re doing multiplayer, why are you doing multiplayer? What are you trying to accomplish?

We want the best game possible. If that’s a singleplayer game that’s 15 to 20 hours, then make that! Don’t waste your time on features that don’t make the game better.

What a great quote. It’s so intelligent that my brain might just explode. What a great start to my day.

Read: Pete Hines: Don’t Put Multiplayer In Your Game for No Reason, You Idiots

Gamefront News: PixelJunk Monsters Coming To a Browser Near You

PixelJunk Monsters is heading the social networks everywhere with a new, browser based version of the awesome tower defense game for PS3 and PSP. Details are scarce, but what we do know is that it’ll have a new world map and will generally look like that image above. And aside from knowing that it will be available on social networks, we don’t know what social networks it’ll be available on, although I have high hopes for it being on MySpace, because I totally still use that as I’m a cool person who doesn’t get paid every time he mentions MySpace.

Read: PixelJunk Monsters Coming To a Browser Near You

Gamefront News: PopCap’s 4th & Battery Creates 9-Year-Old’s Game

A 10-year-old kid had an idea for a video game. Long story short — PopCap Games made it.

Technically, it was PopCap’s more experimentally inclined studio, 4th & Battery, that took on the game design of Owain Weinert, a nine-year-old with an idea for a Plants vs. Zombies-like castle defense title. The game, Allied Star Police, is currently free for the iPad and iPhone in Apple’s iTunes App Store. Download it right here.

Star Police has three levels, each with a different difficulty setting. Throughout the game, players earn money over time and for making kills against the enemy. That money is applied to deploying several vehicles to side-scrolling “lanes,” where they engage with enemy land vehicles. The goal is to keep buying the different brands of vehicles as quickly and strategically as possible in order to overcome the enemy force and destroy its base.

Owain and 4th & Battery were brought together by the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska and Washington, and the result was a free mobile title that’s quite a bit of fun. Since you don’t have to pay for the game, and because it’s quite a quality little title, consider making a donation to Owain’s Army at its website, http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/owainsarmy.

Read: PopCap’s 4th & Battery Creates 9-Year-Old’s Game

Gamefront News: Pre-Order Cooking Mama 4 from GameStop, Get Ultra-Precious Plushie

The deal is simple: Pre-order Cooking Mama 4: Superfluous Subtitle for the 3DS — coming in October — at GameStop and get the plushie pictured above. Hell, I’m tempted to order just for the plushie. Hell, I’d probably just throw away the game when I got it.

GameStop has been pulling out all the… stops… lately

Read: Pre-Order Cooking Mama 4 from GameStop, Get Ultra-Precious Plushie

Gamefront News: Reenact Star Trek With the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator (Video)

Now here’s an indie title that is truly innovative: a multiplayer game that simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together. Unlike the multiplayer games we’re accustomed to, this one is designed to be played by 3-6 players together in one room.

In the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, one computer is the main screen, while the others serve as one of the five workstations (Helm, Communication, Engineering, Science, and Weapon Control). Working together as a bridge crew, the players warp around the sector, protecting space stations from a multitude of alien ships.

You can get the full version of the game for free by making a fool of yourself on YouTube helping to spread the word. Simply install the demo version, gather up three or more people in the same room, and videotape yourselves playing.

Like this fine crew:

Read: Reenact Star Trek With the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator (Video)

Gamefront News: Runespell: Overture Review

Collectible card games have always been weird to me. I played Magic: The Gathering back in the mid-1990s, which I’m pretty sure every nerd of a certain age did at one time or another, and I never really got into it – too much purchasing and too much time spent getting grilled by players with better cards, richer parents and more free time.

Collectible card games in video games correct that problem by digitizing all the cards and fitting the play mechanics and story around the card system, and this always seemed to make a lot more sense (although it’s harder to make money off of spoiled kids when you’re not selling them actual cards). In the case of Runespell: Overture, the card system is drawn down even further – you collect cards but they’re not even really that essential to the way you play the game. If you never used the collectible cards in the game, you’d have a tougher time, but things don’t seem like they’d necessarily be impossible.

What results, then, is a nice melding of customization and the better parts of card games, without the overbearing need to pay a ton of attention to the card parts. Runespell is an RPG at its heart, with the player moving around a map to engage in battles or enter locations to speak with characters, and it’s highly simplified and streamlined in that you won’t be wandering too much and you always know exactly where you’re headed. When you do encounter enemies, you play a card game against them that’s more a mix of solitaire and poker than it is M:TG, which means every battle is about strategy and a little luck, rather than just relying on great cards you’ve collected.

for more please click below smile

Read: Runespell: Overture Review

Gamefront News: RuneScape Expansion – Clan Citadels Launches

RuneScape fans rejoice. The expansion for the decade-old MMORPG, RuneScape: Clan Citadels, launches today. This update allows every RuneScape member’s clan the chance to own their own floating citadel, a castle in the sky for their clan mates to meet, socialize and even develop their own games with the new sandbox battlefield editor. This expansion is unlike anything seen in a MMO before and has been designed to make RuneScape’s clan support the envy of the MMO world. If you haven’t already seen the trailer, follow the link.

Now is a great time to dive back in and explore the new content if you’ve played the game at some point over the past ten years. I remember playing RuneScape when it first came out; it’s evolution has been remarkable.

To create your free account and see the Citadels for yourself, visit the official website.

Read: RuneScape Expansion – Clan Citadels Launches

Gamefront News: Robert Bowling: Y’all, the Xbox 360 Version of Modern Warfare 3 Will Be Just As Good As the PS3 Version

There’s been a lot of noise this week about how great the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 is looking, particularly compared with the Xbox 360 version, but Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling says there will be no such discrepancy with Modern Warfare 3.

“The experience, in terms of framerate, gameplay experience, features, visual fidelity, is going to be the same across Xbox 360 and PS3,” he told MS Xbox World. Left unstated is how much better the PC version will be. Also left unstated is how bad all versions of MW3 will be compared to Battlefield 3, amirite? Yeah!

Read: Robert Bowling: Y’all, the Xbox 360 Version of Modern Warfare 3 Will Be Just As Good As the PS3 Version

Gamefront News: Sid Meier’s Pirates! Comes to iPad (TRAILER)

There are a few games I’ve bought more than once over the years, but I don’t usually get anything more than twice. Sid Meier’s Pirates I’ve bought three times — on PC, Xbox and PSP — and it looks like no. 4 is coming up now that the game is out for iPad for a cool four bucks. Skeptical? Why? Check out this trailer that shows the game doesn’t suffer at all, at least visually, in the translation to Apple’s tablet.


Read: Sid Meier’s Pirates! Comes to iPad (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Square Enix Tech Director Says Next Generation Will Totally Be Awesome and bad

Julian Merceron is the worldwide technology director at Square Enix. That means when he says something about technology, it ‘s probably because he knows what he’s talking about. And THAT means that we should totally take him seriously when he says the next generation of game consoles will have better graphics than the current generation’s consoles.

OK, OK, snark aside, here’s what he told Videogamer about a future in which every video game will probably cost $100 million to make.

I think that we’re still going to see a big leap in graphics. In terms of technology I think we’ll see developers taking advantage of physically based rendering, physically based lighting. I think people will take advantage of global illumination, or at least some form approximation of global illumination, so that could have a significant impact on graphics quality.

What he’s saying, basically, is that video games next generation will look as good as your garden variety summer blockbuster.

That’s what we like to call “bad news for the industry,” because physically based rendering is what makes those summer blockbusters cost $150 million or more, and a game would require a hell of a lot more rendering than a two-hour movie. Either these things Merceren is talking about won’t become the norm until at least the generation after the next one, or fewer games will be made. Or the market might crash. Exciting new tech never seemed so scary.

Read: Square Enix Tech Director Says Next Generation Will Totally Be Awesome and S–t

Gamefront News: Sonic Generations 20th Anniversary Trailer

There are a lot of Sonic games. If you don’t believe me, just watch this new Sonic Generations trailer, which also features a bunch of footage of a large pile of old Sonic games. There are so many of them! And, if you can believe it, the franchise has been going for a whole 20 years. It’s nice to finally see a long-running game franchise that isn’t older than me. Sonic can’t even buy booze!


Read: Sonic Generations 20th Anniversary Trailer

Gamefront News: The Old Republic to “Last for Decades”

Game Director and Lead Designer of The Old Republic James Ohlen implicitly promised fans at the San Diego Comic-Con 2011 that the new Star Wars MMO will last for decades.

A fan asked the panel:

How many planets are in the game now, and are more planets scheduled for release in later expansions of the game?

To which James Ohlen replied:

Well, I can say that we have 19 major worlds. Then we have an indeterminate number of minor worlds. And our goal, obviously this being an online game, that we’re hoping is going to last for decades, we’re going to be, obviously, adding more to the galaxy map as the game progresses. We want to add dozens of worlds. Hundreds of worlds eventually. In 2025, we’ll hopefully have 500 worlds.

That’s quite a promise — not so much the 500 worlds bit, but the statement that the game will still be around in 2025.

Dallas Dickinson, Director of Production at Bioware Austin cheekily added:

Guaranteed! In year 2025!

Smooth move, Dickinson. Throw a humorous spin on Ohlen’s statement to cast doubt on whether he was serious or not about his huge statement.

Read: The Old Republic to “Last for Decades”

Gamefront News: The Penguin Heads to Arkham City (TRAILER))

This is the Arkham City “Penguin Trailer,” but there seems to be quite a focus on Batman f–king dudes up. But there is also the Penguin being all penguin-y and such, which is always an exciting thing to see. The Penguin! Can’t wait to see his fat ass in 3D.


Read: The Penguin Heads to Arkham City (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: The Saints Row: The Third Syndication Trailer Just Sold Me On the Game

In matter of a few seconds, I’ve gone from feeling generally lukewarm about Saint Row: The Third, as I have felt about the other Saints Row games, to feel pretty pumped about it. All of a sudden I’m ready to pre-order this bitch, and it’s all thanks to this Syndication trailer. This is, at the very least, excellent marketing.


Read: The Saints Row: The Third Syndication Trailer Just Sold Me On the Game

Gamefront News: This Is The True Deus Ex 3 (MEGA64 VIDEO)

Sometimes, a video comes up to you and slaps you in the face and makes you feel good about like. Sometimes is now, because that’s what this Mega 64 tribute to Deus Ex did for me by showing me a guy who’s fatter than me. Yay. Also, the video is pretty fun in its own right.

Read: This Is The True Deus Ex 3 (MEGA64 VIDEO)

Gamefront News: Ubisoft Including Always-On DRM in Driver: San Francisco PC Version

Remember all the hoopla surrounding the decision Ubisoft made to include always-on DRM in Assassin’s Creed 2 on the PC? Remember how nice it was when they removed it? Well, get ready for the whole thing to crank up again. Driver: San Francisco’s PC version will require a permanent internet connection.

In a message on the game’s official Twitter page, the DRM scheme has been confirmed. Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone think that Ubi’s lost their minds?

We knew that this DRM wasn’t dead. Heck, we were surprised when they pulled it from Prince of Persia. Of course, they also said that people would still pirate the game.

I’m sure they did, and I’m also sure that if challenged on this, Ubi will point to that as evidence that they NEED DRM. The problem is that DRM has never stopped piracy. All it does is inconvenience the people who are paying good money for the game. Of course, you’ll never convince Ubi of that, unless you just refuse to buy the game altogether. That’s the option I’ll be going for.

Read: Ubisoft Including Always-On DRM in Driver: San Francisco PC Version

Gamefront News: Uncharted Movie Director Signs Up to Direct Another Movie

Word has just reached my ear (via Variety) that Neil Burger has signed on to direct an adaptation of “Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde,” with Sheldon Turner writing. This is interesting to me because Burger is also signed on to the so-far troubled adaptation of Uncharted.

At this point both projects are in the script phase of development, and there’s no telling right now if these two films will conflict with each other. But it is something to keep in mind, although if there might be a conflict you’d think Variety would say so. I just felt like pointing out this news just in case. Just in case.

Read: Uncharted Movie Director Signs Up to Direct Another Movie

Gamefront News: X-Men: Destiny Behind-the-Scenes Trailer

A new trailer has been released for X-Men: Destiny. This one features Milo Ventimiglia, voice of Grant, the “jock” of the game. Ventimiglia describes his character as “the clean-cut, all-American good guy.”

X-Men: Destiny casts players as new mutant recruits in a branching storyline that promises a deep element of choice to give players ultimate control of their destiny.

Watch the trailer:

Read: X-Men: Destiny Behind-the-Scenes Trailer

Gamefront News: Yes, There is an R2-D2 Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle

Now that… that is something special. That’s the Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars R2-D2 Xbox 360 with the C-3PO controller. This particular Xbox 360 has a 320gb hard drive and comes bundled with a white Kinect and Kinect Star Wars (duh), and it’ll run you a cool $450. But that’s a small price to pay for… something… of that magnitude.

This is probably one of those cases where “limited edition” is meant to be taken literally, and if that is the case you can pre-order yours now to make sure you don’t miss out.

Read: Yes, There is an R2-D2 Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle


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