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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 38 (week 37, 2011) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 09-19-2011 @ 13:25
This News Item has been viewed 50,393 times

Here it is the 38th version of the Weekly Gamefront Network News Update, the news part of the update covers the news side of the Network and the Gamefront Main site over the past week. There has been a fair bit of news from the Main site including a lot of trailers, reviews, previews and a lot more. This week there are lots of trailers, as well as reviews and more. This week brings news of Mario Kart 7 to the 3DS, as well as Portal becoming a Free game until 20th September 2011, and lots of news on the PSP Vita and more. There is also of course news on the upcoming top games including a Demo for Fifa 12 on all formats, as well as trailers for Battlefield 3 and more. Also of course there is the news from the Network Sites not as much as the main site but still just as important! Lots more news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ).

Also If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further). Also I apologise for the lack of an update last few week unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make one due to personal reasons as well as moving and all the fun that brings!.

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You can now follow Gamefront via Facebook, via Youtube, and Via Twitter.

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/GameFrontcom
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/GameFrontDotCom / http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=gamefrontdotcom
Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/GameFrontRSS


Continuing on from a couple weeks ago with our From the Forums feature which is a small look at our own very active forums and to show that there is a lot more to the network sites than just the network sites. The very active forums cover all of the games from the network and of course lots more you can look at and even join in with the friendly staff and community - Here. This week there are two links which cover some of the active threads on the forums

This weeks Top Threads
1. Monster_user started a very lively discussion about the up and coming Windows 8 and a presentation given by Microsoft. If you want a sneek peek at Win 8 and share your thoughts on what has been released so far then visit us here - Windows 8 & Metro vs Aero

2. Omen found a great story on the web this week about AMD and there new Bulldozer chip. The chip has surpassed Intel in the extreme overclocking contests to take the crown at 8.429 GHz. Have a look at the videos of this amazing event and get involved in the discussion here. - Bulldozer sets new OC record


Gamefront News: A Japanese Story Trailer for Yakuza Black Panther 2

All that Japanese you learned from that pirated copy of Rosetta Stone is about to finally come in handy; I’ve got a trailer for Yakuza Black Panther 2 for PSP, and it’s all about story, but it’s in Japanese. If you don’t know Japanese, you can still enjoy its precious art and all that. I mean: it looks pretty cool.

Read: A Japanese Story Trailer for Yakuza Black Panther 2

Gamefront News: Activision Thinks 3DS Circle Pad Add-On A ‘Great Move’

Yesterday, Nintendo unveiled the new circle pad add-on that gives the hand held a second joystick. Yay to finally providing a control scheme that makes sense, but boo to not launching with this, and to the glut of future games that will require the second stick, thus forcing people who blew $250.00 to shell out 15 more when the add-on is available in the US.

Yes, I’m supremely annoyed by the fact that 3DS didn’t just launch with a second stick. And also, that the add-on can’t draw power from the 3DS battery. That’s just lame. But not everyone is feeling cheaped out and ripped off like me. Take Activision’s Eric Hirshberg, who yesterday spoke to Industry Gamers about their positive feelings about the rip off useful new peripheral.

It does make the hardware more relevant and compatible to the style of games we make. I don’t have anything to announce in relation to that, but I think it was a great move and it opens up that platform to more styles of games.

Read: Activision Thinks 3DS Circle Pad Add-On A ‘Great Move’

Gamefront News: American McGee: There Soon ‘Won’t Be Much Need’ For Physical Game Stores

American McGee, creator of the boring really boring American McGee’s Alice series (see my review of Madness Returns) has been based in Shanghai for most of the last decade. When he isn’t running Spicy Horse, he’s out and about soaking in what he insists is the ‘here already’ future, namely the way Chinese consumer habits differ from the west. In a revealing interview with Industry Gamers, he suggests that brick and mortar game shops will soon go the way of cassette tape and Americans with high paying jobs:

In the (not so?) distant future there wouldn’t be much need for a bricks-and-mortar retailer. Why waste resources on a physical location and unreliable employees when the entire experience can be made sharper, cleaner and more entertaining in the virtual representation? China provides a working model of the store-less retail model — millions of people purchase real-world items online (taobao.com) each day – making Western electronic stores like Best Buy nothing more than places to fondle physical goods you’re going to buy online anyway (Best Buy went out of business in China in less than 2 years, by the way).

Read: American McGee: There Soon ‘Won’t Be Much Need’ For Physical Game Stores

Gamefront News: Arkham City Gets Another Baddie

So this funny; Geoff Keighley is up in the middle of the night tweeting news about Batman: Arkham City.

Hahaha Geoff Keigley uses a Blackberry? Get with the times, bro. Anyway, the point here is that Deadshot is going to be in Arkham City. Cool.

Read: Arkham City Gets Another Baddie

Gamefront News: Battlefield 3 – Guillotine Xbox 360 Gameplay Trailer

In FPS war simulators, you’re either Team Call Of Duty or Team Battlefield. If you can watch this video and not immediately convert to Team Battlefield, I have to question your sanity. And this is just the Xbox gameplay! I’ve played the PC version and it makes this look like Call of Duty!



Read: Battlefield 3 – Guillotine Xbox 360 Gameplay Trailer

Gamefront News: Black Ops Rezurrection Hits PC This Week, and So We Get Another Zombie Labs Trailer

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection zombie map pack hits this week, and you know what that means: a new gross zombie labs trailer. I’m constantly impressed by the high production values in these things, and I say I’m constantly” impressed because I’m impressed today as well. There’s some nice-looking zombie puke happening here, which is probably the highlight. Anyway, check this thing out..


Read: Black Ops Rezurrection Hits PC This Week, and So We Get Another Zombie Labs Trailer

Gamefront News: Cities in Motion – German Cities Release Trailer

Cities in Motion is so awesome. No, I am not kidding. It’s a city simulator where the whole point is to create effective and profitable mass transit in a given city. Trains, trams, monorail, bus, whatever. Literally no game could possibly be closer to delivering my fondest fantasies, unless there’s a game called “Super hangover cure”. Is there?

Anyway, Paradox Interactive is rolling out a slew of German cities, and that means players will combine their love of public transportation with cool, rational German efficiency. One problem. The timeline is from 1920 to 2020. That means the first part of the game is going to have some reaaaaallly depressing undertones.


Read: Cities in Motion – German Cities Release Trailer

Gamefront News: Comment of the Week: Why Ladies Wear Skimpy Clothing In Fighting Games

Game Front reader Mozer came up with a great idea this week after watching our most recent Soul Calibur V trailer. Without teasing it, I’ll just let you read it.

I’ll tell you exactly why fighting game women don’t wear protective clothing, because they know men don’t fight as well with a boner!

Holy cow that makes sense. Men really don’t fight as well with a boner. So much stuff makes so much more sense now. Oh my god. Good work, Mozer.

Read: Comment of the Week: Why Ladies Wear Skimpy Clothing In Fighting Games

Gamefront News: Dear Publishers: 5 Easy Steps to Making a Good Console to PC Port

Big-name publishers have a checkered past when it comes to creating PC ports for their games. Throughout the console-dominated aughts, PC versions of AAA games were farmed out time and time again to third-party developers, with decidedly mixed results. Even when developers created ports in-house, they often committed blunders. When it comes to PC porting, there’s a clear right way to do it. You only have to follow these five easy steps:

1. Make Sure It Works

This seems like a no-brainer, but apparently it’s not. The Internet is full of stories about PC ports that shipped full of bugs, or games that simply arrived broken. One Tony Hawk port crashed every time you, well, crashed. For certain games, the PC port is cranked out at the end of the development cycle, which means that there’s not a lot of money left for careful testing. Still, there’s no excuse for selling people a game that doesn’t work right, even if publishers do have the option of patching it later.

2. Have Real Graphics Settings

PC gamers like to wring the best possible graphics out of their games. That’s why we shell out our hard-earned cash for the newest graphics card, or those extra GB’s of RAM. That’s why it’s so infuriating when we open up the graphics options on a PC port and see a single menu with three choices: “low,” “medium” and “high.” For a port to be successful, it should provide the full suite of graphics customization options: shadows, anti-aliasing, particle effects, depth of field — the works. Extra points if those settings can be accessed both before you boot the game up and from an in-game menu. Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect my $49.99 if your game’s frame-rate is capped at some laughable, console-friendly ceiling.

For 3 - 5 please click below.

Read: Dear Publishers: 5 Easy Steps to Making a Good Console to PC Port

Gamefront News: Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Boss Fights Weren’t Done By Eidos Montreal

So it looks like we probably have an answer for why Deus Ex: Human Revolution had a bunch of terrible, out-of-place boss fights: they were done by a company other than Eidos Montreal!

The boss fights were the work of an external studio called GRIP, and apparently we should have known this already since nobody was actually hiding this fact, and they were probably in the credits for the game. So how did we find this out? Via this YouTube BTS video for DXHR in which the presdent of GRIP talks about it!

Read: Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Boss Fights Weren’t Done By Eidos Montreal

Gamefront News: Dragon Age II’s Next Story DLC Will Star Felicia Day

Last night, EA announced new story DLC for Dragon Age II, Mark of the Assassin, and the big exciting thing about it is that it will star Felicia Day as Tallis, whom she played in the Dragon Age Web series that came out earlier this year. Tallis will be playable all right yeah!

With Tallis at your side, you must Infiltrate an Orlesian estate outside Kirkwall and steal a precious relic. Along the way, you will uncover an array of impressive weapons and equipment, and confront fearsome and challenging new enemies on your journey to claim the Heart of the Many.

So it’s a heist! Excellent. I mean I guess it’s excellent. We’ll see, won’t we?

Read: Dragon Age II’s Next Story DLC Will Star Felicia Day

Gamefront News: Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC Will Average 5 Hours of Playtime

Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s upcoming DLC pack, The Missing Link, will take most players about an average of five hours to complete, according to Eidos Montreal’s Tumblr blog.

The developer has been answering questions about the DLC pack, which is set to release (hopefully) in early October. The runtime question has been answered repeatedly, with Eidos specifying that the run-and-gun technique can take players as little as about four hours (with some content skipped) and maybe as much as seven hours for sneaky, hack-every-damn-computer-in-sight players.

Some other tasty tidbits: the DLC will be accessible from the DXHR main menu and won’t actually play inside the main story, according to the blog. “The Missing Link will only be accessible from the main menu, and its content does not affect Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is its own little bubble universe!”

Whatever goes on in the DLC campaign, which covers three missing days from the main story in which protagonist Adam Jensen will lose all his augmentations, won’t affect the overall story of the main game (that quote worries me — hope it’s not all a dream or some damn thing). So while you get the chance to rebuild Jensen from the ground up in the DLC (and have to survive without augmentations), you won’t be carrying those new augmentation layouts off to fight the conspiracy.

We also know Eidos intends to shed light on some things that could stand deeper explanation from the main game in the DLC pack, and that the entire pack will be 1.5GB or larger.

Read: Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC Will Average 5 Hours of Playtime

Gamefront News: El Shaddai Heading to Cell Phones

Ignition announced today in Famitsu that the Phil-hated but otherwise mostly well liked El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron will be making an appearance on Android phones as a side-scrolling platformer. This can only be a good thing, because the best part of El Shaddai on consoles was the side-scrolling platformy parts. All the other parts were lame as hell. So, congrats, Android phone owners, you’ll be getting the best parts of the game for a fraction of the price!

Read: El Shaddai Heading to Cell Phones

Gamefront News: F2P of the Week: My First MMO is Zentia

I am an anomaly here at Game Front; I don’t play MMOs. So this week I was like, “Let’s play an MMO!” Since I’m squarely in the lower class, I figured I’d go F2P. Enter Zentia, a Chinese MMO from ChangYou.

I downloaded and installed the game, and then chose a PvE serve because I’m a noob and started the thing up. It was time to create my character. I chose to be a tiny old man with a spectacular jaw. This is a guy with the head of a real, grown human, the body of a small child and the neck of a chicken. I gave him the name JimJam since all of the other names I wanted to give him were not allowed for whatever reason. JimJam carries a tiny sword to match his tiny body.

Once I was able to inject JimJam into the game world, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Zentia’s game world wasn’t really all that different from so many other RPG game worlds I had encountered in my time. I was being sent around to murder furry little jackals and collect vanilla from the banks of a creek, and it felt like I was at home*.

*Yes, I was playing the game in my home. Go to hell.

Making it feel even more like the single-player RPGs I like to play is the way I was unable to find any other players in my instance of the game world. I don’t want to assume right off the bat that I’m the only one playing; maybe they just have like 8 million instances of the game world, and everybody is in one of the others. Or maybe everybody was playing PvP. Anyway, I spent two hours wandering looking for another player, and I never found one.

For more click below.

Read: F2P of the Week: My First MMO is Zentia

Gamefront News: Gears of War 3 Review

Gears of War 3, on more than one occasion, works to invoke the famous “Band of Brothers” speech in Shakespeare’s play Henry V. The final installment of the trilogy about monsters that come out of the ground to wage war on the humans living above, unfortunately, doesn’t really invoke the same strength of emotion as this inspiration in its story — but it does with its multiplayer. The sentiment of “Once more into the breach” is alive and well online, where Gears has finally become the competitive and cooperative experience promised by the very first game back in 2006. And it’s good enough that we can ignore the somewhat lackluster single player campaign.

After two iterations of the Gears online experience, Gears 3 finally brings players the game as it should be. Well-made maps, great weapons, a heavy emphasis on team play, dedicated servers, and new balancing mark the game’s competitive multiplayer, and it’s clear that Epic is putting to work everything it has learned through the trials and tribulations it experienced with the first two titles in the series. There is also a lot in the way of options for cooperative players over Xbox Live, including four-player campaign co-op. This is a game to be played with friends, and Epic has learned how to make Gears at its best online.

Where it fails is in its melodramatic and ultimately underwhelming single-player campaign. Gears games have never really excelled in the realm of story, but Gears 3 tries so hard to be emotional and heavy, while still delivering one-liners at a rate of nine per second, that there are points that the story is just a burden. Not to mention the fact that even at the culmination of the series, with all the information that Epic has deigned to make available to players through the trilogy, it makes little or no sense.

For more Click below

Read: Gears of War 3 Review

Gamefront News: Gears of War 3: Perfect Review Scores By Divine Right

(This is another edition of , a weekly opinion piece column on GameFront. Check back every week for more. The opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not reflect those of GameFront.)

I hate to harp on about reviews, but as a man whose entire career revolves around reviewing videogames, it’s a subject that tends to be on my mind a lot, and it brings with it no shortage of annoyances that deserve a righteously rambling rant. Last night, I reviewed Gears of War 3 for Destructoid, a review I am very proud of. For a bit of backstory, Microsoft had sent my review copy to the wrong address, and it took two days to resolve the issue. Having lost two days of time and having only fifteen hours left before the embargo broke, I essentially took an entire day out of my week to complete Gears 3, get into some multiplayer, and try both Horde and Beast mode before writing and posting the review.

I was very pleased to not only get the task completed in a single day, but also write a review that I felt was among my most eloquent — and as someone who isn’t fond of self-congratulation, I was certainly pleased enough to allow myself the one indulgence. It was therefore especially disappointing to have the review’s text completely glossed over and tossed out the window in favor of focusing entirely on the review score — which happened to be an eight out of ten.

I’ve been known for harsh review scores in the past, but eight is a great score for what I felt was a great game. Gears of War 3, to me, lacks the unique special “spark” that a title needs in order to achieve a nine or ten. It followed two excellent titles and had a lot to live up to. That it didn’t quite do so is no shameful thing — it only serves to highlight how remarkable the series has been, and how high the bar was set. I concentrated very hard on making sure that my respect and love for the game was made clear, but I felt the criticisms of its multiplayer flaws and the less satisfactory narrative campaign needed to be voiced. A fun, well-made game that has some flaws sounds like an 8/10 experience to me, if we’re going to boil down games to just their numbers.

For more click below.

Read: Gears of War 3: Perfect Review Scores By Divine Right

Gamefront News: Get Yer FIFA 12 Demo Here

FIFA 12 is coming soon to the PC, but you don’t have to wait one minute longer to try it out. OK, so that’s an exaggeration, but still. I have the demo right here for you to download, and while yes you’ll have to wait some time while it downloads, you won’t have to wait for the game to come out. That’s all I was saying. Download the FIFA 12 demo here.

Read: Get Yer FIFA 12 Demo Here

Gamefront News: Hey, Look, It’s a Game About Being Pregnant

1up managed to stumble upon an amazing gem at TGS this week: a game about being pregnant! In this game you wear a belly sack that hooks up to your TV, on which you can see how your baby is doing. Really!

The point of this game is to simulate a full pregnancy in a short amount of time. In short order, your belly will inflate and your boobs will get fat, and you will love it. As far as I know, the game does not inject hormones into your body.

In the game, your movements will influence the baby’s. You can, for example, jump up and down and piss that little bitch off, and then rub your belly in order to calm it down. This sounds like a legit GOTY candidate to me.

By the way, you should be proud of me for not making the abortion jokes I was thinking of while writing this piece. Read more on this game at 1up.

Read: Hey, Look, It’s a Game About Being Pregnant

Gamefront News: Hip Hop Gamer Interviews Beats By Dre CEO

The inimitable Hip Hop Gamer is at it again, this time interviewing Noel Lee, CEO of Beats By Dre. You might already be familiar with these headphones, now ubiquitous at Best Buy, but the company has big plans to break into the gamer market with specialized gaming headphones.

While improbably riding a blinged-out Segway, Lee expounds on the technological superiority of his company’s product. Relying on his background as an audio engineer, the avuncular executive points specficially to the speed and response of the Beats By Dre headphones, which he claims will make them ideally suited to gaming. Check out the full video below.

Read: Hip Hop Gamer Interviews Beats By Dre CEO

Gamefront News: How to Make a Collector’s Edition People Care About

Collector’s editions represent a kind of metaphorical bond. Few fans have the financial resources necessary to buy every collector’s edition that comes out, so they’re forced to decide: which games do I care most about? Which ones deserve an extra investment that goes beyond the price of the game?

That’s not to say, however, that these decisions take place in a vaccuum. Game publishers are wise to the kind of budget triage that goes on in their customers’ heads. They try to tap into those collector’s edition dollars by offering all manner of knick-knacks, some enticing, some not. Gamers are left trying to figure out how to get value for their extra money.

With this dilemma in mind, GameFront prepared a guide that tabulates the good and bad aspects of collector’s editions — past, present and future. Gamers — use it to plan your next purchase. Publishers — this is what we want! Give us more of it!

For more Click below

Read: How to Make a Collector’s Edition People Care About

Gamefront News: Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2 Is A Go

Well this is certainly making me feel better about my life today (in the wake of this); Hyperdimension Neptunia is getting a sequel. Dubbed Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2, the game has lept to the list of most anticipated games of ever in the Owen household*, and we will all wait impatiently like it’s perpetually Christmas Eve for it to come out.

Reports say Neptunia 2 will be more free-roaming than its predecessor and featuring a revamped combat system (as is the case with every RPG sequel ever). The game will find Neptune (and friends, presumably) tasked with defending Gameindustri from some new terrible threat. Apparently it’ll be out in the spring, which is a quick turnaround. Yay!


*even my roaches are excited about this.

Read: Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2 Is A Go

Gamefront News: If Video Game Characters Had To Find Real Jobs

When you’re in the middle of a job, it seems like it’s going to last forever. This is doubly true if the job in question is your chosen career, like lawyer or ‘not starving person’. But when the job ends, whether by project completion, puzzle solving or the final destruction of your hated enemies, you might find yourself in the position of having worked yourself quite literally out of a job.

In the real world, this is when we start collecting unemployment and praying. But then again, we have a legal work history and parents to leech off. Our friends in the world of Video Games aren’t so lucky. So what happens when one of them finds themselves without gainful employment? They’re forced to reenter the legitimate workforce, and the results aren’t always pretty.

Here’s what happens if video game characters had to find real jobs.

5) Commander Shephard (Mass Effect) – Citadel Market District Security
4) Pac-Man – Addiction Counselor
3) Nathan Drake (Uncharted) – Pawn Shop Owner
2) Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin’s Creed)- Window Washer

1) Mario – Animal Control Officer

After more than two decades, Mario finally liberated the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser’s Tyranny once and for all. Coincidentally, Princess Peach suddenly lost interest in her mustachioed companion, and their relationship, such as it was, ended. Mario subsequently decides to leave the Kingdom and return to his Native New York City in order to start over. The only problem is that his plumbing license expired in 1986 and he’s long since lost touch with advances in that profession.

For more please click below

Read: If Video Game Characters Had To Find Real Jobs

Gamefront News: Katamari for PS Vita Looks More Japanese than Ever (TRAILER)

As we know, Katamari Damacy is coming to the PS Vita. What we didn’t know is that it’s an all new game. And that it’ll be weirder than ever. Read this, from the press release:

In Katamari Damacy (working title), the ever-growing ball of bits and bobs is controlled by touching the screen to roll it in any direction. A completely new Katamari gameplay feature allows players to use the rear touch pad of the PS®Vita system to stretch the ball either horizontally or vertically to pick up more objects at once or squeeze through a narrow gap.

Check out this silly trailer.


Read: Katamari for PS Vita Looks More Japanese than Ever (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Lost Saga – Hero Zone: Special Force Video Can Be Found Here

Lost Saga: Hero Zone is kind of a weird and good idea. Basically a Deadliest Warrior “What if Superman fought He-Man” kind of scenario MMO in which players choose historical warrior archetypes and have at it. This video focuses on “Special Force”, the special forces inspired character. You can tell they’re special because of the beret.

Mainly? I just like the OG Planet theme. It’s pleasant!


Read: Lost Saga – Hero Zone: Special Force Video Can Be Found Here

Gamefront News: Mario Kart 7 Looks Like a Mario Kart Game (TRAILER)

We don’t ask for much from Nintendo; we just want the games we “loved” before updated for a new platform. And that’s what Mario Kart 7 is, at least from t looks of it. And we’re not complaining! Just observing. It’s the Mario Kart you already like, but it’s in 3D and with a couple new tweaks. Good stuff. Trailer:


Read: Mario Kart 7 Looks Like a Mario Kart Game (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Microsoft Shows Off Windows 8, With Xbox Live

Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference is currently underway, which means a flurry of news today about Windows 8, the megalithic corporation’s new operating system. Designed as an answer to Android and iOS, Windows 8 will be touch sensitive, and easily adaptable to mobile devices.

Most important to gamers, however, is the news that the operating system will support full Xbox LIVE functionality. In the not-too-distant future, developers creating games for Windows 8 will be able to count on Microsoft’s robust online platform to make their titles that much better. Microsoft has been consolidating its online offerings for some time, and will surely be eager to get rid of the moribund “Games For Windows LIVE” brand, which is universally reviled. Replacing it with Xbox LIVE, an unalloyed success, is sure to please everybody.

Read: Microsoft Shows Off Windows 8, With Xbox Live

Gamefront News: Minecraft 1.8 Now ‘Officially’ Released

Remember earlier this weekend when Minecraft 1.8 “leaked”? You know, that totally oopsie moment when Mojang’s Notch coyly pretended it was an accident? Yeah, that was cute wasn’t it? Well, the last minute bit of viral marketing is now a thing of the past, because Minecraft 1.8 Adventure is now officially available. Head over to Mojang’s official site to find out more, or visit the Minecraft forums.

This update comes with a ton of features, including new modes and new biomes like swamps, oceans and abandoned mines, new mobs and a new health system with stackable food. There’s also new blocks, and weapons. WEAPONS!

The biggest addition is randomly generated little communities and houses. NPCs won’t be available until 1.9, so for now these towns will look like the aftermath of black plague, but still, very awesome.

While you’re deciding whether or not you can allocate the time in your schedule to become completely obsessed with this amazing game, why not enjoy this trailer. Or check out our ongoing coverage.

Read: Minecraft 1.8 Now ‘Officially’ Released

Gamefront News: Mortal Kombat Has Done Pretty Well for Itself This Year

You can’t say it was a bad idea for Warner Bros. to reboot the Mortal Kombat franchise this year; WB has issued a press release telling us that Mortal Kombat has sold more than three million copies since its release back in April, which is pretty much stellar for a fighting game and is, in fact, tops for all fighting games this year and for the franchise. That sales number is worldwide, so… so… thats all.

Anyway, that’s cool. Hooray for horrible violence!

Read: Mortal Kombat Has Done Pretty Well for Itself This Year

Gamefront News: Netflix Formally Rebrands DVD Services, Adds Video Game Rentals

When Netflix announced last summer that their DVD delivery and streaming video options were to be split into two separate packages, customers were suitably angered. Being forced to pay for two services that used to be treated as one was bad enough, but the company’s sneaky stealth announcement of the change was perceived as a particularly rude face-slap. Aware of that backlash, this morning Netflix CEO Reed Hastings* sent an email to Netflix customers acknowledging the bad reaction to the service-split (with a mild non-apology apology) while also formalizing it.

In a few weeks, Netflix will officially begin treating their streaming video and DVD delivery services as entirely different business. Streaming video will continue to be called “Netflix”, while the DVD delivery service will be spun off into an entirely distinct entity of its own. This means that customers will no longer be able to purchase a ‘streaming + delivery’ Netflix package. Instead, they now will be billed two different subscriptions, as though they were using two entirely unrelated services. And in a way, they are, because the DVD delivery will be renamed “Qwikster”.

But forget about that awful name for a second. The new, stupidly-named DVD delivery business will retain the same service that Netflix customers are used to, but the real news is the addition of video game rentals. Great news for people who would love to rent video games but don’t want to subscribe to yet another service. The catch? Here it is from Hasting’s email:

One improvement we will make at launch is to add a video games upgrade option, similar to our upgrade option for Blu-ray, for those who want to rent Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

For more please click link below.

Read: Netflix Formally Rebrands DVD Services, Adds Video Game Rentals

Gamefront News: NeverDead – TGS 2011 Trailer

I’m not impressed by what I’ve seen so far about Neverdead. Our E3 preview gets to a lot of why that is but I’ll just over-clarify that it looks like a gimmick in search of a game, and one that gets old fast. This trailer only compounds that impression but who knows, I’ve certainly been wrong before. Perhaps a lengthy nothing-but-escort-missions can be fun. What do you think?


Read: NeverDead – TGS 2011 Trailer

Gamefront News: New RAGE TV Spot Has Explosions and A Perfect Circle

Is there a game with more trailers than RAGE? I don’t think there is. Still, I’m not complaining. Every one of them just makes me want to get my hands on id Software’s new shooter all the more. This trailer originally aired during the Michigan / Notre Dame game last Saturday, and now we’ve got it embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

Alternatively, if you’d like a copy for yourself, just mash that pretty little download button, and our fast, free servers will deliver it right to you.


Read: New RAGE TV Spot Has Explosions and A Perfect Circle

Gamefront News: Portal is Free!

Hey, guys, guess what? Valve is doing that thing where they give away copies of Portal to anyone who wants one. Yep, that’s right; Portal is currently completely free on Steam right at this moment and will continue to be free until September 20. So that means that if you are one of those few people who don’t already have Portal on PC or Mac, you should probably go ahead and get it now. Just because it’s sooooooooo amazing.

Read: Portal is Free!

Gamefront News: Pretty Good Paradox Steam Event Happening Now

Hey, look, it’s a Steam sale! Paradox is having a big event right now on Steam in which every day for the next five days they’ll be offering up some of their games for an absurd price. They’re starting off today with Cities in Motion; you can get the game and all its DLC (minus the new German Cities pack) for $10. You’ll want to check back every day for more stuff.

Meanwhile, the entire Paradox catalog is on sale, too, with the Paradox pack, which gets you an unfathomable number of items, running you a mere $100. And since that pack is on sale,at means ll the individual items are also on sale. My suggestion for utmost savings: buy what you want from the daily deals, and then on the last day of the sale buy whatever else you want.

Read: Pretty Good Paradox Steam Event Happening Now

Gamefront News: PS Vita Memory Cards are Stupidly Expensive

Look at this link.

That’s right — you can get an 8gb SD card for under $5. This stuff is cheap. Sony doesn’t want you to know that, though, because they’re going to be charging out the ass for their proprietary PS Vita memory cards.

The smallest possible card, the 4gb one, comes with a ¥2,200 ($29) price tag. The largest card, at 32gb, comes with a ¥9,500 ($123) price. That’s just about f–king nuts, and it gets even worse when you realize the Vita does not include a memory card. Hidden costs, indeed.

Read: PS Vita Memory Cards are Stupidly Expensive

Gamefront News: Rise of Nightmares Review

Rise of Nightmares
Platform: Xbox 360
Reviewed on Xbox 360
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Released: September 6, 2011
MSRP: $49.99

I’m pretty conflicted about Rise of Nightmares. On one hand, I want to commend Sega for trying really hard to make a compelling hardcore experience for Kinect. On the other hand, I want to condemn them for utterly failing to do so.

But it would be a shame to simply harp on what a s-t game Rise of Nightmares is, because experimentation is a good thing for the industry. So, Sega, props for trying something new.

OK, so Rise of Nightmares is Sega’s attempt to create to create a single-player, linear melee-oriented zombie game for Kinect. It makes sense as a concept; zombies are slow, and so they’ll be a forgiving enemy if players aren’t able to get a good handle on the “controls,” as it were. And the controls certainly aren’t easy for everyone to get. I figured them out fairly quickly, but a friend of mine played for over a half an hour and never managed to keep himself from walking straight into the walls over and over again.

And that’s because, as my friend said, “This s–t just isn’t very intuitive.” How it works sounds simple. You turn your shoulders to turn your character in the game, and you stick your foot forward to get him walking. When it’s time to open a door or something, you stick your hand out and move the Kinect cursor onto the door handle, and then make an opening-the-door motion. To hit somebody, you act like you’re hitting somebody.

For more click below

Read: Rise of Nightmares Review

Gamefront News: Rush To Watch The Buddy Rush – The Fifth Wave Trailer

Enjoy a taste of a new Buddy Rush chapter and new character named ‘Choppin’. So-named because he carries a gigantic cleaver which, as you’ll see in the trailer, is useful for taking out the likes of the Grim Reaper. Awesome. The only catch is that it’s a Facebook game. Otherwise, looks like fun!



Read: Rush To Watch The Buddy Rush – The Fifth Wave Trailer

Gamefront News: See 3D Models of Every Diablo 3 NPC

For die-hard Diablo fans, this Fall is going to be excruciating. Information and access is being doled out piecemeal. The friends and family beta has already begun, and the closed beta can’t be far behind, even if information out of it has already leaked.

There’s also a skill calculator, which will give expectant gamers a sneak peek at the abilities they’ll be deploying when the game finally comes out. Now DiabloWiki.com has done that one better, with their release of 3D models of every single NPC in the game. If you’re looking to spoil the surprise and terror that results from seeing the monster pictured above shambling towards you, or if you just can’t go another day without some Diablo 3 material to sink your teeth into, this link should set you straight.

Read: See 3D Models of Every Diablo 3 NPC

Gamefront News: Spider-Man: Edge of Time – Identity Crisis Pre-Order Trailer

And now, if the previous two suits weren’t enough, here’s a grand total of 4 new spidey suits to liven up your Spider-Man: Edge of Time game. Each one comes with different combat buffs like increased health or combat damage, and with the exception of the ridiculous Ricochet suit, look really cool.


Read: Spider-Man: Edge of Time – Identity Crisis Pre-Order Trailer

Gamefront News: Sony’s New Terms Of Service Attempts To Trick PS3 Owners Out Of Suing Them

If, like me, you logged onto PSN today, you probably noticed a requirement to once-again agree to Sony’s Terms of Service. That’s been an ongoing ritual for those of accustomed to the constant flailing about that began with their pathetic response to last spring’s epic hacking. You know, the one that compromised thousands of Sony customers’ information. Today’s update is a little more – what’s a word for something that is both sinister and ridiculous? – than previous updates. Their new TOS is a direct response to the ongoing class-action lawsuits brewing against them. It requires PSN customers to voluntarily forfeit their right to join any such suit. From the new terms:

Any Dispute Resolution Proceedings, whether in arbitration or court, will be conducted only on an individual basis and not in a class or representative action or as a named or unnamed member in a class, consolidated, representative or private attorney general action, unless both you and the Sony entity with which you have a dispute specifically agree to do so in writing following initiation of the arbitration

For More please click below.

Read: Sony’s New Terms Of Service Attempts To Trick PS3 Owners Out Of Suing Them

Gamefront News: Splatter Those Aliens in this Aliens: Infestation Trailer

Jim Sterling thinks you should give a damn about Aliens: Infestation. I don’t know if he’s right, but I do know that this trailer shows off some veritably old school side-scrolling shooter action, and I think that’s something gamers like, right? Nostalgia! Watch this trailer.


Read: Splatter Those Aliens in this Aliens: Infestation Trailer

Gamefront News: Team Ninja Reveals Dead or Alive 5

The fighting game revival continues, and Team Ninja is getting in on the action with Dead or Alive 5, the latest in the franchise with the best breast physics in gaming. Team Ninja made the announcement at the Team Ninja Unmask event at TGS in Shibuya.

We can expect the game in 2012. They provided little in the way of details on the game, but they did give us this poster:

Read: Team Ninja Reveals Dead or Alive 5

Gamefront News: The Best Video Card for RAGE

If you plan to upgrade your video card for the sole purpose of playing RAGE on PC — in order to play on the platform that will deliver the best experience — then you’re in luck. Now is a great time to find moderately-priced PC alternatives to the PS3 and Xbox 360. When these consoles first came out, it took a powerful — and expensive — gaming rig to match their graphics, but with our current console generation on its way to the retirement home, you no longer have to spend a fortune.

Of course, it takes more than just a video card to run a game smoothly — a low-end processor can bottleneck the performance of a high-end card — but for our purposes today, we’re considering the gamer who isn’t looking for a complete system overhaul.

RAGE is being built on iD Tech 5, a completely new engine, so we have no frame of reference, no benchmarks from other games built on that engine. However, we do know the engine was first demonstrated in 2007, that the PS3 and Xbox 360 can handle its graphics, and the RAGE system requirements provided by Bethesda:

Minimum: GeForce 8800, Radeon HD 4200

Recommended: GeForce 9800 GTX, ATI Radeon HD 5550

Working off that baseline, we’ll be using Newegg.com as a pricing point and select from what they have in stock.

We won’t bother with the minimum specs — we’re looking for a card that can comfortably run the game, not limp along at minimum graphical settings and 20 FPS. We also won’t recommend the most expensive video card you can find — this isn’t about finding the most powerful card on the market. This is about price efficiency. Most recently-released video cards will be able to run RAGE better than a console — we’re looking to get the best bang for your buck.

For More please click below.

Read: The Best Video Card for RAGE

Gamefront News: The PS Vita’s Battery Life is OK

One thing I really like about my iPad is that the damn thing can run for a long time. With regular use, I only have to charge the thing every couple days.

The PS Vita‘s batter isn’t as good as the iPad’s, but it’s a smaller device, so I guess that’s all right.

The newly released spec sheet for the PS Vita states that the handheld’s battery will last for 3-5 hours while playing a game while not online. It will last five hours while watching video. It will last nine hours while listening to music in standby mode.

It’s not ideal, I don’t think, but it sounds better than the 3DS.

Read: The PS Vita’s Battery Life is OK

Gamefront News: The PS Vita Will Have an External Battery Option

So the battery life on the PS Vita isn’t that great. It’s OK, but not great. And there are situations where you might need the thing for more than 3-5 hours at a time, like, say, on a long flight across the ocean. What’s a bro to do in that situation? Well, he should pick up the “external battery” that Yoshida-san says we’ll be able to buy when the PS Vita’s meteor-like frame blows up store shelves.

Yoshida tells IGN that the external battery was announced along with all the other peripherals this week, but I don’t think that’s true, unless this battery is the “portable charger” the spec sheet refers to.

Whatever. Yoshida says it, and it is so.

Read: The PS Vita Will Have an External Battery Option

Gamefront News: This is What Super Mario 3D Land Looks Like in 2D (TRAILER)

Super Mario 3D Land! That’s like a legit game for the 3DS, right? Right. I think. Or maybe you don’t think so. If that’s the case, you should definitely check out this trailer for the game to find out for sure. And if you do think it’s a legit game, you, too, should watch this trailer, maybe for validation. And so here’s the trailer:


Read: This is What Super Mario 3D Land Looks Like in 2D (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Xbox TV Is Coming This Year

Steve Ballmer this week reminded us all that Microsoft is still gearing up its own TV service, telling us that the thing will be ready to go by Christmas. Oops, I should have started off this post with a “Good news, everyone!” Oh well.

BAllmer thinks the thing that will seXbox set Xbox TV apart is Kinect’s voice control, which in conjunction with Bing (why Bing is involved in this I don’t know) will make it so you can watch whatever you want simply by yelling at the TV. And, we’ll admit, that is awesome; I love yelling at my TV with Netflix, although it does tend to not be able to hear me when a video is actually playing. But that’s OK!

Read: Xbox TV Is Coming This Year

Gamefront News: You Can Take Game Screenshots With the PS Vita?

Japanese games rage Gemaga say the press kit for the PS Vita handed out at TGS tells us that the handheld will feature the ability for players to take screenshots of games whenever you want. This sounds like a great little feature, especially for folks like me in the “press,” but I wonder how it would work. Does the Vita have a screenshot button we don’t know about? It could be that Gemaga is mistaken, but I don’t really want to be that guy.

Read: You Can Take Game Screenshots With the PS Vita?

Gamefront News: Watch the Max Payne 3 Trailer RIGHT NOW DAMN IT

ohmygodohmygodohmygod it’s the new Max Payne 3 trailer.

The weird thing about this trailer to me is that it seems to indicate the game has cutscenes. Maybe that’s not the case, but that’s what it looks like. Anyway, the trailer:

27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" alt="EMBED-Max Payne 3 Official 2011 Debut Trailer free videos">
EMBED-Max Payne 3 Official 2011 Debut Trailer - Watch more free videos

Read: Watch the Max Payne 3 Trailer RIGHT NOW DAMN IT


Battlefield 2: World at War FH2 Campaign XXIV: Folgore vs Thunderbirds

Have you ever felt like being part of something bigger when playing Forgotten Hope 2? Tired of playing random maps with random players on public servers without any teamwork or coordination?
You wish players would work together and coordinate with armor and air assets? You hope FH2 could be played as it was meant to be played - as an organized team?

You're in luck! The World at War Tournament has just opened signups for its 24th campaign of organized, coordinated and teamwork based FH2 combat.
Sign up to the Italian 67ª Divisione paracadutisti "Folgore" or the US 68th Infantry Division "Thunderbird" and become part of a real team with players from across the world who love teamwork, just like you.
Fight and train alongside your buddies every week using TeamSpeak 3, custom WaW equipment and gameplay features such as great naval combat, new aircraft, weapons, vehicles, and many different custom maps.
All this without the obligations of a clan!

How WaW24 can offer you a fun end exciting teamwork experience
  • Epic 64-player 11-hour battles every Saturday. Fight when you want, for as long or as little as you want.
  • Start as a new recruit and work your way up the historical ranks to fight and lead as an NCO or even an officer.
  • Join a company suited to your favourite role: infantry, armour or air force
  • Be rewarded with authentic medals and badges through skill, dedication and teamwork on the battlefield and training.
  • Communicate and coordinate with your buddies using Teamspeak 3 and diverse strategies and tactics.
  • Do your bit for your army! Contribute to each battle and to overall victory. Achieve something together.
  • Custom equipment and gameplay features: amazing naval combat, improved air combat with, deployable defensive objects and more
  • WaW Minimod (FH2 compatible): with a wide range of new equipment: motorbikes, Möbelwagen, M18 Recoilless Rifle, Gewehr 41
  • Custom maps: Take part in organized battles on great maps such as Garigliano Crossing, Defiant City, In the Hell of Bocage
  • It's completely free and it's a lot of fun! You're gaming life will never be the same again after playing FH2 as it's meant to be played.

The World at War Tournament has been providing some of the best organized gameplay on the battlefield platform for over 8 years with a mixed community from across the globe. Friendly and welcoming, our members make it easy to integrate into a team without the obligations of a clan. Experience camaraderie seldom found in online gaming and an atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more for years to come!

World at War - Forgotten Hope 2 Tournament
Read: World at War FH2 Campaign XXIV: Folgore vs Thunderbirds

Elite Force: XBLA's Most Wanted: Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (feature)
I just wanted to pass this along. Our site, XBLAFans, has a weekly feature where we talk about a classic game we'd like to see on Xbox Live Arcade. Recently we featured Elite Force 1, and plan to feature EF2 in the future.


Steve Melton
Managing Editor, XBLAFans.com

Read: XBLA's Most Wanted: Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (feature)
More Elite Force News: FileFront's Elite Force Files

Elite Force: EFReview Special - EF at 11
Elite Force Review

Our Elite Force at 11 Celebration is now live on our website.

Elite Force Review

Join us as we celebrate Elite Force's 11th birthday with a look back over the past 11 years including the recent development of RPG-XCE. Also featuring special guests Pie from the RPG-XCE project & TiM Oliver from Ubergames plus a sneak peak at a selection of new projects for Elite Force I & II.

Elite Force Review
Elite Force Review
Elite Force Review
Elite Force Review

Find Us Here ToO

Elite Force Review Elite Force Review Elite Force Review

Read: EFReview Special - EF at 11
More Elite Force News: FileFront's Elite Force Files

Jedi Knight III: Only one Month left of the JKFiles August/September Mapping Contest!

Well our mapping contest is just a little over half way through now, so I hope everyone who decided to enter is working feverishly on their maps! Of course if you are a quick mapper and still fancy giving it a go in the time left, be sure to check out the Contest Rules here.

Due to the fact that I will be away for a week or so at the end of September the contest will end after I get back, I will put up a poll so you can decide the exact date that it should end, in case any of you need some more time (though two months is quite a while!).

I hope to see all of your entries soon! big grin

JKFiles Manager
Read: Only one Month left of the JKFiles August/September Mapping Contest!
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More Battlefield 2 News: FileFront's Battlefield 2 Files

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