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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 40 (week 40, 2011) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 10-11-2011 @ 14:06
This News Item has been viewed 203,361 times

Here it is the 40th version of the Weekly Gamefront Network News Update, the news part of the update covers the news side of the Network and the Gamefront Main site over the past week. There has been a fair bit of news from the Main site including a lot of trailers, reviews, previews and a lot more. This week there are lots of trailers, as well as reviews and more. This week brings lots of news from Battlefield 3 as well as the Football Manager 2012 (soccer to those in the US smile ), as well as Lots more news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ).

Also If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further). Also I apologise for the lack of an update last few week unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make one due to personal reasons as well as moving and all the fun that brings!.

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RAR Files
I've notied that this keeps coming up on the network sites in the download comments a lot, and thought that it would be a good idea to mention this again this week, I'm sure most of you know this by now (I hope but just incase), although these also open up certain other files too! It seems that a lot of people don't know what a "RAR" or "7z" file are, these are files similar to that of a ZIP file in that they are also compressed files. To open these types of files all you need is something Like WinRar which can be found here or 7Zip which can also be found here. The latter of these two is completely free and will open most of the compressed files that you find (including RAR but won't be able to make those).


Continuing on from a couple weeks ago with our From the Forums feature which is a small look at our own very active forums and to show that there is a lot more to the network sites than just the network sites. The very active forums cover all of the games from the network and of course lots more you can look at and even join in with the friendly staff and community - Here. This week there are two links which cover some of the active threads on the forums

This weeks Top Threads

1. Join Granyaski and others in a discussion about experiences with various drugs and whether it is ok to experiment with dangerous substances.

2. Share your thoughts on the late Apple visionary Steve Jobs in this thread.


Gamefront News: adidas Reveals Need for Speed: The Run Shoes for Real Life

So apparently our guy Jack in Need for Speed: The Run will be wearing a special pair of adidas. And apparently you’re about to be able to buy this pair of adidas. And they’re pretty cool, too, as you can see in the picture there. These limited edition Top X shoes will only be available at the Chicago, San Francisco and New York adidas Originals stores. 50 Pairs will be available in Chicago on October 10, 50 pairs will be available in San Francisco on October 22, and there’ll be an event in New York to celebrate the game’s launch on November 15, and I assume some number of pairs of the shoes will be available there as well (the press release doesn’t say).

Man, I kinda want these shoes.

Read: adidas Reveals Need for Speed: The Run Shoes for Real Life

Gamefront News: AMD Release Another Set of Rage-Oriented Drivers

AMD released some updated Catalyst drivers for Rage on Tuesday afternoon, and today they’re at it again, released a set of Catalyst drivers intended to improve performance in both Rage and the Battlefield 3 beta. You can get them here. Here are the release notes on the new driver:

Improves performance in Battlefield 3 Open Beta release for both non-Anti-Aliasing and application enabled Anti-Aliasing cases on the AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 and AMD Radeon HD 5000 series for single GPU configurations.
Improves performance in Battlefield 3 Open Beta release for both non-Anti-Aliasing and application enabled Anti-Aliasing cases on AMD CrossFire™ configurations using the AMD Radeon HD 6000 and AMD Radeon HD 5000 series of products.
Improves performance in Rage on single GPU and AMD CrossFire configurations using the AMD Radeon HD 6000, AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series and AMD Radeon HD 4000 series of products.
Resolves intermittent crashing seen loading levels in Rage
Resolves flickering of NPCs in Rage
Enables automatic Vsync for Rage
Enables support for AMD Eyefinity 5×1 display (portrait and landscape) configurations using the AMD Radeon HD 6000 and AMD Radeon HD 5000 series of products.
AMD Vision Engine Control Center: User Interface enhancements have been implemented for the AMD CrossfireX™, GPU AMD Overdrive™ and Information Center pages.

Read: AMD Release Another Set of Rage-Oriented Drivers

Gamefront News: Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: A Multiplayer Comparison

In a world where one military shooter reigns supreme, a rival upstart and its zealous cult followers hope to topple its rule.

Slightly less dramatic but no less ridiculous is the on-going battle for dominance in the multiplayer shooter market. The contenders: Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, fighting under the banner of Activision and the current leader with a million gajillion active players on every platform. The challenger: DICE’s Battlefield 3, under the Electronic Arts banner, and a seasoned (though PC-centric) warrior in its own right.

With Battlefield 3′s open multiplayer beta available on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 last week, just about everyone interested in the knock-down drag-out battle between the two titles has seen what the challenger has to offer. And we’ve had the pleasure of putting the current champ through its paces, first at E3 2011, then at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, and finally in its full glory at Call of Duty XP.

So now that we’ve seen MW3 and BF3 in action, how do the two compare? Without passing judgment (there will be time enough for that once both games are available for their real-deal retail releases in the next two months), we’re stacking up Battlefield and Modern Warfare, to see how they’re different — and how they’re the same.

For more please click below

Read: Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: A Multiplayer Comparison

Gamefront News: Battlefield 3 Gets M Rating For Killin’ Cops

The ESRB has rated Battlefield 3, and it’s an M, which will surprise no one. But maybe it’ll surprise you to learn that you get to shoot cops in the game? From the rating description:

Players shoot police officers to complete a mission objective.

Eurogamer asked EA about this, and they responded with this hilarious message:

I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation. For God’s sake, there is a nuke in Paris! Millions of lives are at stake!!

Interesting moral gray area there. Here’s the full ratings description:

This is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of a U.S. Marine soldier who is on trial for treason. Players engage in fictitious military conflicts as the soldier’s story is told from a variety of perspectives (e.g., fighter pilots, tank commanders, Special Forces operatives).

Players use sniper rifles, machines guns, grenades, and rocket launchers to kill enemy soldiers in frenetic firefights. The frequent combat is highlighted by realistic gunfire and large explosions; characters sometimes scream and emit large splashes of blood when shot. Players can also engage in hand-to-hand combat: repeatedly punching enemies in the face; stabbing soldiers to death with knives.In one sequence, a restrained character’s throat is slit (off-screen); in another, players shoot police officers to complete a mission objective.

The words “f**k” and “sh*t” can be heard frequently in the dialogue.

Read: Battlefield 3 Gets M Rating For Killin’ Cops

Gamefront News: Battlefield 3 Will Have Higher Res Textures on 360 If You Install Discs

DICE’s Patrick Liu has told Gamerzines that if you intall the Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 discs to your hard drive, you’ll get to see higher res textures than you would if you didn’t.

I think Rage did it as well, where you can install content to stream higher res textures.

We’re pushing that technology to the limit, and compared to our competitors, I would argue that we’re the best looking game.

How nice of you to say that about your own game. You’re probably right, though, given the massive monster PC that will be required to run the game at max settings. So I won’t ding you too much for tooting your own horn, as it were.

Read: Battlefield 3 Will Have Higher Res Textures on 360 If You Install Discs

Gamefront News: Battlefield 3 Beta Gets Caspian Border This Weekend

Don’t lie. You’ve been running around Operation Metro in the Battlefield 3 beta every night this week. I know you have, because I’ve seen you out there. If you were getting a little tired of playing the same map over and over again, this announcement is going to make your day (and plan your weekend).

DICE announced today that they need to do some server load testing for 64 player matches this weekend before the beta comes to an end. As such, they’re going to unlock the Caspian Border map for play testing. According to a post on the Battlelog forums,

The Caspian Border servers will be available for all PC players to join. Caspian Border will be available starting Friday, October 7, in the afternoon (CET)

DICE also pointed out that the map would only be available in the PC version of the map for two reasons. First, they’re testing 64 player servers, which are not available on consoles. Second, the build of the beta available to console players does not contain the Caspian Border map. It’s not a matter of one platform being better than another.

Read: Battlefield 3 Beta Gets Caspian Border This Weekend

Gamefront News: Battlefield 3 Beta PS3 vs. PC Comparison

There is a war between consoles and the PC. I think the PC is winning, generally (Rage aside) but it’s a good idea to check up on things to make sure all is going as it should. Toward that end, we took a look at both the PC and PS3 versions of the Battlefield 3 beta to see how they stack up against each other. I think y’all will like what I have to say.

If I had to guess, I would say that neither version of the game is running at the graphical state it will be on release, but even so there’s a noticeable difference between the two versions. On PC, the beta looks quite good on the max allowable settings, if not as good as you would hope, and the PS3 version definitely does not meet even the lowered PC standard. The environments in Metro, particularly outdoors, are filled with aliasing on PS3, and everything just didn’t quite look as sharp. Part of that may be because I was running it at 1920×1080 on PC while the game runs at 720p on consoles, but I think the difference in processing power is obvious. The graphical differences aren’t quite this, but they are apparent. For the record, I played both versions on the same 46-inch television.

Graphical differences aside, I felt like the game played differently between the two platforms as well. On PC I regularly got my ass kicked; I felt like I often barely knew what was going on before I got shot to death. The PC version, as you would expect given the elite nature of the gamers involved, is very unforgiving.

On PS3 it was obviously more accessible, though still not as accessible as Call of Duty. Part of that could be that I had already played a bunch of matches on PC and had caught up to speed by the time I booted up the PS3 version, but I’m inclined to think that’s not the case since even after several matches on PC I wasn’t doing well. On PS3 my kill/death ration jumped from about .25 to about .5, and I can’t help but attribute that to the switch in platforms. It’s difficult to pin down exactly what the difference is there, but I have to think a big part of it is that the hardest of the hardcore are playing on PC. On PS3 I definitely found myself getting my sights on more guys, and usually when I went down I knew where the shots were coming from.

Read: Battlefield 3 Beta PS3 vs. PC Comparison

Gamefront News: Bethesda Promises Rage Patch That Allows More Graphical Options

Rage on PC is suffering from all sorts of bad things (The screenshot above shows you what kind of textures I’m dealing with, despite having a high-end machine), and while AMD has made updated drivers available, they haven’t solved all the problems. And so the Bethblog is now saying that an update for the game is forthcoming, and that said update will “allow you to more easily make configuration changes.” They promise they’ll tell us more about that shortly. I guarantee it won’t be fast enough for those of us encountering issues, however.

We’ll be publishing our evaluation of the PC version of the game shortly as well.

Read: Bethesda Promises Rage Patch That Allows More Graphical Options

Gamefront News: BioWare Confirms Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

I got out all my righteous indignation about Mass Effect 3‘s confirmed multiplayer mode this morning, so I won’t repeat my angst here. Except to say that this is really lame and that they should have focused on making the single-player as good as it could be since literally no one will care about the multiplayer in this game.

Anyway. BioWare tweeted a confirmation of today’s report that Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer:

There will be a multiplayer component for #ME3. Full details soon, so wait until then before making your decision. We think you’ll like it!

OK, so they think we’ll like it.

They aren’t providing any details right now because the new multiplayer will be featured in some magazines, including OXM, next month, and they want to help those magazines sell. I guess I’ll reserve judgment. Wait, it’s kind of too late for that, I guess. But I reserve the right to change my mind, though.

Oh, and who doesn’t think this was EA’s idea?

Read: BioWare Confirms Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Gamefront News: CCP Says Dust 514 Will Be “The Biggest Multiplayer FPS”

Dust 514 executive producer Brandon Laurino is starting up the hype machine for for the EVE FPS tie-in Dust 514 over on the PlayStation Blog.

Right off the bat, we have literally thousands of in-game items built into the system; likewise, in terms of scale, you’re looking at a conflict taking place across thousands of planets, so we’re not just talking a dozen maps — we’re talking an entire universe of planets and areas of engagement within them.

In terms of scale, depth and volume of content, Dust 514 will easily be the biggest multiplayer FPS on the market – also by virtue of being an MMOFPS, not just an FPS.

So, yeah, sounds pretty darn big. Of course, there aren’t actually thousands of maps, so…

Read: CCP Says Dust 514 Will Be “The Biggest Multiplayer FPS”

Gamefront News: Carmack: “We do not see the PC as the leading platform for games”

John Carmack, id Software’s founder and chief technological officer, isn’t really as interested in the PC as a platform anymore.

At least, that’s the rather huge implication of a quote he gave to Kotaku following the massive, horrific debacle that has been the release of id’s latest first-person shooter, RAGE, on the PC. Here’s a quote from that interview:

We do not see the PC as the leading platform for games. That statement will enrage some people, but it is hard to characterize it otherwise; both console versions will have larger audiences than the PC version.

Carmack goes on to discuss the fact that while PCs are 10 times as powerful as consoles today, it’ll create “an inferior product” to expend “a tenth of the resources on a platform that’s 10 times as powerful.” So it makes more sense, he reasons, to develop for the lowest common denominator — the consoles — and focus on the effort of the development team in working on making the game fun. Instead of worrying about technology, he says, developing for consoles allows id to focus on gameplay, while the PC versions of games can be incrementally better. Developing primarily for PCs, on the other hand, makes for much weaker console games.

But while the audience for PC games isn’t as large as consoles in Carmack’s view, at E3 2011, the developer noted that the PC platform is “an order of magnitude” more powerful than consoles. During an interview with CVG, Carmack noted the power of the PC platform and said that developing RAGE for consoles and porting it to PC had been a mistake.

For more click below

Read: Carmack: “We do not see the PC as the leading platform for games”

Gamefront News: Comment of the Week: I Don’t Know Much About Astronomy

This week I shared with all of you the galaxy map for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I thought it was weird that some regions of space were in the same place that they would be in a map made 1000 years later. But MrFlibble set me straight.

The milky way galaxy takes about 200 million years to make one complete rotation, so a time period that seems like a long time to us, say 1,000 years, would actually allow for almost zero rotation in the cycle of a galaxy.

For example, a 1 degree rotation of our galaxy would take 555,555.55 years, so 1,000 years would only produce about 1/500th of a degree rotation in a galaxy.

Excellent work, MrFlibble. You da man.

Read: Comment of the Week: I Don’t Know Much About Astronomy

Gamefront News: Dark Souls Accessing the Painted World of Ariamis

Dark Souls is full of secrets, that much is clear, but what isn’t clear is how to access some of the hidden areas. It’s hard enough just surviving, but discovering the special items you need to access this ghostly optional can be a real nightmare. Keep scrolling to find a vast new area that’s definately worth exploring. If you need help making your way through hellish gameplay of Dark Souls, check out our video and text walkthrough, and we all know you need the help. For more extra content or special articles we provide, check out the cheats page where everything unique is collected.

The Painted World of Ariamis

To enter the Painted World of Ariamis, you’ll first need to reach the enormous painting on the ground floor of the giant cathedral in Anor Londo. Getting here is trouble enough, as you’ll have to deal with a large group of Painting Guardians.
Examining the painting will have no result without a very unique item. Before reaching Anor Londo, you’ll need to return to the Undead Asylum — where you first started Dark Souls.
Getting back to the Undead Asylum isn’t easy, and it is changed since your original escape. To get to the Undead Asylum, you’ll need to access the elevator shortcut between the Firelink Shrine and the Undead Parish. While riding the elevator up from the Shrine to the Parish, there is an open view you can step forward into, reaching a high area not normally reached in the Shrine.

Read: Dark Souls Accessing the Painted World of Ariamis

Gamefront News: Downloaded PS Vita Games Will Be Cheaper Than Boxed Copies

What’s always sucked about digital distribution for retail console titles is that the digital copies tend to either cost the same or more than boxed copies. Sony is looking to change that, at least in Japan, as they’ve priced Uncharted: Golden Abyss at ¥4,900 for a digital copy and ¥5,980 for a retail copy.

Hopefully, that’s something that will carry over to Western markets, so we can feel less bad about paying out the ass for memory cards. Because I’m all about digital, but I’m none about expensive memory cards.

Read: Downloaded PS Vita Games Will Be Cheaper Than Boxed Copies

Gamefront News: Dragon Age 2 Mark of the Assassin DLC Features Felicia Day as Tallis

Afterfall: Insanity. Hmmmm. Looks to me like yet another zombie plague outbreak to me. Can I just sleep through this one HOLY CRAP DEMONS ON FIRE! AXE HANDLE BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA KIND OF THUGGIN! DARK ROOMS! Wow, this game should be called Resident Dead Space: Mech Effect because damn.

You heard right. Everyone’s favorite nerdy girl from The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog will voice the newest addition to the cast of Dragon Age 2. Apparently Felicia Day took a little time out of her busy schedule of not answering my letters to voice Tallis in the Mark of the Assassin DLC.

In Mark of the Assassin, Hawke meets Tallis and becomes intrigued by her incredibly dangerous plan. Her goal is to steal an extremely valuable jewel called “The Heart of the Many” from a heavily guarded fortress. But could it be a trap? Yes. Yes, it is. There will be new monsters, new gear and new enemies trying to stop you. There’s even a mountable dragon!

Read: Dragon Age 2 Mark of the Assassin DLC Features Felicia Day as Tallis

Gamefront News: EA and Valve Reportedly Trying to Get Battlefield 3 on Steam

Ever since I heard that Battlefield 3 wasn’t coming to Steam, I couldn’t get my head around that decision. I understood that EA was trying to push Origin, but I couldn’t understand why they’d ignore the massive user base that Steam has amassed. Now, it looks like BF3 may end up on Steam after all.

According to a report on BF3Blog, EA and Valve are in late-stage negotiations to get BF3 on Steam. If this report is true, DICE’s new shooter would hit Steam just in time for its release on October 25. The sticking point, as it has been for sometime, is the sale of DLC content direct to the user, rather than through Steam.

I know a number of you have been very vocal in your desire for BF3 to com to Valve’s service. Many gamers have even stated that they would not buy the game if it was an Origin exclusive. For those folks, this will be welcome news indeed. Obviously, this is all still speculation. If we can confirm any of it, we will, and we’ll update accordingly when we do.
Read: EA and Valve Reportedly Trying to Get Battlefield 3 on Steam

Gamefront News: Forza 4: The Launch Trailer

This launch trailer for Forza 4 isn’t quite spectacular, but it is poetic and sums of the game quite well: it’s a bastion of automotive lust. Excellent. It certainly is that.


Read: Forza 4: The Launch Trailer

Gamefront News: F2P Of The Day: CrimeCraft: Bleedout

It might be a sign of the times or maybe it’s just time, but CrimeCraft: Bleedout continues a building trend of games that seem to deal with the precarious state of things head-on. Taking a bleak look at our economic reality and the fact that everyone is terrified they’re about to lose everything at any moment, it offers a novel resolution to our shared anxieties:

Kill them with extreme player on player violence.

Oh, you thought I was talking about a philosophical, talky procedural? I suppose the name might have fooled you. When I first encountered the name “CrimeCraft”, I also expected it to be a thriller along the lines of L.A. Noire. What I found instead is a brutal 3rd person shooter that conceptually is 50% Grand Theft Auto, 50% The Grapes Of Wrath and another 50% HEY STOP KILLING ME SO QUICKLY. Yes, it’s fun and yes, it’s free. But while I liked it, I didn’t love it. Mainly because it tries to split the difference between a MMORPG and a shooter and doesn’t quite succeed.

Originally just called CrimeCraft, CrimeCraft Bleedout takes place in the persistent world setting of Sunrise City, a giant metropolis that has recently been devastated by the total collapse of the worldwide economy in the wake of depleted oil. Gangs have now replaced governments and players are essentially fighting over the scraps of a ruined world, starting out as a low level hood for hire but advancing by taking jobs like hits, stealing or capturing stolen goods (really just dressed up fetch quests) or escort missions. If that setting sounds familiar, it’s probably because THQ’s Saints Row series could serve as a prequel.

For more please click below

Read: F2P Of The Day: CrimeCraft: Bleedout

Gamefront News: Football Manager 2012 Demo Out Now

Just wanted to let all you folks know that the Football Manager 2012 demo is now available over on Steam on either PC or Mac, and as soon as you can download that 2.7gb of pure footballing info you’ll be well on your way to bliss. And the even better news is that you can carry over all your data in the demo into the full game when you get it in a couple weeks’ time.

How exciting!

Read: PSA: Football Manager 2012 Demo Out Now

Gamefront News: Get Your First Look at Max Payne 3 At New York Comic Con

Are you in New York or heading to the NYCC? If so, you’re going to want to swing by the Rockstar booth (1604), where you’ll be able to get a look at a Max Payne 3 gameplay demo right there in the big hall. That’s going to be the place to be, I think, since everybody wants to see how this thing looks in action, especially considering how much of a departure it looks to be from the previous games in the series.

So now you know where to go.

Read: Get Your First Look at Max Payne 3 At New York Comic Con

Gamefront News: Gird Your Loins For Love: Leisure Suit Larry Might Be Back?

Collect yourself, people who remember 80s computer games, and prepare to be happy-ized. EGM is reporting that Replay Games has acquired the rights to the venerable Leisure Suit Larry franchise, and they’re planning to bring the original games back as well as bestow upon us entirely new installments. What? Really? Under the agreement, and HD remake of the original game will drop next year. If it’s successful, HD remakes of the rest of the original series will follow, and then, hopefully, all new adventures starring the perpetually unlucky-in-love Larry’s quest to get some action.

I admit I don’t know how I feel about this. Now, when I was much much younger guy, like 11, the Leisure Suit Larry games made me lol like crazy. Granted, I didn’t expect as much from my computer then, and I had yet to actually kiss a girl. But still, they were for their day pretty great. I am not among those who thinks the series got better however. The humor, centered as it was around a loser stuck in the 70s who can’t get laid, is very rooted in the 80s and did not age well. Especially Box Office Bust. Furthermore, modern games go way, way, way farther than LLL could ever have dreamed. Still, it’s possible I might find they hold up better than I think if I play an HD remake. I’ll certainly be checking it out when the first one is re-released.

Read: Gird Your Loins For Love: Leisure Suit Larry Might Be Back?

Gamefront News: Gotham City Imposters Gets a Weird Animated Trailer

For me, the jury’s still out on Gotham City Imposters. Last time we got a trailer, it showed off some of its strange gameplay and concept — a group of half-assed vigilantes playing at being Batman and the Joker, mostly, and they’re at war with one another.

But as this new trailer suggests, in a Wyle E. Coyote kind of way, that these guys go about their day jobs and don’t know that the person who murders you could be your neighbor. Gotta say, I think I like the way Warner Bros. is treating this concept — which is to say, with a goofy tongue-in-cheek attitude.


Read: Gotham City Imposters Gets a Weird Animated Trailer

Gamefront News: GSC May or May Not Be Using Always-On DRM for STALKER 2

OK, so according to an interview with GSC’s Sergey Grigorovich over at KP, STALKER 2 will use always-on DRM. The quote:

Part of the content will be located on the server and downloaded as the game progresses. Permanent internet access is required. Text information, code and quests will be loaded through that connection. Software piracy is an issue for us, we try to fight it, but within reason.

That sounds pretty definitive, right? Well, apparently it isn’t definitive, because here is a GSC statement given to RPS:

The idea of implementing DRM came in as a possible anti-piracy solution. You know the severe level of commercial piracy we have here in ex-USSR region. This said however, there is no firm decision to go for DRM with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 as of now. Be assured, we do realize how uncomfortable this solution is for the players, so we’ll continue looking for most effective, yet acceptable for all, way of protecting the game by the time of its release.

So, yeah, that’s weird. That’s what you call “backtracking.”

Read: GSC May or May Not Be Using Always-On DRM for STALKER 2

Gamefront News: Here Are Your Mass Effect 3 Co-op Details

OK, so now that folks have spilled the beans that the new multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3 is co-op, BioWare has just come out and given us all the details on it. Here is the s–t, straight from the keyboard of Chris Priestly, with my analysis to follow:

4 player co-op multiplayer

Join your friends in the all-out galactic war to take Earth back. The universe of Mass Effect expands with the addition of new co-op multiplayer missions, playable over Xbox Live, PSN and PC internet. Players can choose from a variety of classes and races, form an elite Special Forces squad, and combine their weapons, powers and abilities to devastating effect as they fight together to liberate key territories from enemy control. Success in multi-player will have a direct impact on the outcome of the single player campaign, giving players an alternative method of achieving ultimate victory against the greatest threat mankind – and the entire galaxy – has ever faced.

Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War

As a bonus to the campaign, BioWare is introducing the Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War system, a new way for players to manage and experience the galactic war from multiple fronts, including a new 4-player co-op mode. The key to saving the galaxy is the “Galactic Readiness” level, measured by Commander Shepard’s ability to apply every possible asset – people, weapons, resources, armies, fleets – in the final battle against the Reapers. Players can impact their game’s Galactic Readiness level in multiple ways via the Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War system, including multiplayer. Other platforms and interfaces will be announced in the coming months. It is important to note that the system is entirely optional and just another way players can have control over your game experience – it is still possible to achieve the optimal, complete ending of the game in Mass Effect 3 through single-player alone.

For more please click below

Read: Here Are Your Mass Effect 3 Co-op Details

Gamefront News: How Does the Bounty Hunter Stack Up Against the Jedi Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic? (VIDEO)

Two of the tougher classes from the two factions of Star Wars: The Old Republic are the Republic’s Jedi Knight and the Empire’s Bounty Hunter. Can a Bounty Hunter take a Jedi head-on? If you ask the devs at BioWare, it sounds like that’s a resounding “yes.” Unless you’re on the team that works on the Jedi, that is.

Check out the trailer below, in which the guys creating SWTOR talk about these two powerful classes, and what the characters who inhabit them are like. You’ll also get some insights into what you might be like when you step into the world of The Old Republic


Read: How Does the Bounty Hunter Stack Up Against the Jedi Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic? (VIDEO)

Gamefront News: How EA’s Origin Can Save Itself

The release of the Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta on PC has come with some pretty much universal disdain for the big orange “O” representing Electronic Arts’ new online game service, Origin. And so far, the criticism is probably well-deserved.

Origin represents the quiet but diligent progress of the video game industry toward becoming something that players, almost universally, don’t like. It’s another online account; it’s another system through which you have to buy your games. It’s more software that allows a corporation to track what you buy so it can more efficiently sell you things, and it’s another way in which the video games industry keeps tabs on you, tells you what you can and cannot do with games you purchase. It’s another sullen gatekeeper among an ever-increasing number of gatekeepers, all of whom are making gaming less convenient and less private. And none of these gatekeepers ever seem to have the actual gameplay experience in mind as they erect their walls against resale and piracy.

Gamers feel mishandled by the corporate system, and Origin makes an easy target for that ire. It’s logo even looks vaguely like a bulls-eye.

Read: How EA’s Origin Can Save Itself

Gamefront News: Leaked Skyrim Manual Reveals New Brawl Feature and More

Someone got their hands on a Skyrim manual, photographed almost every page and posted it to the interwebs. This is clearly out of line, there’s no way we can condone this kind of… hey look, Brawling!

It appears that Skyrim will allow players to beat information out of NPC’s who refuse to cooperate. The concept is simple, best an NPC in unarmed combat at they squeal like a piggy. I like this option because I often find myself needing information but I am also greedy, hence bribery is out of the question. There’s also a bunch of other Skyrim tidbits scattered throughout the manual, here’s a link to the whole thing. The manual doesn’t include pics of the map, but we’ve got that too. We hope these scraps can tide you over until the game’s release on November 11th.

Read: Leaked Skyrim Manual Reveals New Brawl Feature and More

Gamefront News: Like Geometry Wars? Check Out the Demo for Waves

A fast techno soundtrack, simple gameplay and hundreds of evil colored shapes trying to destroy you. There’s something endlessly enjoyable about vibrant top-down twin-stick shooters in the vein of the popular Geometry Wars, and upcoming indie title Waves scratches exactly that itch.

We’ve got the demo for Waves right here, so check it out. It comes packed with about three minutes of the game’s infinite-life high score mode, in which you’ll kill as much stuff as possible in your circular arena of orb death.

The game’s due out soon, and will be available on Steam as well as straight from Squid in a Box. Get it from the developer and it comes free of DRM — more info is available on the official Waves website.

There is no guarantee that this will happen, as this is merely a possibility. And I would guess that this is the best-case scenario for UMD owners. So don’t hope for anything better than this.

Read: Like Geometry Wars? Check Out the Demo for Waves

Gamefront News: Lord of the Rings Online Announces the Mithril Edition

If you’ve been debating trying out Lord of the Rings Online but haven’t taken the plunge yet, Turbine has a new deal that might entice you. They’re introducing a retail version of the game that you can pick up in stores for just $29.99.

“But LotRO is free to play,” you say. Yes, it is. What you get in the retail box isn’t a subscription. It’s the game discs, a keyboard map, an exclusive in-game mount, 2,000 Turbine Points, and some bonus quests. You won’t get every quest pack in the game, but you will get the Path of the Fellowship quests in the Trollshaws, Eregion, Mines of Moria, and Lothlórien. It’s a pretty good deal, considering that 2500 Turbine Points normally costs you $28.99.

If you’re looking for a free-to-play game, or just want to grab the exclusive mount and Turbine points, head over to the official LotRO site for more info.

Read: Lord of the Rings Online Announces the Mithril Edition

Gamefront News: Mass Effect 3′s Multiplayer is Co-op

Well, maybe I’ll be less critical of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer now that we know it’s co-op rather than deathmatch or something.

This word that the multiplayer is co-op comes from the Twitter feed of BioWare’s Ben Cummings:

Happy to see we’ve finally confirmed co-op multiplayer missions in ME3. I know it’s a touchy subject, but I hope people give it a chance.

I guess he didn’t get the memo that they were supposed to keep this quiet in order to sell magazines. But it’s a good thing he didn’t, because now I’m less angsty, because co-op could theoretically be cool. In theory. We’ll have to wait and see how it’s integrated before passing judgment.

Whew. I’m kinda calm about this now. Deep breaths.

Read: Mass Effect 3′s Multiplayer is Co-op

Gamefront News: Need For Speed: The Run Goes to the Edge (TRAILER)

OK, EA, we get it. Cars drive fast, extreme things happen. Extreeeeme things. In this trailer, a couple cars race down a winding highway right next to some crazy cliffs, and it’s cool. Except it’s cinematic, and thus not representative of the experience that will be in the final game. So come on, EA, give use a real gameplay trailer soon. Trust your game.


Read: Need For Speed: The Run Goes to the Edge (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: New Hitman Absolution Trailer

Looking decidedly less stealthy than I remember, Agent 47 is back and taking on a building full of cops that are looking for him. Fans of the silent kill need not worry though, as Eidos has confirmed that stealth will still be the number one priority in Hitman Absolution. According to an Eidos press release, this game will focus much more on Agent 47′s character than previous games. I’m excited about this one, with all the FPS games coming out lately it’s nice to see a good ole’ fashioned stealth game in the works.

Read: New Hitman Absolution Trailer

Gamefront News: People Can Fly Has Decided Bulletstorm’s Profanity Was A Little Much

True story: I slipped a stupid hidden joke into the quotes under my senior year high school yearbook photo. At the time I snickered about how clever I was and how square small town Oklahoma can be, but now realize that I have a stupid joke in my yearbook for the rest of time. Alas, there’s nothing I can do about it. It isn’t like I’ll be doing another tour in High School. On the other hand, game developers often get the chance to make a sequel, and that gives them a chance to reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and possibly change things up. The only thing you want to watch out for is fixing things that aren’t broken in the first place. Like, for instance, all the swearing in Bulletstorm.

It’s no secret among those of you following the doings of GameFront that I think Bulletstorm was just the best thing evarz. A big part of what I loved about it was the pitch black sense of humor, advanced in no small part by the game’s absolutely prodigious swearing. Not only are the characters extremely profane, but they’re creatively crude, most notably in the new and unusual ways they found for the word “dick”. Unfortunately, it seems developers People Can Fly have been looking over their masterpiece the way I look at that yearbook photo and in an interview with Game Developer Magazine, they admitted they think they went a little overboard:

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises for the Polish team at People Can Fly was the strong audience reaction to the game’s ridiculous, foul-mouthed dialogue:

“Do you know any swear word in a foreign language? German, French, Polish? When you say it out loud, no biggie, right? Not a problem to use it during a family dinner, I assume?

For more please click below

Read: People Can Fly Has Decided Bulletstorm’s Profanity Was A Little Much

Gamefront News: Pre-order Tribes: Ascend, Get in the Closed Beta Nov. 4

Wanna get in the closed beta test for Tribes: Ascend that starts on Nov. 4? You can, and it won’t even cost you anything — if you’re lucky. And if you’re not, you can still get in if you pony up the dough for a pre-order.

Hit the Tribes: Ascend website and you can sign up to receive a code to get into the beta, if you like behind-closed-doors raffling. For a slightly more hands-on approach, you can watch the Hi-Rez Studios Twitter and Facebook accounts for chances to snag codes.

Finally, there’s a surefire way to get into the beta: pre-order the game. You’ll get it at a 1/3rd price discount, and “elite status,” according to Hi-Rez Chief Operating Officer Todd Harris. He wasn’t super-specific about what that means, though.

Read: Pre-order Tribes: Ascend, Get in the Closed Beta Nov. 4

Gamefront News: RAGE “Breaking Bad” Easter Egg Discovered

WARNING: This video contains Breaking Bad spoilers!

It seems that every day a new RAGE easter egg is discovered, and it may never end. First there were the four secret rooms, themed after DOOM, QUAKE, Wolfenstein 3D and a special developer “graffiti” room.

And now, it’s been discovered that RAGE contains a hidden collectible that pays homage to the AMC show Breaking Bad. Weird, right? It’s not completely out the blue. In the episode “Problem Dog” in season four, character Jesse Pinkman plays a weird light-gun version of RAGE. It would appear id Software is returning the favor.

Check out the video for instructions on how to find it. It’s quite a trophy…

Read: RAGE “Breaking Bad” Easter Egg Discovered

Gamefront News: Rage Review (PC)

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Reviewed on PC
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Released: Oct. 4, 2011
MSRP: $59.99 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

What do we expect from id, whose games we’ve been playing on PC our whole lives? Well, we expect them to make a game that works. That’s our baseline expectation. It’s an expectation that id hasn’t quite been able to meet with Rage.

The version of Rage id released this week is fraught with goofs, the most notable being the absolutely insane texture pop-in that occurs every time you move the mouse. I’ve never quite seen anything like this before, and it makes me feel like the megatexture experiment was a failure. AMD has released a driver update Tuesday that improved the situation, but it really didn’t fix it completely; the texture pop-in is still an extremely distracting occurrence.

But the bugs aren’t limited to that pop-in. The screen tears like a motherf–ker, for one. While everything else looked more or less fine before I entered Wellspring for the first time, after that occasion all sorts of other things went straight to hell. Characters flickered in and out of existence. Textures disappeared completely, leaving black squares all over the place. A shotgun shell hovered above my shotgun for the entirety of my time on Mutant Bash TV.

For more please click below

Read: Rage Review (PC)

Gamefront News: Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memories Trailer

I love that the warning preceding this video reminds people that “shooting an energy drink mascot with explosive rounds in order to juggle him in mid air should not be attempted in the real world.” I hate, however, that they probably had to put that in because some jackass in the real world would actually try that. Lame.

Read: Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memories Trailer

Gamefront News: Silent Hill Downpour Delayed Until 2012

It looks like we won’t be seeing the latest Silent Hill game hit shelves for quite awhile. Originally, the game was slated to release this year, but Konami has confirmed it’s not happening. They’re hoping for a Q2 release date. While no specific date has been announced, the German Amazon has it slated for February 15th, 2012.

The newest Silent Hill game will return players the actual town of Silent Hill where they will take control of a convicted criminal named Murphy Pendleton. The game will be open-world as opposed to the previous linear Silent Hill games and players can explore the town at their leisure. Downpour will allow players to smash through locks instead of steering them with a bunch of locked doors. You can read about some of the other differences from previous games here.

I’m actually kind of excited for this game. The weather system described by the game’s developers sounds interesting. The more it’s raining in the game, the more danger the player is in. If it’s a slight drizzle, one or two enemies might attack. If it’s a full on storm, well, the developers suggested running. This one looks like it might be a return to Silent Hill’s glory days. If they need to delay the game to make it better, I can handle that.

Read: Silent Hill Downpour Delayed Until 2012

Gamefront News: Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Release Date Is Stupid

When the folks at EA and BioWare were trying to come up with a release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic, they probably settled on 12/20 for one reason: because people will be off work for the holidays and will theoretically have time to play.

But it’s certainly a non-standard date. The fall season is always an absolute clusterf–k when it comes to new game releases, because everybody is scrambling to push their big games out. And yet the fall AAA season typically tapers off by Thanksgiving. Why is that? I don’t know, really.

It could be that publishers want to be able to capitalize on Black Friday. It could also be that they fear that the market would be too oversaturated if they continued the big release calendar after Thanksgiving. Or maybe they’ve found that games released after Thanksgiving just don’t sell that well.

No matter the reason, it’s become standard for every fall AAA event title to release before Thanksgiving, and so it’s weird to see one break the trend. Of course, we can’t forget one big exception that could be what is providing EA a reason for choosing a December date: World of Warcraft Cataclysm.

Of course, the difference between SWTOR and Cataclysm is that Cataclysm was pretty much an obligatory purchase for those who were already playing WoW while SWTOR is a new IP, for all intents and purposes. They are both MMOs, though, and you have to think Cataclysm’s December 7 release made EA think it would be OK to put SWTOR out in December.

For more please click below

Read: Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Release Date Is Stupid

Gamefront News: Steve Jobs and Apple’s Lasting Impact on the Gaming Landscape

While most of us hanging around Game Front might be quick to affirm that we are PCs rather than Macs, it’s impossible to deny the impact on technology and culture that has been a direct result of the influence of Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs.

Jobs died this week at the age of 56. During his time as head of Apple, he was directly or indirectly responsible for every major product Apple has produced since the iMac, and under his leadership, the company grew to become one of the most powerful technology corporations in the world. The Mac computer line continues to pick up steam against PCs, and while mobile gaming existed on cell phones before Apple came on the scene, the genesis of the current industry of mobile gaming — and its huge, exponential growth in just four years — is pretty much directly due to the popularity of the iPhone and the iPad.

It’s the ubiquity of mobile gaming that will probably end up being Jobs’ lasting impact on the gaming industry. Whether you subscribe to mobile gaming or not, millions of people do, with varying degrees of hard-core-ness. Ranging from easygoing games like Angry Birds and Words With Friends to the more console-like offerings such as Dead Space, Infinity Blade and The Dark Meadow, there’s now a huge market for smartphone video games and an enormous number of people who play video games now, and never have before this.

For more please click below

Read: Steve Jobs and Apple’s Lasting Impact on the Gaming Landscape

Gamefront News: Stronghold 3 – Military Trailer

The Stronghold series is back, or, soon will be back with more of the extreme medieval castle defending action you, the crusading knights of the Internets desperately need. This video shows off tactics players might use to take down a stronghold and also just looks plain cool. Stronghold 3 drops October 25, so get your plague masks ready.


Read: Stronghold 3 – Military Trailer

Gamefront News: Survival-Horror Title AfterFall: InSanity Pre-orders Start Next Week, Game Due Nov. 25

Recently popping up on my radar is AfterFall: InSanity, a Dead Space-esque PC-exclusive survival-horror title from Polish developer Intoxicate Interactive. After checking out a few trailers, with a lengthy one to be found here, I have to say that I’m excited for the fire ax to become my new zombie-slaying weapon of choice.

Taking place in 2033, 20 years after a nuclear World War III, AfterFall is both post-apocalyptic and a zombie game. Yeah, I know — another zombie game. But what’s intriguing about AfterFall is its apparent emphasis on psychological horror, as well as straight monster horror. It appears to be a pretty creepy game that fans of Resident Evil and Dead Space can get into. Pre-orders for AfterFall: InSanity start next week, and the full game is due on out for Windows PC on Nov. 25. Hit afterfall-universe.com for more details.

Here’s an official description of what’s going on:

It is 2032 – 20 years after the end of World War III. To survive the nuclear holocaust, humankind fled from the contaminated surface to find safety in vast bunkers, cities created deep underground. Decaying shelters and hideaways set the stage in mankind’s struggle for survival where they battle horrible mutants, bloodthirsty mercenaries and other threats.

In Afterfall: InSanity you won’t only face the aftermath of the nuclear fallout, but also the dark shadows of the past in the role of the mysterious psychologist Albert. As Albert, the player will be part of a team of medical scientists in charge of monitoring the fugitives’ mental stability. If Albert does not confront his greatest weaknesses and deepest fears, he will not survive the claustrophobic depths of the underground from which there is no escape and where the darkness hides more secrets than simply the growing madness of its inhabitants. Defy everything that’s in your way to solve the horrible secrets that exists in the dark.

Read: Survival-Horror Title AfterFall: InSanity Pre-orders Start Next Week, Game Due Nov. 25

Gamefront News: The Stupidity of Exclusivity

A few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my colleagues about Nintendo and the recent problems it’s been having with doubtful shareholders. The launch of the 3DS certainly caused some ill will among those with a stake in the company, and Nintendo’s recent Tokyo Game Show press conference didn’t exactly set the world on fire. My friend, a big supporter of Nintendo and the 3DS in particular, said the shareholders were unhappy because Nintendo didn’t announce the one thing he believes they wanted.

“Oh, they’re just mad because Satoru Iwata didn’t announce the full Pokemon iPhone game they want,” he said.

He said this with an air of dismissive contempt, like the shareholders were making an unreasonable demand. Thinking casually, one would agree. Sure, there’s a crappy little spin-off game coming to iOS, but a full-fledged Pokemon title on an Apple system? How ridiculous. Pokemon is for Nintendo handhelds, and Nintendo handhelds alone! However, the more I think about it, the less sense it makes for Nintendo to not do it. When you think about a corporation’s core ambition — to make as much money as possible — and when you consider just how much easy money there is to be made from a Pokemon iOS game, the demands of the shareholders seem anything but unreasonable. They’re completely sensible and justified!

Not just Nintendo, but Sony and Microsoft need to really start considering a future where not even they can hold exclusives anymore. There’s pressure from within the industry to move toward a uniform console model, to put an end to the “wars” that have seen competing systems clash. As development of new software gets expensive and publishers need to cast a wide audience net to make a profit, the concept of the third party exclusive has become increasingly rare. PC gaming has received a big boost in recent years, and the promise of streaming services like OnLive are looking more and more viable. Now is the time for the major platform holders to really start toying with new concepts, and to abandon the idea that a first-party title can only exist on proprietary hardware. It’s time to stop thinking of Uncharted as something that can only appear on a PlayStation system, to stop considering Fable a pure Xbox property. Ultimately, it’s time for that Pokemon iOS game to happen.

Read: The Stupidity of Exclusivity

Gamefront News: This is Minecraft on Android (TRAILER)

Minecraft on phones is no longer just a dream; it’s a reality. Right now on the Android market you can pick up Minecraft, hard as that is to believe. But maybe that sounds scary — phone ports are a rough business sometimes. Here to allay your fears is a trailer!

Read: This is Minecraft on Android (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: THQ Is Having a Steam Sale

Over the next seven days, Steam is having THQ Week, which the entire “THQ Hit Collection” is on sale, and there’s a new extreme deal each day. How extreme? Well, Metro 2033 is $5 today, and so you should expect that kind of deal going forward.

Speaking of which, if you don’t have Metro 2033, you should totally buy it, because it’s great. Really, really great. And at $5 you’re not going to regret the purchase.

Read: THQ Is Having a Steam Sale

Gamefront News: UMD Owners May Be Able To Download Their Games On PS Vita At a Discount

Yoshio Matsumoto this week said in an interview in Dengeki PlayStation that they’re working on finding a way to maybe make it so that folks who own physical copies of PSP games will be able to download their games on the PS Vita at a lowered price. That’s better than nothing, certainly, but it will disappoint those who had hoped to be able to get those digital copies for free.

There is no guarantee that this will happen, as this is merely a possibility. And I would guess that this is the best-case scenario for UMD owners. So don’t hope for anything better than this.
Read: UMD Owners May Be Able To Download Their Games On PS Vita At a Discount

Gamefront News: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Co-op DLC Gets Dated

Eurogamer says they can “exclusively reveal” (really?) that the co-op DLC for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine known as Exterminatus will be available on October 25th on all platforms. Exterminatus will find up to four Space Marines pitted against a horde of Orks and s–t in a pair of scenarios, and stats in this mode will count toward your multplayer progression.

Sounds like a party. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to fire this one up, so this may just be it. Maybe.

Read: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Co-op DLC Gets Dated

Gamefront News: Watch Legends Take Flight in NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (TRAILER)

We’re about 14,000 trailers deep, but I’m not yet getting tired of trailers for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. Not that it really matters how tired I am of the trailers, seeing as how the game is already out and the one I’m about to show you is probably the last.

This one takes a look at some of the NBA legends you’ll be able to play with in the game. You’ll want to pay close attention, because they aren’t going to hold your hand through this one.


Read: Watch Legends Take Flight in NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Xbox TV Stuff Detailed

OK, so we finally know what’s going on with this Xbox Live TV thing, and it’s not really as cool as it once sounded. Instead of a full-blown TV service that streams over the internet, it’ll basically consist solely of on demand content, much of which, I’m sure, will require regular TV service through a cable or satellite provider. Here’s the full list of things that’ll be coming to Xbox Live this holiday season:

Please click link below for the full list

Read: Xbox TV Stuff Detailed


Armada 2: Megadroid's Mission Mod v1.0.0 released
Hi everybody,
Maybe you remember back a few years ago when Megadroid announced his mission mod? If not - a little refresher:

The Mission Mod allows any modder to create totally brand new missions for Armada II and Fleet Operations with a relatively easy to use structure made in Lua by Megadroid.

Missions can be made to be more complex than those released by retail A2, so get cracking! See you on the battlefield Smile

Comments and suggestions for new features can be made on the Fleet Ops forums. Original news post here: http://www.fleetops.net/component/option,com_smf/Itemid,3/topic,10874.msg178198/
Read: Megadroid's Mission Mod v1.0.0 released
More Armada 2 News: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Bridge Commander: CyAn1d3 Shipyards Fixed Links
if ANYONE has been to my site lately trying to download my mods from there, the links WERE broken due to Gamefront.
after this i have have moved my Mods to Rapidshare.

the ONLY one that has no link is the original Arsenal, unfortunately it may be permanently lost

ANYWAY, if you dont know the link here it is for your bookmarking pleasure:
Read: CyAn1d3 Shipyards Fixed Links
More Bridge Commander News: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Bridge Commander: Kobayashi Maru 2011.10 released
After a long long time, KM 2011.10 has been released.

About KM:



Read: Kobayashi Maru 2011.10 released
More Bridge Commander News: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Stalker: More S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Details Emerge!
Some new details have emerged (thanks to NeoGaf Forum Member subversus for listing them in English) from the recent interview GSC gave.

-they do not use military experts but visit military forums often to gather info about weapons. The game doesn't aim for complete realism.
-TV series are postponed, a full-feature movie will be released first.
-they don't outsorce much but some stuff is outsorced like animation for example. They do object physics in-house but have Havok licensed.
-There will be Strelok
-There is high chance that X360 version will be released but PS3 version is unlikely even though they have it running. It will depend on what state it will be in at the moment of release.
-It was mostly their decision to cut content from SOC even though they are flattered by their fans blaming the publisher. But it wasn't the case, these areas just weren't up to snuff.
-no Hollywod stuff, the focus is on authenticity (read atmosphere won't change much)
-they are not that excited about special effects like motion blur. He said that stuff like that + narrow FOV could affect a cerebellum negatively so they will decide what effects will stay at the polishing phase. It's all about realism again.
-they haven't decided yet if they ship with multiplayer or not but they want to make it special if they do.
-the team is about 60 people
-the game will look different but still realistic as it is their main focus. They want to build a good post-soviet atmosphere
-they don't talk with Metro 2033 team (still seems bitter about their departure)
-they will start releasing media in 6 months before the release.
-they were building the engine for a year because "it would take a year to learn a licensed engine" so they decided to build their own engine to render post-soviet stuff in a proper fashion
-the engine won't be licensed, it will be free. There are bigger companies that license their engine so they see no use in competing with them.
-it's their bestselling game obviously and they have 65 books released. They are planning to send these numbers t Guiness as a longest fiction series for a videogame or something like that.
-system requirements won't be low as they focus on graphics.
-the game is out in 2012

You can read the interview here (if you understand Russian) or check out what NeoGaf thinks of all of this here.
Read: More S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Details Emerge!
More Stalker News: FileFront's Stalker Files

Stalker: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Will Require a Permanent Internet Connection?
It looks like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 may require a permanent connection to the Internet when it releases some time in 2012.

In a recent interview (which you an read/listen to if you know Russian) Sergey Grigorovich said that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will require a permanent connection to the Internet.

“Protection from piracy? Part of the content will be located on the server and downloaded as the game progresses. Permanent internet access is required. Text information, code and quests will be loaded through that connection. Software piracy is an issue for us, we try to fight it, but within reason.
If people can not afford a licensed version, it is to our advantage if they download a pirated copy, and then want to buy a license. In Ukraine, there are different products that people love so much that they buy a license in principle. We want to create just such a product.”

This is understandable, especially considering that Eastern Europe has some of the highest piracy rates in the World it isn't something that we at S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Files really want to see become mainstream in PC Gaming. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is a long ways from release and this may change by the time we get our hands on it.

The question is, will you still buy it if you need to be connected to the Internet at all times?

Source: (In English) DSO Gaming
Read: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Will Require a Permanent Internet Connection?
More Stalker News: FileFront's Stalker Files

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 Game Portals:
 » Age of Empires 3
 » Aliens vs Predator 2
 » America's Army
 » ArmA 2
 » Armada 2
 » Battlefield 1943
 » Bridge Commander
 » Brothers in Arms 2
 » Call of Duty 4
 » Command & Conquer
 » Company of Heroes
 » Crysis
 » Counter-Strike: Source
 » Dawn of War Series
 » Day of Defeat: Source
 » Diablo 3
 » Doom 3
 » Elite Force
 » Enemy Territory
 » Fallout 3
 » Far Cry 2
 » F.E.A.R.
 » Flight Simulator X
 » GTA San Andreas
 » Half-Life 2
 » Halo
 » Jedi Knight 3
 » Knights of the Old Republic
 » Left 4 Dead 2
 » LOTR: Battle 4 Middle Earth
 » Medal of Honor
 » Operation Flashpoint
 » Quake 4
 » Red Faction: Guerrilla
 » rFactor
 » Silent Hunter 4
 » Sins of a Solar Empire
 » Soldier of Fortune 2
 » S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
 » Star Trek: Legacy
 » Star Wars Battlefront 2
 » Star Wars Empire at War
 » StarCraft II
 » Starfleet Command III
 » Supreme Commander
 » Team Fortress 2
 » The Elder Scrolls IV
 » The Sims 2
 » TrackMania United
 » Unreal Tournament 3
 » Warcraft III
 » World of Warcraft
 » X3: Terran Conflict

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