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The General Lee has returned in San Andreas!
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Total comments: 21 | Last comment: 10-16-2008 at 14:12

 #1 - 09-02-2005 at 15:52
Joined: July 19th, 2004
Posts: 296
Yeeeehaaaaaa. I love the General Lee and the series. Too bad there's no rerun here frown. Hey, I can't see Rosco on the pic smile.

 #2 - FRWr - 09-02-2005 at 20:02
From: (Sherbrooke)
Joined: June 7th, 2005
Posts: 63

 #3 - 09-02-2005 at 21:12
Joined: July 5th, 2005
Posts: 56
wow...that is easily my favorite potd ever 10/10RockPimp!Rock

 #4 - Wha? - 09-02-2005 at 22:01
Joined: May 30th, 2005
Posts: 220
The General Lee has returned in San Andreas!
Has it been hear before?

 #5 - 09-03-2005 at 01:57
From: (kristiand sand)
Joined: March 31st, 2005
Posts: 1263
i dont know what general lee is, so... 310 for the jump only!

 #6 - 09-03-2005 at 04:01
Joined: August 15th, 2004
Posts: 110
gordy you dont know what general lee is?! take back that score, do some homework than hang your head in shame!

 #7 - 09-03-2005 at 04:06
Joined: February 23rd, 2005
Posts: 404
actually triple post n gordy the general lee is like a third character of the hit tv show and movie The Dukes Of Hazzard (sorry if i spelt it wrong) n btw anyone know a modelling tool to make new skins for cars i was thinking about making the general lee but i dont have the tools 9/10 for pic because you could have at least dont it in las venturas or bone county general lee doesnt go in los santos

 #8 - 09-03-2005 at 06:22
Joined: November 18th, 2004
Posts: 59
i want that car im looking for it like 2 weeks on the gta sites
bad photoshop ore what ever btw but cus i like is a 10
(someone pls make a model of the general lee

 #9 - 09-03-2005 at 11:00
From: (kristiand sand)
Joined: March 31st, 2005
Posts: 1263
sir lylo.... sorry for a double post!? thats one piece of goldfish memory! and besides, why should i know who general lee is, if ive never seen, heard or thought about the name anyway! is it a tv show!? cuz if it is, then it doesnt run in norway, and never has! why dont you go hang yourself instead! ive heard of bruce lee, but general!? nah!

 #10 - 09-03-2005 at 12:55
SeVeReD (V.I.P. Member)
Joined: December 22nd, 2004
Posts: 236
Please refrain from telling people to hang themselves, gordy... =

But I do suggest you research something before rating it negatively, just because it is something you are not familiar with...


 #11 - 09-04-2005 at 12:18
From: (kristiand sand)
Joined: March 31st, 2005
Posts: 1263
ok ill do that, but lylo started it!(childish pointing across the *room*). ive never seen dukes of hazzard either but ive heard nothing but good stuff from that... a long time ago...

 #12 - Yeeehaw! Pass the shine! - 08-26-2006 at 10:45
From: (Esses)
Joined: August 26th, 2006
Posts: 1
Hi. I just regiseterd simply to explain this pic to that guy who's never heard of the Dukes of Hazzard. I'm not having a go I'm just saying. The General Lee is the car in the pic. It is a 1969 Dodge Charger painted go-mango with a southern flag on the roof. The name General Lee came from some millitary guy in the American civil war who was batting for the south. The car is the best thing about the Dukes of Hazzard, a hit american TV programme about some moon shine makers and some old guy called Jessie. Was it Bo and Hanus? But thats it. They also made a film. I found it entertaining. I also prefer the 1970 version. In crazy plum purple. Ooh yer.

 #13 - ? - 01-18-2007 at 14:07
From: (Leamington)
Joined: January 18th, 2007
Posts: 2
how do u get the general lee

 #14 - 01-18-2007 at 14:07
From: (Leamington)
Joined: January 18th, 2007
Posts: 2
post as soon as u see the mese

 #15 - I am so sorry for all of you - 08-26-2007 at 04:51
From: (West Sacramento California)
Joined: August 26th, 2007
Posts: 1
I got this account based off of the people here who dont know what the General Lee is. First of all the person who said it was a southern flag on the roof was right , but to be more exact its called the confederate flag. The other thing was the Duke brothers. Bo and Luke Duke to be exact. The car is indeed a 1969 Dodge Charger, and is the best showing car in a tv show. For the people who don't know what this is you should really watch the movies or the tv series, because this car has been used in so many stunts, and over one thousand of these cars were used in the first season alone, because of all the famous stunts that they did. I only know this because I am huge in cars. Like Chargers, Challengers, Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs, and many many more. I have one question for all you. I have played San Andreas and have never seen a General Lee. Plz tell me how to get it. This right here will get me to play San Andreas alot more. I am such a huge fan I have more than 20 pictures on my psp alone, and looking to get more. Well if you have any more questions about this car or any other plz ask I am such a huge fan of cars, and will be very happy to help you understand more about this beautiful creation.

 #16 - general lee - 08-29-2007 at 20:44
From: (blind river)
Joined: August 29th, 2007
Posts: 2
sweet cat love it

 #17 - general lee - 08-29-2007 at 20:54
From: (blind river)
Joined: August 29th, 2007
Posts: 2
lol wow u guys can really read the brosure stick out tongue lol jk i got a question can u actully like get the General lee in San Andreas ?? lol that would be kool if u could...it would be way more better then the game Return Of the General Lee:....reason y i say it would be better better jumps on San Andreas more places to go A LOT MORE!!! ??? some talk back to me??

i really wanna know if u can get the the General Lee!

 #18 - sweet - 11-28-2007 at 19:02
From: (elkhart)
Joined: November 8th, 2007
Posts: 1
how can i get it

 #19 - 01-12-2008 at 16:18
From: (raymond)
Joined: January 12th, 2008
Posts: 1
how do you get the general lee

 #20 - 02-12-2008 at 15:00
From: (halifax,nova scotia)
Joined: February 12th, 2008
Posts: 1
where do you find this car in GTA sandandreas?

 #21 - hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow - 10-16-2008 at 14:12
Joined: October 16th, 2008
Posts: 1
can u get the general lee on PS2

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